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Let's create Ukraine Aid Bundle

A topic by Stefan Mijucic created Feb 26, 2022 Views: 1,531 Replies: 27
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Hello fellow developers and gamers!

Previously we had great bundles for causes which turned out really successful in helping the cause. So what do you say we create one for the current worrying events happening in Ukraine

I've never organized a co-hosted bundle before especially of this size so I guess we can co-operate on this one, of course this applies to anyone interested in this idea.

Here I found a list of organizations accepting the donations.


We're in!


Yes, I have been looking for one


I think it makes the most sense if it is created directly by like it was done for Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. The reason for this being that they can easily transfer potential large amounts of money donations...


Like the previous Palestinian bundle, it was met with great success. I'd love to see itch join in to help the fight. 


Agreed. An official bundle is the way to go instead of fragmented independent bundles.


Count me in. 

Also, please post here any news regarding this initiative or one by Itchio themselves. 


I've just noticed that someone is starting a TTRPG bundle to support the Ukrainian Red Cross.

I'm personally happy to be in any (several) relevant bundle.

I was just about to pop in with this same tweet. Good call.


i know a lot of creators from poland who would gladly join, how do we start?


I guess for now our goal would be to get noticed by
Besides that we could start gathering the list of developers that would like to join the cause.


I am really humbled by the already big outreach the TTRPG bundle initiative has got. Great work!

I would like to emphasize that we as a community are having better chances putting a single unified bundle than diversifying. Let's stay united in this cause and try to reach out to as many people and developers out there so that platform holders notice our initiative and do something about it.


Did you contact Cat Elm to join up with them? 

(I assume that's the one you're talking about). 

I'm not part of the organisation of that one but I don't see why it couldn't be expanded to include video games etc. 

Are there other bundles you heard of? 


Yep I just checked the discord chat, all seems good and seems like Spencer (one of the people behind itch) is in the talks with somebody regarding the whole initiative. So (fingers crossed) all will be good.

I'll keep you folks updated if something comes up.


I messaged Cat yesterday and the consensus then was that only TTRPG would be accepted.

Sorry, replied to wrong person. 

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Also interested in contributing to a general Itch-endorsed bundle


I would also like to contribute to such a bundle if it was created by itself.


I'd be happy to submit to a general itch-supported bundle  :3


This is a great idea! Though the bundle should be managed by I would definitely participate if my games are allowed.

It does need to be initiated by Itch for the coverage.
I have tried twitter to no avail.

I am pretty sure here we have a potential of generating multimillion dollar donation for this cause and I would guess there are legal hoops for giving that sum of donation, especially through platform as a mediator between transactions, therefore I think we better have it done by itch like the bundles before it. But hey... who am I to say I am just an ordinary hobby dev who haven't done fundraisers.

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You are right, Itch does need to it; it is very frustrating. So  many devs would contribute!


Itch is doing it.

I thought it is Necrosoft Games


Elizabeth Burner on Twitter: "@itchio I am looking for a Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid bundle and cannot find one. Is there one on the works? #UnitedWithUkraine" / Twitter
I am terrible with Twitter.
Maybe some of you that use it could add proper tags?


Looks like the efforts have been moved here
At least this looks like it will be the unified bundle but sadly without hosting it. Nevertheless this is more morally correct decision than initial push to have separate bundles.

Thanks everyone for the support. Looking forward to super successful bundle and your awesome games! <3

#StayUnited #StandingWithUkraine


Most of you probably already know, but just to be sure the bundle is live here
Support it, share it, embrace it!

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