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Server-side API

The server-side API lets you communicate with your account via an API key to make queries and changes.

Documentation for server-side API

OAuth applications

OAuth applications allow you to make requests to the API on behalf of another user.

Documentation for OAuth applications

JavaScript API

The JavaScript lets you embed a custom buy button on your site.

Documentation for JavaScript API

Widget API

The widget is an iframe based snippet of HTML that you can embed into your existing page. For any projects you control, you can generate the necessary code by clicking the Widgets link next your game in your dashboard.

Additionally, you can find an Embed link at the bottom of any project page to generate the widget embed code.

RSS feeds

Looking for a way to subscribe to new games on

For any browse page URL, such as, you can append .xml to the end of the URL to get access to an RSS feed containing those games, eg.:

Additionally the following feeds are available: