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Delta Canvas
The Delta Canvas will be a free add on for manipulating meshes and creating blend-shapes. Features: full undo support. custom brushes. solid performance with high-poly meshes. utilize skin for deformation. and more.
Todo: so many things to do... where to begin?
I keep my IDE open 24/7, just like I keep my computer on 24/7, just like I try to keep myself on 24/7. I have adapted to what I think people refer to as the 'Da Vinci' sleep cycle. 30 minutes of sleep every few hours. This lends itself well...
Improvements to Object Tools and more
This new development snapshot brings mainly improvements to object tools. You can now double-click on a polygon or a polyline to switch to the Edit Polygons tool, and you can press Escape to get back to the Select Objects tool. Escape can a...
4 files — 2018.01.16
PixelCNC v1.0a Gearing for Release!
Currently putting together the v1.0a build + free trial version for potential buyers to try before they buy. Everything is up in the air and PixelCNC's future depends solely on the sort of response it sees, as I do have other projects that...
PixaTool 1.35 Released
- Added: Atari ST Palette - Fixed: Color bits FX (Set at 2.5 to restrict 16 colors on 256 color palettes) --- The color bits restriction still not works 100% well. For 16 colors should be value 4(4bits), but instead is 2.5. Also for decimal...
ArcBruTile Pro World 1.1 release
Added new global Strava heatmaps in gold theme: For all sports or for Ride, Run, Water and Wintersports
1 file
Fixed the Overview's focus stat decimal barf Fixed date conversion issues with MONOCAL That's all lol. Remember to export a backup of your data before updating :) - Josh
5 files — 1.0.4
Wow ! The response to Tape has been great, far more than I ever expected. I am aware that there are some obvious features missing, as some of you have pointed out, and I want to say that these are absolutely on the roadmap. There is a bigge...
Relesed TIC-80 0.60.3
CHANGELOG version 0.60.3 ( https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/22?closed=1 ) 0.60.3 Persistent Memory (PMEM) moved from 80K RAM layout and has 1KB now (you can store up to 256 integers). Freed space (28 bytes) used to store data for...
12 files
v0.6.3 β€” Bug fixes + Label editor
New translations French translation from TeamNova . All hail TeamNova! Improvements Links as attachments in card viewer now have a draggable link. Added an exit button to the settings screen so users without tray (e.g. GNOME users) can clos...
5 files — 0.6.3
Mac version, named arguments, and many other things
There's now a pre-built Mac version for those unfamiliar with installing Electron. (application is not digitally signed so you'll have to "allow" it on the first run) Added "goto" dialog (Ctrl+G). This allows to quickly navigate to a line o...
2 files
Tape 1.0.2
Released 1.0.2 for MacOS
1 file
Intimate project management designed for artists and designers
PixaTool 1.34 Released
- Added: ZX Spectrum palette - Added: Zoom (Mouse Wheel Up/down)
1 file
Version 2.0 is out now
MapGen 2.0 is out now with a new feature: Cluster Build. Cluster build enables room deploying when converting your bitmaps. This allows much more customization and freedom to the old system. Instead of having to use the 5 default tile optio...
1 file
New Development Snapshot
This updates the snapshots to include the final changes for Tiled 1.1 and the fix made in Tiled 1.1.1 . It also includes some small additional improvements to the Tile Collision Editor. ThorbjΓΈrn Lindeijer Fixed crash on load for template...
5 files — 2018.01.10
Important : Export a backup of your log data before installing the new 1.0.3 update. Hello, everyone. It's been a while since the last update. Life has been quite the coaster ride. Anyway here's what's new with 1.0.3: Log data is now direct...
5 files — 1.0.3
PixaTool 1.33 Released
In full screen now you should export at max size as your max screen resolution is(WIP) Tested on Windows 7 (64bits) with 1080p resolution and 1440p in different machines. May have some bugs, in this case leave a comment or give me a touch...
1 file
Update of JAVAZ Fantasy Web Console
I've add a javascript code to make a flappy bird king of game... ^^ > I've add accelerometer event to use in the javascript code
Free open Beta
In the brink of a new version release, we are opening a beta test program. You can all download the first release version entirely free. Please download and test it on your projects, give us some feedbacks and we might give you some discoun...
1 file
Version 1.3 now available!
A new update is now available! This update adds all of the most requested features. We're working on the overhaul and this will be the last update on the old code base, the overhaul update will also be free for everyone. Additions Added und...
3 files — 1.3
Evaluator 1.0.0 Released
I've just released version 1.0.0 of Evaluator, which is my take on bytebeat music generation. Checkout the project page for more info!
6 files — 1.0.0
v1.4 available
Add version update notifier Fix typo
1 file
Monetize your game with cryptocurrencies
Version 1.2.5 now available!
After a long wait we'd like to present version 1.2.5 of Asset Forge (Deluxe). This update only adds new content, we are still working on a complete recreation of Asset Forge which will improve on every single feature. What's new: New collec...
3 files — 1.2.5
Weekly Devlog #7
I hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far! Now that I have a Trello board set up, it will take the place of these weekly devlogs going forward. I will be updating the board daily to track tasks that I'm working on as well as a place to...
Version 4.7
Configs for games [NES]: New Ghostbusters 2 (all levels) Shatterhand (all levels) Challenger (level map) Captain Planet (1 level) Takeshi Chousenjou (1 screen for test) Cheetahmen 2 (1 level) Also improved lua-script Autoc...
1 file
Happy new year! And monkey2 v1.1.09 is out...
Just a quick note to say happy new year, and that Monkey2 v1.1.09 is now available for download. Nothing fancy, just a prebuilt version of the current state of monkey2. As always, you can also build the latest version of Monkey2 yourself fr...
2 files
Tiled 1.1.1 Released
A quick patch release. If you're using the object templates, upgrading is important to avoid a crash on loading a map that uses a non-tile object template. Sorry about that! Changelog Fixed crash on load for template instances of non-tile o...
4 files — 1.1.1
Timeline support and improvements
Added timeline editing for GMS1 and GMS2. Shaders are now shown in the resource tree and can be double-clicked to open them in external editor. Mac-style keyboard shortcuts are now supported for some things (thanks to topherlicious). Editor...
2 files
GPE Version 1.2.1 released with source code!
Game Pencil Engine Changelog Version 1.2.1[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Changelog Sections are now alphabetized after "Engine Changes" #11 KEY changes made a multitude of other great changes... [Critical Changes] -Fixed Scene Editor Critical Bug for...
2 files
1/4/2018 Update
When multiple nodes or connections are selected, editing the properties window now edits all selected.
1 file
Development Update as of 1/2/18
Hello again! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I spent some time with family over the holidays so this update will be a bit smaller than usual, but I've continued to make good progress on the upgrade to Godot...
Tiled 1.1 Released
It's finally here! After months of tweaking, fixing and adding more small features, I've just released Tiled 1.1 . Those following the development snapshots are already familiar with the images above, showcasing infinite mapping with impro...
4 files — 1.1.0
Update on 1.1.0 development
It looks like 1.0.0 is stable enough that we can skip a patch release and start the busy work for 1.1.0. We have listened to the features requested, and happy to show off the new feature to restrict colors to a set palette when not using 1-...
New Years Update on Engine and Editor
I haven't uploaded a video in a while, so what better time than the beginning of the year. Welcome to 2018. Great things are in store!
Tiled 1.1 Release Candidate
While the release imminent and translations are being updated, I've still been making a host of improvements that could be included because they do not affect the translations. Some crashes were fixed, Automapping and polygon editing got so...
5 files — 2018.01.01
Global variable auto-completion
Not to be confused with globalvar auto-completion (although both are same in the end ), GMEdit now takes note of global.variables across the project and suggests them when typing global.| Also fixed a minor clipping issue with code editor o...
2 files
Klystrack playback library updated
Here's the latest build of the Windows playback library (libksnd) you can use in your own projects to play klystrack tunes. A wrapper for Game Maker will be posted shortly. Please read the wiki entry for how to use the library (spoiler: it'...
1 file
New year, new things!
Hello! I have just uploaded the new version of the program, which adds and improves a number of things: The program now has a name, and that name is GMEdit. Added local variable highlighting and auto-completion. To avoid this taking toll on...
2 files
Weekly Devlog #6
2017.12.25 Christmas with family 2017.12.26 Added "script" as an option to the New Resource dialog (v0.5) Implemented initial UI for Script Editor toolbar (New, Save, Undo, Redo buttons) (v0.5) Added code to automatically select a specific...
12/30/2017 Update
Added saving and loading maps. Added color selecting.
1 file
A tool for generating cave like maps.
Version 1.0.0 now available
This update adds downloadable demos and introduces additional options for 1-bit mode. Additions Add option to set additional body colour when generating 1-bit sprites Add Windows and Mac demo with certain limitations. Changes Changed some U...
4 files
LangGen Pro Release Date
The release date for LangGen Pro is set for January 13th, 2018. The pro version will be $1.99, and will feature some of these features: Much easier to use and nicer-looking use interface Base Packages - Used to edit the word segments that t...
Little update
As I was setting up my new dev machine B-) I've added voxatron and tic80 installer. So that I can access them through my desktop environment like a boss. Hope you find it usefull
3 files
Catching up
New changes to the core of the `GDNative` gives some stability and is awesome, fixed some bugs and there are still a lot to do.
1 file
Weekly Devlog #5
2017.12.18 Implemented dialog to show the palette matching results for the "Apply Palette" tool and to allow the user to override any color matches to a different palette color (v0.5) Implemented undo/redo actions for the "Apply Palette" to...
TIC-80 0.60.0 in Beta test
CHANGELOG version 0.60.0-dev ( https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/22?closed=1 ) added optimisations for main render function and some draw API, like draw spr , circ and tri , now they > 2x faster (by @jahodfra ) added special O...
11 files
Tutorial #3: FM synthesis
FM synthesis is something that seems to be quite confusing for a lot of users. In reality it is quite simple if you know what you are doing and what the synth is doing. Note: You can find the above tune here . Basics In short: FM synthesis...
1 file
Small bugfix for 1.19
Fixed small bug in python binding that passed SequencePack::get_sequence() an incorrect type of parameter, causing linux crash Fixed some file names in samples with mismathed capitalisation that worked on windows but failed on linux
6 files
0.5.1 and Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
I wanted to release something before the Holidays, but didn't have enough time to implement anything epic. So there is nothing epic in this update, just small improvements :) Labels . Checking this "style" option makes ward labels visible w...
Release 1.19
Updated packages for the latest 1.19 release: Ability to modify Spriteset data (sprite locations and pixel contents) at runtime Optional nearest-neighbour upscaling instead of the default bilinear filter for big, blocky pixels Added frame r...
6 files
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