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Dream City Life Updated to Version 1.40
Hi, here's the list of changes for version 1.40: You can now customize your own name in the game All interior location has proper background and lighting Most text strings have been externalized to xml files (we will do localization to othe...
1 file
Android version available!
Brave Bouncy Box can now be played on Android mobile devices! Get the game now on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FrienLight.BouncyBouncyBox&hl=...
Designing Player World Interaction in Unreal Engine 4
Originally posted on Troll Purse development blog. Unreal Engine 4 is an awesome game engine and the Editor is just as good. There are a lot of built in tools for a game (especially shooters) and some excellent tutorials out there for it...
Orange Season Update 0.2.8
Hello everyone! It's me again, with another new update for orange season! There's nothing big this time, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements: Fixed hud flickering. Fixed invalid location when moving between summer areas. Add...
4 files — 0.2.8
Historia Battles cross-platform turn-based wargame
Historia-Battles is a cross-platform turn-based wargame. (Link to game: https://vpiro.itch.io/ ) I like playing chess, I am also interested in historical battles and traditional war board games. For this reason I have created a wargame insp...
Fire it up!
Buildings may now catch on fire when you reach a $/s over 1.000! Be sure to build a fire station so they can put out the fire.
1 file
Alpha build 5. Inventory added.
Now you can pickup items from ground. mainly cogs and wood. cogs are picked up with [RMB] and other items with e, when you're close to them. Known bug: trying to remove cog while you have inventory slot selected that has cogs won't remove t...
1 file
Update 22/01/2018
Hi there! This week I worked on drawing some sprites for Matt and polished the background image for the main menu, maybe I will show that in the next update :p So I’m still working on the new version of the demo, more slowly that I wishe...
Added animated background
Added planet moves around another one and blinking stars
2 files
Visual editor of ship from parts
v1.01 - Slight bug fix to speed up the refuel time
1 file
Operation: Da Choppa: Rescue hostages and destroy the unknown enemy!
Pump up the jams!
I forgot to post the dev log last week, so this covers the last two updates. I added 8 additional jams for your listening pleasure, so pump the jams Last two builds focused on changes that make game mechanics such as absorb, radar, and de...
1 file — 1626
Bar SK & new sprites
So i'm happy to announce that my game is going to be shown at BAR SK's WIP Night on the 31st of January. Feel free to come along and enjoy a brand new version of the game that'll only be shown at SK (This version also contains all of the fi...
UPDATE 1/22/2018!
Hi guys! Last week was very intense :'D Remember the scene I have to write before Maya's group arrive in the Autumn Village? It ended up much longer than I expected ^^;; 7k+ words -a new record ><; The branchings are going quite well t...
Line free
Line how you really want:)
1 file
Line the longest.
So you those who played Amplitude should know by know that we're all up for weird/unusual visual novels. And the next one is no different! With a more comic style cg and sassy characters, we hope you all are excited for the next project! ht...
Build 2
A lot of changes since friday, mostly improving the feel and look of combat as well as introducing new mechanics such as the active weapon skills and UI work. Balance: Nerfed Dark Mage. Increased player stamina from 30 to 40. It felt like t...
1 file
Winter Update v1.04 - New Music!
It has been a little quiet on our end lately, but we now have a pretty exciting update for you. Version 1.04 of the game now includes updated music throughout the game! So, if you have already played through the game, now is a perfect time...
3 files
Laser Teaser
Added a new tower and a new enemy. It's coming out soon. Here's a teaser
Progress continues onwards!
Today I submitted WT to Bitsummit and hope to be able to showcase there. In this devlog I've updated screenshots and pushed a new build up to steam. A new version should be on its way to itch.io soon! Hope you like the new screenshots and v...
2 files
Kickstarter Teaser Trailer!
Hi all! We've recently put together a Kickstarter Teaser showing many (but not all!) gameplay elements from our upcoming tactical, turn-based RPG, Bevontule, which will begin its crowdfunding campaign on January 29th! In lieu of that, we ha...
Alpha build 4. Organizing stuff
Hello I'm back again. Got some time off work and relaxed now. So I figured to do this little bit. not much, so I don't get tired again. I've added some kinda inventory there. You can pickup wood mostly now. But it's a start and I'm preparin...
1 file
Version 0.0.6 is out!
Release Notes: What's new Music! Yes, the first song is in you can control volume in the pause menu under options (ESC). Growing crops now works also updated the crop art Harvest task is fixed, also crops are automatically harvested Added c...
1 file
Demons Featured on PC Gamer's Free Games of the Week
Yesterday I found out that Demons was featured on PC Gamer in their Free Games of the Week article. We're super surprised and flattered that we were chosen and we're glad people are enjoying playing our game. So I wanted to say: THANK YOU F...
Ferryman Post Jam update
Yo dawg. Update ahoy! After the jam finished I got home from work and did the things I didn't get to do during the jam (I only had 2 days originally). Main point of this update is balancing and content. More upgrades! More levels! Easier fi...
2 files
This upcoming week I'll be updating the game. We will have a different enemy with an animation attack and also a better spawning of enemies. I'll try to change the User Interface and make a better presentation of the rounds.
Beta 0.15
Hello! I'm slowly working on a game. Here is the update list: Shop. Now you can pick up souls from enemies and buy weapons, ammo or health at the end of the level; 3 new level types.
2 files
Update 1
New: -Hitting birds now yield money. -Progress gets saved when quitting the game. Changes: -Camera is now a bit further away. -Cannon upgrade is up to 15 instead of 12. -Ball control has a more effect. -Less clouds. -More bird...
1 file
Scorch Beta!
Major Patch 2: The Scorch Beta Added a Main Menu and Pause Menu Hand Animations New Voice Acting (Dialogue and Reaction Monolog) Gonzales now reacts to your answers Resources help you to keep track of conversations The UI now has immersive...
1 file
You have two choices: to buy Mimic Hunter, or to let the Unbound devour the World. You have 2 days to decide!
Add Mimic Hunter to your Steam wishlist! Steam wishlist: http://store.steampowered.com/app/657400/Mimic_Hunter/
Update - 7
Updated: - Menu Insults
1 file
Fairly Nude is a hardcore platformer with some elements of comedy, that relies heavily on quick reactions and timing
Weekly update 5: route progress!
As you can see from the pictures, I started writing Kane's route! I don't believe in true routes, so he's not the canon romance; his route does have lots of revelations, though, so I'm writing it first. I also already wrote two of what I ca...
Added Total Death Counter and Total Time played
We've added a Total Time taken to beat the game counter at the end of the game as well as a Total death counter. Now you get to see how long it took you to beat the game and how many deaths it took! Now go speed run it and let us know you...
2 files
New Version, New Fetures, New EVERYTHING!
We have updated most of the game, both visuals and technical aspects. There are more enemies, new level layout, boss battle and more!
1 file
Hey friends, We've been fixing a bunch of bugs, some game-breaking but mostly just cosmetic issues. If you guys find any more, let us know! Thank you!
4 files
Beta release!
Hey guys! I've finally re-released abstractanks and I'm pleased to announce that it is now in beta state. The game has been in the making for a good 6 years now - being improved steadily with only a few longer breaks. The game had first bee...
2 files
Pharaoh, the pixel adventure, new version.
New version of Pharaoh, the pixel adventure. Many bugs fixed, now more fun than ever!!!
1 file
Graphic Restyle
Hi! I want to announce that I'm working for a new graphic. Here's a little preview:
#3 Work begins on new levels!
Hi everyone! The past couple of weeks since the release of the demo have been quite busy, as they've mainly been spent responding to player feedback and working on releasing an updated version that dealt with most of the major bugs in the f...
Version 0.7
Ajout des crΓ©dits Ajout de la musique de fond Ajout de sons lors : des dΓ©placements des caisses du positionnement d'une caisse sur une cible du reset du niveau de la victoire
2 files
Replacement background images
I've begun replacing my placeholder background images with new ones by Cryptovexillologist.
1 file
We update the Demo on steam!
Now steam is also available to play Echo demo. Steam will make it easier for players to updates. In the steam , we are also looking forward to your playing. http://store.steampowered.com/app/751320/Echo/
I have put this build out because there was an issue that wouldn't let some players play the Story Mode. New feature implemented: Implemented a Delete Data Button in Options Menu to delete all local save files to fix the game when a save fi...
3 files
Online scenario support added!
So this is a rather big thing for me as a software developer, my first server side component for Galimulator! It includes a JSON service, a moderation interface and quite a lot going on behind the scenes. I don't really know what I'm doing...
3 files
Star Juggler (0.3-Menu)
Why 0.3 you may ask? Put simply, I finally fixed the several bugs I found with the Player, Star and Enemies. There was a version 0.2.11 but it was mostly bug-fixing and other corrections without visible differences aside from the new (pre-)...
1 file
Important Update!
Updated: - Start Level; to get a hang of the controls - Bubble Jump (bug); Fix
1 file
0.6.1a Hotfix
Just a quick hotfix this time around. I didn't get to remedying all issues reported, but I hope this will be enough for now. A few large-scale changes within the engine have occurred, which makes things a little unstable, to say the least...
5 files
Updates to game; includes: Further resolution support
1 file
Oculus Touch Support!
Hey everyone! A small but very significant update. Catapult VR now officially supports Oculus Touch controllers. You still need SteamVR to play, though. Check it and leave a feedback!
1 file
Curse of the Arrow beta v0.5
It's been a week since the first beta release. We spend a bit of time resting from the game, but we got a few things done for you: Dungeon zone is fully done now! Enjoy the power of wires, switches and logic gates, as well as some cool ligh...
8 files
It's a Secret
Probably the last build before the jam is over, but we snuck in a few more things. Also an easter egg.
2 files
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