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Updated PDF
Howdy all! Just updated the PDF with a v2. Includes the new Board "B" to the PDF. Also, make sure to check out the Kickstarter that opened for Blankout! Get som...
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lil update
I made some small tweaks to Only The Gods that makes it more playable, mostly adjusting Fate and Power levels.
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changelog: new rules, other minor updates
Hi folks! I've updated the PDF file you can download - it's pretty much exactly the same, except: The formatting is slightly different (each section starts on a...
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Couple Rule Changes
Changed a couple rules after testing this. Made The Boy's action with the horn slightly weaker, and gave the clowns a chance to move faster if you roll doubles...
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Update v0.2
After several playtests including, finally, one without me playing, I've done some additions and revisions. More guidance for starting the game, more prompts, a...
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Character Sheets
I was gonna add a section about running adventures on it because a random anon asked me to, alongside some random adventure tables, but they're really... not th...
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Copperhead County General Update
Hey outlaws, It's been a spell since the v2.1 release, so I wanted to put up a general update for those who have looked over here since. The v2.1 EA PDF is clos...
Terminus Update
Dear friends, It just wouldn't be right to release the game without one final unannounced delay, would it? You'll notice that the previous post declared proudly...
New Table!
Hey, thanks to the folks that dropped a couple dollars on this recently! It's always very exciting, and definitely a good way to get me to make more tables. Spe...
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Edition 2 Released
Edition 2 is the same as Edition 1 but now includes ISBN numbers for the epub and pdf versions.
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A Thousand Enemies - Dread for Rabbits
I've been meaning to make this game for a while but just haven't had the perfect game group to inflict it on. Watership Down is one of my most cherished childh...
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In Which We Live And Breathe v2.10
Version 2.10 of In Which We Live And Breathe is out and contains a little more expansion and explanation for some game elements such as actions and attributes...
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Version 1 Released
The complete version 1 of MYNT is now available. I've updated and expanded the rules, included more examples, created a character sheet and overhauled other asp...
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In Which We Live And Breathe v2.9.5
This update only adds one very important community upgrade: Personal Storage : Each of the players' characters gains one signature piece of gear which is always...
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Updated Graphics
Overhauled the cover images in advance of an updated and complete version of MYNT being released.
Version 2.9 doesn't add any new content but rewords and re-orders a bunch of stuff to make it easier to read and understand as a text.
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In Which We Live And Breathe v2.8
Ok, for some reason I'm feeling really nervous about this one, but here it goes. Here's version 2.8! Rep/Services/Setup Flashbacks have been fiddled to hopefull...
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OWRPG Core Update v004.2
Hello Allies and Conspirators alike, Today brings Monday Blues, but a new update to the Core rules. As always, it was an update that was meant to be a quick fix...
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Production files uploaded
Updated rulebook and prepress production files have been uploaded. They are not particularly home printer friendly but they have some art for the components, p...
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Ball Escort: Prototype v3, the "Now it looks decent" update
We just updated Ball Escort to make it look better. Like, it's not drawn on Gimp anymore. CHANGELOG •Updated the to_print.pdf file, the game now looks decent...
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Development Recap
It's been a long time between v.12 and v.13; almost two years. No new books or anything, just an update to the system. I've gotten more game development experie...
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Coming Changes
The second round of playtesting went well. The major concerns were players not having sufficient context to build interesting characters in the setting, and add...
Copperhead County v2.1 Update
v2.1 : This is a small update focusing on quality-of-life for the playbooks: clarifying language, balancing abilities, optimizing items, making the bubbles bigg...
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Stretch Goals and Missions Added
I've uploaded a printer friendly PDF of all the stretch goals. There core PNP zip file has also been updated to include the missions and scavenge cards. That...
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And we are done! Conspiracy Theory is officially the first title to graduate from the Open Pre-Order model. It was a great success, reaching 155% of desired fun...
In Which We Live And Breathe v2.6
This is a minor update to add some more emotional intimacy play to the game.
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Cover Art Complete!
I finished the cover image for Conspiracy Theory. This is the last big thing needed to finish the rules. I'm waiting on one more small logo to include, and then...
Ellipses RPG Hits 1.0!
It's 2:23 PM in London and I'm already experiencing post-launch depression but GOSH am I still excited to tell you about the culmination of the past two years o...
Copperhead County v2 Released
v2 is out! This is a pretty big update. Most notably, the PDF is now longer as writeups for each area of the setting have been added. There have been a few rul...
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First Upload
I’m going ahead and providing the first draft of the new print-and-play Lifewheels for Bhaloidam 2.0. More to follow!
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In Which We Live And Breathe v2.5
In Which We Live And Breathe version 2.5 is out! This is a fairly major update addressing a lot of the issues from the version 2 playtests. Obviously the new ve...
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New Core Edition
After the Disaster: Triage core edition is now available! Perfect if you want professional-quality cards and don't feel like making your own with the print-and-...
Critical!: Go Adventuring - Part 01
Trying to get the full use out of Itch.io. Right now you can get the first adventure for Critical!: Go Adventuring called You All Meet in a Tavern! If you pick...
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Cult Ability/Actions
Hello Cultists, To improve the overall experience and increase the theme/strategy options, all cults now have both an Ability and an Action that are randomly as...
2 files
Update: FPG Version 2
The first major update, based on some excellent feedback from the Blades in the Dark community, initial playtesting, and a deep read by the inestimable Nick Cum...
1 file
Update: Character Sheets
I've updated the character sheets to more closely model after the excellent Blades in the Dark design. This improves how the space is used, and more accurately...
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Ball Escort: Prototype v2
The game is now available in English! The update also comes with a few changes: RULEBOOK •Fixed a few errors in the rulebook ABILITIES •Ball's Bounce abilit...
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All's Quiet on the Western Front
There's not been much to report on lately despite best efforts to begin updating with some regularity. As usual, whenever this happens, it's because something w...
2.0 Edition
After some extensive play testing, there's been a few changes around here. The main change is that the Cult Exchange action card has been replaced with a Cult...
3 files
Release Candidate version 3.8
3.8 Release Candidate 21/05/2018: Gear: Removed N Shields and N Armor tags, replaced hem with Absorb N tag. Rewrote Discharge tag. Renamed Basic Shields to Shie...
4 files
First Playtest & Early Feedback
Current Jam Early Responses The early responses to the first draft of this game have been really positive! The biggest response I got, by far, was from the Blad...
1. Ponte en los zapatos de nuestra protagonista yuzu y trata de enamorar a la apuesta presidenta del consejo Meii basado en el popular anime citrus el juego tom...
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Fortuna Mythica - A 200 Word RPG
I rushed to get an entry into the 200 Word RPG Challenge and we managed to come up with this in a few days. This RPG takes inspiration from the Fool's Journey...
First Round of Edits
In the process of making the first round of edits for my first playtest tomorrow. I've added a basic summary of the major changes from Blades in the Dark and fl...
Playtesting the Game-Show Variant
Today, some friends and I got together to test out the competitive variant rules for Perfect Pitch, which allows for players to compete for bids such as might b...
Playtest Released!
The candles are lit, the goat skulls are positioned just so, and the Age of Man has finally ended. The first public playtest release of Fangs, Plague, and Gunpo...
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A Nocturne v0.8 release
A Nocturne v0.8 is out! This version contains a tonne of small updates, lots of streamlining, and some general quality of life improvements. For play you'll nee...
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New Platforms
Mac (Untested) Linux (Untested)
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A physical-digital survival card game.
Pre-Orders, what?
Conspiracy Theory is the latest title to be added to the 2018 Pre-Order Bundle. It wasn't initially on the slate for 2018, but as inspiration strikes, the empi...
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Updated version - 20180513.1
A new version of Squish has been uploaded Updates: More concrete life-phase of the game Adjusted query questions Added URL for print purposes
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