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Added new auto-generation styles
You can now auto-generate art in two different styles, normal mode, and cubism mode, which has a much more structured and organized and cubic like effect.
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Version 0003 avaiable!
Hi everyone! Another update, and this time is a big one! Saving multiple projects is possible at last! But there is one catch, due to limitations of GMS2 they have to be saved in "Projects" directory (located in ":\Users\<username>\AppData\...
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Update vocabs
Now we have 161 * 161 = 25921 combinations
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Generate amazing phrases for your game.
June 18th, 2018
Quake Tools Released!
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A new programmable color picker for Windows
We've just released into early access a new programmable color picker for Windows. If this is something that you might benefit from, then check it out, and give me bug reports/suggestions on howto make it better.
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Hex Kit 2.0.1
Hey pals ! We updated this sucker with a few bug fixes: Hex Kit 2.0.1 Patch Notes Fixed labeling nightmares Fonts were borked in display mode but not anymore Flat top tiles were doing strange magics on import but we fixed that too REmoVeD...
5 files
Added Custom image from the web support
For the demo tool you can now add custom images from web, although do be warned anything larger 64x64 might be quite taxing. Especially if it has no opacity as those parts are cut out. ps: the web browser doesn't always find the image in th...
3 files
月崇拝Co., Ltd. We developed VAPORGENE for OSX Corporation. Windows version will be uploaded within 1 week. CURRENT FUNCTION Infinite music generation from a single VIRTUAL CASSETTE Ability to save the generated output
1 file
Monetization strategies and how they are implemented with UETOPIA
One of the goals with the design of UETOPIA is to be flexible enough to support any combination of monetization strategies, including utilizing a third party payment solution. This makes for quite a few options and combinations. Why do we...
1 file
Sprite Editor : 1.2 UPDATE!
Sprite Editor 1.2 Update We Have Got a New Updates And this is one of the Biggest Update Because it Gives You Save Your Projects *Updates 1.2 ✓Realtime Coding Execution ✓New Built In Documentations ✓Save And Load Your Own Projects ✓...
1 file
4coder 4.0.28: A Round of Bug Fixes
This build just fixes various bugs and makes small tweaks to existing systems, nothing very major. The most notable changes 1. Network directories on Windows were broken and now work 2. Command metadata is now generated from a preprocesse...
12 files — 4.0.28
Preview of Pixel-Me v1.2
Hey, guys. I'm pretty hyped and proud to show you what's coming up for Pixel-Me v1.2, so here's a first preview: Besides adding "lock"-buttons for all elements that will prevent those locked items from being shuffled when clicking the "Rand...
2 files
Another update!
-Added new icons -Eraser no longer effects first layer -Empty tile location is now Id 0 instead of -1, so the first tile in your tilesheet should be empty for now on. -Updated the test map included with the project to account for new tilesh...
2 files
LVL Edit 0.4.2 on itch.io!
LVL Edit 0.4.2 Changelog - Invisible properties bug while object selected - LVL Edit FPP example - alpha channel bug fixed (actions order) - Fog bug - Static Mesh materials - Object properties: Quick 45deg rotations buttons updates rotation...
1 file
v1.0 alpha 2
Filter mode now applies to both the low-pass and high-pass filter Added drive iterations parameter
2 files
Development Update as of 6/14/18
Hello everyone! I decided to go ahead and post an update mid-June since I've collected enough interesting GIFs and screenshots so far. :) I'm still pushing forward on migrating everything over to Godot 3.0 (with the occasional new feature)...
Maintenance release: Godot 3.0.3
This new maintenance release is packed with enhancements and bug fixes, and even brings some long awaited features like the support to export C# games to desktop platforms . C# export for mobile/web is yet to come, but now that it works on...
5 files — 3.0.3-stable
Crude Brick Huts and Map Generation
Howdy guys! Version 4.97 (Somehow we regressed?) Now out with some previous BETA features packed in. Brick huts now display for your natives! Map generation tools expanded to customizable options Right now BETA currently is testing placing...
4 files — 4.98
Updated debug console to accept escaped commas as ^, instead of \, This change was necessary to escape markup in GMS2, but was changed in both versions for interoperability Fixed vngen_goto and vngen_room_goto sometimes failing when execute...
1 file
More Details on Custom Libraries & Art Style Update Progress
Hi there! It has been two weeks since our last devlog and we have quite a lot to share today. We've laid some parts of the ground work needed for custom library implementation, and also finalized some specification about how it will work on...
3 files
Beta 7!
Pixelmash Beta 7 is now available! This is a HUGE update from Beta 6, and we are very excited for you to try it out! See it in action in this latest Pixelmash video making animated clouds: youtube.com/watch?v=v8L0cXGvjAc This latest update...
2 files
Update to Silo 2.5.4
We'v added High DPI (high resolution monitor) support on both Windows and MacOS with the 2.5.4 update; we've also fixed a bug that was causing crashing on startup for some Windows users. Enjoy!
2 files
v1.0 alpha 1
first public release
2 files
A tasty, cozy delay plugin.
Update 1.1
Hello everyone. I have recently updated my app to version 1.1 that adds the ability to select multiple objects, copy objects that also copy their rotational values. You can now highlight objects, so you know what you have selected. I added...
1 file
Update 1.5 - Gravity and bugs
Hello everyone ! Today is the release of the 1.5 update ! It includes a tons of bugs fix and code changes to include new features in next release. Sorry for the delay before this update. Happy codding !
Update #1
This update adds: Two new opcodes: INC and DEC ! You can now Save your projects! ( downloads them to your computer ) You can now Load your projects! Added a Stop button so you can stop the emulator and save your PC's resources!
2 files
1.0.1 Miscellaneous fixes and improvements 1.0.0 Added native GameMaker Studio 2 support GameMaker Studio 1 support now moved to critical updates and bug fixes only Added native 4K support to internal functions and debug interface Added *...
1 file
June 2018 Update
Hello there! I've been pretty quiet with this project for a while, but I just wanted to test out Itch.io's devlog feature and let anybody who's interested know that I'm currently working on this again. I was not satisfied with the variety a...
C3 version released
A c3 version of the plugin is now available!
2 files
Clean and simple notifications
Museum Update
I thought about having a framework for digital museums inspired by Zium Museum would be beneficial for this Kit. as this would take some time I would like to know if anyone would even care. There would be things like Text, Autor and such so...
2 files
Hello ITCH!
Hello ITCH! The UETOPIA crew is thrilled to find a new home and devlog here among such a great developer community. We look forward to engaging with you all. The purpose of UETOPIA is to make multiplayer game development easier, faster, an...
4coder 4.0.27: Project System Upgrade
This build features a brand new, built from the ground up project system, with multiple load paths, file matching patterns, and more options in the project commands. This build comes with a tutorial video on using the new project system. T...
12 files — 4.0.27
The Hider Launched
Hide files in plain sight The Hider is a tool for steganography, i.e., the art of hiding files inside images. These files could be anything, a .txt, a document, a game asset, a password, a bitcoin private key, another image, the steam keys...
Mac-Version now available
A mac-version of Pixel-Me is now available for download.
2 files
The Pixelart Character Generator
Live Reloading of Worlds and Fixes
The new multi-map world view that was released with last week's development snapshot now automatically refreshes when loading, unloading or changing a world file. A number of fixes have been made as well, the biggest being the proper flippi...
5 files — 2018.06.01
First version released! The console is alive and want's people because it loves people! Stable version of the console, planned things: Pastebin support( run your external files easy ) Add a Virtual Hard Disk Drive Polish and make it run smo...
2 files
Development Update as of 6/1/18
Development Updates Hi again! I hope everyone has had a great month. I've mostly been focusing on editor-related tasks, in particular for the Theme Editor, Main Menu Editor, and Credits Editor. At this point I now have a lot of their primar...
New version available
I did not regularly update the Itch.io entry of this application. So here is a full history of all changes from 7.0.7 to 7.1.7 Not every function is available in the Free Edition. Changes with 7.1.7 Fix: AnimBrush playback skipped frames wi...
1 file
New version available
Autotiler is still in active development. I've just make few additions and changes to make AutoTiler more comfortable to use. Changelog: -added: ability to save and open previously saved project (currently olny one project can be sa...
1 file
Release 5.0+
https://github.com/spiiin/CadEditor/releases/tag/v5.0%2B This is release with new configs only, editor not changed. 50 games for NES added! (full list it github release notes)
Playscii 0.9.10
fixed bad behavior selecting text and select tools from popup tools tab - select clicks outside popup didn't register! fixed grab tool not working in non-"quick grab" usage
3 files
Better Fire (0.6.1 Alpha)
I updated the fire artwork to tile vertically and made fire-water interactions destroy water, as well. I also added a pair of blocks for concrete and chainlink fence.
2 files
Playscii 0.9.9
Art Mode: Horizontal/vertical flip operation for Art documents added Macintosh II color palette Game Mode improvements: Fireplace example game, with documentation added GameWorld.pause_music and GameWorld.resume_music added GameWorld.allow_...
3 files
Simulation System Threading Nightmare and v1.20a Update
Long story short, after hammering out the 'quilt' system which would allow region-specific updating of the simulation 3D mesh I realized that I had completely overlooked how problematic (and slow) it would be to deal with situations where o...
Version 1.2
Newer releases of AppGameKit have a DrawText command and even though this project is built on an older version of the AppGameKit library, it seemed prudent to rename the draw_text method to print_value to eliminate any confusion. The name...
4 files
Animated Blocks (0.6.0 Alpha)
This update is really exciting! It's something I've wanted for a long time and it's finally happening: animated blocks! Squee! For a basic example, I added a fire block that tumbles like sand and gets destroyed by contact with water. I a...
2 files
First release!
Version 0.1 is just released. Contains most of functionality (connect to strava, analyze activities, store tile info locally and display heatmap).
1 file
Setback Recovery & Ongoing Art Style Refinements
It has been quite a long time since our last devlog, and progress in the nightly channel has been cosiderably slow lately. We're really sorry for these unexpected delays, and hopefully when something similar happened in the future we'll be...
2 files
Multi-Map World View, Python 3 and Raising Funds!
It's been a while since the last development snapshot , mostly because it includes two new features that took a while to get "ready" for release. I've also been spending time on my current fundraiser , which is an urgent attempt at regainin...
4 files — 2018.05.24
Real-time Simulation System Stuff
I'm knee-deep in the core algorithmic code of the updated simulation system, which will feature full operation simulation - allowing real-time observation of how an operation will actually cut as a function of time. Users will be able to co...
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