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Butler is great, makes things so much easier. I should have start using it earlier :)

I'll put that issue on hold then and get back to it if I can later reproduce it myself.

The mouse wheel control problems have been "fixed" by removing it completely. I didn't know it can warp through walls but the huge acceleration spikes from it caused all sorts of other problems.

Thanks for the help again! By the way, I have a big update almost ready with some of your suggestions implemented :)

Hi again, I'm trying to reproduce that random black box issue but I can't see any. Do you remember if they were there already at start of level or after playing a while and destroying things?

What OS are you using and on what kind of hardware?

I don't use zip for Linux release because it doesn't preserve file permissions on executables.. at least I thought it didn't.

I actually already added an item to my to do -list for finally checking out Butler :)

I initially wanted to make all the upgrades and power-ups persistent but then the difficulty would have to go up much faster too and it would make it even less predictable due to the random/procedural nature of the game. This could easily lead to unexpected situations where a really good player could keep on playing indefinitely or a the player would face an "unfair" difficulty. 

I have some power-ups planned that have limited usage and those will probably stay between levels.

That black box is likely an unused cube mesh instance.. I though I fixed that bug a long time ago but apparently it has returned. Thanks for pointing that out.

I used to have all game files in a sub-directory but I had to change that for the app. I'm not sure if that is needed anymore, though.

Thank you for the feedback again!

There's one more enemy type coming after that. It has the same model for now,  but very different behavior ;)

One item  on my task list is to experiment with decals to add variation to walls. At one point, I tried differently colored wall "themes" used for certain parts of  the level to add variation and help with navigation, but I never got it to look good enough, so I removed it.

The isolated and claustrophobic feel is sort of intentional. I haven't really made up my mind about where the maze is located but space is one option. Now that  there are no windows, I don't have to choose :)

Thank you for the feedback!

As for the variation, I'm planning to add secondary weapon power-ups and I might add some new enemy types too. I initially planned to generate varying sizes of levels but then settled for the current relatively small size to keep the average level completion time short.

How far did you get? If you got to level 8, then you probably saw all the enemies there are.

The game is being developed on Linux too ;)

Thanks for pointing out the missing input methods. I had forgotten to fill any of the metadata for the game.

Unfortunately no. I once had a test build for Raspberry PI 3 during my arcade cabinet project but I didn't keep that around (didn't run well enough due to GPU).

Are you sure that would even work? The game requires "desktop" OpenGL and your phone likely supports only GLES.. unless the emulator does some magic.

Played the Windows version on 64-bit Linux with Wine (didn't want to install all those i386 dependencies) and it worked flawlessly.

Really fun to play and looks pretty. Surprisingly the difficulty was just right for me. Often games like these require too much split-second timing in jumping and shooting. Controls felt good.

Thank's for making this video, it was fun to watch!

Thank you for the feedback! I think some of these are already there in some form, they just might need some tweaking:

1. I haven't seen this as a problem, but it shouldn't be too hard to make the highlight more visible. Added to my todo -list.

2. I have intentionally limited the menu control to certain players to prevent "menu fighting" as multiple players try to navigate in menus at the same time, either accidentally or intentionally. For keyboard, it's the rightmost player as arrow keys/enter is the logical choice for menu controls. Selecting should work with that player's fire buttons (right shift/ctrl) too.

3, 4. You should be able to navigate the menu using the first gamepad's dpad buttons and X/A button. The menu and controller help overlay should toggle by select/guide and start -buttons. Does this not work?

5. This is already on my todo -list (as low priority item, though).

6. The reason for not using  the "triggers" is that depending on gamepad they can be digital buttons, analog triggers or completely missing. One set (the upper on XBox/PS controllers) of trigger buttons is (almost) always present and digital. 

The controller remapping question comes up often, but it's unlikely that I would add that. I have instead tried to add alternative buttons for things that annoy people the most. The reasoning is that this is supposed to be a party game where players change often. If the controls could be changed, most of  the time would be spend in menus tweaking  controller settings instead of playing.

7. I'm not sure if I understood the problem.. Right stick only turns without accelerating.

I uploaded the controller app APK to the game page here. Let me know how it works.

I did not submit the app to f-droid, but might reconsider that later on.

That's a good idea. I will look into this..

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is an intense space arena shoot'em up designed from ground up as party/couch game. It features solo, competitive and co-op game modes, a selection of unique weapons and thruster-based controls. Play using keyboard, mouse, gamepads or use your mobile device as a controller.

Gameplay trailer:

Downloads for Windows and Linux are available on page:

I have been working on this game for nearly four years (yes, I'm a lazy solo developer) and it feels good to finally finish it! I've had quite a few distractions and side quests during the development, including a bar-top arcade cabinet for this game. I will of course continue fixing bugs and I might even add some new features in the future.

(1 edit) page: Hyper Ultra Astronautics

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is at its core a simple space arena shoot'em up  with solo, competitive and co-op game modes and wide selection of weapons. The less usual features are semi-realistic thruster based movement, teleport technology based mechanics and support for up to 16 players on a single PC (Windows or Linux).

Gameplay trailer (slightly out of date):

The game has been in development for a very long time and it is now nearly ready, but I'm still looking for feedback on the beta versions. All feedback will be appreciated!

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After embarrassingly long silence, a new beta version 0.1.3 is now available! Here's what has changed:

  • Recreated game icon with better quality.
  • Changed the in-game font again because the last one lacked many accented characters.
  • Re-show IP addresses listening for remote controllers with F5.
  • Fixed text messages at top and bottom of screen sometimes unintentionally fading out.
  • Properly reset camera state when exiting paused mode.
  • Added command line options for directly starting a match at startup.
  • Added menu toggling by ESC (again).
  • Use view with slowly rotating camera behind menus.
  • Updated to latest SDL game controller database.
  • Don't remember entered high-score name in demo mode.
  • Added support for event (damage, respawn, etc.) based actions in controller apps.
  • Bundled dependencies updated to latest versions (Ogre3D, OpenAL, GLFW, etc).

This time the mobile controller application (Android) has been updated as well (available at GooglePlay shortly):

  • Added sound effects (missile lock, respawn beep).
  • Added disruption effect when the player is hit by EMP.
  • Fine-tuning to background image and damage effect.
  • Changed application font.

I have been using a PS3 controller for testing all the time. Perhaps your's is some different variant. I will add it in the in next version.

I have no experience with Switch controllers, but I will keep this in mind if I ever get my hands on one.

(1 edit)

Thanks! I haven't actually seen their setup live yet.

There is a bunch of command line options for starting the game (listed in readme.txt file), but no option to directly select the match type. Now that you mentioned it, I wonder how they deal with this at the museum and why they never asked for such option. I will add it in next version.

You can edit ~./astronautics/configuration.xml file manually for some extra options like disabling keyboard/mouse controls if you plan to play on phones only.

Maybe you could post a picture/video of your setup here, when it's done? 

Anyways, let me know if you find anything else that would help with setups like yours.

A quick bug fix release 0.1.2 is out with following changes:

  • Fixed Windows version not starting when launched outside game's directory.
  • Completely reworked Winnitron arcade mode launch logic.

Thank you for the video! It's good to hear you enjoyed the game. I will be sharing this around :)

New beta version 0.1.1 is now available with following changes:

  • Added new weapon: Smartgun.
  • Fixed fast moving teletorpedos occasionally colliding and exploding prematurely.
  • Fixed teletorpedos becoming indestructible after their teleportation time runs out.
  • Added "resume" option in main menu and removed menu toggling with ESC.
  • Added command line option to force full-screen mode with current desktop resolution.
  • Documented all command line options in readme.txt.
  • Removed "slide prevention" setting from menu.
  • Added launch script for Winnitron arcade machines.
  • Moved controller app QR codes from settings menu to controller help overlay.
  • Increased weapon flash light ranges on most of the weapons.
  • Fixed bug causing wrong weapon flash color on some weapons.
  • Changed to a more low-poly style bullet shapes.
  • Added scripts for setting up menu shortcuts.
  • Increased arena light intensities slightly.
  • Show listening IP address for remote controllers at match start.

The f irst beta version 0.1.0 is here! Here's what has changed since the last alpha version:

  • Added support for mobile controller events (e.g. flash effect on damage). The Android app has already been updated.
  • Ignore ship steering from remote controllers when both left and right buttons are pressed.
  • Adjusted background asteroid color slightly to better blend into the background.

Have you tried using Wine on mac? I haven't tested it recently, but the game ran well on Mac using Wine at some point and I haven't knowingly broken it.

Technically, making a native OSX build should be possible, but I don't have any Apple hardware to built/test on.

I guess my best option  is to package two different versions of the whole game, one with the mod files and one without them. I can then set the minimum price for the version with the mod files and if user has access to both versions, Itch app will (hopefully) ask which version to install.

I'm planning to set up a "mod" with minimum price that would enable additional features in my game.  Will the Itch app automatically install the additional file(s) to game directory, if the user has purchased the game with high enough price?

I tried uploading a test file set up as "mod", but it was only listed as downloadable file and didn't show up in Itch app at all.  This would mean that the user would have manually save it in the right game directory. I hope that's not the case..

The alpha version 0.0.16 is here with following changes:

  • Added better Rammer boss weapon effects.
  • Improved Rammer boss difficulty progression.
  • Fixed Rammer boss occasionally sitting idle for a very long time.
  • Implemented movable cursor and home/end/del key support in menu text inputs.
  • Changed to a more legible in-game font.
  • Added an in-game feedback form.
  • Added proper license information for used 3rd party libraries.

It sure took its time, but a new alpha version 0.0.15 is here! Here's what has changed:

  • Added a new enemy boss in survival mode.
  • Added a new enemy drone type in survival mode.
  • Added menu control from first connected gamepad.
  • Fixed remote (mobile app) controllers not requiring shoot button release after respawn.
  • Added a new enemy spawn pattern where drones teleport in at random positions.
  • Made survival mode enemy weapons a lot stronger.
  • Firing death ray disrupts own ship controls for a while.
  • Use "smoke" effect on ships only when badly damaged, not to indicate overheat.
  • Added one more projectile per burst to plasma burst to make it more effective weapon.
  • Blink ship label when the ship takes damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing too weak angular damping on all enemy ships.
  • Fixed potential random crashes when using beam weapons.
  • Made enemy drones randomly look around when they don't have a target.
  • Added contact and explosion sounds to explosion fragments.
  • Set boss explosion fragments to explode after a random delay.
  • Prevented collision response from small fragments to prevent them from altering player's heading.
  • Added white flash effect on all ships when taking damage.
  • Made all enemy bosses teleport back to arena if pushed out.
  • Fixed background sound loop unnecessarily restarting when closing controller help.
  • Updated GLFW to fix inversed Y-axis on all XInput gamepads.
  • Prevented bosses from teleporting too close to players.
  • Prevented players from respawning too close to enemy bosses.
  • Fixed a bug that made projectiles launched by already destroyed ship damage friendly players.
  • Updated SDL game controller database to latest version.
  • Implemented a workaround to a GLFW bug that caused missed keypresses on USB keyboards in Linux.
  • Fixed occasional decimal value formatting problems in the menu.
  • Marked transient power-ups with "+" sign in the title.

New alpha version 0.0.14 is here with lots of changes:

  • Added new weapon: Death ray.
  • Adjusted background asteroid color to better blend in to the background.
  • Added setting for changing ship HUD size.
  • Added left digital trigger as alternative thrust button on gamepads.
  • Added shift keys as alternative shoot keys for keyboard controllers.
  • Use ship's side thrusters to dampen lateral motion while thrusting (off by default).
  • Fine-tuned camera shake to feel better.
  • Added a blue light source to teletorpedos.
  • Increased scattergun projectile count and lowered individial projectile damage.
  • Fixed full-screen mode not always defaulting to primary monitor.
  • Increased telefragger kill range at teleport target position.
  • Don't spawn telefragger right before boss fights as it can't be used against them.
  • Spawn repair bots in survival mode only as boss kill rewards.
  • Fixed log error spamming on some buggy AMD drivers in Windows.
  • Made player ships attract power ups from much greater distance.
  • Added particle trail effects to some of the beam weapons.
  • Added smooth fading at both ends of weapon beams.
  • Moved controller help from menu to a separate overlay that can be toggled with F1.
  • Show match tips in randomized loop while waiting for players to join the match.
  • Added a shockwave to teleporting effect.

New alpha version 0.0.13 fixes a serious shader bug in previous version. Here's the very short change log:

  • Fixed completely broken lighting on instanced objects (e.g. asteroids).
  • Added more ship control related tips shown at match start.
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New alpha version 0.0.12 is here with some important bug fixes:

  •  Switched to use SDL2 game controller mappings for much better gamepad support.
  • Added a notification when new gamepad is connected.
  • Reworked OpenGL initialization code to fix some compatiblity issues.
  • Fixed some special characters not showing right in high score names.
  • Added a --video-fail-safe command line option to temporarily force fail-safe video settings.
  • Added V-sync interval setting to system settings menu.
  • Added setting to disable mouse control (and prevent mouse capture).
  • Added an ominous sound playing just before bosses appear in survival mode.
  • Updated all packaged libraries to latest versions.

Note: This version fixes a bunch of compatibility issues, so If you have  previously had problems launching the game, now is a good time to give it another try!

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A new alpha version 0.0.11 is here! Here's what's new:

  • Added local and online high score tables for survival matches.
  • Added new weapon: Teletorpedo.
  • Improved jumper boss model.
  • Tougher boss ships drop more valuable score items.
  • Show number of remaining lives in survival match.
  • Fixed gamepad thrust buttons not working simultaneusly with analog stick aiming.
  • Missiles no longer detonate on contact with the ship that fired them.
  • Mothership laser beams now turn on and off based on time instead of position.
  • Added "tail lights" to drones to make them more visible.
  • Wrap telefragger target indicator around arena edges.
  • Added separate tips shown at co-op survival matchs start.
  • Added a boss health indicator in survival matches.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from coming from the right side of the arena.
  • Fixed explosions causing less damage to larger objects.
  • Made enemy drones a lot weaker.
  • Rewrote drone aiming code to make them better hit stationary targets.
  • Added camera shake to enemy boss explosions.
  • Decreased duration of disruption caused by ship explosions.
  • Prevented disruption from ship explosions when telefragging.
  • Added respawn delay progress bar to respawn labels.

I decided to stop building 32-bit Linux packages. Maintaining 32-bit build environment seems like a waste of time as barely anyone has downloaded the 32-bit version and apparently practically every gamer on Linux uses 64-bit distribution now. If you really need the 32-bit version, let me know.

Alpha version 0.0.10 is here. Change log:

  • Added a new boss in survival mode.
  • Made survival mode enemies drop collectible score items.
  • Added projectile impact sounds on all enemy ships.
  • Added missing dronefragment.png texture.
  • Fixed random freezes when exiting game.
  • Fixed crash in full-screen mode (X error: RRSetCrtcGamma) on Linux with recent NVidia GPU.
  • Created a new mesh based teleport effect that better scales based on ship size.
  • Added new less annoying drone shoot sound.
  • Improved enemy spawn patterns to prevent overlap.
  • Adjusted survival mode difficulty progression.
  • Increased missile launch speed to make it harder to accidentally catch your own missiles.
  • Made drones go look for target in the direction of hit when shot from a distance.
  • Fixed mobile controller server connection issues on some PCs with multiple network interfaces.
  • Updated GLFW to fix really laggy keyboard input in some cases.
  • Added alternative "left handed" shoot keys to keyboard controllers.
  • Added separate main menu entry for competitive and co-op matches.
  • Added in-game controller layout help (under Settings -menu).
  • Prevented spawning same power-up twice in a row.
  • Don't spawn power-ups right in front of players to prevent accidental pickups.
  • Initial player start-up positions are now arranged in a grid.
  • Renamed players based on their controllers and removed player settings menu.
  • Added common score counter to top right corner of arena in survival match.
  • Removed last bit of randomization from background and lighting color.
  • Prevented damage from "friendly fire" in survival mode.

How does Itch app handle purchase tiers? Can I somehow set up a file (for example a level pack) with minimum price that gets automatically installed to game directory for users that have access to it?

Alpha version 0.0.9 is out! Here's what's new:

  • Improved game logo.
  • Added enemy mother ship as a new enemy in survival mode.
  • Enabled biased mipmaps for font textures to allow smoother fonts.
  • Increased background color brightness and limited randomization to bluish hues.
  • Added long aim indicator line to disruptor for easier aiming.
  • Added flash particles on beam weapon activation.
  • Plasma beam and disruptor now slightly home in on nearby objects.
  • Added support for control using dpad buttons on gamepads.
  • Added steering acceleration to digital control from mobile application.
Weapon balancing and difficulty progression in survival mode needs adjusting. I need your feedback on this. Let me know if you think some weapon is way too powerful or weak. I'm also very interested in hearing how you feel about the difficulty of the survival co-op mode?

Alpha version 0.0.8 is here. Here's the change log:

  • Fixed once active players always showing up in match results even when not playing.
  • Added new weapon: Autocannon.
  • Improved collision particle effects and sounds.
  • Open the menu automatically when the game starts.
  • Added intro music in menu.
  • Made respawn timer count down instead of restarting from zero when button is released.
  • Added QR code links to mobile application downloads in the settings menu.
  • Fixed menu font not using proper aspect ratio.
  • Increased maximum ship velocity by 20%.
  • Fixed unintentional ship angular speed limitation when using directional controllers.
  • Increased ship thruster forces slightly.
  • Enlarged drone collision models to make them easier to hit.
  • Increased the brighthess of the directional base light source slightly.
  • Fixed active player controls getting stuck when menu is opened.
  • Fade menu and player labels smoothly in and out.
  • Added a game logo in menu.
  • Added title music in menu.
  • Added menu action sounds.
  • Pause match with active players while menu is open.
  • Added monitor gamma setting to system settings menu.

Alpha version 0.0.7 is now available. Here are changes from previous version:

  • Added large slow-moving asteroids in the background.
  • Added training/survival co-op game mode.
  • Require holding down shoot button to respawn to prevent accidental controller activations.
  • Added auto-rotation to pause mode (press R).
  • Moved screenshot saving to a separate thread (no frame drops).
  • Added milliseconds to screenshot file names to prevent duplicate names.
  • Weapons no longer shoot in paused mode.
  • Improved quality of glow/bloom post-processing effect.
  • Shortened disruption time caused by EMP blast and disruptor.
  • Prevented missiles from locking on to teammates.
  • Increased damage caused by plasma bursts.
  • Increased disruptor recharge delay and heat production.
  • Limited plasma beam usage to 20 seconds in total.
  • Added a bit more particles to explosions.
  • Added new better thruster sound loop for player ships.
  • Added blue engine glow to player ship models.
  • Preload all resources at game start to prevent stuttering during gameplay.
  • Fixed broken fallback video mode selection when monitor does not support set resolution.
  • Adjusted match completion labels to take less horizontal space.

New alpha version 0.0.6 is now available. Here are the changes from previous version:

  • Increased EMP light flash intensity and range.
  • Added shooting with gamepad right stick button too.
  • Added dynamic lights to plasma burst explosions.
  • Transfer heat from warhead (missiles) explosions to nearby ships.
  • Ship explosion disrupts other nearby ships for a while.
  • Fixed warhead explosion sound never getting played.
  • Added ambient sound loop played in the background.
  • Added match completion music.
  • Save screenshots with ENTER key during gameplay too.
  • Slow down sound effects as time slows down.
  • Keep controllers enabled after match completion.
  • Fixed only some parts of HUD blinking during disruption.
  • A new weapon: Disruptor.
  • Fixed missiles turning very slowly if target is behind them.
  • Removed "slide prevention" controller option.
  • Fade out thruster sounds and lights smoothly.
The mobile controller application has also been updated with About -dialog and much improved virtual joystick.