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Uploading HTML5 games

itch.io supports uploading HTML games in addition to downloadable, Flash, Unity, and Java games. In order to get started just head over to the New Game or Edit Game page and pick “HTML Game” from the Kind Of Game list.

Getting started

itch.io supports HTML5 games by embedding an iframe pointing to your game on itch.io’s own game page. All of your game’s assets are hosted by us so you don’t need to worry about uploading your game anywhere else. All you need to do is provide the dimensions of your game along with the game’s files. There are two ways to upload an HTML5 game:

  • Upload a ZIP file that contains all the games files, including an index.html file that will be your games entry point.
  • Upload a single HTML file that contains your entire game.

ZIP File

We recommend uploading a ZIP file when your game is comprised of many different files.

The ZIP file must contain a file called index.html, this is what people will see when they go to play your game. The ZIP file should include all the files necessary to run your game. File names are case sensitive.

Your ZIP file can contain any kind of file you need for your game. Make sure to use relative paths when developing your game to ensure assets are loaded correctly. If you make a mistake or release a new version of your game feel free to upload a new ZIP file and delete the old one.


For smaller games, you can also directly upload an .html file.

The entire game must be in a single HTML file. Your game will not be able to reference any other files you've uploaded on itch.io project edit page. If you need multiple files then we recommend uploading a ZIP file instead.

Viewing Your Game

After setting your game’s dimensions and uploading the ZIP file you can preview your game on itch.io. Upon first loading the game page, itch.io will take a moment to process the archive.

Meanwhile you are free to customize your game page as you would with any other game on itch.io.

Can I take payments with my HTML5 game?

Currently all HTML5 games on itch.io are set up to only take payments as donations. However, it’s possible to sell access to your game by setting its “Kind of Game” to “Downloadable”. If you'd like itch.io to support purchasable HTML5 games then you should get in touch.

ZIP file requirements

There are a couple of requirements for ZIP files in place to prevent abuse. If you have any issues with these requirements, feel free to contact us: we'd love to make an exception to get your game aboard.

  • The ZIP file should not contain more than 100 individual files after extraction.
  • The maximum length of a file name including path should not be greater than 80 characters long.
  • The size of all the extracted content should not be greater than 500MB.
  • The size any single extracted file should not be greater than 200MB.