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Create a custom page to instantly distribute or sell your indie games is a simple way to distribute your indie games online for free. Upload your game files and screenshots all to one place. Create a customized landing page where your game is the focus.

You can even set a minimum price for your game, giving fans the opportunity to pay what they want for your game.

Upload Your Indie Game

Upload your indie game to for free. We host your game, along with your game's screenshots and other downloads. Your downloads are always available and always fast.

Design Your Game's Page

Create a custom page for your game where people buy or download your game. You pick the colors, fonts, images and videos. Because it's your game page you won't find anything on it that you didn't put there.

Track Your Game

Keep tabs on how people are viewing your game with detailed analytics covering views, downloads and purchases. Want to run a promotion? Generate download keys to give people access to your game.

Flash, Unity, Java, HTML5

Make money from your browser game by hosting it on Your game is embedded in the browser and players can donate any amount they want if they love your game.

Host A Sale

Promote your games and get more purchases by offering your games at a discounted price for any period of time.

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