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Major Update
hey guys its been a few days and after a 24 hour stomach bug and alot of hours passed 1.3 has been completed. There are quite a few new features that make the g...
The Future
The New Content Update Has Been Released! Thank you everyone for your support in this project. This update is to be the very last content update for the game, a...
Beacon 2019 Development Roadmap
Beacon 2019 Roadmap Leading up to our Early Access launch we wanted to give everyone a closer look into our plans for the rest of Beacon’s development. The ab...
Game Pencil Engine 1.3.0 Alpha now available!
Developing 1.3.0 has been possibly one of the longest periods between versions in Game Pencil Engine. The editor, UI and added classes was tons of work. The U.I...
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1D Game Now Has Au[]io
The First Ever 1D game now has au[]io! Working har[] to make this the best in[]ie game ever in existence! Thanks to everyone that supporte[] me! KICKSTARTER CO...
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Not *That* Kind Of Bug!
Game Design
Onto the last of the ‘classic videogame’ enemies now, this one draws its inspiration mainly from the wonderful ‘Space Invaders’ style shooter ‘ Galaxi...
Clocker Changelog 20190220
Version 1.0.5 1. Added skip button into first cut scene even in first time. If you haven't seen the first cut scene, we recommend you don't skip. 2. Fixed bug t...
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UPDATE v1.1.0
New TUTORIAL mode to get Varion's basics within minutes AI LEVEL now disconnected from the combats CLASS Rebalanced AI LEVELS and adding of a new BASIC level Me...
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Game Maker Blending Tester
Hello my friends! With this utility you can easily verify blend modes. Just select a backgound and a sprite and test with all avaiable modes. Hava fun!
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Download and play the demo of "How do you know Mr. Blue?" today!
Hello, everyone! We’re happy to announce that a demo of “How do you know Mr. Blue?” is available to download today! Download, play and share your experie...
1.2 Update
Paper Birds was cranked out in about 24 hours, and the initial #SadMechJam suffers from that unfortunate reality. The previous 1.1 update provided some crucial...
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New page layout!
Hey guys, updated the layout of the page to look a lot better, with the most up to date screenshots and a new feature description. let me know what you...
Music Update!
Music generously made and provided by Morcheime (check em out on twitter and bandcamp ) has been added to the game! Play with headphones for a more intense expe...
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Demo Available Now: 20kd19
Check the demo for scary vn 20kd19!!!
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A Scary Visual Novel Different!
BeTheKing DevBlog
NPC Inventary: Can share items between player and NPc. Equip item to both NPC and player NPC do a few orders Main Menu
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Static Sock - Pair of Socks (v2a) update
Static Sock's post jam version is now available! Changelog: - 2-Player local multiplayer - New menu - Fullscreen mode (press f11) Tweaks - Minor bug fixes - "C"...
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Updated "" file
- I made the game start directly into the "Title Screen". - Removed (or rather disabled) the debug object that I used in development.
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Bugfixes (0.20.004 Vac)
As is pretty much custom now, here's a bugfix update following the last major update, bringing the game up to 0.20.004 Vac . Some of the new cards were broken a...
3 files — 0.20.004 Vac
We got featured! And: Reboot!
Heya! It sure has been a while! That’s because Lars and I have been very busy with all sorts of things (apart from the production of the actual game, naturall...
[Patch 0.21] Tiny Fix for Big Issue
Hi there. I did an oopsie. Someone mentioned that when they destroy a certain amount of obj_lightOb j 's, the game crashes. I quickly found the culprit and it...
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Alpha v0.085 - New Belongings and Healing
I don't have much to say about this one. I kind of consider this to be the Part 2 to the changes introduced in the last build, that I eventually had to leave as...
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My appologies, you will need this as well.
It has come to my attention to open the file you will need to get going you will see a ReadMe follow it's instructions, then...
upon reflection, the game's text isn't as clear as it should've been -- so here's the edited version that actually tells you a) what you need to play this game...
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UPDATE 2/18/2018!
Good morning and Happy late Valentine everyone! How did your week go? I can't eat chocolate much due to my recent dentist visit, but I hope you had a sweet week...
Perang Laut - Maritime Warfare done!
Febuary 20 2019 was day Perang Laut - Maritime Warfare published and complated. Not all bugs fix but, nearly not much bug in this game. In this game, you can p...
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Damn there's alot of bugs!
Yesterday, I had some of my bug testers play hide seek & satan for about an hour and half, there are so many bugs and problems right now such as a really strang...
Version 0.24 live
Couple things in this version. First, fixed a bug causing the tutorial to not work if you tried starting it twice in one play session. Second, replaced the plac...
3 files — 0.24
Published my third game!
Major Update
Unlike the previous two games, this one is not episodic, and hence complete on its own.
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Added Universal Linux version x86_64
Added Universal Linux version x86_64 for the majority of Linux distributions
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Way to the Rift
Hello everyone! I have started to show what is coming in the next updates. I'm not gonna show everything but some This picture can you guess what is it... hard...
New Demo Available Now!
Major Update
I added the movement and shooting, but right now no AI just test dummies to shoot.
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Demo v0.1.5 released
A new demo version is out now for Windows. Mac should hopefully follow soon. New features: Championship Standings screen added between races New Leader Lamifie...
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Shop UI
3D RPG Fantasy simulation game
Gameplay and UI Changes and first powerup - v0.2.0
The first major change is the general increase in difficulty. The max touch time remaining is now capped at 2 seconds to encourage more flicking, less dragging...
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Version 43 release notes
- (Hopefully) Fixed teleportation, so that enemies don't spawn close to you and you don't spawn close to them - Added snazzy graphical-effects when hitting the...
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Minor Update
First minor update is out: Menu buttons can be clicked with Mouse You can restart the game by pressing ‘R' Few graphical changes
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New Cover Art
Major Update
Scatterbrain day, unable to write. Used the itch thumbnail as a template to create a new cover page and make a new pdf, epub and mobi files.
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New Cover Art
Major Update
Since I was having a scatterbrained day and can't write I went back and used the thumbnail on itch to make a new cover page for the story for professionalism an...
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1.1.1 - Snap Rotation Added
It's been so wonderful reading all the kind words and watching videos of people playing since our Steam launch! Thanks for checking out our game :) Patch No...
1 file — 1.1.1
Loot Goblins
Major Update
A prototype of a 2-Player 2D action game I have been developing. The project is my first in UE4 and the time to create was 3 months. I made everything in this...
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Vault: Tomb of the King - Hotfix v1.3 (more speed run fixes)
More speed run focused hotfixes for Vault: Tomb of the King: -Fixed bug where fighter would sometimes get temporarily stuck in walls while attacking. -Fixed a p...
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Flash sale! 50% OFF
Hikari! Clover Rescue is at 50% OFF! Get it here Don't miss your chance to save the world and meet some lovely waifus!
The Last Bug: Pre-Alpha is Now Available
Major Update
Hey guys! So we’ve been telling you the story of our brave bugs that decided to join the competition. Today is the day The Last Bug competition finally starte...
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SuperTiled2Unity Version 1.2.2
Changes in version 1.2.2 BUG FIX : Fixed scripting compile errors when player is using (deprecated) .NET 3.5
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Dungeon Slayer - Demo Updates 21/Feb/2019
Here are some updates for the demo. 1. Fix some bugs in the demo 2. Smooth the camera transition. 3. Add random factor to the attack damage 4. Add Best Record i...
My (Late) Winter #UE4Jam Submission
I just uploaded the initial build of my game jam entry, although I missed the submission deadline, due to catching a cold, worked at a place where I had poor In...
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Auto Fire v0.5.08 - Controls, Couriers and Citadels
It's been a month or so since the last update, but a lot has gone down since then! Controls You asked for it! Using the forward key ("Accelerate") will cap you...
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New Demo Update
The demo has been updated to include the full story now! Still missing are some incidental character's artwork and sound effects, otherwise the demo matches the...
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Yo, uh, sorry for the lack of devlogs. If it continues like this, just know that it's mostly schoolwork doing this to the devlog. That doesn't mean I'm not work...
New Cheff
Estamos mudando os personagens do jogo. 🙌 ------------------------------------------------- ------ Estamos Mudando OS Personagens do Jogo. 🙌 #burger #pi...
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