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Interacting with your fans

Interacting with your fans is important component to building and marketting a successful project. lets you do that in several different ways.

Sending emails

If you have a page for sale, you can send an email to all your buyers via Do so via the Interact tab, in the email section. You can include the buyer’s purchase URL at the bottom of any email you send to make sure they can easily access any files you may have updated.

There are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Every email has an easy access unsubscribe link, avoid spamming your fans or you might lose access to them.
  • You can only send at most one email per day, so make sure to proof-read before sending one out.
  • You won’t be able to write an email before you make your first sale.

Enabling comments

From the Edit project page, you can enable comments. Anyone with an account will be able to participate to the discussion.

Comments are threaded and can be voted upon – you can pick from ‘upvotes only’, ‘up & down votes’, and ‘no voting at all’ from the Comments tab

Enabling a community

If a comment thread doesn’t fit your needs you can also enable an entire message board for your project’s page. On the Edit project page, directly below the option for comments, you'll find the option to enable a discussion board. A discussio board contains all the features of any community on full control over the content posted along with the ability elect moderators, stick topics, and set rules.

Keeping an eye on the ratings

From the Interact tab of the Edit project page, you can see a list of ratings left by your fans. You can sort them by date and score.

Showcasing press links

Next to ratings, you can see Press links added by press accounts on Feel free to pick two or three of those to quote and link to from your project’s page.