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Become a Sponsor is an open marketplace for digital works with a focus on independent video games. We serve millions of people a month through our website. Our sponsorship program is for product owners or organizations that are looking to spread their reach through paid featured placement on We hand select sponsors to ensure the highest quality and most relevant links are shared with our audience.

We can provide different placements, detailed analytics, and dedicated support for your sponsored content. Placement is only available to paid sponsors at this time. Read on to learn more.

Who We Want To Work With

At, we have a lot of respect for the people who use our platform. We want to build a product that they enjoy, and is respectful of their attention. We thrive on supporting independent creators, and provide a space for others to discover their work. We want to work with a group or product that we feel comfortable about endorsing and shares similar values. As a sponsor you'll get the most value by resonating with our audience.


We support both text and banner creatives. Only static images are allowed. No sound, video, or anything that may be considered obtrusive. Images must be uploaded to our server, and changes must be approved. No tag code, arbitrary JavaScript, or iframes are permitted on our pages. Images and links can go to any link that can be opened in a web browser.


We offer a few different placements depending on what kinds of users you are looking to engage with:

  • After downloading — Shown to engaged consumers of games and other digital content, can be filtered to specific content types (games, comics, etc.)
  • Developer dashboard — Shown daily to thousands of highly engaged game developers and content creators (highly limited availability)
  • Email digest — Our bi-weekly digest sent broadly to people interested in projects hosted on our site
  • More… — Have an idea for a placement? Tell us and we'd be glad to chat

Get Started

Please send us an email with the subject ‘ Sponsorship Program’ with the following items:

  • Name of product or organization
  • Quick summary of what is is
  • Which placements you are interested in
  • What your budget is
  • Anything else you're looking for

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us.