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Bladequest – Introducing the new game
Hi there 🤗 It is very important for me that I only deliver you interesting news and good content and would feel bad, if I don’t. Therefore I created a sho...
Update 0.2!
Update 0.2 pushed! Update notes-- Keyblock feedback greatly improved - I added a reaction on the keyblocks for when the player picks up a key and is able to pas...
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Was looking through this and found more typos. Don't know that I'll ever be done fixing this old thing. It has the most views out of all my stuff, but I still n...
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Meeple Peeple News - Dev Update and Exploration!
Hey Meeple! This week we have a few updates from the studio side of things, and then we’ll take a look at exploration in Meeple Station and how it benefits yo...
Update On Stuff In Development
Planning to add different playable characters into the game.
Battle Live's 1 year Anniversary
August 13th marks the one year anniversary of releasing this game! It's been an interesting year working on this series, and I figured I'd write a little post a...
Version 1.1 News
A new update is coming! Version 1.1 is currently under development, and will include a few new features. First of all, attached is an image of the new Absorb He...
0.5.2 Patch Notes
0.5.2 Patch Notes! - Parallax effects for background assets - Updated Mith BGM Music - Damage number styling with outlines. - Updated Feral Mith BGM Music. - Co...
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A Fresh Coat of Paint: A New Logo – 10th Aug 2018
Hey everyone, Daniel here! I’m the guy who makes the graphics for Astrobase Command. We’ve been at it plugging away on Astrobase Command at good speed since...
Update to version 1.4!!!
We have been taking everyone's suggestions and feedback into account today and we just released version 1.4 with a much improved movement script and a ton of bu...
Sudoku Zenkai - Online Update - 1.1.0 Changelog
Hi guys! We've been working on the latest update of Sudoku Zenkai, adding one of the most requested features, true online co-op. From today on you will able to...
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a quest!
finally, what you've all been waiting for - a real live quest to give you something to actually *do* with all those sticks and stones.
New Life Devlog 003
Hi, We are very excited to announce that the official website of New Life is realeased. We also started a Kickstarter project. The main reason that we launched...
Video Update
- Updated the video
Explore the dungeon and defeat evil foes! Inspired by Slayin' and Legend of Zelda (NES).
Fixes and Changes (and additions) #9
- Changed the knockback power of the Boomerang from 24px to 16px - Added a Controls display (when you first open the game)
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1.2 Update Changelog
Hey, Reapers! We improved performance of game and add some New functions !! Here's the list of changes! Fix note drop speed. Improve performance of game. Add "...
6 files - Papa John control freeze
When you arrived to invasion and If you spoke to Papa John controls froze. Had to fix this as soon as possible :D Next patch will be bigger with more changes...
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Web demo updated (7 levels) - Mac build is outdated
Just updated the web demo, added a level selection screen too.. working hard on level design and pixel art From now on we only be posting demo updates for the W...
Ellen Teaser: The Fall (Released)
Note: The game is still under development and doesn't portray the final quality of the end product Hello! The wait is over, you can now enjoy playing the Ellen...
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What I was trying to do
The aim behind this game was to add a side-story to The Broken Pirate's Cursed Heart game . I created the original BPCH game for Rainbow Jam 2017 , which is foc...
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Preperation for Kickstarter [13/8/18]
The final demo version is released and we are prepering to launch a kickstarter! We will update with more info about that in not so far future.
Fixes and Changes #8
- Changed the way the game saves data again (no more of this again).
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Introducing the Home Poker Tournament Player
Starting from version 1.1 I've introduced the Home Poker Tournament Player! This is a separate program that can connect to a tournament run with the Manager on...
1 file - Keyboard Fix
There were some issues with the keyboard controls... for an example players couldn't drop items from the inventory. To fix it, download this version of the game...
1 file
Unbridled Horror: Mobile
Hi everybody! How are you doing? I have good news for you, in particular for fans of mobile devices. I produce a port of unbridled horror on mobile devices ( AN...
Astral Force
Hello, Astral Force is now Online, playable in browser! This is a little Shooter , made in Javascript with Phaser. Enjoy! Waiting for your feedback! :)
1 file
Total Rework
a large rework was done to everything! new backround and walls. new backround made by ansimuz check him out he does some cool stuff. walls were done by insomnia...
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What is Seul.(Alone)?
Seul. (Alone) is big, really big! There are multiple characters and endings you may come across, it requires taking risks and stepping off the comfortable path...
Fortnite Location Lander
Hey Everyone! Have you given FLL a go yet, Its pretty basic for now, however we're looking to add new functionality. Just need some feedback from you guys as t...
Aeriform is giving away 10 free download keys for Tape. Tape is Intimate Project Management software for Artists, Designers, and Creatives, available for MacOS...
Free demo for Benji!
Finally! "Benjamin of Blackstone Edge" has a FREE demo! Not sure about buying the game? Testplay the free demo (one hour of gameplay, at least). Enjoy the story...
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What is Seul.(Alone) The Entree?
The main cast within the world of Seul. Seul. (Alone) is big, really big! There are multiple characters and endings you may come across, it requires taking ris...
Patch 13.8.2018
- Removing farm zones now removes farm land. - Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze in the main menu. - Fixed a bug causing the game to occasionally freeze wh...
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Lazy Lakes Feedback.
Hello Everyone. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Firstly a big thank you to everyone who supported Lazy Lakes during the Women's Day Sale this weekend, Many...
Big update - Many new features!
Hello indie-communty! Today I launched a bigger update for my arena game. Here is a list with the significant changes I have made: A round is now splitted up i...
1 file
Animal Crackers v2 Release Date!
Incredibly proud to announce that our port of Animal Crackers from Flash to HTML5 will be released on September 1... that's less than one month away! Be sure to...
Initial Release
We have finally got the page up! Our LD game is nearly done. Mostly just bug fixing now! If you find any, let us know!
TGS v4.5 - Bug Fixes!
This new update fixes a major bug in the game. It was such a small and simple fix but it caused so much damage! Along with the game breaking bug fix, this build...
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A HUGE UPDATE HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED ON One Night At Baldi's Literature Club, adding the following changes: Added a ‘A United We Code Production’ splash scr...
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PATCH 0.5.67
BIG NEWS EVERYONE So I've been listening to critiques of the demo, and many people were upset with the Flashlight being badly optimized for most computers. We...
3 files
Adding AI to Space Wars: Ship Battles - A tech discussion about bots
Hello everybody, as some of you might know, I am currently developing a multiplayer game called Space Wars: Ship Battles. Everything is coming together nicely...
Morpheus Alpha v1.0!
We have been hard at work design and rebuilding our creatures from the ground up! Here are some of the new things we added: Sculptor Golem Aqua Slime Flower Wol...
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OOM-Engine - The Making-of #1
This devlog will be the story of the development of the game engine. It will be split in 2 or maybe 3 devlogs. At the beginning of the jam I started to check If...
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Day 12 - #LOWREZJAM 2018
Another day, another amount of work for the LOWREZJAM. So, one of the NPCs was something an acquaintance requested I add to the game, and they made a death spri...
5 files
New PvP rules! Dark galaxy! And much more!
New PvP rules 1. PvP preparation time will be fixed to 10min 2. If a planet in normal state is defeated the first time, it will enter invincible state for 12 ho...
1 file
Uploaded the wrong exe whoops
Uploaded a version that couldn't get past the first scene by accident, here's a version you should actually be able to play, fingers crossed
1 file
Very Slight Update
I made a small new track for the boss fight, so I updated the Windows version just to add that. You're not missing out much if you're playing on mac.
1 file
Fixes and Changes #7
- Changed the way highscores are saved (you don't have to worry about this).
1 file
Fixed the game to actually reset the score and difficulty curve upon retries.
1 file
V0.0.3b Live
WHATS NEW NPC's can have mustaches and beards in their portrait There are more giant robots roaming the earth Not unlockable yet, but the black hat and confeder...
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