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That sounds like a great time. Have fun!

It looks great!

Thank you! I enjoyed writing that one

Thank you! It was a pleasure to write it

Glad you like them! I love how Troika encourages you to go crazy with things

Thank you for the great review!

Thank you so much for your comment! It means so much to me to see people playing what I make. And Mausritter is just fantastic. Fun to see it adapted to the world of mice :)

Also, I plan to republish this as a 1e module sometime in the future. But there won't be any other changes than the aforementioned + the 1e compatibility logo.

Hi! It's not written for 1e but the only change needed is to convert the Frost Wretch stats to 1e stats using the Conversion Kit from the Kickstarter. I would just reduce the stats by around 5-10 points across the board to keep it dangerous.  Other than that, no conversion needed!

Agreed. An official bundle is the way to go instead of fragmented independent bundles.

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Also interested in contributing to a general Itch-endorsed bundle

I had the pleasure of playing this scenario and enjoyed it immensely!

ARC rocks. Thank you momatoes.

I agree! Glad you enjoy it!


I just ordered this! Super excited! It seems like the downloadable zip file (which I assume contains the pdf) was broken though. Can't unzip it on my Mac. Any idea why? Thanks!

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I recently published a tabletop RPG dungeon adventure for Knave (the old school D&D hack by Ben Milton aka. Questing Beast).

It's inspired by Nordic folklore and contains 3 dungeon levels packed with content. It's also laid out in a clear and usable way.

Check it out at:

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I really enjoyed the game! I wrote a review of it here on my blog:

Thank you!

Super cool game! I just purchased a physical copy. Looked through the PDF real quick, and this is definitely right up my alley. I'll post a review (and possibly the whole journal) on my blog after having played through it.