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Introducing Our....ahem...Avatars!
Well, after a couple of days of seemingly no progress (if you are not me and only can make judgements by what this itch.io page provides) I'm back with more, but of special note is the addition of something that I think helps the overall th...
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Release 1.1.1
Version 1.1.1 has been released! Please report any bugs. Changelog: Emails have author images (we still hope to improve those in the future), and each author has his or her own color that will appear next to the email for easy identifying...
6 files — 1.1.1
TSA Frisky DEMO Update v1.2
Hello again! We're pushing out some more updates today that addresses some janky crap and adding a couple more features. We've changed up the inputs on the Oculus Rift's Touch controllers for ease of use, we've added a "How To Play" video i...
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Of Sunk Costs and Shifting Priorities
It's official: Firefighter VR+Touch is on a break. The long and short of it is that I just can't get motivated to work on it. Part of it is the lack of response I'm getting on it, part of it is my own dissatisfaction with it, and part of it...
A new demo is live for GLITCHED! You can also pre-order GLITCHED and snag the special edition to get the Soundtrack and Dev Book!
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Update 0.0.9e Hotfix
Hey guys, Small patch notes. Fixed - Read Diamond currency properly when saving and loading game Added - a function to spawn items that should be there but are not - and call them individually
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All ready for adventure!
Since It's my first devlog post on itch.io I'll make a quick summarization of what has been developed. Stuff that is ready: Main gameplay of the 4 playable characters Overworld system Save and load system Dialogue system (when you travel to...
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New update
This update rewrites the core of the game. I made a fundamental mistake, misunderstanding the importance of some values. Due to that, this update is not very polished. That said, a handful of bugs were fixed in that update, mostly the game...
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Disabled the resolution dialog screen as this could be causing problems on Windows 10.
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Automated tests
Fixing these last few bugs require me investing more time in code I plan on replacing, but before making any large changes I wanted to have some more automated testing in place. I present to you automated Morpheus game play
February 20th, 2018 Nightly Build
This one's just a quick build addressing some major uncaught bugs in last night's build. It fixes a server-side bug where the Message Delegator was being accessed before it was initialized, and also fixes that bug where UI elements randomly...
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Current status as of 2018-02-20 (and lol wut?)
So apparently someone decided to steal this game and post it as his own. Lol, wut? Seriously? Anyways, been having a lot of medical issues recently since my health has been on a major decline. Based on the most recent checkup though, I shou...
Update 2018/02/20
Changes in todays patch: Maximum number of plants reduced Several labels and captions fixed Rescue signs will now be more effective when placed on high ground Rare plants will now grow faster Other bugfixes
Changes include: Fixed walls obscured by game's boarder when effects are Some/None Fixed a soft-lock during the final boss when effects are set to None Fixed a hard-lock during the final boss's wide beam attack Fixed a soft-lock during the...
3 files
Unlimited Endless Mode! v0.4.5
Mostly internal updates to Orbit: Satellite Defense this week. For a taste of how OSD used to play, check out the new "Unlimited" Endless Mode which lets you construct as many of each type of Satellite as you want. I no longer regard this t...
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Dark Space Updated to Version 2.4!
Greetings, everyone! I just couldn't seem to stop myself from working on Dark Space since the last update; Jifuzylles's level can now be played on Hard difficulty, and the Easy difficulty version of the level has been significantly modified...
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Change Log - 2/20/18
Added behavior to merchants to leave at night and come back in the morning with a different stock of goods. Merchants are necessary to trade easily farm-able material for hard to get items. Bug fixes: If you only had one llama your squad ma...
1 file
Palasiel Quest OST - "For Elise"
For Elise This is a piece called "For Elise" for my RPG called Palasiel Quest. It's a special theme made for Elise's training battles. It also happens to be an arrangement of "FΓΌr Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven. I thought this might be fit...
2.5 release
version 2.5 update log: new color function for a 2nd layer map has been started, for now only ceiling floor has been made. New meshes for the other wall ending will be made in a future release.
1 file
Tori (Alpha) is now live on Itch! You can play it now for free! :D
Psst, a little birdie told me that you can now download and play Tori (Alpha) for free on Itch! To play, visit our itch page: https://torigamedevs.itch.io/tori This game is still in development. It is currently lacking content, it contains...
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My Game Sound FX - Pack
https://psionicgames.itch.io/my-game-sound-fx 500+ Sound FX from many of my previous games in WAV Format Sound FX are from:- Ghostscape 3D Killer Escape 1 - 4 Being One 6 The Aberration Inside Escape Eternity Tactical Retreat Sticky bun Twi...
1 file
Hey! This is a big upgrade! Now you can create your own level! Just go to Level Editor in the main menu of Rush and let your imagination work! For now, if you want to share it, just press the F6 button when you had finish. You can post it i...
6 files
Mac Update
This game is not supported for mac if you can find a way around the error message then it might work
I may delete this later but wanted to post it somewhere at least. I have a new project coming up, but I have a lot of doubts on it lately. Aesthetically, it's good but I'm afraid I have no market for it. Link here if you're curious what it...
1 file
I'm back ?
Demon and Heart or DH is a Short Supernatural and Romanc Visual Novel
v1.9.0 - Public release
The mod is now available for everyone to download! This was the last mod I had in testing for patrons, so look out tomorrow for another patreon post about my big plans for what comes next. Thank you all so much for your support. Changes in...
Fixed Left/Right hand assignment
Uploaded new version (0.1.1): Fixed a bug which caused the hand orientation to change between the start screen and the market scene. Performance optimizations Added a new animated GIF to the product page!
World map
So this is the new world map that I've made for the game. What do you guys think? Do you think it misses something or does it look alright? Let me know.
1 file
Castle Assets
Some background elements of the castle level (Elder Thrones / Game Of Thrones).
Game update
Performance have been improved on Web browsers. It's smoother now. Also small changes: As suggested, music now loops when finished. Chunks are now floating closer to starting point.
2 files
Update to Lurking II: A Madness
L2 version a02.20.18 is now available. Some changes include a fix to a broken stairway, a better Review Board report, ability to view item information at vendors (like protection, damage, and burden) before buying, and a pull back on an eco...
1 file
I fixed some of the sounds, corrected the typos and added an animated trailer. Yeah!The next update, if everything works fine, should be a Belle version of Paranoid Kid. Finger crossed.
1 file
February 19th, 2018 Nightly Build
Man. It has been a VERY long time since I've posted a nightly build. The reason being that for this entire time, the game was very broken and too unplayable. Well, at least I hope, now it isn't as bad. So I decided to release the first nigh...
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Rexuiz-2.5.2-180219 publised
Last Update(19 Feb. 2018): Bug fixes and code improvements New Survival map "Dark Church" added to Survival Server
KH Final Release is coming soon!
Hi there, the Kirgingston Hacker final release will come soon! In the final update will be new words for every facility. This will give players a reason to play the game more often. If you want to try the game in its current state: https...
The Guardian of Jesi
The Guardian of Jesi is published!!!
RPG Fantasy Marche Warriors
The Guardian of Jesi
The Guardian of Jesi Game Play
1 file
RPG Fantasy Marche Warriors
​New Trailer And Alpha Release Date!!
New Trailer available on youtube Alpha release date is 22/2/2018 after alpha,there will be Pre-Beta test,then,Beta After Beta We Will Sell the early access version
3 files
Change log for Alpha + And more info
So to prepare for our second character Teer-sa (a.k.a Re-sa), I added her avatar in the character selection screen (which is also the Lobby). The next update will take a bit longer. Going to add Teer-sa fully in the game as a playable char...
1 file
Version 1.1
This release fixes a startup crash related to culture-dependent strings.
3 files
No Saving? No Worries!
Awkward moment, forgot to turn some debug code off... now it be working :D
1 file
Fixed Crash Caused by Core Game
Fixed an pretty major part of the game where it crashed when you 'debugged' corrupted sectors, which was how you made your garden bigger... so reposted the fixed game XD
1 file
An illustration from the Legend of Ratimousse as can be seen in the Forbidden Codex Vol. 3. ;)
Mimic Hunter is now on sale on GreenLight Arcade! Click here: https://greenlightarcade.com/collection/angry-cat
CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Nino, the Sidekick
Palasiel Quest has a plethora of characters outside of the 5 main ones featured on the main page. Every few days I will do "Character Spotlights" that will go over a bit more about each character and what they bring to the table when it com...
new format!!! whoa
due to the sudden (very sudden!) increase in traffic i modified the randomization. basically, there's no new content; just a new way of generating things for ease.
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Version 1.0.1 released
Optimize performance Remove timestamp from the bottom-right corner and put the version in vX.Y.Z format in window title instead Rename 'Game' to 'Arena' in window title Fix achievement notifications disappearing too early Move some settings...
Elder Thrones (Game of Thrones) Ice Castle
Our artist has finished the background for the ice castle. What do you think? Obviously it is for one of the Elder Thrones (Game of Thrones) levels.
Cosmoteer 0.13.6 - Explosive Charges, Multiplayer A.I., and more!
Cosmoteer 0.13.6 was released today! This update has a ton of small-to-medium sized features and improvements. Here are some of the most notable: Explosive Charges For a while now, Cosmoteer has supported a feature allowing you to self-des...
1 file
Save The Bunnies - next level
After a few comments by the play testers I have decided that Save the Bunnies needed a bit more. So today I added a level system to the core of the game. This allows new levels to be added simply. For the moment there is only one extra leve...
1 file
Updates Feb. 20th
I have been working on making the entire game stable, bringing better performance and gameplay. In the future update of BETA 0.3 I will include better effects and musics, and a lot of bugs will be fixed. All the levels throughout the entire...
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