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Copperhead County v2.1 Update
v2.1 : This is a small update focusing on quality-of-life for the playbooks: clarifying language, balancing abilities, optimizing items, making the bubbles bigger. Hey, these playbooks are pretty good!
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Stretch Goals and Missions Added
I've uploaded a printer friendly PDF of all the stretch goals. There core PNP zip file has also been updated to include the missions and scavenge cards. That file is arranged to be printed double sided. I will start uploading the producti...
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And we are done! Conspiracy Theory is officially the first title to graduate from the Open Pre-Order model. It was a great success, reaching 155% of desired funding. The primary thing this allowed me to do was to upgrade my tools and build...
In Which We Live And Breathe v2.6
This is a minor update to add some more emotional intimacy play to the game.
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Cover Art Complete!
I finished the cover image for Conspiracy Theory. This is the last big thing needed to finish the rules. I'm waiting on one more small logo to include, and then it'll be go time. As a result, I now know the release date for Conspiracy Theor...
Ellipses RPG Hits 1.0!
It's 2:23 PM in London and I'm already experiencing post-launch depression but GOSH am I still excited to tell you about the culmination of the past two years of development. Ellipses RPG just had its first new update in almost a year - a p...
Copperhead County v2 Released
v2 is out! This is a pretty big update. Most notably, the PDF is now longer as writeups for each area of the setting have been added. There have been a few rules tweaks throughout to better focus special abilities and crew / tier developme...
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First Upload
I’m going ahead and providing the first draft of the new print-and-play Lifewheels for Bhaloidam 2.0. More to follow!
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In Which We Live And Breathe v2.5
In Which We Live And Breathe version 2.5 is out! This is a fairly major update addressing a lot of the issues from the version 2 playtests. Obviously the new version will need a bunch of playtesting also but we're excited to see it hit the...
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New Core Edition
After the Disaster: Triage core edition is now available! Perfect if you want professional-quality cards and don't feel like making your own with the print-and-play files. Added a trailer—check it out! Updated images to include the new co...
Critical!: Go Adventuring - Part 01
Trying to get the full use out of Itch.io. Right now you can get the first adventure for Critical!: Go Adventuring called You All Meet in a Tavern! If you pick up the game, it now comes with an adventure. We're looking at including more as...
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Cult Ability/Actions
Hello Cultists, To improve the overall experience and increase the theme/strategy options, all cults now have both an Ability and an Action that are randomly assigned at the beginning of the game. Each cult also has a reserved space on 1 ac...
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Update: FPG Version 2
The first major update, based on some excellent feedback from the Blades in the Dark community, initial playtesting, and a deep read by the inestimable Nick Cummings . Changes: A truly embarrassing number of syntax errors and repetitive lan...
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Update: Character Sheets
I've updated the character sheets to more closely model after the excellent Blades in the Dark design. This improves how the space is used, and more accurately reflects updates to the rules including the new reputation XP trigger.
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Ball Escort: Prototype v2
The game is now available in English! The update also comes with a few changes: RULEBOOK •Fixed a few errors in the rulebook ABILITIES •Ball's Bounce ability was removed •Balls can't block the goals anymore •R's Rewind ability can o...
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All's Quiet on the Western Front
There's not been much to report on lately despite best efforts to begin updating with some regularity. As usual, whenever this happens, it's because something was changed which led to the re-evaluation of another mechanic and yaddah yaddah...
2.0 Edition
After some extensive play testing, there's been a few changes around here. The main change is that the Cult Exchange action card has been replaced with a Cult Action action card. What does this mean? Well, it means that now each cult star...
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Release Candidate version 3.8
3.8 Release Candidate 21/05/2018: Gear: Removed N Shields and N Armor tags, replaced hem with Absorb N tag. Rewrote Discharge tag. Renamed Basic Shields to Shields, Moved Advanced Shields to Drifting section. Rewrote Power Armor. Renamed Ba...
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First Playtest & Early Feedback
Current Jam Early Responses The early responses to the first draft of this game have been really positive! The biggest response I got, by far, was from the Blades in the Dark google+ community. Several members have read and given feedback d...
1. Ponte en los zapatos de nuestra protagonista yuzu y trata de enamorar a la apuesta presidenta del consejo Meii basado en el popular anime citrus el juego tomara su propio camino y no forzosamente tendrá que seguir al anime o al manga d...
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Fortuna Mythica - A 200 Word RPG
I rushed to get an entry into the 200 Word RPG Challenge and we managed to come up with this in a few days. This RPG takes inspiration from the Fool's Journey, the monomyth, and the (largely French) lore surrounding royal face characters i...
First Round of Edits
In the process of making the first round of edits for my first playtest tomorrow. I've added a basic summary of the major changes from Blades in the Dark and fleshed out a few of the reference sheets. I also somehow forgot to mention that y...
Playtesting the Game-Show Variant
Today, some friends and I got together to test out the competitive variant rules for Perfect Pitch, which allows for players to compete for bids such as might be shown on certain animal-themed reality-tv investment shows. Early results, wit...
Playtest Released!
The candles are lit, the goat skulls are positioned just so, and the Age of Man has finally ended. The first public playtest release of Fangs, Plague, and Gunpowder is now available for download! Current planned updates are primarily editor...
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A Nocturne v0.8 release
A Nocturne v0.8 is out! This version contains a tonne of small updates, lots of streamlining, and some general quality of life improvements. For play you'll need copies of the main pdf and the sheets pdf (attached to this post), though I'm...
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New Platforms
Mac (Untested) Linux (Untested)
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A physical-digital survival card game.
Pre-Orders, what?
Conspiracy Theory is the latest title to be added to the 2018 Pre-Order Bundle. It wasn't initially on the slate for 2018, but as inspiration strikes, the empire has to strike back while the iron is hot. Or something. There's a metaphor in...
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Updated version - 20180513.1
A new version of Squish has been uploaded Updates: More concrete life-phase of the game Adjusted query questions Added URL for print purposes
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Crudely Drawn Graphics Alert!
The latest version of the game now includes some reworking of the original cards to add some crudely drawn artwork by yours truly and to change the layout to make it a little less like a prototype and a little more like a game. Please feel...
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An Investigator Calls...
One of the things that Cultists have to put up with, (apart from getting the requisite planning permission from the local government to extend their lairs), is those pesky individuals who go out of there way to try to stop the inevitable re...
The Attribute Auction
Amber Diceless has an odd form of "point buy" for attributes: the auction . Characters are not meant to be on each others' teams in Amber, so the idea that you know who's the absolute strongest but not the exact ranking of those below them...
1 file — 0.8.4
Update - 10/05/2018
Rulebook - Updated the layout/action details and a picture of what the game should look like after setup to help you guys out! :) Cards & Tokens - Updated the Creature 'Anomaly' cards to be more thematic and updated the cultist tokens to d...
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Playtest of version 2018-6
Tomorrow night, I plan on taking Perfect Pitch back to the Cardboard Cafe Developer's Night. Last visit there confirmed my suspicion that Perfect Pitch would function much better and smoother as a custom card-driven improv party game. In t...
Examples of play!
Finally added an example of play, called for by people in the playtest: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AdamBlinkinsop/posts/GG16cUetnBr Examples are super-important for getting the flow of play across, so I'll be trying to add more of them o...
1 file — 0.8.3
ITB Games Jam
I created 'Growing a Friend for the End of the World' for the Inside the Box Game Jam competition. I've not really played many Euro games, but decided I'd give a shot at designing one. My other games are quite different, with 'Killer at Ca...
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Updated version - 20180508.1
A new version of Squish has been posted. Version 20180508.1 includes some clarification for the 'friend' role, and a bit more inspiration for the suit-related response questions. Squish is meant to embody that excitement of connection, co...
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So, that happened.
Squish is totally a procrastination game. I spent most of the weekend working on Mic Drop in some form or another. I needed to take a break and make something I could finish in an hour or two. Squish was it. It's a celebration of friendship...
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Added horizontal version
Just the same but more horizontal (and prettier). It also helps with the writing space.
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Versão 1.1
No meio da loucura da jam, deixamos algumas coisas passar e atualizamos nessa versão 1.1, como os recursos necessários para crescer algumas cartas. Agora deve estar tudo certo! :)
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Copperhead County v1.5 Released
v1.5 is a bridge to a larger v2 update. v1.5 is designed to make onboarding into the game easier: the Best Brands Heist has been updated for better quickstarting, and you'll find pregen PCs and crews if you want a really quick star...
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ver 0.9 has some typos and things...
The version that is currently up has some typos and nonsense for which I apologize.
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Initial Release! Prototype/Quick Play Testing!
This is the first iteration of the game! I'm excited to present it and start making changes based on how the community feels about it. I want the game to feel easy and approachable to new players, as well as customizing and personalization...
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A fair fight
Finally added rules for damage and combat! There's a bunch in here about what kinds of things you can do during a turn, but combat has always been pretty vague. I feel like I want epic battles between wizards and cavalry knights, so I can't...
1 file — 0.8.1
Podcast Preview!
The crew at JustOneMoreFix interviewed me about Weird on the Waves! In this episode I share some info about the setting, the sailing mechanics, the mermaid class, and how WotW is different from other nautical/pirate games. Listen to the epi...
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Aggiunto il PDF contenente le carte fato e le carte risoluzione.
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02/05/2018 - Easy-reading manuals
A .pdf version of the game manual designed to be easier to read and to be printer-friendly has been uploaded, together with eReader-compliant versions in .epub and .azw3!
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Core Rules Update 4.1 (Phoebe's Monstrous Update)
Hello once again, Looks like this update was much bigger than anticipated. There are a lot of tweaks, format changes and rule clarifications and revisions, as well as a new rule for dealing with landscapes in broad strokes and a much needed...
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Visually Accessible version uploaded, Actual Play podcast
Hey Folks! I just uploaded a plain black and white version of the sheet for folks who might struggle to read it as is. It also prints significantly better. We were also featured in an Actual Play podcast! Easy Update posted this last night...
EA v1 Released
Copperhead County is now in Early Access ! A lot of material has been added to the previous free PDF: more game guidance, more setting info, more faction stuff. There have been some slight modifications to several playbook abilities to make...
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First round of playtest-driven changes.
Lenormand cards are gone, though their influence remains. Any time you're using odd components it's a barrier to entry. While people could easily create a deck (by marking up a deck of cards), it was always just one more thing you had to ha...
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