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The embeddable widget

The widget is an embeddable piece of HTML that you can put on other sites that enables visitors to download or buy your content!

All of’s purchase options are available through the widget, someone buying or downloading your doesn’t have to leave your site to initiate a purchase. They can pay above the minimum, pay to unlock files, and pay with any of’s payment providers.

Getting started with the widget is really easy! The first step is to upload a project. Once you've created the page you can find a link to the widgets panel for that project either from your dashboard page or from the top of the project’s page.

You can easily get embed codes for any page on by clicking the Embed link at the very bottom of the page. A press outlet could use that to allow readers to directly buy the game they're reading the review of.

The widget is just a few lines of HTML that you can paste into your blog or website. It pulls images and description text from the information you've set on the project edit page. You can also customize the appearance of the widget to be light or dark to match your website.


Here’s a live example in both light and dark styles.

The widget can be used for web games as well, instead of including links to download or purchase it will link back to your game page on