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First Prototype
I decided to release a prototype of this game as I have been posting on Twitter and wanted a small example to be available of what I'm working on. There's a lot to be done and some exciting times ahead so I'll make sure I keep this updated...
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Day / Night Cycle Shader UPDATE v.1.1.1
Changes: GMS2 VERSION ADDED Bug fixes
4 files
Devlog #3 | 0.1.1 – Bugfixes
Patching the game and en route for new features, you can play up-to 4 players in co-op now. We wanted to see if that addition would make the missions more enjoyable 🙂 Here is the whole list: Improvements: co-op 4 players improved option...
TD Game Update - V0.014
I just updated the public version of the Tower Defence game I'm working on in c# and Unity, added basic visual feedback of where you can place your tower. It's a little bit buggy. Click the tower option in the bottom right build menu Click...
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AutomaTASK - Execution speeds/Ruler snap/Sound FX
-Added sound FX like motor sound for the robots and unique sound for each robot when it spawns or opens a console. -Now if you right click near to a robot for display the ruler, it will snap to the center of the robot so its easier to calcu...
Path-finding, architecture and more.
The flu sucks, and sadly I succumbed to it right after writing that I'd avoided it in last week's Sharing Saturday. I'm moving around again, but I've temporarily lost most of my hearing; this has made me a generally cranky individual, so I...
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Silver Spook Podcast #18 - "Gemini Rue" Creator Joshua Nuernberger
In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to Joshua Neurnberger, creator of Gemini Rue, a stellar, award winning adventure game, including PC Gamer "Game of The Year" 2012 in the adventure category. Discover a world where life...
Inspector Waffles : police station new scenes !
Hi everyone ! Inspector Waffles 2.0 was released a month ago, and since then, we keep working on new features and environments : After Fluffy's house, the police station will have several rooms. If you've played the game, you've already s...
2 files
DRTS Web App - Play With Other People
The first implementation of DRTS came in form of a windows application. While the windows app did its job, I felt uncomfortable with the bottleneck resulting from depending on windows as a platform. To lower this barrier, I started developi...
1 file
Pairs 2, you say?! Where?!
Greets, everyone! It's owl here. It's that time of year again-- The time of NaNoRenO! First, you may ask "What is NaNoRenO?" so let me answer that question briefly. NaNoRenO is a game jam wherein participants attempt to create and complete...
Update Released: v0.2.6
What's new: Added DevZone to the Main Menu. Added Target Switches which can only be activated with the Orb. Added Push Block which is moved by hitting Target Switches attached to it. Fixed velocity of Orb when restarting the game, so the Or...
1 file — 0.2.6
Next release timeline, NPC pathfinding, music, ladders and buttons
I'm pretty close to a new release of Haunted Floating Eye, which may come as soon as this weekend. Here's some of what I've been working on. Music Haunted Floating Eye now has a nice little looping background beat (which you can turn on and...
Demo Update 1.1
Click to enlarge. Art by Fernando Dominguez This update is all about making sure it's easier than ever to be a superhero in VR. With new mechanics, improved menus and tutorials, a bunch of new options, and plenty of other improvements, n...
Area 86 Update [ v0.84 ]
New update available! While working on next level, improved a bit gameplay of current version [ And fixed some nasty bugs ] Whats changed: Added extra hints to help new players in core feature usage Fixed ultra jumps [ some places had such...
3 files
Woodland Chasers Update (Version 1.2)
A recent gameplay commentary by a youtuber with the name Hadriex pointed out a few aspects which could be improved. Therefore, this update is created to improve on those points. The main point is improved GUI in gameplay to make distance pr...
1 file
Developing new shape tool
Currently making a new shape tool, so that the user can have more freedom selecting the areas to animate. This is a big change, because it will not only change the old tool, it will change all the project. All the emulation was done based o...
February 2018
Another month, another update (i may start making these smaller, but more frequent) Features Healthbar New HUD does not lag behind the camera and is drawn in pixel art form by the artist of the game. Two bars represent health and sprint. Ne...
Today we’ve launched version 1.0 of All Walls Must Fall! You can check out the COMING OUT trailer here: If you haven’t played the game yet, now’s the time! We’ve spent the last month polishing the look and feel of the game, includi...
4 files — v1.9905.2
1. Alles als PDF und zu wenigen Dateien komprimiert 2. Tokens 3. Änderungen in der Bastelanleitung 4. Änderungen im Regelwek bzgl. Verweise, Kampf und neuer Punkt Leben und Heilung
4 files
IT'S ALIVE! Moving forward with Dunelight.
Hello everyone, and thanks for all of the support you've given the project so far! It started as a personal experiment to see what I could make in a week, and it has turned into something that people have generally liked. I am completely am...
Mira promo painting!
Hi guys! We made a short video presenting making of a traditional art for our gamemaker adventure game. How do you like it? :)
Animation System
I've redone the animation system and am working on stream lining the animation import process. There is always more to do and time lacking, however it should be good enough for pumping out a lot more content. The new Zanimators work by key-...
1 file
Mission 4 closing cutscene - part 2.
First spirit concluded. Lionel will learn a new spell! There are two more animations left to finish this phase.
Peculiar Stuff (Stranger Things) graphic improvements!
We decided to animate plants and bushes. For now we have only one gif of the sprites to show you, as soon as possible we will mount them in the game and show you the final result. We are working to improve the graphic quality of the Peculia...
Archer now available on MacOS
Finally, after almost an entire day, the MacOS build of Archer is now available for purchase and download.
1 file
Updated Completed Game RPG
This game have been updated to complete game. In this featured i will updated my game with more story
6 files
Blog: The Long Journey of DYO
Hi! YoYoGames just published a blog post we wrote about how we got started on DYO, inspirations behind the concept, and the history of the game. Check it out! This will be the first in a series of posts about the game's development. We'll t...
THANK YOU! + First Week Results
Hi! I just wanted to make a quick-ish blog breaking down what happened in the first ten days after we released this dumb game, because this is really interesting to me and I have the day off from work and don't know what to do with myself...
2 files
Got the key... almost.
Mimic Hunter is now on sale on GreenLight Arcade! Click here: https://greenlightarcade.com/collection/angry-cat
v1.14a - Parallel toolpath bugfix, image auto-contrast, CAM/mesh quality improved
Made a new blog post for those interested to know the state of things regarding my three ongoing projects, where they stand, and what my long-term goals and visions are with them. As for PixelCNC, v1.14a is released. I will continue releasi...
2 files
Version 0.9.1 Patchnotes
If you haven't heard, Attrition is hitting 1.0 and full release on March 7! Find more info at the new site: http://attrition.games Version 0.9.1 adds some big (and little) quality of life improvements, our first proper non-English translat...
3 files — (2018.2.22)
Bevontule Kickstarter Update #9: Bevontule Through the Years
Hey everyone! We’re sitting at around 50% funded with about a week left! Let’s not give up hope—this is totally within our grasp! Like us, if you’re interested in helping the game succeed and live up to be the best it can possibly b...
Fix bug with offscreen arrows
Having an arrow go offscreen will no longer crash the game! Woooo!
1 file
friend olympics
added: medal ribbon look forward to a larger update soon! thank you for playing!
Update 2018/02/22
Fixed a bug that caused items dropped from destroyed containers to be inactive
1 file
Cyberpunk Sci-fi Builder - 0.1.3
I am aggressively revamping the visuals and expanding mechanics. This update has many changes including new lighting & visuals and various changes to mechanics. I am moving The Black Beyond to a more cyberpunk-feel and emphasizing the sim/b...
2 files
Game Jam Release
Jam Day Today was the initial launch of the game for the Weekly Game Jam. This game took a little longer than I anticipated and I hadn't really come up with a good way for designing the levels by the time I had to actually make the levels...
Update #4
Solutions are now available for download! Level skipping is still a perfectly valid way of getting unstuck, but for those who want to see how a level is solved, you can now do so.
1 file
Update 5
Another update- it is about the copying technique in improving pixel art.
1 file
Small updates on Growing Adventure.
A small update on A Growing Adventure. I made some small additions to the game for an exhibition in Belgium, and in doing that, added in a few fixes, a bit of rebalancing and a french language display option. The exhibition version also has...
2 files
Introducing classes!
It's a brand new version! Arena mode refined! Major changes in this update Added 7 classes for bots in Arena mode ( custom stats still available ) A new Arena for more interesting battles New bot variable added for firing range Tweaked AI...
A little something
Here’s the latest thing we’ve been working on: disappearing blocks! Game Jolt , Facebook , Twitter , Cartrdge , Redbubble
Still working on SuperCutieMarkSisters-Feb 2018
I'm still adding to SuperCutieMarkSisters but a bit less as of this moment cause of other projects at the same time. Example pics of em! An MLP Racing game band new started in gamemaker. Getting the controls made and basic character sprit...
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Challenges (slight spoilers)
Hard Mode Use only birds Use only one animal Lose no animals Defeat the first attack without using animals Open the chest
RodyMaker v2.0 : Il peut recréer toute la série !
RODY MAKER v2.0 !!! En bref : FAT mise à jour de Rody Maker, les plus grosses features du menu : Passage de 16 scènes à un nombre variable de 16 à 29 scènes ! Chaque objectif peut avoir jusqu’à 6 objets a trouver (au lieu d'un se...
1 file
What we are working on!
Hello, everyone! Here’s a quick DevLog to tell you what we are working on at the moment. Titans Units: Last week we finished 2 more Titans, the largest Kaijus category after the Bosses.These monsters are really huge and have special abili...
What we are working on!
Hello, everyone! Here’s a quick DevLog to tell you what we are working on at the moment. Titans Units: Last week we finished 2 more Titans, the largest Kaijus category after the Bosses.These monsters are really huge and have special abili...
February 22nd 2018 Patch
Before I begin, no, this is not tonight's nightly build. This is another patch. I figured out multiple things from last night's build. First, I released the wrong build. I was releasing AnyCPU builds of the game instead of x86 builds that a...
1 file
I made a hasty decision in the beginning of development of this game, selecting the latest version of Godot 3.0 This decision narrowed my potential audience. By the willful and painful decision I rewritten everything that has been done so f...
4 files
Whistle While You Work
Janitor now has headphones and whistles some sweet tunes! Thanks to my Twitter friend https://twitter.com/FloBarGames for the idea! Note: he won't be doing so in front of the elevator in the game lol. Probably will be while mopping. Als...
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