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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a digital creator looking to host and/or sell content via itch.io, check out the Creator FAQ instead.

Why was itch.io made?

itch.io was made to give game developers a marketplace where they get to control how their content is sold. Check out this blog post: Introducing itch.io.

I'm a game developer / musician / comic artist / writer!

Then we'd love to welcome you on itch.io, where you can upload both paid and free content, design a page for it, keep track of views, downloads and purchases, and run your own sales and bundles however you want.

Learn more about itch.io for creators

Why buy on itch.io?

  • itch.io allows sellers to set their own revenue share: we call that open revenue sharing – that makes it one of the best place to support your favorite creators.
  • Most itch.io releases come with DRM-free builds along with extra keys, when the game is also available on Steam.
  • Simply, there’s a lot of content on itch.io you will find nowhere else!

How do I find the cool stuff?

Here’s a few tips to discover cool new content on itch.io:

  • Keep an eye on the front page – the projects featured there are staff picks and meet a certain level of quality and originality.
  • Use the randomizer to find random games according to a few filters you can adjust. Great for findings gems that you might have otherwise missed.
  • Follow the people that interest you. Don’t have anyone in mind?, check out the global creator feed or simply keep an eye on the new releases
  • If you have an account, browse through my recommendations, which are tailored to the content you've played or downloaded. Alternatively, Click the View related games button on any project page to find more of the same!

Can I organize the content I see/play/own on itch.io?

Sure! If you have an itch.io account, you can add any page to a collection, which you can then choose to show on your profile.

To add a page to a collection, simply click the ‘Add to collection’ button on the page itself. You can even write some words about it, which is displayed next to the page’s thumbnail when viewing the collection.

The Edit collection button lets you control the visibility of the collection, whether it’s shown on your profile or not, pick the layout (grid or list), and add a description. Additionally, you can add contributors to a collection to curate in groups!

If you need inspiration, check out this collection of non-small games or this list of alts’s favorites games of 2014, with longer blurbs.

How can I keep up with my favorite creators?

With an itch.io account, you can follow any creator, and it'll appear in your feed. There you'll find things like new projects, updates, new uploads, ratings, etc.

If you don’t know who to follow, take a look at the Featured games feed — it’s guaranteed to have some interesting stuff!

You can recover all purchases you've made with a given e-mail by filling the Recover purchases form on our support page.

Alternatively, you can access all your purchases by logging into your itch.io account and navigating to My purchases or My collections.

Registering for itch.io with an e-mail already used for purchase will automatically link all your previous purchases with your new account as soon as you verify the email address on the account.

Every itch.io page has a Report link down at the bottom. It opens a form that sends a message directly to the itch.io admin team, which will take appropriate action.

Does itch.io support bitcoin?

Some games on itch.io accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. It is processed via Stripe and converted immediately to USD.

The 10-minute delay allows Stripe to guarantee the BTC-USD exchange rate. When it’s elapsed, the form resets itself and displays a new amount, bitcoin URI, and QR code.

Stripe takes a lower fee on Bitcoin transactions, compared to credit card transactions, so it’s a good way to support your favorite creators!

Who runs itch.io?

Leaf started it all, but there’s a bunch of us now. Check out our team page to learn more.