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BUILD 0.2.1
A new batch of Arcana was added! These new Curses and Spells have a focus on generating more Resources, especially Souls. A new mechanic has also been added: Phases! These Phases are activated through a special Event, and serve to give out...
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Action Selection
Implemented some minor changes to the way simultaneous action selection works in Gunfighter. Here is a run-down of the new rules (from the updated manual that is currently available with the PnP files): In the previous version, players sele...
Card evolution - Defensive Stance
Idea phase: Playtesting Phase: Current Version:
Two-player Wild West themed dueling card game
skull clackers update ya'll
updated the print and play booklet with new card count and rules!!!
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End of Year Hiatus - So Long 2017!
Hail! As this year winds down, and it has been a productive year, despite those who insisted on making it as difficult as possible for everyone, it is time for the annual ritual of travel, family togetherness, and exchange of thoughtful gif...
FAQ about Weird on the Waves
A day or so ago I asked on Google+ and Tumblr what questions people had about the book. I've answered them as best as I can on my blog (click here) . I hope these answers give you a better sense about the scope and content of the book. Tha...
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Box cover
Working on Gunfighter's box cover, featuring Finn's wonderful illustration
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12/14/17 - Rules Version 02 Added
Rules Version 02 Added - PDF
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Open it if you dare but be quick about it, wouldn't want all the nasties to get out.
Based on feedback from playtesters, I will be looking into changes for the "Dodge" mechanic. Currently, most dodge actions require the player to spend an accuracy point as a cost; however, this cost may be too high - resulting in fewer dodg...
Playtesting 1
Lots of great thoughts and suggestions from the playtesters that have helped to improve the game! Thank you all for your help with this project: Lia H, Dalan H, Kevin K, Jolie C, John K, Kevin C, Chris & Trisha, Dan M, Andy N, Natasha S, Gr...
PATCH 0.1.2
ADDED: Printables! You can now print out full decks. (Granted, without card backs, but still...) When printing, you're going to want to make multiple copies of the Resources. CHANGED: Changed the wording on several Event cards, as well as c...
Weekly Hazard Update 03
Greetings Adventurers, This week, the bestiary has been updated with more awful plagues and parasites including an icky appendage that throws razor sharp seeds at people, a laughing illness, and another gross parasite that tries to get you...
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Box cover illustration complete!
Gunfighter's cover and card illustrations were all created by the talented Findara McAvinchey. More of Finn's work can be found here: https://www.artstation.com/finndoctor
Single Column Layout And Simpler Armaments!
Hi lovely people! Today's update is a relatively small one but improves a couple of things we've noticed from playtests both online and at PAX Aus, mainly focused on shorter one shot games. Firstly we've changed the layout to a single colum...
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Lock 'n load
Gunfighter is now on itch.io!
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Two-player Wild West themed dueling card game
Weekly Hazard Update 02
Sorry for the delay folks, but without further delay, the weekly hazard update! This version of the bestiary offers two new monsters that work together: The timid and cowardly bugaboo, and the big scary bugbear. Bugaboos are a minor nuisanc...
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A Nocturne v0.7.2 playtest release
This new iteration of A Nocturne has been updated to include the following: - new rules and rules commentary for dealing with clones and artificial bodies, including the Armature, a fluid and disposable metal shell - A revised version of t...
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11/15/17 - New Card Art
Added updated card sheet for download with new upgraded card art, no longer engineer art.
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Weekly Hazard Update 01
No progress on the game this week. Trying to cobble together a campaign to test mechanics is a lot harder when also trying to make it entertaining and interesting. However... There is an update for brave adventurers this week! The "bestiary...
Bestiary Update v002
Heyo Mal-intended Fates! Today the new Bestiary is being released. It's a more streamlined version of the previous bestiary, with care given towards categorization and more standard and easier to read monster entries. Each entry has stats...
1.5E changes
Hey there, early-adopting folks. First of all, thank you so much for taking a chance on me and this game! I hope you've found time to play it since your purchase, and that you've had a fantastic time. After the several months the game has...
7 files
Oh god, I have to start playtesting now...
I've finally done it. I've finally hit the wall in Misbehavin' where I can't just keep theorycrafting in circles and I actually have to play it now. So that's what I'm gonna be doing next. There probably won't be tangible updates for a bit...
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Update to 0.9.1
Major update after 2 years...oops. We've been chugging along on new versions but not updating the PDF version here. Big changes plus tons of new spells, skills, classes, and races. Included is a new Monster Guide Excel document that can be...
4 files
Core Rules Update - 3.8 (The Illusionary Update)
Hello Hey Hi Adventurers! Another update ready for this week! This time a new vocation is included: The Illusionist! And it's a doozy. The illusionist makes the best use out of things that aren't real, and things that are so real that they...
2 files
Core Rules Update - 3.7 (The Magical Update)
Yay! Hooray! Woo! It's been a while since the last official update, but 3.7 turned out to be much bigger than a few bug fixes. For starters, there are a few new vocations to mess around with that fulfill some basic needs in the system. Seco...
Android Companion Now Available
The Gateways SCG Companion App is now available on itch.io for Android phones and tablets. It should be available on Google Play soon. It is waiting to be published now!
1 file
The Anticlimactic Return
Another Friday, Another delay, alack and alay. This week's update will be a bit delayed as updates take longer to implement than expected. Hopefully not too much longer. There's some tech issues with the document itself that need to be reso...
Welcome to the DevLog for Tabletop Maker!
Decided to take advantage of the fact that Itch.io provides a DevLog Service. Stay up to date with Tabletop Maker as it progresses. v1.0.0.0 DevLog: CreateHero: Allows you to create your very own Hero(s) to put into your Game. SetRace: Allo...
1 file
Rules fixed for 2 player games!
Changelog: Updated rules with new 2 player 4 pawns mechanic. Fixed a possible game lock in 2 player games. Increased the cost of the Old Tom b , now 1 wood + 1 gem (was 1 gem )
1 file
The Future of Cybernetic Boardgames
Hello nobody and everybody possibly interested in this at some point in the future and/or present. Some initial efforts have been made at digitizing the game. An initial version of the rules, photos and other development documents can be vi...
Radio Silence
Hey Adventurers! Been a while since the last post or update. Secretly, I had planned to update once a week on Friday, but so far that's been shoddy at best. Rest assured work is continuing on the rules, which brings us to the 3.7 release. N...
Uploaded Map Tile Backs
Uploaded a pdf of the map tile backs since some people have messaged me looking for them.
1 file
Hand and Turn Token usage
1 file
Two Player Turn Based Board Game
Character Sheet Upgrade
There's been a streamlining and upgrade to the character sheet that includes a "Progression Sheet" which lets you keep track of your protagonist's levels, per level. It also has a line for the character's motivation and a small section to k...
2 files
Gencon 2017
I'm sitting here on a plane back to LA thinking about Gencon 50 and all the wonderful folks I met. Specifically those whom I asked if they would like to try an RPG. Whether confused, unsure, eager, or begrudgingly those who accepted took a...
Release Day
Hello Friends! Today, Ordinary World is now available for you to download and browse. The PDF contains all of the core rules, currently available vocations, spells, talents, just about everything you need to make a character and all of the...
1 file
Playtest v1.1.0 Release
There's updates to Misbehavin'! v1.1 of the book text now makes the game, like, actually playable. I think I also updated the character sheets in some minor ways? The NYC quickstart is still largely the same though. The book text pdf has th...
3 files
Feedback To Lead To Updates
I got some feed back and realized many things to be fixed in this current section. Some proofreading got looked over. I had assumed that I looked over it all, but somethings I missed. More information should be added soon either in this sec...
Thank you everyone!
I've received so much feedback from this game, and I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to play, and let me know what they thought. This update changes a BUNCH of stuff, based on complaints that people have had, and rules clari...
1 file
Updated Cards in 9grid layout
I've uploaded the final cards in PDF form laid out 9 per page for easier printing. There's also a new complete production PNP as of 7/26 but I will update and finalize this with the final final production files in the coming weeks.
1 file
Updated PNP draft
I have updated the zip with all of the production ready files sent to the printer. Any comments on these will help us finalize the production samples and enter production. After we go into production, I will work on getting the final PNP f...
1 file
Santa's Blessing
Santa's Blessing is a physical game we made for a jam last year around the holidays. I can't even remember the exact theme, but it had something to do with Christmas. Anyways, we thought about making a game where you give to charity in the...
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The Secret of 'The Secret of the Tree Garden'
I attended the AMAZE Festival in Berlin in April and a particular game caught my eye there which was called The Berry Garden by Menno Stas . It was a large print on a wall that you could β€œplay” by using a website using your smart phone...
4 files
Minimal -- but playable! -- draft.
While this is the first upload to itch.io, the game has existed for a while. The most recent changes: You don't roll in this game 'til the scene's about to end. Players set the difficulty of their own roll by deciding what not to include i...
1 file
Added epub version
An epub version with autoformatting is now included. It has the same content as the pdf but should be more legible on e-readers, tablets, and other electronic devices.
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MYNT is live
Games are a way of telling stories. Especially roleplaying games. Some have very strict mechanics and rulesets, while others are more laissez-faire. The few I’ve encountered haven’t been the best at promoting roleplaying and storytellin...
1 file
Updated Rulebook and Fixed Rigid Teleport Card
After receiving feedback on the game, I have updated the Rule Book document to include more clarifications and examples to help explain some of the more obscure concepts like "doubling" cards, running out of cards in the deck, and others. T...
3 files
IMPACT v.004!
Updated the game again to add more credits. Also added a Mockup image to show what the game looks like being played. Hope IMPACT will not need another update.
1 file
IMPACT v.003!
Had to add credit. Special thanks to Jesus!
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Blast the meteor before everyone else!
Gather Your Dice
Welcome adventurers! Dice-Roll-Dungeon has just launched! While this is still it's alpha stage, I'm pretty chill with how it turned out. Picture it as a new-born baby who came out of the womb wearing shades. It's young... but cool . Thanks...
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