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CSS Customization Guide

If you need more control over the customization of your pages on you can request access to the CSS editor. CSS customization must be enabled on a per-account basis.

Please review this entire guide before requesting CSS access. We do not grant CSS access to empty accounts. Instructions are located on the bottom of this page.

The CSS editor is available on:

  • Project pages (Including Devlog posts)
  • Jam pages
  • Profile pages


The CSS editor lets you control how your pages look outside of what the built-in theme editor allows. Keep in mind we sometimes upgrade’s pages and it’s difficult to ensure those changes don’t conflict with your custom CSS. Enhancing existing components instead of trying to redo the entire page is the best way to avoid any problems.

The CSS classes and IDs listed on this page should be considered stable and you can use them for targets to your customization. Use any other CSS classes at your own risk, future updates to may not be compatible with your CSS. We'll do our best to be conservative about changes, but sometimes we have to make them. If we make major changes, we'll try to email all CSS users about the updates.

CSS generated by the theme editors is applied using CSS classes, so you can use ID selectors to have your style take higher precedence.


Custom CSS is a powerful tool, but can also degrade the quality of the page. Please keep the following things in mind when designing your page.

  • Don’t forget about web accessibility, those with disabilities or assistive technologies should have no trouble accessing the page.
  • Project pages are built for mobile web, please test your CSS against smaller viewports.
  • Test your custom CSS logged out to ensure any changes to page are compatible with your CSS.
  • Attempting to trick visitors into performing actions they didn’t intend will get your CSS access (and maybe your account) suspended.

Custom classes

The content you provide for your pages (project, profile, jam, etc.) supports a subset of HTML. If you'd like to target elements in your markup with custom CSS you can give them a class. In order to prevent conflict with’s own CSS, classes you use must begin with custom-. Any other classes you provide will be stripped by the sanitizer.

To access HTML mode in our rich text editor, you can click the <> button. Once you start writing HTML with the rich text editor then we recommend only editing as HTML, as the rich text editor may rewrite your markup and strip tags you have added.

Project page layout

Please place all your custom rules inside of #wrapper to avoid breaking or altering core functionality.

#wrapper (default width: 100%)
#inner_column (default width: 960px)


h1 The title of the game. Is not visible when there is a banner

img The game’s banner, if uploaded



.formatted_description (default width: 553px) The text you supplied for description

Downloads, buy button, comments, devlogs, and message board links come here, depending on how your page is configured

.right_col.column Screenshots

.footer’s footer, do not hide these links

Embedded games

Project pages that have embedded content (HTML5, Flash, etc.) have the same layout above, but with an additional element inserted above .columns:

.embed_wrapper (default width: 100%)
.game_frame Dimensions are the size you provided for your game, centered horizontally in the .embed_wrapper

External content

If you need to reference external resources (images, fonts), you should make sure they're hosted into a reliable place with support for HTTPS. You can embed images and fonts directly in your CSS by Base64 encoding it.

Getting CSS access

If you would like CSS access on your account then please contact us.

Please tell us what kinds of changes you'd like to make to your page. We restrict access to the CSS editor by default because it makes it harder for us to upgrade game pages on without breaking custom layouts, additionally we expect you to use CSS responsibly.

In your message:

  • Please ensure that what you're trying to accomplish can’t already be done with the built in theme editor.
  • Briefly describe the types of changes you would like to make.
  • Confirm that you are aware that you must ensure that your page remains accessible. Do not use CSS in a way that makes your pages difficult to operate or read.
  • Confirm that you will not alter’s built in UI with your CSS and that you will scope all changes only to the visuals of your page content.