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bug fixes # 2 (0.71) -lots of bug fixes, a couple new things~-
hiya there, time to report the new bugs that were fixed from last build, that would be the 0.7 build~ the reason why its not called (0.7a) instead its because its not only bug fixes~ it also comes with a bunch of new thingies you will prob...
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Alpha 2.4.1 - Late Night Bug Fixes
This build has a bunch of fixes based on reports from players. Normally I don't like doing releases late at night, but I didn't want to wait until Monday morning to release this, especially because of the first bug. Fixed a bug that sometim...
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Beacon Patch 1.1.3A
Beacon 1.1.3A is released, adding some important fixes, balance tweaks to enemy spawns, and a tweak to the Hailshard weather event! Gameplay and Tweaks -Prism Containment Droid and Solus Prime enemies set to only spawn on Level 2 onwards fr...
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"TorqueL with Steam Controller" uploaded to Steam Community
I got a Steam Controller, so I uploaded Steam Controller config for TorqueL to the Steam community. You can preview from the following URL. steam://controllerconfig/250070/1420753395 Steam Community Post: https://steamcommunity.com/games...
Version 1.0 Released!
I'm excited to announce that version 1.0 is out now! With this update comes some final things I wanted to get done prior to the Steam release which is this Friday, the 29th. I'd like to thank all of you players who have given really great...
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2018.06.26 Patch Notes
- Fixed a bug that caused the log to fill with messages about NPCs eating the same item - Fixed a bug that prevented /split item stacks from having all of the same properties as the original stack - Fixed a bug that prevented the "undergrou...
Making last boss...
in progress..
Turn based tactical dungeon crawler with managing a party.
The Game is being remade!
Unknown Survival is being remade in RPG Maker MV, the game will release a bit later than 6/30/18, because I am making the game from scratch, so all art, story elements, items, and everything else will be made by me and just me. I need your...
UPDATE 6/25/2018!
Hi guys! How did your week go? Mine is... not bad, but not so good either >< You see, I went out again with the family and unexpectedly went swimming with my cousins so I got myself a cramp & stiff body -yes, now my thighs are especially st...
Demo - Revision 2 Changelog
We've been working around the clock adding new features (and squashing a couple of bugs). Revision 2 changelog: -Added Achievements (Collect all 6!) -New items and secret areas. -Fixed minor clipping bug near the left waypoint on the apartm...
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0.1.2 - Locked Treasure Chest and Keys
Added key items and locked clam treasure chests. Locked clam treasure chest have a higher chance to reveal either an item or notes (higher amount) than it's unlocked counterpart. Current added key item added locked clam treasure chest (nee...
After Jam Update
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy to have been a finalist and that the game has been downloaded more than a hundred times. So to celebrate that I have dedicated my afternoon to make a small update that fixed...
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Alpha 2.4.0 - Resource Manager Window
Today's update includes a much requested feature, a resource management UI! To open the Resource Manager you use the same keys you use to open the Townspeople UI (shift-V). The arrows at the top can toggle between the two windows. The UI sh...
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Runnin' Late! v2.1 is here!
We keep working to bring you a better game. This is a small update with art improvements and several bug fixes. This new version is already available on the App Store , Google Play and itch . Better compatibility Runnin' Late! is compatible...
Please welcome the Dwarf !
Animated characters for your Fantasy/RPG games !
Demo Updated to 0.6.1
I'm preparing to release this game to Early Access. 0.6.1 contains all the improvements of the EA version and the training level.
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Small update!
Re-balanced some of the vehicles to make them a little more driveable. Try out the BZ-4T and Sigma Spec: R, now! The Zero is mostly driveable in dry weather now, too. Also fixed a minor thing with the rain reflections that bugged me!
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First win of the day now awards 1500 Gold, but you must win a multiplayer game against another player (not an AI) to get it Multiplayer matches are limited to a few specific hours a day Americas Hour: 6-7PM PST, 9-10PM EST, 10-11PM Brazil/A...
2 files — 0.27.72
Update #3 - Script porting begun
Porting the game's script to the new engine has now begun in earnest. There's still a lot to do manually, but all of the old script has been exported to a code file that I can copy and paste bits and pieces of into the new script as I pleas...
Spend the night with kitty Screenshots added
what's new: -screenshots
whatever you do, NEVER stop caring about your cat.
Base Team Screenshots added
what's new: -screenshots
Fight for the Future! Download Base Team Now! Online Only
2018.06.25 Patch Notes
- Added additional benefit to Wrestler - they can now /carry hostile things. Dropping hostile targets will slam them to the ground. - Added additional benefit to Alchemist - in addition to recovering materials from finishing blows, they now...
Black Ice 0.8.120 Patch Notes
I wanted to wait until we got the volcano done, but I figured y'all would want all these other fixes I've been working on since February. So without further delay, Enemy Upgrades So above there - you can see the new Mor.tar.gz enemy, who d...
Mac version online, Steam coming soon
I'm very happy to let you know that the macOS version of Pixel-Me v1.2 is now available for download as well. Next up is the #Steam release of Pixel-Me on the 29th of June. If you purchased Pixel-Me here, you can apply for a Steam-key, so...
Insight on enemies and boss
Hey peeps, Today we're going to post some pictures of the enemies and give you some insight on them and a special gif of the boss at the end (spoiler alert). Crawler: He loves walking around platforms and he isn't afraid of you. Faller: Mad...
-Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when re-entering the final area after beating the final boss. -Fixed a bug that causes broken graphics to display on windows 8.1
1 file
I am sorry for taking so long. I have had a major BSOD problem for over a week and it has taken up all my time. It will be some time before the next update is done but I'm still working on the project every day.
The DreamboxXx Bundle: custom-made LGBTQ arcade games
Hey all, just a quick note -- in celebration of Pride month, we've launched The DreamboxXx bundle, which contains a bunch of the games we made for The Dreamhouse x Death By Audio Arcade project. It's 8 LGBTQ games by LGBTQ folks, to support...
HyperParasite - Cloudy with a chance of bombs!
Equipping mini-bosses and elite mobs with some more deadly attacks.
0.1.1 - Exit Zone Animation & Compass Item
This is a small update to add exit zone animation for Seika, add a compass item that will point to the exit of a zone, and a few minor bug fixes. There are currently place holder sprites in place for the compass and necklace effect, these...
Sun in the Sky, Time to Lie! 50% OFF!
F For a limited time, take 50% OFF to deceive others within these castle walls. For only $5, you get dedicated servers, constant updates, dev interactions, 13k+ players in our Discord ( https://discord.gg/tol ) , and more. Buy now and even...
Opening theme :3
Soooo, I wasn't going to post this initially just because of how embarrassing it is! But since I posted some of my terrible art I figured, why stop there xD Now, don't get me wrong, the original opening theme for Solipsism Reigns isn't emba...
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UPDATE: 1.0.0 (change-log)
CHANGELOG-1.0.0 Update-MAN V MAN V GOD Update: 1.New Intro sequence and screen -New intro graphic -New Title Screen -New Font 2.New Music Added. (Featured in intro) 3.Select Files Enhanced 4.Graphic Improvements to DEATH MANOR mini game 5.N...
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Update on the Language Swap
DevLog 6-24-18 Things are going well so far with the language swap. I've hit a few walls but nothing insurmountable, I've managed to get the current C# build to about 90% of the C++ build's feature list. The only things left to add are deit...
Next 4 levels SPHERE Alpha in developing.
Single player physical 3D platformer rolling ball game.
1.6 New Patch (Sound)
All Levels have music All Object have collisions sounds Removed Support Button Added Skin menu (wich is still under developement) Balances and Bug fixes...
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June Update
Time for an update, since it's been a while. I will post another in the next few weeks I think, but I wanted to at least stick my head up and say hello, still working on it, so just a little one for now. I've been working on the ending sequ...
Version 0.5.0 - updated to Renpy 7 + full story
Well, like I promised, now this version contains full story, however it has plenty of bugs and half of the graphics is still missing - but promise is a promise :)
2 files — 0.5.0
Version 0.91 released
Hi everyone! A small update: Tagging zooid for damage will last for 3 seconds. This fixes player "killing" other Siphos that swim in to rocks off-screen after being damaged UI scaling will now be based on 720p instead of 1080p and will look...
3 files
Upcoming Update
Due to decision to include the tutorial in the next update it has been delayed until roughly next Friday. Tutorial is currently reaching the final stages and once it goes through full testing, it'll be released along with the next update. C...
Chicas Monstruo: el Advenimiento. ¡Capítulo 2 completo!
La esperada continuación de las aventuras de Dave, para la versión en castellano. ¡Nuevas Chicas Monstruo aparecen en el camino de nuestro protagonista! En esta actualización de CMEA, la historia empieza por fin a tomar velocidad de cru...
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We're 89% and 13 Days Away On Kickstarter
We're 89% on our kickstarter and there's only 13 days left until our kickstarter is over. Please consider supporting us on kickstarter or spreading the word! EVERY DONATION COUNTS! THANK YOU!! KICKSTARTER LINK HERE!!
New house, new sketches
Hello! I'm all done moving house and setting up the new home office, which includes some new furniture, like a nice height-adjustable standing desk. One of those ones you manually adjust with a crank. I've started scanning in the hundreds o...
99999 - release of aplha-demo!
Hello everyone! I am currently on solo development of my very first game - 99999 - using Gamemaker studio. A demo is available on the game page ! To put simply, 99999 is a fast-paced, high-score arena-shooter/platformer inspired by Super Cr...
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Stage 3: Ready!
What's new in this update? Stage 3! Duel the legendary Sigma Spec: R down the most technical road yet, with more complex turns than before and less straights in between. The weight of the opponent's car really puts it at a disadvantage to l...
2 files
More turrets!
Hello fans, The remaining three turret-models are done but I still need to program them and add all 4 turrets to the save game. Slow single shots, high damage, high durability and high costs Slower single shots, explosion, very high area d...
Update 0.1.1
A small update: Upgrade to pathing, things like people walking through walls shouldn't occur anymore Some performance fixes and other minor updates
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Bug Fixes!
Oops! There was a cheeky lil bug in the game that was preventing people from getting to the final endings. Big big thanks to ebeth for discovering this bug! (she also makes great games, you guys should check them out) The bug has now been...
We are on Google Play!
We have added the following things: 1. low performance after 3 min of gameplay 2.UI enhancement 3.UFO choice panel added
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Update 1.59
Updating to 1.59 EArly because of the buggy build with 1.58. Normal updates will resume on the 16th next month. Update 1.59 - * Darius Day 19 * Updated Darius Day 6 and 7 * Corrected typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Goo...
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