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DevAccess v0.1.5 - Hard Mode & UI
Development Access | v0.1.5 CHANGE LOG: New Hard Game Mode Added Mode Selection to Trail Selection Screen Added Filters to Leaderboards Screen Added Center on Player or First Page to Leaderboards Screen Added Player Overview to Leaderboard...
2 files —,
More Bug Squashin'!
Updates; Sound should actually change volume when using the volume sliders Idle animation no longer protects from drowning Bun rides the Spikebuggles with better accuracy and wont get stuck in a jump or fall animation
1 file
Arena mode
We have received a lot of feedback from testers about a pvp mode. So we went ahead and added one. Now you can choose Arena game mode from the main menu. - New guns for the players - Arena game mode - Balance and gameplay changes
1 file
Image effects and small changes
Image effects and small changes Add Image effects for some in-game menu. This update has lots of small changes. A few quality of life change like color coding modification slots, and only uses energy while running above walking speed. Chang...
3 files — 0.1.86
Spisix 0.0.7
Added 5 new songs (replacing the previous few-second-long ones), letting players feel the Dream become a Nightmare. Also changed the 6th and 7th levels as they were too similar and hard (avoid those bumpers!). Finally decided to use the But...
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WGJ45 - Post-Mortem for Jam Release
TL;DR: I'm not an artist, yet I started doing game art, as of the start of this project. We plan to keep making this game. Alright, so this week I wasn't planning to participate in the jam, but the theme's simplicity led me to want to tr...
Alpha 3
Alright, so this is the version that I am officially submitting to the weekly game jam, for week 45 ("Hatch an egg"). Technically, I haven't even gotten to the story part about hatching the egg, yet. However, there is a palceholder "Victo...
5 files
Hi, I plan to dive into this small Armortale project that started this year. I no longer plan to hire additional artists or professional musician. Who i am again ? Game dev hobbyist from Czech republic. Creating games over a decade, I worke...
Welcome to our new game mode WARZ! Weekly community objecitves! Kill zombies, search for supplies or escort survivors, do your part and add your score to the community! All together can do it! Be the best and win lots of prizes!
The full version of Koloro is now on Itch.io !
After 2 years and a half of hard work, several rewards and not far from 7000 downloads of its demo, we are happy to announce you that: Koloro is now on it's full version on Itch.io! You can now buy it directly on Itch.io and play it. Each g...
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Hecaton Update 0.4.5
Hecaton Update 0.4.5 is out now. Random Enemy Modifiers have been added. Here are examples of the Jailor and Mortar Mods. Update 0.4.5 Patch Notes Added 10 new Random Enemy Modifiers. Enemy Modifiers increase in frequency over time. Rebala...
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How to change game language to english?
There are three options. 1) Open the configuration file UDKEngine and find the line β€œ Language = RUS ” and replace β€œ RUS ” with β€œ ENG ” 2) Create a shortcut and game and add the key β€œ- Language = ENG ” Examples are β€œ UDKGa...
1 file
Added more time and fixed some bugs
In this minor update, I just fixed some bugs and game the player more time to find and disarm the bombs. Happy playing!
1 file
v0.0.3 - Minor tweaks & Bugfixes
changelog: The game now has music! Courtesy of Ringo. Light sources are much more diffuse and cover a slightly larger area. Shadows are much more subtle Fixed a bug that caused a "delay" on the dash due to it being trigger with the button r...
1 file
Chapter 2 Sneak Peek #6: It's All About Gold Coins
In Chapter 1, only a small portion of Eagledeen is accessible, with the rest of it blocked off. When Chapter 2 update arrives, new areas of the capital city will be accessible to players, including the Bank. In this new location Charlotte...
browser and bugfixes.
this may be a nothing thing to make a devlog for? there were a couple pretty persistent bugs in earlier versions that either, caused the game to shrivel up and die instantly, or let people dash out of bounds. i thought both of these would...
1 file
New Trailer, New Dungeon Type (DDD #21)
Hey Tal'Dorians! April has been a hectic month for us, we are getting ready for early access on steam, and so the team has been ground pounding to get everything squared away for that! We do want to get the game into your hands as soon as w...
Update 1.2.1: Sound
Sound was tweaked. Volume lowered.
2 files
Online leaderboards and customization. Find out where you rank when it comes to accuracy.
PV for Lingering
Made a promotional video for lingering <3
Beasts lurk deep within human hearts…
Free Release
A simple square is now free ! :) β™₯
A simple square that can travel in time
Base Team 1.2 Update
Base Team 1.2 Update What's New: -Fixed network features -fixed skins -fixed shooting asset
1 file
Version of GameJamWeek
This is my first entry at the http://www.weeklygamejam.com/ . Any feedback are welcome. More content comming soon after some sleep...
1 file
TMNT Cowabunga released!
I'm proud to announce that the game is completed and ready to be downloaded! This is a FREE fan game created cause i LOVE NINJA TURTLES! Hope you'll like it. Here the link to get it: TMNT COWABUNGA
1 file
2018.05.24 Bug Fixes
- Added shortcut pages! Pressing the [ ` ] key will now cycle the shortcut window through several sets of predefined shortcuts, one of which is a custom page where player-made shortcuts are stored. There is also a new toggle (/autokeys) whi...
Obliteracy Public Beta 2 Available!
OBLITERACY PUBLIC BETA 2 (v. 1.0.61 desktop, 1.0.74 mobile) The beta continues apace, with a few minor bug fixes, some extra polish, and a bit of balance. If Beta 2 runs smoothly, we'll be looking at an official release soon! Also in this v...
2 files
Two steps forward,one step back
Hello! It's been a while since I updated Immune System TD. I created a glitch where sometimes the enemies don't spawn at the beginning of the level. It was so difficult to fix, I had to scrap a lot of the code and re-write it. The game is...
3 files
Quick Update!
Now you can play with more support for gamepads! Some people tried to play in VM, didn't work till now! Got fixed! The character and some visual effects were updated! Updated Spiral Kick, see image.
1 file
Flare 1.06
Flare 1.06 is now available for download . This update contains some fixes for the Torture Chambers and brings a few improvements to the Android port. Torture Chambers There were two issues that had been reported with this map. The first be...
2 files
So much progress
Hi all, Just a quick informational. The next version of Memories 3D is coming along very nicely. SOOO much progress has been made over the past few weeks, it's unreal. I'm hoping the next version will be available in roughly a month or two...
I've not gone anywhere
This is more of a notice than an update to let you know I am still here working on version 0.5. Right now, I'm mainly focusing on catching Memories 3D up with this version of Memories so I can start working on them side by side. I'm hoping...
Playtesting the Game-Show Variant
Today, some friends and I got together to test out the competitive variant rules for Perfect Pitch, which allows for players to compete for bids such as might be shown on certain animal-themed reality-tv investment shows. Early results, wit...
Completed Game! Dark Space Updated to Version 3.0!
Yes, I'm still alive; yes, I'm still interested in updating Dark Space! I've been hard at work on a massive update to complete the game and polish off the existing features (sadly, music is still absent from the game, but there are plans to...
1 file
ASMR Star is not that far off 100 downloads now and I've got time to add things after this week so I might do a "100 downloads special edition"..
Playtest Released!
The candles are lit, the goat skulls are positioned just so, and the Age of Man has finally ended. The first public playtest release of Fangs, Plague, and Gunpowder is now available for download! Current planned updates are primarily editor...
1 file
InDev 30e - The Main Menu Update - Released!
InDev 30e has been released. Barring any issues that need hot fixed, will be the final InDev 30 series release, and development on InDev 31 will be starting immediately. Most of this patch is a complete revamp of the main menu almost entire...
1 file
New Furniture (0.5.15 Alpha)
This is a small art update to include some artwork I've been staring at on opengameart.org. I really wanted that LPC-styled palm tree, because the existing palm trees just don't match quite as well as this one. Plus, there were some decen...
2 files
Changelog: Fixed a bug leading to the hole result alpha fade function being called multiple times. Ball resetting should now be automatic across all scenes when falling from the course. Implemented vertex welding between tile seams to try...
1 file
Minor updates - ver. 1.1.2
Improved GUI and sounds If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to comment under the game page.
2 files
I have Twitter
A small Devlog for say I have a Twetter now so you can follow me ! My Twitter is @Necivox and I will post on it all the news about Sect so follow me .
It doesn’t end here!
Hello! This is just a quick update to let you know that i’m working on completing the game. Changes will include; - A reminder to use the spacebar - More levels - An adjustment in the difficulty curve - A character model (i’m thinki...
New version 0.82.2! Gameplay changes
Hi guys, I've just updated the ichi.io version to the latest version v0.82.2. I've made some gameplay changes and improvements based on user feedback. -> Removed Auto-Aim, -> Fixed the aim cursor, -> You can now shoot body-parts, -> Added n...
1 file
Our first publicly available version! Still in development so there's a few areas which need working on (such as a few minor audio and visual bugs), and we also plan to expand on the game in general!
1 file
Added credits
Gave some attribution to the sources of assets that I used.
1 file
Save the sewers to save the day
Ploughing On
The fruits of focussed, automated research fuelled by the love from your well-tended Folk... A technological advancement suited to the farmer with more 'modern' tastes and larger fields: a crude cow-pulled plough. Can't help but feel for th...
v0.5 - Death & Discord
This week's update brings several significant changes to the formula. First off, the "permadeath" I've been touting in the game description has finally become fully realised, as I intended it to be. Now, if your players bite the dust, they...
1 file
Build 0.5.0
It's been a while since my last devlog ! I'll mostly talk about the latest and biggest (trust me) additions. But before that, let me introduce you The MineCart Ride Because I loved those levels back in the days, I wanted to do mine. Ok, let...
3 files —
6 Month Anniversary
It's been 6 months since the first public alpha of Fairtravel Battle was released in itch.io. Well, that was actually yesterday. Between then, I've had almost 1600 views and 450 downloads, and released 21 updates, with update 22 already bei...
Updated the download with the new file. Changes; Lowered Bun's speed so she's easier to control Adjusted the water for better visibility (hopefully) Switched fonts as I forgot to take out the one I was using (it is not for commercial use) I...
1 file
Gladiabots Alpha 13.2 patch released!
- Fixed tooltips and tutorial highlights wrong position when changing device orientation (landscape/portrait) - Fixed chapter 9 final stage AI
3 files
Post Convention Demo Posted
An updated demo with many small but important changes is now available. Features that aren't in this update but are on the way are the return of the "press roll" and a new, easier to use control customization menu which has required porting...
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