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A cookie is a small piece of data that allows your browser to maintain a session when visiting different pages on our website. If you use or any sites contained within our domain,, then both first and third party cookies may be set when you access the site.

This policy describes how, and any third parties it embeds, use cookies, and what data those cookies may collect.

Cookie Usage

Our cookie usage falls into two categories:

Account Sessions: Cookies are used for logging into user accounts, and storing data about your preferences for browsing. Additionally, these cookies are used for security measures like Cross Site Request Forgery) protection.

Analytics: We use cookies to track usage activity in order to make business decisions and build a better product. Additionally, we make aggregate data available to the Publishers on our platform with information on how their products are accessed. This includes things like: referring pages, how many times their page was viewed, files that were downloaded, etc.

What Information is Collected About Me

Generally, the data we collect from you is via form submission. Some data, though, is determined from your browsing history. This can include things like user preferences, and sessions identification tokens.

Here is a list of the first-party cookies may be set by, and what their purpose is.

Cookie Name Purpose
itchio Your session on the site, including what account you are logged into
itchio_token A random string used for Cross Site Request Forgery protection
itchio_id A random unique identifier used to identify your unique session on the website
itchio_refs, itchio_ca Records what pages on you came from when downloading or purchasing. It is used for aggregated analytics on user behavior
ref:register:* A set of cookies that tell us what page you came from when you register a new account

Additionally, the follwing third-party services may appear on some pages:

Service Purpose Learn More
Stripe Accept credit card payments and provide fraud risk analysis
Google Analytics Measure site traffic and performance
Facebook Analytics Analytics pixel and conversion tracking for sellers that utilize advertisements linking to pages
Twitter Analytics Analytics pixel and conversion tracking for sellers that utilize advertisements linking to pages
YouTube Project pages and user generated comments can contain YouTube embeds to share video
Vimeo Project pages and user generated comments can contain Vimeo embeds to share video

How Do I Restrict Cookies?

If you do not wish to have cookies set by a third-party, you can adjust the settings on your internet browser to choose what cookies can be set. For more information, refer to the help section of your browser.

Cookies set by your browser have an expiration date assigned to them. At any time you can explicitly remove these cookies from your browser to remove the data they contain about you. Keep in mind this may effect how your session functions.

If you have any questions, please contact support.