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Back From the East Coast Gaming Conference, and READY TO ROCK!
We had a great time meeting and networking with awesome and inspiring people while at ECGC. We were given some great feedback and plan to start implementing it ASAP. Also, had a great talk with Chris (programmer) on our 9 hour drive home ab...
55% off!
It's the last week of April, so get this soundtrack with 55% off! You can also get this soundtrack and my Escape Plan demo for juts $2.50!
Bug Fixes
Thanks to @time-loop at Ludum Dare for the bug report. Fixed the following issues: fridge not returning clock hands multiplying buttons appearing too early buttons appearing during dialogue If you see bugs, please let me know at heangela.ar...
4 files
Version 1.9.3 patch notes
We updated the game files a while ago but forgot to post the patch notes here. The most important things the patch fixes are the Altruist and Tyrant routes - there was a bug that prevented the player from seeing altruist specific events unt...
3 files
COMING APRIL 25TH: The Devil's Path Update
Journey to the Catskill mountains, home to a meteor impact crater and the Devil's Path. After the events of Midnight Ultra's main story, you've biked your way across the country to unravel the last secrets guarded here... This FREE update a...
1 file
New trailer
I made a new trailer for The Unknown Castle. It's here. If you like it, push the like button on youtube. = D
Sentient Revolt - Rage of the Intersectional Machines
Sentient Revolt is set to drop July 5 2049. Proto-j Overwatch streaming wit discorporate cyber-Drake and transgen T'xelsee Lanning. Get ready, yo.
Fixed minor issues.
Fixed minor issues making the game too easy: harvested beet replenish too much energy / worth too much when sold.
4 files
Release 0.0.5
Dear followers and supporters, We have released version 0.0.5 of Duck Jam and it's packing a lot of changes! We've made the level timer more duck friendly for one, and made a much more interesting transition between the overworld and games...
2 files
Version 1.0.10 released
Reorganize matchmaking screens and add a Back button on them Increase the number audio sources to fix missing sounds Add one new mutator: Rapid Fire
1 file
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed filling too much hunger. Fixed gaining too much money. Made window resizable.
4 files
Fortnite Week 10 Challenges
New update coming out tonight. For all you Fortnite fan's we'll be giving you information to Fortnites Week 10 Challenges! This will be a small version change and tiny update so you can plan and get ready for their update 3.6 and plan you...
Version 1.1.4 Fixed a game-breaking bug where moving while opening a door would cause the player to continue moving, effectively making the game unplayable! Added Speed Text - pressing E advances the text to display the whole message Hotfix...
I've made a bunch of bugfixes since the initial upload. Bug fixes: You can leave the menus The game opens on the main menu, not the instructions screen Fixed hole in boundaries Crops harvest at the right time Death screen triggers properly...
1 file
Find the Secrets! (And free sprites)
Well, it's been heck a lot of busy on this end. Creating a whole new environment means, new background, new enemies, lots of new art assets. I got a bit inspired by my memories of Tomb Raider 2 and hid some jade dragons across the level of...
1 file
Bzzz Lightening Patch 1.0.1
Fixed issues: 1. Mac's cursor size fix 2. Player now correctly spawns 3. Sound clips are now functional 4. Fixed audio glitch which causes extra performance Issues to be fixed in the next patch: 1. Player core gets destroyed upon enemy bull...
2 files
Version 1.1.3 Fixed a big bug/exploit that allowed the user to pause the game when entering a passcode, and enter the passcode without losing time. Hotfix Fixed a sound bug that plays the jump sound when looking up and down, but doe...
Updated to v0.2.4
For changes in this version see the live-change-log channel here on the Super Clash Bros discord: https://discord.gg/Djcs4J4 (where I post the changes I make right when I make them)
5 files
v0.43 - Scrap recycling, tweaks
Scrap Recycling To deal with an excess of scrap later in the game, you can now you can research the "Recycling" tech and build a scrap recycling module. Smelt down scrap into "refined scrap" first, then drop that into the recycling module t...
4 files — 0.43
Our Devlog can be viewed from Discord!
You may join our Discord here! Updates are posted to the #devlog channel. https://discord.gg/DsyHNge
Card Defense Beta
There is a brand new update to Card Defense! A lot of much needed UI changes, more sounds/effects, and more levels! Come check it out and let me know what you think!
1 file
Added thing
ending doesn't make sense now.
3 files
a literal white screen
Build 57: Fixed "mislabeled fish" bug & others
Fixed "mislabeled fish" bug, fishing quests shouldn't get goofed up anymore Added "is monster" check to held/focused item swapping code. Works, but it was kinda humiliating being stuffed in Mr Friendly's backpack! Increased Dopefish chance...
1 file
Fixed Music Problem
Laptops and other low-fidelity speaker sets were not able to play the lower-end bass frequencies present in the previous music tracks. Therefore, you couldn't hear the bass track on a lot of computers so the music sounded like it was missi...
1 file
Poem #0 First Edition
Poem #0 is a single poem containing all 3,441 lines in Anthology XXXX in the order they were transcribed. An edition of 50 copies of Poem #0 is now available for $15 per copy. Each is a 100-page booklet measuring 5.5" by 8.5". The entirety...
Another Ludum Dare in the Books
Check it out and vote for us on the Ludum Dare site!
1 file
Confessions of a Corner Cutman
Sybil Beta 1.39
- Performance updates. 10-20fps improvement in many areas. - Sorceress armor - Mountain dungeon area Thanks for playing! - Zeolite Studios and Sparsebyte
1 file
Build 41 Update
We don't normally make a patch for a First Access build unless there are bugs, but due to the fact that we radically changed the tactical controls in this build, we wanted to respond to some customer and playtester feedback with a few small...
3 files — Build 41.8
Added a quick update that fixes the shaking screen bug that occurs after restarting the game when you lose at first!
Build 56: proper fish splash FX, more fish
finally ditched the placeholder fish splash FX, play them when a fish dives and when a bobber lands visual variations for the different liquid fishes a few more "quest completed" sounds
1 file
New Builds for Windows, Linux and Android
I got the camera to behave the way I wanted it to on Android. Previously, if you tried to scroll but the camera was rotated, the axis of your scrolling would be off. That has been resolved. I also noticed in issue in the Windows version...
3 files
New Update, Screenshots added
v1marc3awesomest-variant2 (1.3.2-v2) has been released! This includes minor text and bug fixes, as well as updates for clarity to the Endings Guide. Enjoy!
1 file
0.0.2 bugfixing and factions system
In version 0.0.2: added recruitment system: if a poi has less than 3 character, there is a 2% of chance every turn that added faction system: now factions can triggered a war with other factions, guided by relations. When there is a war be...
1 file
Developer Update - Alpha 0.4
Welcome Commander, The Nightstar Alliance Alpha 0.4 update is live, focusing on Controls, Balancing, and Graphics improvements to Modules and Weapons. Grab your controllers and hit the Arcade in Nightstar Alliance - The classic shoot em up...
1 file
IndieGoGo Campaing!
Hello everyone! After a long time of developing we are now launching an indiegogo campaign for our game GEMATOMBE. Entirely made with CONSTRUCT2. Help us make this game and the engine Construct 2 more popular! Every form of help and support...
3 files
Update: Endless Mode, Performance
fixed certain corner walls drawing when outside the view made final enemies hunt you down no matter what added counter for how many enemies remain redid bullet and shell particles effects to be an order of magnitude more efficient nerfed th...
2 files
Hotfix to the rescue! (v.0.3.2)
Hail slayers! You might be thinking why is there a version so soon after the previous one, not even a week? It's because I got a very helpful community who love finding bugs! I was made aware of couple of issues, then found some myself as w...
1 file
New speed mapping video!
Hello! It's time for another speed mapping video! Take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks Ihavenoskin
Build 55: several fixes and improvements
fixed crash when stashing a diving fish :O if player is holding something, "focused item" UI text should show that not focused item some new crafted item sprites, collect 'em all when holding and item and focusing another, swap them when op...
1 file
-Episode 2 Out Now-
We just released Episode 2 for CHEAP GOLF, and made the following updates to the whole game: - Camera / zoom smoothing - Rendering optimizations - Slo-mo threshold reduced (you may actually see it now) - Difficulty tweaks for some episode...
2 files
Update #4 (Graphics Settings Update)
Added graphics settings That's pretty much it really, lol.
2 files
An experimental abstract horror game. Find a way to escape Tunky's house of horror.
Piradise Volley 0.5 Released!
DEVLOG: 0.5 some physics glorious 640x480 resolution
2 files
Mac Version Now Available!
In anticipation of Chapter 3 releasing on 04/30/18, I have updated Chapters 1 and 2 and made the mac versions of the game (and demo) available! If you know someone who's been holding off on Monster Pub cause they only have a mac, this is a...
2 files
Mac Version Now Available!
In anticipation of Chapter 3 releasing on 04/30/18, I have updated Chapters 1 and 2 and made the mac versions of the game (and demo) available! If you know someone who's been holding off on Monster Pub cause they only have a mac, this is a...
4 files
The Polish Update
Before After The Focus of this update is to add as much polish to existing games as well as fix some of the other issues in the game Egg topple game was too confusing in its current form it has been changed to an egg crack game where you ha...
2 files
Game Released and Installer
Well, without any fanfare at all I released King Randall's Party into the wild a few Friday's ago. Since then I've been working on bug fixes and quality of life improvements, and to that end today I'm releasing an installer for King Randall...
1 file
Updated Mac Version
Mac has been updated as well as the rest of the game
1 file
Micro-games with an emphasis on humor. Inspired by WarioWare's quick game play and flamboyant personality.
Update 0.6.0
Version 0.6 is here! Multiplayer experience is smother than before. Also there are new characters and a new map! Check it out! Changelog: News Migrated to Unity 2017.2.2p2 Updated and improved network code Increased max ammo in all weapons...
4 files — 0.6.0
Version 1.1 - Bug fix
Quick update to fix a bug that occurs preventing the game ending.
4 files
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