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Introduce yourself! Sticky

A topic by tesselode created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 112,919 Replies: 2,344
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There's no introductions thread yet, so I guess I'll have to make one! Tell us about yourself!

I'm tesselode, I make simple 2D games with LÖVE. I also make electronic music, although I haven't been doing that as much as I should be. Music is a lot less straightforward to make than games, so it gets pretty tricky. So I've been focusing on games lately. I also make some libraries for LÖVE occasionally.

OK, your turn!




dude why


lol cheeky

Deleted 1 year ago

idk man people find out how to do weird ass shit







Hi I am BR_FOX I have been working very hard on a game and I need some people too test it and find bugs. Then leave some reviews so I know what to work on. If you are interested visit



BR_FOX, i'd be happy to do a review of your game, but may i do it while streaming? if you are okay with that do you mind posting it here: doing Stream Reviews returns! - General Discussion - 

thank you

I give you full permission

This was 6 years ago, I do not think tesselode will reply.



Hey I'm Breogán Hackett. I've been making games with unity for 2 years but sometimes mess around in processing and twine.

I have recently started college. I managed to get into a good computer course based on my experience programming in java and C#. For my course I am currently pulling an all nighter working on an online multiplayer battleship game and wrestling with bugs. I have also recently made a text based adventure game system for my course (I might be doing more work on it and putting it on GitHub over Christmas).

In my spare time I like to make games with procedural generation and also I like to make chiptune that isn't very good but I hope is getting more better.

If you use twitter lots please follow me.

My pizza is here now so I'll stop typing but if you haven't tried out my games please check them out and maybe even consider "paying what you want" ;)


Oooh cool! I wish I could make games lol xD

I wouldn't be good at it tho haha :)


Want to help me make a game


Thats Amazing

Deleted 2 years ago

Show post...


Hello! My name is Damien, and I make RPG's. I currently only have one out, Legend of Moros, that has about 30 hours of gameplay. It took 2 1/2 years to make, mostly because I had to learn how to do pixel art, game design and balance, and do a lot of re-writes for the story. I know pretty minimal coding; I'm currently working on a tabletop system since I enjoy working on game design and worldbuilding most of all. I spend most of my time either working on games or reading about them.

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wow a 30 hour rpg in only 2 years. That's impressive! I always wanted to try an rpg after I made my very first game but it just seemed like too much for me.


Rpgs are a lot of work if you're trying to make tons of characters, and enemies, and write a story, and sidequests... I'm working on a 99 character rpg currently, so I often let my ideas get too... ambitious.

I'd recommend really trying to limit your game scope to 1 party of 3-5 characters and a pretty simple dungeon or map if you want to try making one. I believe anyone can make an rpg, it's just a matter of keeping your scope small on your first ones to prevent burnout. You'll learn a lot from it though, like how to stick to one overall mechanic for combat and how to balance groups of characters/monsters both against and with each other.


That's good advice. I did have an idea in mind for a battle mechanic, but I wanted a way to cut out the need to grind exp and still keep enemies engaging and fun to fight. That's where I ran into a block.


You could remove experience entirely, but there's typically a sense of progression you want the player to have. Could have it where after certain points/events characters gain new skills, opening up more options during combat. Likewise with equipment and items.


Yeah changing equipment and exploring the world to find it or get it from side quests would be ideal I think. Then there's no grinding involved so that's a good idea. But it makes me wonder then why have monsters in the first place? They'd have to serve some kind of purpose other than just be in your way. Maybe just give them item drops and cash for killing them that can be used for upgrading equipment ?


You could go for that route, or have it be for story-related reasons.


I'll think about it. But hey thanks man ths was helpful.

hey i'm TJ

Yeah, RPGs are huge monsters. I would love to make Action RPGs, but first I have to master "normal" genres :)



my name is taylor, i make small 2d games out of pixels and haxepunk.

currently working on a planet exploration game i talked about in a little more detail in the games you are making thread


Hello my name is SupermanNumber1

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi! My name is Eric Neuhaus and I make games with a few super talented people under the name Virtually Competent. We've been making a lot of 2D pixel-y stuff with Construct 2 for about 2 years now.

Our current project is a music sequencer "game" being designed specifically for a large touchscreen surface in the children's section of the Iowa City Public Library, but we've got a bunch of other stuff in the pipe for 2016.

You can follow me on Twitter if you're into that sort of thing!


> Our current project is a music sequencer "game" being designed specifically for a large touchscreen surface in the children's section of the Iowa City Public Library, but we've got a bunch of other stuff in the pipe for 2016.

That sounds incredibly cool. Got photos?


Sure! Here's one my musician took just yesterday when we were testing it out at the library.

And here are some tweets with images/gifs/video:

Currently, we're just releasing on the table in January, but we plan on putting the game on iOS/Android/etc six months after that.

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)




Oh, sounds interesting, any screenshots?

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Hello world (of! My name is Jens, I'm a Finnish student/game dev/music enthusiast. I often try to make music, but I probably don't do it enough since I never come up with anything good. So, I'm mainly a programmer.

I make weird little games, only a few of which ever get developed to the point where I release them to the public.

Also, since it seems like everyone else in this thread is doing it, here's my Twitter too.

You are capable of creating good music too, i belive in you.

Deleted 2 years ago

your game looks nice

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Hello, I'm Nik Sudan. I enjoy making games, websites and music. I enjoy making pixelly games that focus on the fun factor more than anything. Currently working towards finishing my first commercial project - Grimstorm. My notable projects (unfortunately) include Super Squat Simulator, Soopah Doopah Poopah, and Protocol.

You can check out my portfolio to see a list of all my works, or follow me on Twitter to keep up with happenings.


Hey I'm Casey! I have been making games since I was 12 years old (Gamemaker 6.1 back then!!!) and now I stick to Java games with LibGDX.

I really want to motivate myself to complete a small game just so I can show it off that I can complete something!

I really don't have any recent completed works to show off on mostly because I used to study and work full-time but now I'm just working full-time.

Oh, I also do some DooM modding on the side too :)

Nice to meet everyone!


> I really want to motivate myself to complete a small game

This is the right idea. Start incredibly small, manageably small. Small games actually get finished.

Just like learning to play an instrument (I'm learning ukulele), the tip is to go slow, as slow as you need to, and practice, practice, practice. So what I see some people do for practice is to hack a game you love or hack a bunch of them and mash them together.  For example, a friend took a game set in old England and changed the setting and character tropes to fit an 80's movie. I played both original and hack, and they're both terrific. Actually I loved the hack so much more because I know 80s more than old England.  So tweak a favorite game to fit what you're into, and then play the new game. It'll give you a sense of mechanics and pace, etc. 


Yay for #TeamLibGDX! :D

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Good day, good people!

I'm a solo indie game developer from small country called Lithuania. I've been taking this gamedev thing quite seriously for a couple of years now and made a bunch of small 2D arcade/action/casual games using GameMaker:Studio & Inkscape. Nothing to write home about or to quit my job for, but I'm slowly moving forward (just got one my games Greenlit). Currently working on Cave Blast, a chaotic jetpack shmup with crazy weapons and powerups.

Previously I did a lot of web development and some iOS/Android app making.

I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession about piglets and it's quite visible in my games. In my defense, pig-like characters are pretty easy to draw.

Most of my games are available to play in your browser right here, all of them are free and some of them have mobile versions. If you'd like to chat or follow what I do - find me on Twitter!

Good luck and have fun!

Tried a couple of your browser games, they are very nice! Digging the vector art and the way it plays!


You look so laborious, good luck in your projects and in your life!


Hi! I'm hexdie, and I've been making games now for about 1.5 years. I am a programmer professionally but I don't work on games there, so I make games on the side. I code games using HaxeFlixel and I make the music and art as well. I'm currently working on a Zelda-like game that's still pretty early in development. If you're interested, you can find me on Twitter.


I remember playing Frazzle Dazzle and thinking it was the cutest thing ever :)


:D That's great to hear! I'm glad you liked it!


Oh, these colours are amazing!


Thanks! :D


Yo, I'm Pirate-Rob! I've been coding in game maker since, er, 7 something years ago maybe? Not sure, either way, I love making games and, even though I missed the last 3 or so, I love doing ludum dare compos~

Currently polishing up Roses and Gems for steam release! Hoping it does well enough that I can justify working on game dev longer, but we'll see.

Nice to meet you all! (Cept Snoutup, 2piglet4me)


Yo. If your game's been greenlit maybe you need to change the banner you're showing on the itch page to something to indicate that?


Oh, yeah, I probably should XD


Hey, I'm Alec. I've been making games for a while now, including Venusian Vengeance, Tales of the Renegade Sector, and Ninja Outbreak. You can find my games here.

I'm currently working on a 3D run'n'gun called Cold Vengeance, which is a followup to Venusian Vengeance.

I'm on twitter and tumblr.

I've also seen about 30 Godfrey Ho movies.

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Hello, I'm Vincent, gamedev from Paris, France. Currently working on QLRZ (colorz) an action/puzzle game.


Hey creators,

My name is Dakota and I'm a game developer / educator sort of thing...

Anyways I pretty much just follow Snoutup around the place so since they're here so am I :P

If you want to know more about what I'm doing you can check out this thread here.

Keep creating,

Dakota of LDE


Hi I'm Ben. I've been making games some handful of years now with Game Maker 8 and now Game Maker Studio.

I've mostly made platformers although I have dabbled some in other genres such as RPGs, rogue-likes, puzzles games, and arcade games. You may know me for the Gears don't Grind, Super Skeleman, and Skelemania. I'm currently doing a lot of experimental stuff but hopefully I'll start working on something bigger again soon.


Really like your games! Any medium i can contact you just to talk and stuff?


Thanks! Twitter (@GamesByBen) or email ( are both good for chattin'

So many Game Maker Studio people here. How come you are not using Unity?

you're replying to a post from 6 years ago, but the answer conveniently is the same now as it would have been when i originally posted this. i use gamemaker because i like it, and i continue to use it because i continue to like it.

The question about the engine choice is a classic one. Honestly, I didn't check the age of the post. Happy to hear you still like it. Let's end the conversation, thank you for answering. :)


Hello, I'm Tilde from Backslash Network, a Youtube channel where we usually play indie games from Itchio. We also play Minecraft (we have a really funny new series running now: check it out) and cat games. Yes.

We, Backslash and I, are always working on making games but we never publish. I do art such as concept art too, music and I'm a proofreader/translator. I hope I can help out around here and see more people happy. :)


Hi there! I'm Vaida. I've been making games for almost two years. I enjoy creating small autobiographical experiments and generally weird stuff, which includes a game with no visuals and another one about procrastination. I participate in One Game A Month; sometimes I write music. I really enjoy fiddling around in game-making tools such as Construct 2 and Twine, as they are incredibly accessible and enable superfast prototyping.

Also, I enjoy reading/watching talks about game development and never being able to reduce my ever-growing list of bookmarks related to that makes me sad.

Nice to meet y'all. :)


Aw yiss Vaida in the place! Can't wait to see more of your work :)

Aw thanks Amos! I just couldn't pass by an opportunity to get involved in this, even though I've never been a forum person. Currently thinking about more diverse small projects centered around autobiographical games :)


Yeaaaah, I remember your "I HATE HALLOWEEN" game. It was fun. :)

Nice Tumblr blog's title, btw. :D


And I remember how cool Project MONSTER was! Glad to see you taking it further, and I hope the blog's title had the desired effect :p


Hi there~ I'm Morgana, and I've been making/helping others make Visual Novels since 2011. I do art for GUIs, I program in Ren'Py and Fungus, and I compose music. I also write, proofread, and edit. I'm currently working on too many projects to list at the moment.

Visual Novels are cool, I'm messing with one in Game Maker as a side project. I never heard of Fungus but I looked at Ren'Py, what kind of VNs have you worked on?

I've worked on That Cheap and Sacred Thing, both Culina games, and currently I'm working on A More Beautiful World and Purrfectly Ever After. :3


My corgi is constantly in my games or in other peoples games as easter eggs. Ha You can fing pictures of my pup here!


I guess if I had a cute corgi I would do the same thing.


Let's be honest, aren't they all pretty damn cute?



I know you! :) (vaguely, not IRL, don't worry... haha... I don't actually stalk people... usually).


Oh snap~! I am known! :D


Hi, I'm really interested in these visual novels, how is it that they're created? Do you use specific software, or are they created using any game making software? 


Hey! I hope you enjoy your time with VNs! So  the nice thing is that there is a good variety of engines and tools to make Visual Novels. I use Ren'Py for most projects, but I've also used Fungus and Visual Novel Maker. There are also tools for GameMaker Studio. Thecommunity for Ren'Py is really helpful for trying out making VNs, no matter what engine or tools you use. Good luck! :)


i use mainly renpy too

Actually, any game engine is capable of creating visual novels. Also there are tools like Renpy, but these are a bit restricted if you want more than just VNs.


Hi all. I'm Raygan Kelly and I'm a podcaster. I do a show called The Short Game where we discuss (ready for it?) short video games. I'm excited to see starting a forum, because I'm working on a new podcast about the platform and community. I'm currently seeking a co-host and guests and I'd love to hear what people would want out of an community podcast!


Oh man forums! Hi all, I'm Berry!
I make strange games with Construct 2, doing just about everything but music. I'm participating in #1GAM though I'll probably stop after this year. I love participating in game jams too.
Right now I'm working on Visual Out, and recently released a demo for it.

In my free time I like drawing, painting, cooking, and bookbinding (though that gets expensive so it's a rare activity). I also tweet a bunch. =D


hey everybody! my name's natasha dawn, aka TRON MAXIMUM. i help administrate, handling stuff like quality / spam control, modding the forums of course, approving press applications... lots of fun stuff!

i'm the founder of alpha six productions, an artist collective here on that is currently working on our first major release, The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight! we're also working on lots of cool projects underground while we finish up Joylancer. it's available on Early Access right now, and we'll be announcing a final release date soon!

i'm also an experimental "vapor metal" musician; i write electronic metal compositions in FL Studio 10. i'm currently working on my fifth full length album under the TRON MAXIMUM moniker, but i have a huge collection of music on my Bandcamp.

you can find me managing the alpha six twitter at @_a6productions, or you can follow my main account at @TRONMAXIMUM -- my main is mostly for tweeting about music, retweeting culture & justice tweets, and occasionally bad jokes. if you're curious to see more about our games, you should definitely follow the a6 twitter instead :p


Ohh neat, I remember looking at Joylancer while browsing, I really liked its aesthetics and the gameplay looked really fast-paced and kinetic. I wanna try it but there's a ton of stuff I wanna finish before getting around to new games.


Joylancer looks EPIC! Will be following the project for sure!


Hello folks, nice to see a new community building here!

My name is Bryan, from England, and I hark back to the 'old age' of gaming in the 1980's. I've recently started developing games again after a long break. I used to dabble in game development on the ZX Spectrum (BASIC stuff) and Atari ST era using STOS on the ST. Having found GameMaker a couple of months ago (and enjoying how it reminds me so much of PHP) I'm building my first game and it should be ready quite soon. I look forward to contributing to this website and supporting my fellow independent creators of anything and everything. I've plenty of projects planned so look forward to putting some on here.

If you'd like to follow my Twitter it is @onedovegames

Have a creative day!


Hey All, I'm Ken from Canada. I'm a hobby developer now working mostly in Unity. My latest game is Left Lane Camper on Android, but I'm moving towards PC/Mac for the next.

You can find me on Twitter and check out my Android games here and my iOS games here.

Operating mostly as Rebaken Enterprises.



'lo, I don't make any games, but this seems like a nice place.


Greetings, I'm not much of a developer, even though I know how to program in Java and C# (For the most part). I find the amount of work and effort that goes into an art like game design is just far beyond my scope. So instead, I find games that I enjoy playing. I also do the YouTube thing. I'm always looking for cool games to show off, so don't be afraid to suggest your game on Twitter or on my channel, or just hit me up to talk about anything! I'm open to meeting new peeps, and am pretty happy to see this forum appear, having just been wondering where it was not even a week ago.

See ya'll in the wasteland!

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Hi everyone! You're all super interesting <'3

I'm Nathaniel (not Nathan or Nate!), a single developer with lots to do. I use Java, C# and Haxe mainly, with lua and ruby for scripting within those projects. I'm a pixel artist and composer on the side by necessity, though I do freelance music for other projects as well! I'm mainly a writer working on a few novels and fleshing out the worlds for those novels because writing is a joy~ I also voice act and perform in plays whenever the urge hits me, and I love to play my acoustic guitar. :3

I'm also currently working on too many projects right now. @_@


Damn sounds like you do a bit of everything! I saw your pixel art elsewhere, do you have any of your music or works posted elsewhere? What kind of projects are you juggling?

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I do indeed! You do what you gotta do when you need stuff you can't afford, haha. As for my music, you can check it out here if you want.

I'm currently juggling finishing content for my roguelike and making a game that's sort of Hearthstone meets Advance Wars (and that's not to mention the 5 other projects on the backburner...). I'm also working on the soundtracks for two games not made by me, so that's always fun! <'3


Fun fact: I always wanted to add a character named Nathaniel to one of my games. :D


You should! It's like the best name! Probably.


Hey everyone!

We're DevNAri (Dev and Ari, that is). A couple friends who make non-violent musical games.

Super pumped has a community section now!


Hey all, I'm Craigory. I'm a game dev @Vg_Collective, producing the music for our games Steal My Artificial Heart and REV/ISION.
I've also done music for Verbum Dei, SK8 PUNXX 19XX INFINITY, and a few cassette tapes for Dropsy.

I'm currently making a game by myself called Lettuce Grow The Love Tree. Yes, it's as quirky as it sounds.

I like helping and meeting people, so feel free to drop me a message or add me on twitter.


Hello everyone, I'm Wibowo and I want to rule the world :-D I'm an animator by trade and last year I made a game. Since then I've been slowly and steadily tinkering on a bunch of prototypes, something which hopefully can turn into a bigger, feasible project. Have a lovely day and nice to meet you all!


The art in Shadowcrypt looks fantastic, nice work!


Thank you! :-D


Woohoo! I've been wanting a community/dev log/blog type system for a while on Happy it has launched. =]

I'm Jonathan. I work full time, and have a family, so game dev is just a hobby for me. Something to hack on when I'm bored or feeling creative. I use snõwkit/luxe currently as it fits my style and comfort level perfectly.

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I'm Mark G, or Archangel Atom as I'm known on a few other sites.

I'm a game dev from North Yorkshire, a county in northern England. I'm currently studying game dev at college. My speciality is scrolling shooter games such as Project Plasma although I'm willing to experiment with other genres as well as I'm doing right now in one of my upcoming games which I hope to release as an open beta before the end of the year.

I am currently the sole member of one-man indie "studio" - Chaos Symbol.

I was brought to initially by the fact that it was a new platform and I figured "hey let's check this out." I was further attracted by the overall openness of the platform which you don't get with a lot of bigger platforms and decided to stay around simply because of that.

My primary game engine is GM:Studio however I'm also learning UDK and Flash at college and I hope to move onto those engines as well at some point.

Outside of game dev, I'm massively into mobile tech (mostly Android, but I do look at iOS-related stuff as well and I'm pretty much interested in ARM-based devices in general) and hope to develop more games for mobiles at some point (I've made Project Plasma Mobile, but that's a prototype and it turned out to be a disaster.)

I'm very active on Twitter. I don't tweet as much as I used to but I do keep track of what goes on. You can follow and contact me here: @ArchangelDPX

I also have a blog which I post mostly game dev stuff, but also a few personal things and I even put a few rants up if I need to get something off my chest which can be found here. (I'm pretty outspoken on certain matters, some game-related, some not.)

I'll probably get round to posting a full bio on my blog at some point, but for this forum post I'll keep things relatively brief.

EDIT: So much for keeping it "brief" lol.


Hey! my name is Andy.

I'm a homebrew enthusiast, and I've been making some various stuff for the NES and Game Boy Color. I've also been working on tools and tutorials with the goal helping improve the process of developing for older consoles. In particular, I've been working on a music making program for the Game Boy called Bleep, which is a piano-roll style interface for composing chipmusic. I'm also writing a high-level assembly language compiler for homebrew, graphical conversion tools, and making a small book that intends to explain writing assembly for the Game Boy part-by-part. Mostly all of this is a hobby effort, I'd love to one day make a small game cartridge though. :>

Aside from the homebrew stuff, I also occasionally work on small desktop games, usually with something involving Lua, Python, or C++ in some capacity. I also like drawing cute things and pixel art. Let's be friends!

Oh wow, that sounds really cool. I've heard of lots of people composing on the Game Boy. What's it like? Was it hard to get started?

(1 edit) (+1)

Composing for the Game Boy is pretty tricky, but a few tools exist if you're into tracking software:

  • - LSDJ is a really popular music editor tool that's distributed as a .gb rom file, you can run it in an emulator or directly on hardware with a flash cart. Plenty of people use this to compose Game Boy songs and record stuff directly from the GB hardware. It's got a fairly steep learning curve, especially if you're not familiar with tracker interfaces, and partially because it tries to squeeze a lot of stuff into only a few buttons, but it's probably the popular option around for "authentic" Game Boy music. There's a lot of tutorials out there, and a fairly big community who use it.
  • - XMPCK lets you compile MML files to play music on the GB, as well a bunch of other platforms like the Game Gear, Sega Master System, MSX, Turbografx16, NES, and so on.
  • - Game Boy Tracker (also Paragon5 / Beyond) is a music tracker that was used by a lot of companies and used to be commercial. Haven't really tried it, but I guess Wayforward used this for Shantae on the GBC. I've heard mixed things from composer friends.
  • - Not Game Boy, but FamiTracker can be used to create NES/Famicom music. It's a very popular method for composing chipmusic, and it lets you make NES sound files (NSF) on Windows. The NES has some similarities to the GB, but isn't quite the same. In particular, the NES has 5 channels (pulse / pulse2 / triangle / noise / dpcm), whereas the GB has 4 channels (pulse / pulse 2 / 32-sample 4-bit wave / noise), and the GB has to rely heavily on hardware volume envelopes that are either a linear attack/decay. Also the NES DPCM and GB wave channel behave quite differently, and the quality (heh) of sampled sounds you can do on the NES aren't really possible on the GB.

As for writing my own tool Bleep, it's been pretty challenging. It's going to be something you can run directly on the GB, like LSDJ, but with more emphasis on better usability by newcomers, and I have plans to make it open-source when it's done. The interface side of things is probably the hardest aspect, since I want it to be both beginner-friendly and power-user friendly. Because Bleep runs on the GB hardware, maintaining the limited update and rendering time to do stuff plus all the graphical memory limitations make it tricky to present stuff in a way that's both usable and easy to calculate and display. and I've been learning a lot about how other music trackers work along the way. Assembly isn't easy to debug, but thankfully this isn't my first project. And there is really only one or two reliable references on the Game Boy hardware (The Pan Docs, and the Nintendo Game Boy Programming Manual which isn't really public). Also, BGB has been a lot of help with its breakpoints/exceptions on reading uninitialized memory / accessing stuff outside of vblank / etc. I don't really have much in the way of a devlog right now, just occasionally talk about it on Twitter (@eggboycolor), but might try doing something here if I can get back in the swing of stuff!

Wow, that sounds really complicated, haha. Certainly not for everyone! Thanks for taking the time to explain it. :3


Hi I'm Ryan. I have made a couple of small games in game jams/strange weekends. I have used libGdx, XNA(when it was still alive), GameMaker, Unity, and many others. I am a programmer trying to work on bigger projects then what I have done in the past to have a portfolio of work worth mentioning. I have a degree in computer science and can write code in most popular languages as well as pick up new ones fairly quickly.

Can't draw to save my life though.


Hi, I'm Jess, otherwise known as Trideka. I've yet to ever finish a game, but I do make and sell art assets. I'm an all around generalist, with skills in painting backgrounds, modeling, texturing, animating, and with some skill in programming. Been at it since I was a teenager (20 years ago!) and always striving to improve.

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

You can see more about the project here:

Many thanks

Jon Silvera
FUZE Technologies Ltd


Hi I'm (another!) Ben,

I just quit AAA development a few months ago to start my own solo indie adventure. And I'm traveling while doing it -- wandering around Southeast Asia with my girlfriend. We're only just a month in, but it's been a blast so far!

I hope my current project takes our full year of travel, but I just started when I quit my job, so it's still very early in development. It's a 1920s murder mystery with dialogue choices and randomization for replay-ability. More than that, I honestly don't know right now. Still prototyping writing, art, and gameplay! I hope to put up a devlog in a few months when the idea is more stable.

Glad to be part of starting the itch community with you guys. Cheers to good luck for everyone!


Hello, I am SolarLune. I'm an indie developer, musician, artist, and some other stuff. I showcase my games, tutorials, and other creations on my YouTube channel, my SoundCloud page, as well as my Twitter page. I've released a couple of really tiny games here on Itch, though I really like the platform and hope to make even bigger games next.

How's it going?

Hey lune, happy to see you hear :) Love some of your SunVox tunes!


Your pixel-art tutorials are great, thanks for making cool things!


Hello everyone, my name is Mohammad from Dubai, UAE. I've been dabbling with game development on and off since I was 16 and only began getting stuff finished around 30. I work with a team call Zombie Camel Games, while my team is busy coding away our main game (I'm their artist and writer), I make story-focused games on my own as a programming exercise. I'm currently working on Roses Will Rise ( a strategy RPG visual novel about 4 female prisoners of war trying to escape a dungeon.

I write and draw mostly, but I also have a background in Ren'Py, RPG Maker and Twine. Outside of game development, I do work for the local TV news channel (Dubai TV) as a realtime 3D graphic designer with a love for cooking in my spare time.

A pleasure to meet you all!


hello beautiful entities


Hello everyone, my name is Mikko. I'm a hobbyist indie game developer from Finland. I have been making games as a hobby for over 20 years now. My favorite genre is local multiplayer shooters and most of my games over the years fit in that category.

I have currently one game available here on It is my latest finished game project called Lockdown Protocol:

If you want to stay updated on my game development adventures, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or check out my website.

I really like and I'm excited to see it growing into a community!

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Hi, I'm Natalie.

I've been playing around with pygame in my spare time for maybe a year now. I learnt the basics as I was teaching it to 11-16 year olds, but I found it pretty fun, so I kept playing with it afterwards, although I never really made anything with it.

I made a short comic recently and that kind of reminded me of what it feels like to finish something haha, so I have two little self-contained ideas for games, that I'm alternating between working on :).

I'd also really like to try a ludum dare, so I think I'm going to go for the next one... Fingers crossed for a fun prompt!

Looking forward to checking out other peoples games, too :).

Edit: I also have a tumblr and I recently made a twitter.


This is awesome that is sprouting its own community forum!

My name is David, an indie developer and computer science student in Michigan. I currently work on my game Armor Blitz when I'm not doing class work. Luckily the rest of my small team of 5 also works very hard, and some are full time. We've been developing this game for quite awhile now and I love the theme and fanbase that we're developing!

Things I do outside of class include managing my university's game development club Wolverine Soft. As the Vice President this year, I have to keep things running smoothly to ensure the success of on-campus game devs and to provide a good collaborative space for developers.

On that note - if anyone lives in Michigan hit me up. I love to speak with local developers and network with anyone who wants to talk. Oh and I play a lot of online games like CS:GO, LoL, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warships, and occasional MMOs.


Hee ho, I'm Cleave! I'm still in college but I'm trying to make games on the side. I really love 2D games and working with characters, I can do some art and programming but only enough to realize game ideas.

I submitted a game about a week ago, Carrie's Order Up. I'm making some updates based on feedback and am currently juggling some ideas for the next project. I like so far and it's really awesome it started up a community forum after joining it, I hope I can meet some cool people.

Hey there!

I'm Guillermo, one of the two co-founders of CremaGames. We are a Spanish studio and we've make mobile games and apps for a while. Now, we are making the jump to PC (and hopefully, to consoles, too) with Immortal Redneck, a FPS roguelite set in Egypt with random ability drops, lots of enemies and proceduraly generated maps. Also, we are doing a match-three game as a side project, called Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue.

You can read about how the game is developing here for now, but I'll create a new devlog in soon enough. I hope you like it!


Hi everyone!

I'm Lee, I quit my job to give myself some time to seriously pursue games development! I started creating levels and did some simple modding for Quake 3 over 16 years ago did some dead-end jobs and worked in an art studio for a bit while learning about games development through C# and XNA, then moving onto Unity and lately I've been learning C++ as well. I'm working on a secret project that I hope I will be able to talk about soon!

Feel free to see some of my stuff on Twitter or my Tumblr.

Hello everyone,

I'm Alex, Italian gamedev now living in Sweden. I'm mainly a game designer but deep down I like programming more. It's since many years that I make my own games, but I also worked on some bigger commercial projects. I've recently released my first commercial game, Memoir En Code, and it was a big success. I'm looking forward to putting more of my work on itch and perhaps sharing the dev progress on this forum :)


Hi! I'm Barbara/St. Barbara/Ms .45, and I'm a self-taught twine/ren'py dev who loves telling stories, especially choice/consequence games. I have a couple of simple games on right now, and I'm working on a longer story to really beef up my ren'py (and mystery writing!) skills. You can see a complete list of my games at (most are twines at the moment, so I'm looking forward to getting more ambitious).


Hi everyone, I'm Eniko from Kitsune Games! I make strategic turn-based games like puzzle games and roguelikes and I do all my own engine work, mostly in C#. I liked participating in Ludum Dare, I've joined 5 times now and I did the keynote for Ludum Dare 29. You can find me on Twitter @enichan as well as @yuzukimasu who does most of my music now and @Crowbeak who I'm working with on Ultra Hat Dimension which is coming out TOMORROW OMG.


Heeeeey ^D^

y hallo thar ;D


I am Leo Loikkanen.

I am a hack twine author and occasional RPGMaker Dabbler. I mostly make twines because they fill that ITCH i have in my GUT for SELF EXPRESSION. I mostly (try to) make comedy twines, as well as these navel-gazing waffling that i pretend are 'deep personal stories'.

I also hold a rather useless degree in 2D animation that i got after making a mistake in my school enrollment forms (Useless in the regard it won't get me a job, but doing the school was super duper fun :D)

(2 edits)

For pete's sake Leo get a profile image!!

(Also, welcome!)


Hello. I'm Phil from the UK. Grew up with a games-programming dad in the 80s, worked in the industry and left because the industry is awful. Wrote my first game Bezier which came out earlier this year. I'm currently adding modes and Steamworks features for a Steam release in the new year.

Here is Bezier on the

Here is me on Twitter.

Hope you're all well.


Hello everyone! I'm Josh and I work on my Youtube channel GamingFTL, and as a Community Manager for the co-working space Arch Creatives. In my spare time I mess around with music, stand up comedy and game development! The developers and games on have been great so i hope this forum really takes off. :


Hello everyone, my name is Graham and I am 50% of Glitch Games.

We make first person point and click games using the Corona SDK. We currently have 5 out and are near to finishing up our 6th.

All can be seen here.

I'm also on Twitter, and so is Glitch.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Berick, and I like to make games! My most recent project being a retro-3D random gen adventure / horror called Lost Tomb

When I'm not making games I'm making videos of other indie dev's games. So if you have something you want me to Let's Play, hit me up

I'm also a bit of a Twitter addict, so follow me and I'll follow you!

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Some posts aren't appearing on here for some reason, but I was directed here by the lovely DarkestKale!

My name is Sean and I'm having a jolly old bit of fun making little projects in Java, including my latest public offering Honeycomb!

I mostly used to focus on GUI-driven stuff for modding games; the leap to 2D is more recent and teaching me an awful lot about the graphics stack that I never knew (or willingly forgot, hah). You can find me on Twitter though I often just stick to Retweeting more interesting folks than me -


You focus on GUI-driven things? You're doing the kind of programming that most people hate. So good on you! We need more people like you!

(1 edit) (+1)

It's great to finally meet you all. has always been a big help to the indie game community, so it'll be nice to have forums and a chance to learn more about other devs and projects here.

I'm Eric (Blue Tengu), and I was involved in game development (game design, translation & programming) here in Japan for around a decade before deciding to pursue indie projects and the kind of games I've always wanted to make. Every week for the last year and a half, I've been doing a live game dev show on Twitch, and the first game completed on the show was warmly supported when I put it up on, so this place means a lot to me.

Ever since my brother introduced me to the Commodore 64 way back when, I've been in love with games and game dev. (That love for the Commodore 64 is why I made that first game.)

I can be found on Blue Tengu's Site, Twitter, Twitch, or Youtube. If you drop by, definitely say hello, otherwise, I hope to see you here!


Hi everyone, I'm Sam! I'm a game design major in my senior year of college, and while I haven't made much outside of my game lab classes, I have a huge passion for games and game design. I have mostly Unity experience, though I have been looking heavily into Game Maker Studio for 2D stuff after getting it from the Humble Bundle. I want to start working through some GMS tutorials soon, and make a game on my own that I'm confident in uploading to!


Hello Everybody!

I'm Jonas from northern Germany, and I'm currently in my final year in the German equivalent of high school. I've been making games using Scratch for quite some time (propably about 5 years) until a year ago when I steped up my game a little (hah) and started working with Gamemaker Studio (Not the most advanced software out there, I know, but comming from Scratch Gamemaker seemed like a really good place to get started with more serious game making). Since then I really enjoyed creating a few smaller games in my freetime, aswell as participating in gamejams like Ludum Dare. Right now I'm actually working on an educational app for mobile phones, but I can't wait to return to actual game development soon!

Looking forward to getting to know you all in the forums!


Hello! I'm Oscar and i make games. I do the coding/art/design/music for my jam games/regular games. Right now i'm finishing up HackDashShoot and will release it soon here on I started One Game a Month in October. My game creation tool is Unity. LMMS for music. Ink and Krita for arts. Lots of paper and a pencil for design.I just recently bought manga studio 5, with the hopes of making pretty cool art with it.


Hi everybody! We are Lantana Games, a small educational/kids game developer in Boston, MA. Specifically, until team profiles are working, I am Danny, founder of the company. My goal as a developer is to create positively-influenced experiences that kids and adults alike can enjoy. We use mainly Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and Unity for our projects, but we're always learning new engines like Game Maker and Unreal as well. Development is our passion, but we also mentor student teams to help make their games great, and introduce them to platforms like as a positive (and hopefully profitable) place to distribute their games.

As for me specifically, I have been wanting to make games since I was 5 and actually doing so since I was 11. I'll be 29 in a month and still get the same joy making games today as I did when I was a very small person.

Follow our things! We post screenshots, concept art, silly photos, and sometimes even free codes. Also, our newsletter, the Lantana Ledger, comes out once a month and always has neat developments and freedbies.

Twitter: @lantanagames
Facebook: /lantanagames
Youtube: /user/lantanagames
Insta: @lantanagames

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Hey Guys & Gals!

I'm Michael and working on a small Game. Other than that, I like to watch people play games more than playing them myself... Slowly getting to old for twitch reactions ;)


Hey, I'm Tim. I'm a games programmer from the UK who's been making games since A-Levels, heck I even did a University degree in Computer Games Programming and I have a full-time job as a programmer! I usually work in either C++, C# or Haxe, but I have worked in other languages in the past like Java and Python.

Outside of games development, I love animated films. Stuff like Pixar, Disney, (some of) Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, Studio Madhouse, Aardman and some obscure French/Irish/Italian ones as well!


What's up!

I'm Ib, I've been playing around with Unity and did a game with a friend (Dirbit here @, I like to describe myself as an indie game developer wanna be... hiya!

(1 edit) (+3)

'sup, everyone. I'm 0x0961h, half mystery number, half quantum demon. I'm a programmer and a pixel disaster. I'm not a game developer, it's just my code sometimes twists in a playable form and decide that it's cool to be a game. I love game jams, it's, like, the only time in my life when I make games and they are good, finished and even polished. You might even heard about my jam games or even saw my cool purple avatar in Twitter where I spend, like, 90% of my spare time. c:


I perpetually wonder what the bytes in your name represent.


I'm still thinking it's much better when it's a mystery. I mean, there's at least one thing in me that's very interesting. :D


Hello, I'm Chelsea, or Some Strange Circus. By day I'm an assistant manager at a health food store, by night I write visual novels and interactive fiction games. My first visual novel has undergone some problems during development and has thus been delayed much longer than I would have liked, so in the meantime I'm messing around in Twine. I have two text-based IF games out and the third one should be out within the next week or two. I am told that I write very depressing stories.

I can be found via my website, my development blog, and this list of my social media sites that includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.


Hey there!

My name's Spencer, and I make games with HTML5. I'm currently goofing around with the ImpactJS framework and the PhaserJS framework, both have their pros and cons, so I'm just trying to find the one I like most.

I mainly use pixel art in my games, through I do experiment with other types (text-adventures, hand-drawn, etc.).

Here's my Twitter if you want to see me babble about small stuff.

Here's my Tumblr if you want to see me babble about long stuff.

Here's my website where I post various things.

This community is super cool, it's crazy how inspired I get looking at everybody's work, keep it up!



Hi, my name's Ian and I've started working on Unity. I'm working on a game about cowboys and time travellers. I like Thomas Pynchon and art.

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Hi! I'm Michael. I'm a game artist and just recently started creating my own games. I used to do a lot of consulting work. Looking forward to sharing some prototypes in 2016!

Also I work at with all the game developers and artists. If you're making something 3D you can email me (michael at for some rad tips and use cases. e.g. I work with Blizzard, Gearbox, and a bunch of indies.

Lord of The Rings: Troll, Part 3 by Michael Calvert on Sketchfab


Hey Michael, welcome! I remember us getting an e-mail about Sketchfab and wanting to do more about it, was that you?

Anyway, the embed looks great, you should totally post over at the 3D section to let folks know how to do it, I'd browse that all day long!

(1 edit) (+1)

That was me! Here's how you can embed your 3D models with Sketchfab.


Hi everyone!
I'm Elias from Giant Enemy Labs, a one-man game studio from Chile. I've been coding and making games pretty much since I got my hands on a computer as a child. I also do some art (pixel art mainly) and music. I worked in a local game company for a while but then decided to go indie. It's been 2.5 years since then.

I currently develop my games in MonkeyX, but I've also developed games in Basic, QB, C, C++, C#, Unity and Construct. Even asm, really! There's no such a thing as a language unsuitable for games!

My currently released project -which I'm still adding content to- is ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds, and while it's currently on Steam it was first available here, on!

This community looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you all! You can also follow me on twitter if you like! (@battlecoder for my personal account, @GiantEnemyLabs for the studio).

Dev on!


Ah beloved B.A.S.I.C ! Great memories from the green screen world!

I'm Laura, I make text games by myself and sometimes with a group of my friends. So I also run the Plus Ultra account, which includes our group games.

The best game I've ever made by myself is Swan Hill; I'm currently working on a sequel and a few related short stories which I hope to release together in Unity for PC and tablet. I'm really into interactive fiction where the text changes systematically on the page.

I'm also releasing a collection of interactive short stories later this year or early next year.

My favorite group project was Slaughtertrain, which I made with Plus Ultra. It's a Snowpiercer simulator.

Hi, everyone. I'm Neil, and I make games with Javascript/HTML5 and am currently learning Game Maker.

I've got a dev blog at Some of my games are here on, some are hosted on my personal website. There's a list of games I've made here.

Hopefully sometime I'll finish a game worth selling (or at least accepting donations for) and when I do, I'll host it here on :)

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Greetings Humans! I am an emphatic music-robot from the planet germany. I love Ludum Dare, prototyping and creating small weird game. I also like discussing game design and problems, so talk to me on twitter if you like :)

I try to make games about the real world with my small studio Causa Creations together with @mercurylegba. We have released Totem's Sound on, a game featuring spirit animals, clams and tv commercials. We also have released Burn The Boards for mobile things.

Hi all!

I'm André, a former graphic designer, who had recently gone into OOP language to recall my teenage years spent in front of a green screen monitor doing silly B.A.S.I.C code. I also released Flamoos - a kid's game - and I am now designing a board game.

Nice to meet you all!


Me Miltage. Me make game.

Hi everybody! I'm new to, haven't even finished my first 'real' game yet. I've bee primarily using Unity3d for about a year an a half. I do pretty much everything on my games--programming, art, music--and it's a very fun creative outlet for me. I'm currently working on a platformer game called Last of the Light, a minimalist platformer that I started about 9ish months ago during my last year of college.

I also stream on Twitch (semi-regularly) and make playthrough videos on Youtube for some of my instrumental songs.


Hi there, I'm empty fortress and I make stuff, mostly short game-things you can find here, on gamejolt or glorious trainwrecks. I tend to rant a lot about accessibility, i18n and user-friendliness.

Nice to meet y'all!


Hey er'body! I'm Tons0fun, not a game dev but a lover of Indie games. I stream over on Twitch and have a budding YouTube channel where I have various series running, one recently started and hopefully long lived is checking out all of the great titles here on (First video from that series is going up Friday) Really excited about the new Press system and better connecting with Developers.

Feel free to reach out at for coverage or interviews. I'll definitely be reaching out to a number of you as I make my way through all the games in the Press system.

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Hey I'm Eva! I've been making indie games for a while. I used to post a lot on dev forums but not anymore, but this seems cool.

Hey Eva, welcome!

Out of curiosity, what made you stop posting on forums and how can we make sure this doesn't happen here?

(1 edit)

I think less free time and meanies.


Alright, we'll work on keeping out the meanies then!

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Hi kids.

I'm Chevy Ray (that's my real name), I've been making games for over a decade now. I think itchio is one of the coolest thing that's happened to indie games in that entire time, so I decided to make an account to hang out.

You can find out more about me on my website. I made a fairly popular Flash game engine a few years back called FlashPunk (there are probably lots of games on itchio made with it), and I also ran a Unity tutorial site called UnityPatterns for awhile. I can code every language under the sun, but I also spend a lot of my time writing and doing art and animation (both for fun, and for my own personal games).

Despite over half my life doing this, all my games are shit, so I'm hoping one day to make something real fantastic and I'll probably put it up on itch. In the meanwhile, I'll be playing & downloading all your lovely games. C:

Oh hello Chevy <3

Deleted 52 days ago

Stop this shit, once and for all! The world does not rotate around you and nobody is interested in "triggering" you. "Hi, kids" is a friendly manner to greet your pals.


My name is Grayson Evans, I am a Canadian born dev making small games out of Vancouver, British Columbia! I have been making games for a year but most of them have been taking down for various reasons (mostly because they are embarrassingly bad). I am mostly interested in making small, vignette style games about singular feelings but who knows maybe I will make something a little more mechanically deep. Check out Head Full Of Doubt if you want a taste of the kind of games I make!

you can find my twitter here

Deleted 5 years ago

Oh hi there *slow hand wave*

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hello i'm droqen! i make games. i bought an arduino yesterday. i'm happy itch has a forum now, because it seems like probably the nicest place.

i do lots of stuff (music, some pixel art, assist with sewing, tinker with arduino now that i have one??, still mostly games, etc) and hope to continue doing stuff.

* wow eva and chevy are right above me! i've met only one of you. i used to post on tigsource a lot and they were there too. i think i've been making games for a long time...

all rise for master jellyfish!


welcome to the itch zone

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Hey y'all! I'm Brian, and I make comics and games. Over the summer I made a little print and play card game called Tiny Swords and I just finished a Kickstarter to make a real-deal version of it! It's been super-exciting and kinda life-changing for me. I'm also slowly learning Twine to make an escape-the-room game with a friend, and am designing my next card game to release as print-and-play sometime early next year. I also have a webcomic called Stardust Slammers that's a mashup of roller derby and magical girl anime. The first chapter's done and I've got the next couple planned out- only a matter of when I'll have the time to finish drawing them.


Hi there! I'm Cullen Dwyer. I do a lot of work with Game Maker. My company is called Cowboy Color, and it's just a two man-team (me and my artist, Britt). Together, we made the versus-game, ChargeShot, and are currently doing contracting work to get by until we can afford to work on our next project.

Hey there, I'm Al Wyvern. I'm just starting out, made a little text adventure as a way of dipping my toe into game dev. Now hooked and learning Unity so I can make a proc gen arcade shoot em up with no guns :D

Hey!!! I'm Dante (@videodante) and I do games and writing and stuff. Most of my stuff is in 2D and real pixelly and now I'm trying to branch into weird 3D stuff too. I've got a lot of ideas and not a lot of time to do them. It's a blast

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hello, i go by yuzuki and i make music-shaped sounds. i work with @enichan as part of kitsune games as well as astral shift for pocket mirror. currently, i'm also scoring various visual novels, one of which is in development and on this site right now. sometimes i even stare at code intensely for long periods of time. nice to meet everyone!

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yo waddup im ditto I dont really care but i make games in colors and it's like woah, that aint pixel art, but yet it is kinda; what is going on there really, lol everythhing is sorta wiggling around, haha, that's funny lol, really tho; how the fuck do I pay rent?

Hey, I'm Veld. I make games, mostly the games i uploaded here are from gamejams.

I make my games in unity. Prefer 2D over 3D but that is mainly because I've been working with 2D ever since i touched code. I love role playing games and rythm games. I'm sure you'll find those elements back into some of my games sometime! Mainly i post progress over at and @velddev for a more casual version of my dev blog.

Thanks for the read and I'll see you later!

Hey everyone I'm Travis!

I like making games that are colorful and different. I'm pretty big into non-violence... more specifically not having violence as a main mechanic or influential element in a game. I'm on twitter, mainly.

Currently I'm doing contract work to keep myself afloat, since I don't like the idea of being chained to my games making me money. Instead, I prefer creative freedom and giving myself time to explore mechanics and game stuff.

Hope that this itch community takes off!


So... Hi.

I'm Daruu, I'm a Computer Graphics and Animation student, and I have made no games.

I see I'm an exception here... haha...

Well I support and love as a great platform to showcase/distribute games. I'm a gamedev enthusiast who has made a little of pixel-art in the past. Mostly contributions to Pixel Dailies on Twitter.

I suppose I can say I worked on some projects, but never finished any. Should focus on small things, haha.

Here's my Twitter. Mind one thing, I'm from Spain so I tweet in two languages.


Hey folks! I'm Charlie, and I make small interactive music experiences. There's a new one coming out this Thursday, in fact! I work primarily in Unity, and I've also been making a tool set for creating interactive music as I go along. The new feature in it that I'm excited about is a system of real-time synthesis modules that I can slap together to make a bunch of different synthesizers. Basically I'm a big old music nerd.

Hello all!

I'm Tim, or Objelisks most everywhere. I've made a bunch of tiny prototypes and game jam games over the past years and I'm looking into making some bigger, actually finished stuff now. Mostly I use javascript with three.js or Phaser, but I also dabble in Pico-8, too!

I'm on twitter, and here's my website with a bunch of things I've made. has always been great, and it looks like the community is living up to all expectations! I can't wait to work with some of you and chat about games!


I'm Lisa, I work with indie-crafty game studio Them Games in Paris
I do all things communication/press/marketing related! (also I study stuff)

Here on I look for games to put in lists. I love lists. So I slowly select, curate, classify things.
I've created the Jam Games List, which I update every 6 months because there are a lot of jams and I do it alone.

We've announced a new project, Yore: Slumbertime Fables, involving an old woman, an old house, a calm village, and many, many stories, most of which you will be the creator :D

There's a twitter and a facebook and an page!

See you and take care!


Hey! My name's Mike. In my day job I research new ideas for games, and then in my spare time I make games and put them up on I also run the Procedural Generation Jam here on! I love this place so much and it's great to finally have a place to chitchat with you.

I'm working on a bigger game than usual right now, and I hope to have stuff up on itch soon! If you want to say hi or talk about anything games or research-related, you can email me or hit me up on the Twitters @mtrc!


Age 3X. Adam "who?" Hartling, during a long and courageous battle with life, has developed games as a hobby for the past few years. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, he has spent many years working in IT related jobs. Adam is a loyal master to a cat that demands food at all times of the day. He enjoys making weird little games of various types and collecting pencils while travelling. He is also an avid member of the Halifax Game Collective.

Anyone wishing to remember Adam can leave messages of condolences on his twitter page.

hi adam

Hi anna!

Hey, I'm Max Emerick. I've been making games for a couple of years now, and I work mostly in Gamemaker:Studio (though I'm currently playing with a thing in Unity). I love making games and I want more than anything to get better and better at doing so. I'm also a musician, experimenting with a range of types of electronic music. I made a game about looking up at the stars and a game about planting trees. Both of them are aggressively boring by design.

I tweet about my gamedev among other things, if you're interested.

I'm excited about this new itchio forum thing! You folks are lovely <3


Hi! I'm Mickaël aka Ylzor, a French dev. I work on Game Maker Studio and do some pixel art here and there.

I've done two free games so far, Save Point and GUILT and I'm working on a third one right now, hoping to be able to sell it so that this can actually become my job. Feel free to try my games out and to check me out on Twitter!

Aaaaaaaaand I have no idea what else I could say! Glad to meet you all should be enough, I guess! :D

Howdy, I am Alban Voss from Germany. I am doing Indie Game Dev stuff for some years in various quality and quantity. I never really published something until itch came along and it just fit like a glove. Love the website and hope i can find a home here with my stuff and me. Most of my time I am doing Art and Game Design.

I tweet here

My name is Eric, I live in Germany and am currently not so sure what exactly I'm doing. I studied Anthropology, didn't find any use for my degree and am now trying to find something else to do. I run a small German YouTube-Channel where I cover Indiegames on a regular basis. I also run a blog about abstract/artistic games.

However the main reason why I'm introducing myself here is because also started making my own games recently. I just made a game for Procjam and I should release another game within the next two to three weeks. I'm lacking any skill that might help me in regards to Game development, but I enjoy the process of creating games and I want to see how far I can take this thing.

I'm mostly here to learn new things and maybe meet a bunch of interesting people. There isn't much of a local games scene in the area where I live (Germany is a bit terrible in that respect), so I'm mostly used to doing stuff on my own, which tends to get exhausting from time to time.


(Oh wow, so many people here. I feel like I'm late to the party but here it goes)

Hi, I'm Jeremy. You may know me as @Ludonaut.

I've been making games for two years now. I started with Twine and moved to Construct 2 and also somehow managed to make some simple stuff with Unity. I love text art and glitch art (I've made some), I spend way too much time on Twitter, and I'm currently studying game design here in Germany.

My latest thing is this borb thing that I made as a birthday present for a friend.

I'm not good with forums and this might turn out to be my only post here, but this looks very promising. Thank you all for creating a nice atmosphere so far. ✨


Hi and welcome! Just discovered Borb and wanted to say I liked it =), both the concept and the lovely way it was put together!

hi everyone!

I've been making game since 2012, I started with flashpunk now stuck with unity. I'm trying to use phaser now, but still can't make anything from it. almost all my game are on my gamejolt page most of them are small games I make for game jam that I make for about 1 week long each. the biggest project I've ever created maybe this android game with a gameplay borrowed from wario ware games

if you see my games on gamejolt, a lot of them are shooter or shmup, yeah i've been wanting to create a proper shmup games, on my current project, I've already completed the sprites and music/sfx part. now I just need to code it or rewrite the code


Hi, I'm Kevin Cole from Massachusetts!

I'm a full-time writer/spriter/designer/developer and I work with my friends to make games that are weird and important to us. Our first game was a puzzle-platformer in reverse called Project Maiden and it took two years and a successful Kickstarter to make. Right now I'm working on a roguelike called Haque which was successfully Kickstarted in October!

I work in GameMaker and I use mostly free stuff like BeepBox, Bit Font Maker 2, Graphics Gale, and sfxr to make my games.

I started game development by doing game jams in college and I'd love to do more jams and make small games too because those are the games I love to play on itch!

I mostly lurk and I'm pretty shy, but this community rocks and I wanted to say hey! Thanks for bein' cool.

I tweet stuff too.


Hello! Name's Vadim. I'm a programmer from Ukraine.

I mostly make games and mods with online multiplayer support nowadays.
In my opinion there should be more of those.

Mostly working with GameMaker: Studio and Haxe.
Messing with other tools if they are more appropriate for the task.

I have a Twitter and a Tumblr.

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I'm Veselekov. You can call me Ves or V if the former is too hard. I live in Australia. But I was born in New Zealand.

I used to make animated YouTube videos. But I didn't like the general negativity around the general politics which came with it. So about 2 years ago I started coding and haven't looked back since. I am working on my first game Ghost Ranger 199X.

If you wanna contact me contact me on twitter here! My DMs are always OPEN!

Hello, my name is Justin and I am a software engineer from San Francisco, CA US. I've done a few games in Unity, libgdx, and Haxe, and am currently working on a strategy game that I've been paper prototyping for a while. Nice to meet you all!

I guess I'll do this. Everyone else is, and I want to be cool too.

So: Hi! My name's Markus, and I don't have much to show so far other than a few jam games, half of which are only half done. Currently I'm mostly interested Japanese RPGs, board games and computer graphics. Right now I'm working on a first person dungeon crawler, but it hasn't been moving very fast since I tend to get caught up in trying out interesting graphical techniques, but I'm hoping to get things going again before christmas.

What is itch and what is Controller Companion? I ended up with this stuff because I was trying to map an MS Xbox 360 wireless controller to keyboard keys, but I can't tell what itch or controller companion are or where to find out.

Hey Jerry, welcome! is mostly a marketplace where creatives can sell their games / tools / comics / soundtracks etc, you can learn more on our About page.

As for controller companion, I'm assuming you're talking about this tool? Never used it, but it looks cool!


Hello everyone! I'm Daniel, and I like to make games that explore unique or interesting mechanics. I'm a huge fan of game jams like Ludum Dare, and I've made just under 20 games, most of them jam games.

Hi Dan! I think I found in the first place because of Roguelight, so thank you! I love your style!

The master has arrived!

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Heya! I'm Kai! I'm actually currently hosting Loading Screen Jam, here on! When I'm not hosting jams I'm usually just making games about wandering forever, cats with swords, or developing tools for Unity.

Hi everyone! I am Anamik, a solo indie game developer and I have been making games for about 5 years. My aim is to create new games based on some new awesome ideas. I make whatever I love to make.

I mostly enjoy creating my retro platform game and a cute small platformer. I am currently working on my retro platformer to expand it with new features!

I am really glad to be a part of itchio community and also nice to meet you guys!


hi i'm anna. i make digital games and tabletop games and i'm bad at sticking with online forums, but maybe this time will be different.

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Hello friends!

I'm Georg, some dude from Austria, and I'm 50% of this account! I'm quite late for the party that constitutes the current game design community, since I took a large detour via the arts, before starting out with political mods and games a few years back. My identity as a designer is therefore very much informed by an artistic practise and political convictions, not so much by commercial interests or current trends.

Since 2014 I am what one might call a professional game designer, mainly working with my company Causa Creations (together with the great @headchant) and the artistic collective gold extra. Recently we made the action RPG Totem's Sound and the mobile puzzle simulation Burn The Boards. I also tinker around with interactive fiction to broaden my portfolio as a narrative designer.


You all seem nice and interesting!

I just found this place a few weeks ago and only now made an account, I think what finally convinced me was the jams page. I was looking at it and my first thought was a very genuine, 'I could spend the rest of my life here'.

Anyway, I've been making games for about the past 10+ years, primarily in Unity with C#. I'm much more of a designer/programmer than an artist, but since I almost exclusively make games by myself I've picked up a few tricks here and there. I'd love to talk with people about game design, play test each others stuff, or really whatever comes to mind. I'm not great with social media, but I do have a twitter page, @MeantGames , and I do intend to be a little more active on it. You can also just email me, it's the same name

Dang this is getting long, but I do have to say, I live pretty close to Portland, Oregon and am partly a part of (and trying to get more into) the Portland Independent Games Squad and it's been very cool to see games by the people I've met there doing so well here.

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My name is Christiaan. I do 3D animation and make indie games. I made Guppy, a game about swimming like a fish, Rosetta about the deciphering of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic script, and I'm working on Hellas, a game about Greek mythology, which is not on itchio yet, except for a small environment test I did for procjam. I also made Pause Pirate with my brother, for molyjam.

Cool to see the site continue to expand and improve! I look forward to discovering many more interesting games and hopefully releasing a few more projects of my own.

@ninjadodo on twitter

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Hello I'm Dan, or thatguynm

I make small, odd games like Galactic Privateer, NTR, and Mystery House

I work with Gamemaker and Twine (currently trying to learn Unity for some 2d & 3d projects). Most of my games are 2d pixel affairs. I Also make good pixel art and trerrible music. I also like working on physical games and currently working on prototype card game about pitching bad movies to film executives.

I'm also trying to work on something larger than a small prototype, with some luck.

It's nice to meet everyone and finally have some fantastic community features! Feel free to add me on twitter (@thatguynm)


Hi =)

I'm Barbara from Germany (studying Digital Games at Cologne Game Lab) and I've been roaming the web as @monkeyotoshi for a year and a half now. I like to draw pictures and tell stories and try to do my best with both. Apart from that I want to do more games that use alt controllers and challenge the idea of tutorials.

That mentioned, to me, ideas are open source. If I ever say something that inspires you to create something from it, go ahead and use it, since I probably won't. And sooner or later you might have thought of it yourselves, you beautiful creatures.

B> borb and chill people!


Hey Barbara, happy to see you here! Just checked out your sketchbook, which reminds me I have to draw more... one day!

In the meantime, welcome to the itch community, I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

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I'm Kate Barrett, or "TheWaether". I recently made my first full-length game, D.S.A. And its soundtrack. I put it on, because I love it.

I also made a few other small games, like Lift Of Dreams, and almost-popular youtube sensation Grand Theft Alto.

I also make mashups and draw a lot. Usually I make whatever takes my fancy at the time, sometimes under various pseudenyms. Most of it goes on my tumblr. I spend almost all of my time working on things.

oh, also I have a twitter (@thewaether)


Hi guys! We are team BrainyBeard, we are two university students in Plymouth, UK absolutely fascinated with Game AI and more importantly, pushing the field forwards :)

We are currently working on Project Swordfish, a multiplayer stealth game that explores how powerful AI can be via using a sensory input system, as well as how it behaves in an us vs you vs them scenario.

You can chat with us over at Twitter:
Or at our website:

I'm super happy that now has a community forum! I'm Daniel Sun - I make flash games :)

My name is Chris, I started learning to develop games in March 2015, as of yet no official releases so I have nothing to show you, but all in good time!

Big fan of itch, just having a gander through this new community now its great!

Hi there,

Im Marco, aka Stromvin a wannabe indie game developer from Germany. Im currently working on my first "for release" game Warp(i will probably have to change the Name) which i started as a side project of another game in July this year. Its made with Adventure Game Studio, although its not an adventure game. I try to do everything myself, but i discovered im horrible at making Music ;) Yeah so thats it for now i guess. Oh as you see i have no Avatar so far, but ill get one once i have decided for one ;)

Greez Stromvin

Hello, I'm Ivan

I usually make games with Unity, but I also like trying different things like LÖVE or haxeflixel/punk. I also love participating on jams!

It's great has now forums for the community, I'll try to be around often.

I'm Alex (@stv_alex) and I program games as a hobby with Unity - I work as a software dev right now working with js, c# and ruby. I moved to Glasgow from Norway a year ago. I maintain Voxelmetric which is an open source voxel framework for unity because I figured if I can't get my act together and release a game with the stuff I'm developing I might as well make it easier for other people to make voxel games. I have a ton of prototype projects some of which I hope to release eventually.

Hi! I'm Will. I work on a game engine called PlayCanvas. It's basically a Google Docs for making games. It runs in the browser, it's realtime collaborative - and fun to use too! :) Oh, and it's got really good support for WebGL, even on low end mobile devices. I've put a couple of our games on itch already. Check 'em out!

I've been making games and game tech for, uh, let's just say many years. I've worked on CoD, Max Payne 2, GTA3, DJ Hero and many more. Games (and making games) is a huuuuuge passion of mine. I'm a bit of an all-rounder except I'm colorblind and absolutely no good at composing music - but I get by. Hoping to put lots more of our creations on here!

Well hi! Im a really beginner gamedev/pixelartist that just figures out one year ago that games are not magic-make-things and since then im trying to learn programming and learn all about this craft to make games to maybe one day make it my living job, im currently in Spain doing an internship for a lab (im a material engineer) but would really like to change career path to a gamedev one since i discovered i do really like this medium.

I would really like to meet people and talk about games, about art in general and maybe science! If you are just a beginner as me can contct me via my twitter @Jeuiop, i post @Pixel_dailies and the progress of my gamedev, im trying to make little weekly protoypes with the most polished i can make them just to learn basic game design.

Have fun!

Hello everyone and nice too meet you,

I am Federico Sauret, but please call me Fede. I've been in the industry for about 8 years, and after being in both small and big companies, I decided it was time to create my own thing. Together with a friend we created a company called Titutitech.

Our goal is to make a living out of helping indie games makers by providing outsourcing. But we also like making our own games. And that's what we are actually doing (while trying to get into new projects). Right now we are making the game Oh My Godheads.

Here's our game profile:

Hello My name is Matthew and I have recently started making games (just a few months ago I released by debut game), despite programming as a hobby since the late 2000s. Although I was born at the end of the decade, my favourite games are the LucasArts adventure games of the 1990s, and those games inspired me to want to develop my own games (point and click adventure and otherwise).


I'm Josh, ex-AAA developer (former lead designer on Starhawk), founder of Kickbomb Entertainment, and co-founder of the Utah Games Guild. Right now I'm working on a mouse-driven side-scrolling shooter called Legacy of the Elder Star. (Here's its page.) I do all the design, code, writing, and music, and Erik Exeter does all the art and animation. We're just a couple months out from release and I'm currently stressing about how best to handle QA and whether or not to partner with a publisher. Game development! \o/

Hey everyone! My name's Austin and I work at a small game company in Dallas, TX called BonusXP. I'm a 3D Environment Artist by day, but I've been wanting to try the one man show thing in my spare time for awhile now.

Right now, I've been doing mostly writing on something I'm tentatively calling Project Melancholy. It will be done in Unreal so I've been trying to pick up as much Blueprint as I can while I resist the urge to make assets!

A lot of my day to day dev updates will probably be on Twitter so check it out when things get rolling!

Hi everyone. My name is David O'Toole and i make various free games for PC/Mac/Linux.

I really like the new community forum, i think this is a great idea!

looking forward to participating.

Hello there!

I am Nick,I'm 15 years old and I make 2D games in love2d. I'm currently working on one that I might post it on

Arg, this annoys me, I'm sure I've seen you somewhere on the internet before, just not sure where.

Yeah, I remember you from GameJolt!

Ah, so that's where.

hello there. you can call me oz.

i've been dreaming games since i first experienced one. i love building ideas, digital and physical prototypes. i study as much as i can that's unrelated to games, to figure out how it can be related to games. i'm thankful for been a great place to find games and has encouraged me to start building games. looking forward to chatting with you all.

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I'm Zarkonnen or David Stark in human terms. I started making games as a kid by abusing FileMaker Pro. After a few years post-university doing sensible normal boring work, I once again make games. My current long-term project is Airships: Conquer the Skies. is a pretty neat place, and I hope this new community aspect will evolve into something good too.

Hi there! I'm Joe "Bonesy". I post a lot on TigS and frequently use IndieDB, but i thought I'd try to find other Indie communities. I'm a writer, programmer, and business owner, been making games since fifth grade! Granted I'm still pretty young though, haha. I'm a big anime/VN fan and fan of Hip Hop besides games.


i love this games . and my name is carlos . nice to exist .

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hi everyone,

This is Karlos I'm a freelance developer, mostly working with Unity, in my spare time I make more games or I try to find time toplay games... You know the drill.

See you around


Hi I'm Jay! I made that hugging clown adventure game, as well as a few other thingies that you can get free here. I also make trippy dippy music and practice some (apparently) weird strain of Christianity. Ok bye!!!

Heyo I'm Prince! I'm trying to be a great indie game developer!!! uh...i haven't really made anything noteworth yet XD

BUT i'm also trying to start a Webcomic. Uh...yeah....BYE!

Your post on Twitter led me here! I'm really thankful for it (and Dropsy <3).

Hi Jay! Dropsy looks great, I need to try it but I'm waiting till my girlfriend is less busy (we usually play point-n-clicks together).

How was your experience with Devolver Digital? Would you recommend them?

Hey there, I'm Helix! I'm currently working on my first game called Ellapse. I've been creating art since I was really young and have always been interested in animation. I am also majoring in Computer Science, currently in my third year of college. Now that I have delved into the world of game creation it feels like all of these random hobbies of mine actually have a way of coming together into one big project!

I just discovered this forum today and will probably be posting all over the place once I finish my probability and statistics homework, haha!

My name is Fallon, I make games and say they're made by Crazy Knuckles Productions, but it's really just me.

I made an interactive novel called The Ceramic Uncertainty in Twine; it's my first release (which you can find here on itch)!

I've spent 3 years learning game development independently. I like writing, design, and using Twine, but I'm really passionate about music composition (I tour and play live music for a living) and programming in Fusion 2.5. I'm always making prototypes and thinking about making games with other folks, but have no real desire to make games alone.

I'm trying to find folks who like to make games. Not just for collaborative purposes, but in general. I'm from a small town in North Idaho and while I've found some friends here and there who've taken slight interest in dev stuff, I know no-one who is really passionate about it on a personal level besides myself... I like to have fun with games, but I do take them very seriously as art :)

Fave games (in no particular order): Super Metroid (I have a Metroid tattoo!), Proteus, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Smash Bros. (all of 'em, especially Sm4sh & Melee), Metroid Prime, Super Meat Boy, Super Mario World, & Dropsy.

Hi! My name is Nabor. I'm a chilean software developer, I do mainly web stuff for work but love making games in my free time.

I haven't completed anything but my new years resolution will be make a game next year.

Hi everyone,

We're a two-man development team working with the Unreal 4 engine in hopes of creating a career for ourselves in the games industry.

It would be greatly appreciated to hear your feedback for our game. Currently it's packaged to run on 64-bit PC systems and we're in the process of packaging a 32-bit version as well as Mac and Linux ports. Right now one bug is that 1360 x 768 resolution is not implemented.

Here is a trailer, media gallery and a link to the demo,


media gallery

Wormhole City demo!iNoRGTaQ!i7nqftfApEJMB_C-ZqUdvSud5DURgvh3yI7nDhvWQlU

Oculus Rift Demo

Please let us know if you guys have trouble downloading or playing the game, we're in the process of trying new file hosting services.

Thank you and happy holidays

Hey! I just watched the trailer but the graphics are quite nice, you guys have clearly put a lot of work into it. I really liked the colors in the spaceship scene where everything is tinted aquamarine. Other scenes seemed too "realistic" colored to me and came across as rather bland/brown (that might just be my personal preference). I'd recommend doing a color pass over the whole game to try and just make sure everything's consistent. Awesome work though!

Hello! My name is Dejan Knezevic. I'am a indie game developer from Serbia. I love making games, apps and websites also playing games - all kind of. Unfortunately for now I have nothing to show you as far as games because i am very picky and my ideas preventing me to quickly make game. Right now i am interested in LibGdx and his great abilities(thanks to that framework i am here). itch io looks like great place and i see cool comunity here :). Feel free to add me on socnetworks facebook and twitter.

GG and keep gamer spirit


Hi everyone,

My name is Silviu and I am working on a Jedi TK controlled driving game called LEAP RACER

Please check it out (even if you don't have a depth sensor like Leap Motion) and let me know what you like/dislike about it.

Even Yoda is playing it :)



Hello people! My name is Cong and I'm from Singapore. Recently join the community to publish my competition game here!
The game is playable here:
I am also garnering votes for the competition! If you do like the game quality, do vote for my by liking the image here:

All feedbacks are welcomed! Thanks alot!!!!

Hello! I am Retyqui and i live at Quebec. I love racing game, FPS and platformer. I was a console gamer when i was young, but since i got a powerful PC, this has changed. The PC is now the only platform where i play my game. I don't make game, i want to just play the game in this website.

Hello friends! My name's Jake McGaw. I spent a lot of time with MMF2/Clickteam Fusion in the past, before switching to Unity in the past few years.

I've been publishing games on my website, but someone recommended I check out this site as a way to network and publicize my work.

I've put my favorite of my projects up on this site already, and my other games will follow. Nice to meet you all!

Hello everyone! I just joined the community, and I am extremely lost o_o

I'm an animation student currently working on Animagic, an action adventure RPG about animation and magic hahaha. Pop me a message on tumblr, i love finding new devlogs to follow!

Hello I'm Andy from Alberta Canada . I'm being working on game projects now close to 7 years. I devoted the first 4 working on a pretty cool mod but I really wanted to make my own stuff so I started playing around with Game Maker Studio. I have some games on here they are pretty obscure for the most part .

Hello everyone, I'm Wesley from Montreal.
14 years ago I was making games. But I had to stop because of no time and I didn't find a job in the gaming industry.
After a long break, I'm back in game dev and I was really surprised to find community like and tools like Unity … making games has never been easier !

I'm working on a 2D games inspired by Lemmings, do you remember ? ;)

Hello there!

I am Minitrope, a wannabe indie dev. I'm lurking the community for some time now and decided to give 2016 a go and try to make games :)

Hi everybody! My name's Brian and I've only been making games for a bit under 2 years, though I used to do ROM hacks of Super Mario World way back when. I also somewhat recently started bringing myself online and made a Twitter, and now I've decided to participate in #1GAM for this year! I'm not particularly great at asset making so I'm hoping to hone those skills a bit. I can do simple graphic stuff but composing music isn't something I've touched yet and I might give that a shot for one of my #1GAM games.

Hello Everyone, I'm Haydn Stevens,

I'm an Indie Game Developer from Western Australia.

I look forward to seeing everyone's Games/2Dart/3Dart/etc, and I hope you enjoy what I post as well. =]

My first game on Itch: Cards On Fire.



Hello everyone.

I'm Uranne, a french developer on .NET languages, android and sometimes web languages. I found superpowers by reading Korben's blog.

I'm used to discover languages and make my own experiments but I'm also used to have issues for things that would be easy for others. I made myself even if it is now my job :)

I want to use superpower to discover the art of game making and for fun to, it remembers me the old time of "Game maker" :')


Hey everyone :D

I'm 20 years old and i'm currently studying game design at university, i aspire on becoming a 3d modeller but in my spare time like to work on my youtube channel, which is why i mainly use this site, to browse and find games to play for my channel so if you're a developer and would like me to check out your game and post it to my channel then feel free to hit me up,

take care all!

channel -


Hey guys, I`m Badim aka Vadim Starygin =)

I`m a indie game developer for 8 years, or more. From Russia.

Used to be a flash developer, now - mobile/web games are my focus.

For last year was working on Royal Heroes, that will be like 10th title that I developed and published on my own. (Published is a strong word =)

Facebook and Twitter


Hi! My name is Sebastian. I make games under the name Ultimate Walrus. Just for fun I was looking for a forum where people share small creative projects, and someone directed me here. I mostly use Fusion 2.5 for my games, though I'm also well versed in Unity and used it to make Beat Bros. I also make music in Fruity Loops sometimes. I'm not a good artist but I try my best and sometimes people like it. My girlfriend is a much better artist and often does the art for my stuff.

I guess I'm just looking for a place where, just for fun, I can share stuff and see what other people are working on without feeling like I'm in "promotion" mode (even though I did post all those links... have to work on that). Kind of like the old RoboSquid forums before they died, if anyone went on that back in like 2009.


Hi I'm Reid. I'm working on making a large text-based adventure using I frequently need help on it, but I think i'm finally getting the hang of it. It shouldn't be too much longer until my first project is ready for release.

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Hey Kenney and community,

I found this site by accident and, it happens to have exactly what I am looking for. I love the artwork, it's so much better than other available open source assets.

I downloaded some files to use for now, but I really like the whole idea behind the Studio and its templates. Like most here (I assume), I am a programmer, not an artist! I'll grab it soon. Anything that makes the drawing easier for me, I'm all for (and supporting Kenney).

FYI: the screenshots here are very dark and I cannot see them (I'm trusting to the quality of Kenney's other stuff to vouch for Studio).

I look forward to working with everyone.


Hello I am looking to make games myself soon, ill be putting up a proof of concept game in rpg maker 2003 but hope to port the assests to something like game maker to have more control.( assuming game maker will stop being as complex as it is with its lack of the tutorials i need).

Hi, Thanks for joining the fairytale jam. We're getting close to starting, and I'm trying to keep people up to date. Someone wanted to start building teams, so I've posted in the community.

Lone wolves are also welcomed.

I use C2 myself as it was easier for me to get into, but last game jam I worked with someone on Unity.


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Hi! I Won't Share My Name (Security Reasons) But I Am Happy To Make Some Games Soon Mostly I Just Play Games To Make Some Ideas To Make Games. (I Am Also An Internet Troll But I Take It Seriously Here)


Hello there! In ancient times I made games... and by ancient I mean I coded games in Basic, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Assembler... on these strange artifacts called Apple IIe, Atari 800, etc. It was, quite literally, like taking one's brain out and rubbing it against a rock expecting some sort of result with little to no insight outside the odd snippet of code posted in these things called "mah-guh-zeeens". (Seriously, you'd think books right, but game programming was this ultimate taboo secret back then. Like programmers were worried SHARING ideas would put them out of a job) I wrote tank games, maze runners, choose your own adventure text games, and even what could be considered a proto-visual novel on Mac.

Thankfully my programming teacher told me, "You'll never make games." Why thankfully? Because at the time I was torn between my love of programming and my love of art. So I became an artist. A bit funny really, as had I continued in programming back then I probably would have ended up writing dull programs for businesses and slowly turned into a robot. (No, not the fun transforming kind either)

So here I am all these years later... I draw, I paint, I sculpt, I make puppets... and now I want to get back into making games. Since I've never been good at doing only ONE thing at a time I also do a lot of Let's Plays on my Youtube Channel. I'll definitely be featuring games from here, as I think there's a lot of talented game designers here that need more exposure.


What a great introduction Puppet!

Thanks. It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is. Fun fact... archaic 80-90's programming languages age as well as moldy bread. (That could also be 20 years of not using said knowledge) I've actually got a folder of game ideas I've jotted down since I quit programming, so at the very least I'm not starting 100% fresh.


Hey! We're Team Lazerbeam! We make punk games! I guess? it sounds cool at least.
We like to make weird personal vignette games. I'm very inspired by the work of Nina Freeman ^__^
In our human form we are three guys from Cape Town, South Africa!
Jay does sound/music, Ben does art/writing/design and I do code/design.
I'm also part of Free Lives, we made a game called Broforce.

Itch is super cool, really excited to be apart of it! I love the strucutre and customizability.
I'm a bit confused about how games get featured on the front page though?
It seems pretty static.


Hey guys. i make art and my brother is a programmer, we made some stuff and we'll probably make some more

Deleted post
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Hey my names Alfred and i'm just starting game making and would love to be in a small team or even just have a partner. I'm in the middle of making and RPG game but i need help making an attacking sprite for my character but i'm not the best at that(i already have an animating character but just not attacking). So if anyone can help please reply.

hey i just uploaded my first file its in very early access, check it out!

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Hello, my name's isn't really Del_Duio. It's what I go by in Internet land.I've been making games since 1987 or so when I started learning BASIC on my buddy's Apple ][e. Eventually I did a little Pascal and then Visual Basic 6 in the early 2000's. Since 2005 I've exclusively used Multimedia Fusion (on version 2.5 currently) and I really like it.

I've probably finished a grand total of 16 games ever, some being quite long. There are a handful that exist in my DXF Games website still.

My notable titles include:


Just a Cleric

Equin the Lantern

The Outlaw, The Drunk, & The Whore

Neil Peart- Mission: The Camera Eye

Hasslevania 2 (In progress)

Currently I am in Steam Greenlight Limbo with Just a Cleric. After that goes through I'm going to finish Hasslevania 2, which has been in development for 8 years now. There's a demo for Just a Cleric on my page here if you'd like to check it out:

I do all my own art, coding, music, testing and all that and I do not really believe in charging others via a Kickstarter campaign when it can be done yourself in your free time. It's just how I feel about that subject, no offense to you who have one for your projects.

I've played bass for 24 years and dabble in drums and guitar as well. I'm a giant Star Trek fan, especially DS9 and TNG.

I think that covers it

It seems we had a similar past with Basic, Pascal and VB6, around 2005 when I started using GNU / Linux exclusively at home I veered into Python, and more recently Lua and JavaScript. Nice to meet you Del Duio

Cool! The good ol' days of GOSUB, PEEK / POKE, and NOTRACE live on

Del Duio you rock!, We have been proud to support his work over at Clickteam. If you want to see some cool games make sure to check out the rest of his creations!


I work in Shanghai China and changed my job recently. I 'm working for a video game publishing company in Shanghai China. Rules and regulation are different. We publish on different platforms but mainly on PlayStation and we are looking for game developers with interesting games. We are a start up company but our the staff has lots of working experience in Unity. I'm the only non-Chinese (I'm from The Netherlands) in our company. Let me know if you think you have an interesting game.

Do you guys only accept PS4 games


for now we do. But in the future we will expand.

Hi everyone!, road(me) here.

I'm that boy who always wanted to do cool stuff but ended seeing those awesome things being made by others, now I want to make my own :) I'm pixel art lover (but can't do) really like good looking aesthetics, since I have no experience yet so I'll be trying to gain some EXP from here.


here the same. I think a good start is to watch the tutorial for the itch io software.

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Tnx, I'll try JPixel, it looks cool :) in the future probably superpowers, there are so many that I'll be old after lookin one by one XD.

How people do these stuff, you must be awesome to develop a tool for developers. ... I wonder how Tartle wiz did his RPG tool?

Tartle Wiz?! Hold on a second. That is me! I have never used JPixel but it looks really good. For the Tartle RPG Tool I did the art using an app on android called IsoPix. For the character generator, I then added some variation to the pixel colors for the character's hair using the burn tool in Gimp. I used an all grey pallet so that I could apply color shading using a script in Unit3d.The hair, eyes, silhouette, beards, and hats are separate sprites.

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Hello I'm in need of your help so please help me the game is called Business under Fire

Hey everyone!

My names kally, 20 years old and i guess you could call me a 'youtuber', i play a lot of games from this website so it'd be awesome if you could check out my channel or have a gander -

you can find me on twitter @kjwgaminghd

take care

Hi Kally! You look pretty cool (I.e. Not a stuffed shirt or whatever) do you accept requests to do indie games? (Like mine maybe?)

Hey you never know if you don't ask right? PM me at if this below looks like something you want to be a part of:

hey you have twitter please get in touch @kjwgaminghd

Sorry, I don't have a Twitter acct I do things super old school like smoke signals lol. Please PM my gmail account if you would, it's Thanks, miss

Hey there !

I'm Kobus vd walt and I am living in South Africa where I am studying Comp Sci. You might know me from a game called Cluster and more recently I made a procedurally generated shooter thing for #LowRezJam.


Hello everyone!

I'm Milena Green from AdoreStudio, a UK-based casual game developer. I'm actually a spokesperson and spreading the love for our games through various channels. Have some bizdev skills as well as experience in launching games on mobiles. Right now we're working on a cute endless tap'n'slash arcade game Ninja Dude vs Zombies. You can check it out here. (I've just discovered this website, so the game page might not look like cool one, but I'd really like to know how to get the most out of! Hope you guys will help me:)


I'm pretty new to this site too and I gotta' say it's really Dev-friendly. Like a ton. Better late than never, right


Greetings, Everyone!

I am usually called Vsio or NeithR. I am a pixel/oekaki artist and a solo game developer. I usually develop windows, flash, and PDF games.

I usually use Graphics Gale to make pixel/oekaki art, Game Maker Studio to make windows games, HaxeFlixel to make flash games, and Power Point 2007 to make PDF. Currently, I am moving to Phaser to make HTML5 games and Libre Impress to make PDF games.

I am also developing my new PDF game using Libre Impress and its quiz mode using Phaser. Wish me luck, Guys!


Good luck from an MS Painter all the way


Thank you and good luck for you too.


Hey howdy! I've been here a while, but I haven't really gotten into community stuff before. I mainly work on RPG Maker stuff and text game stuff, and I already have some stuff posted. I want to improve my sprite making skills and maybe learn how to code in the future (though I can never get a grasp on it).

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You might want to work o your handle too, It doesn't come across as very media friendly! X

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Hi hello, I'm jo-robo! My main skills are illustration and creative writing, and I'm trying to learn more about code stuff (slowly I will make sense of it). I made a visual novel, robo-tea:1cup!, and released it on Valentine's Day. Pretty much just here to share cute robot dates with the world.

As a friend described me: "[jo-robo] said she'd make a queer robot dating game and she DID."


I love these damn robots! Your game looks adorable, and I'm sure you'll do more awesome stuff. :D


Ahhh! thank you! ^w^ I'm working hard on delivering more stuff this june and next february!


Hello Wesley here. I'm a programmer by trade and make games for fun and as a creative outlet. I code in Lua, Python and JavaScript. I have entered a couple Ludum Dare comps. I like penguins and chip tunes.

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Hello. My name's David Smith. You can call me MowDownJoe. I've been itching to make games for most of my life. In kindergarden, my teacher challenged the class to make a board game for reasons unknown to me. My grade school friend introduced me to RPG Maker while I was in Middle School, where I (poorly) tried to wrap my young brain around such concepts such as level design and balance. And my college professor loved the little student game project that me and a classmate put together over a 3-day span. So, I've had an itch to make games most of my life. It's only about now that I tried to teach myself Unity and actually do something with that itch.

Prior to making games, I had a not very successful YouTube channel where I played various games I found interesting while trying to flex what knowledge I gleaned from watching Extra Credits and trying (but failing) to make myself feel superior to other people. The same could be said for my Twitch channel, I guess, though I use that more nowadays and may one day just stream myself doing dev stuff.

So... yeah. Games have been a part of my life since I was 3, when I got an NES and Super Mario Bros. I've always wanted to contribute, and now... 25 years later (God, I'm old), I'm going to actually do something.


If you think you're old at 28, boy do I have bad news for you later on :)

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Hey! I'm Kevin, I've done all kinds of game art, but mostly pixel art. I provided stuff for Starbound as a contributor -- the Synthesizer's armor was my design originally, as were some of the weapons. Besides that, I've done illustration, I'm not bad with scripting, and I like food and I play a liiiittle bit of piano.

Now I'm experimenting with making games all on my own. It's kind of hard, but it's a lot of fun! Thanks for being here and having awesome jams, itch. :)

Welcome, Kevin!

Glad to see so many still carry on with Pixel art! Not everything has to be super duper ultra realistic HD all the time :)

Thanks! Glad to be here! :) I dig lots of different kinds of styles, but pixels are so fun and approachable. And a little pragmatic for quick asset development too, I suppose. ;)

Hey everyone, I'm a software developer in Montreal who is cutting his teeth on making games lately. I mostly work with C# at work but I've been making 2D games in JavaScript. Soon to be moving onto learning Unity.

Hoping to connect and collaborate with others.

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Kisguri from Clickteam here. We are excited about being part of the platform. We over at Clickteam have been a long time supporter of the indie games movement. With games being developed on our platform like the FNAF series, The Escapists, Freedom Planet and a ton of others (Find more #MadewithFusion titles at ) we thought it wise to watch and see what happens here at Itch, However I meet folks from Itch at GDC this year and seeing as they were so cool we jumped the gun and listed Fusion here.

As we move forward feel free to contact me if you have any ideas how Clickteam can better participate in the experiment!

Best Regards,


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Well it seems I haven't quite introduced myself here, have I? To make it short, I'm a french student living the wannabe-indie nerdy life. If I'm not busy with school stuff (or procrastinating), my spare time is mostly spent trying to learn the ancient art of gamedev alchemy. I've been dev-ing for a bit more than a year as of this post and I've got a handful of gamejam games under my belt, although I would love to finish and release a bigger and more complete game. And that's why the great Cynicus and I are currently working on this bad boy which is still pretty early in development. Regarding my weapons of choice, I use the almighty GameMaker: Studio for the codey magic and I use a mix of the good ol' Windows Paint and PyxelEdit for the pixelley goodness.

That's about it for me, I hope we'll meet again some sunny day.

Until then, have a nice dev! :)

Tselmek out.

You can also catch me on Twitwit - @tselmek

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Hello every one. Trần Vũ Trúc from Vietnam. A robot dev into a very bad mobile game dev into an emulator dev. Nice to meet you all :)

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Hey everyone, I'm a computer instructor for people with disabilities.
Hackathons and game jams my hobby.
Special interests are: game accessibility and involvement
of people with disabilities in game development. Feel free to contact me Igal

Hello everybody, armature hobby game dev here, trying to slowly make my way from simple 2D games to more complex 3D games in the hope of someday becoming rich and famous (aka, teh ultimate supahstah!) But until then, I'm going to be dev-vlogging my stuff and playing new and interesting games and critiquing them hopefully to help both them and myself.


Just so you know, moving away from simple 2d games doesn't mean your game will be more successful. In fact there are a ton of 2d games that do extremely well sales-wise! Keep it in mind!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Stefan Smith, the C.E.O. and lead game designer from ALF Games; a small independent game studio based in Bury St. Edmunds, UK.

Our first project is "VIDEONASTY", a 2D 'Investigate'em' up (puzzle, adventure and platformer), set in the fictional northern England town of Gornich. Taking the role of police officers Tom Atkins or Ellen Sandweiss, you are on the tail of a serial killer whose patterns follow that of 'Video Nasty' horror films.

You can find further information and in game mock up screenshots on our GameJolt Page or page.

VIDEONASTY is fast approaching the prototyping stage and we are very keen to share it with you lovely people.

Cheers everyone!



Hello Everyone,

My name is Siddhant Dixit and I am the CEO of CRASS Infotech which is a Technology Company.

I am 18 years old and have entered the business world.CRASS infotech makes 2d/3d Games,Animated Movies,Apps,Music.CRASS Infotech has recently now released a game named Agent 777 which is available in Itch store.This is a game with intense action ,hope you all like it.



My name's Alex. I have a website at and make all sorts of games of all genres. Have a lot of experience making games on various platforms and throughout 10+ years I've made a lot of games for various publishers and individuals. Then I decided to start my own website and make my own games for a change. Most of my games are free, but some of my recent games are not. Feel free to check them out and let me know your thoughts.


I used Itch to host + sell my ebook, Philosophy for Any Life. I love how Itch allows products to be free but still accept donations, and to choose the 'cut' that Itch gets.

I'm not aware of many other books on Itch, so if you're reading this and would like to make a bundle to promote Itch for products other than games, feel free to reach out.


Scott here. Originally my goal in life was to make free games on the side of my work (doing TV animation), but I want to see if i can sustain my life for a little while doing something i love.

I like experiencing games because they capture my attention and i forget that death is real.

I've made a handful of small games like The Box Brigade which is a simple management game where you help cats pack a moving truck. There is also my first game, Lavi Quest, which is an hour long or so platformer where you play as a naughty cat that likes to knock precious objects from high places.

I don't just make games about cats.

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