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0.79.4 update
Changes: Custom names for dedicated servers ( set in .bat/.sh file) Login shouts when entering a server.
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Kiss The Commander
Female player x Sullivan Character Bachelors in game
3D RPG Fantasy simulation game
Version 1.0.18 released
Add Randomize & Play button to instant-play with random weapons, mutators and map Add countdown before matches that displays active weapons and mutators Add screen shake on explosions Change the location and size of the slow-motion bar Chan...
RoboVDino is out!
OH! MY! GOSH! After a year wrenching on my little dinosaur game, RoboVDino is finally out for Windows, Mac, and Linux! Need a refresher on what RoboVDino is about? Take a look: Pick up junk, throw it at dinosaurs to knock them out, pick up...
New Area Cave Flaren In Development
Development of the new area called Cave Flaren is now underway. We have cold type enemies, earth type enemies, now it's time to add some fire type enemies to the mix.
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New Mac Build
Somebody alerted me to the fact that my Mac build wasn't working, so I fixed it. Unfortunately, I'm getting a graphical glitch where the shaders for the cop aren't working on the Mac build. The game is still completely playable; it's just a...
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Alpha 2.1.1 - Optimizations and Fixes (and hair physics!)
Today's build has some more fixes and optimizations as I work on the Story Quests and some other features. I've turned off the "Cave In!" quest as I've had a few reports of it sometimes not completing correctly. Once I reproduce the bug and...
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a peek at what ive been up to.
birds of a feather die when alone in this war-eaten age, and only kin must live.
2018.06.20 Patch Notes
- Added /kick. Kicks do not deal damage, but are fast and have a high chance to disrupt your target's attacks and spells. The default shortcut is [ k ]. - Added /carry. Carried objects go directly into your hands instead of attempting to fi...
THERMALS Now Supports Decent Computers. Hooray.
Physics speed was fixed! I missed a set of parenthesis, I fixed that, and it broken everything else. It was a real pain in the butt to adjust all the other values in the game, but it's fixed now. You no longer need specifically and i3-...
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Stage improvements & jump height increase
"Five Stories" was a favourite for a long time, but at some point it started to feel just a little too claustrophobic to me. So, I gave it a bit of a stretch. Each corridor (except for the bottom one) is now one block higher. This made it p...
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DevLog #2 - Extraction problem fixed -
Hi. Amr Salama, The Free Writer game developer here. Some of you had a problem to extract the game, and I think because the way it was packaged by ZIP. That problem is fixed since the package is RAR now, which is easier to extract. You can...
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Demo has been updated
Demo has been updated. It is 10 minutes long. The levels has been updated as well with more details. Final game is finished just have to polish it more.
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DEVLOG #9 - ALPHA v1.2
Hello and Good Day! We are proud to release ALPHA v1.2 <--------------------- BAM! Shelter Building! Working Working Working! We got a ton done and are still making more. Getting there! We are working on more art as a lot of the current...
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the "don't make me take notes" update
The feedback I got from friends and family was that they felt like they needed to take notes to play the game, and they were losing because they didn't want to do that--especially on a mobile device! I totally had to take notes while playin...
0.0.10 - Porcupine Fish Spawn Animation
Current Added porcupine fish spawning animation What's Next Update Music Box sprite and animation Character progression for Seika Items/treasure More enemies/bosses More variety the further Seika ascends the underwater cave. Update procedur...
0.0.9 - Fixed Player Spawn
Small update to fix player spawning. Current Seika now spawns at a reasonable distance from an enemy. What's Next Give visual indication for porcupine fish spawning [NEW] Update Music Box sprite and animation [NEW] Character progression for...
0.0.8 - Zone Exit Updated
The next few updates will be small, mostly art updates. I'll be tweaking a few things first before expanding the game out. As of now, there are 5 zones including the boss fight. Current Changes Replaced notes with proper zone exit. Pre...
Possible problem with entering the door at the end is sometimes the text prompt doesn't show up. Press Space to enter the door. There are a few other small bugs mostly to do with collisions but it is unlikely I will be returning to this pro...
Two Updates for One
So... Pizza Jam ended and Resume took 1st place in the Theme category (Theme was "Memory")! I am so amazed by the response from players and the willingness to play what I had designed and coded. To celebrate that there is a double-update fo...
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Quick fix
Fixed some issues with the downloads. Mac and Windows is still untested.
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Future updates!
Just to list a few of the updates to come! - Infinite level generation - New enemies - New Defender - Kill based level progression - Upgrade UI system
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Update v137
This update is COMPATIBLE with v134+ saves. Functionnality update. Two major things to note : Fixed a critical bug that dramatically increased the save file size when losing emmets Added the Company history functionnality in the station scr...
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Demo version 1.4.3 update
Fixed some coding issues. The textbox can now be hidden by pressing the space bar.
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Demo Version 1.2 Released!
We've updated our free demo! The basic story is the same, but we've brought some of the art and music up to speed with new assets. ART: Everybody has arm poses to match their facial expressions now, not just Naomi! When Teo's dancing, Teo's...
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Heaven's Grave - Update #4
Work is continuing on the script and I’m happy to say Kien’s route is nearly complete now and will be with the playtesters soon. Next up will be the always charming Suiza. ^_^
L1's Darkest Secret Revealed
Some have contacted us asking about 'A Strangely Familiar Land' (I assume from rooting around in the data files). To my knowledge, no one has uncovered this secret and found their way to this place. Although completely unnecessary to comple...
Testing ;)
#twitter: http://twitter.com/AngryCatStudios
Mimic Hunter Demo
Painting The Dystopian American Wall! (Live)
Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel
Update 02: Oculus Rift support!
Thanks to the Oculus Start program, we've been able to update the game with proper Oculus Rift support! Please let us know of any issues you have, and we'll get to fixing them as soon as possible!
L2 Version 1.3 Available
Version 1.3 is now available. Most notably, I have brightened the display so that everything can be seen more clearly. Pole arm weapon attack has been fixed such that you can now attack with a party member between the attacker and the enem...
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💀 Spooky Skeletal Dance Party Progress
The work on Skeletal Dance Simulator’s successor Skeletal Dance Party is going great! Last additions are new cool particle effects, a new camera system and better visuals. Your minions is pretty stupid and will try all kinds of different...
New update: 1.1.7
There were many modifications, corrections and additions!
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Be the captain of the spaceship Almara in various adventures !
We fixed some issues with the game. Now it should be playable. At the 4th room (after the rooms with bridges) is a bug with the door, so pls push the button first!
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Stories from Spring Valley #3
Summath Island Press By: Prpl_Mage Unappreciated change in NCH Around 5 PM yesterday several witnesses reported seeing a Gryphe of the Hippogryph family soaring through Neon City Hub. Although not a rare sight in Greyspire or Spring Valley...
v2 update
Update to address some of the comments and fix a couple bugs. Linux and Mac Builds Added builds for both, but I can't currently test them. Please leave a comment if you have any issues with them. Render Distance This seems to be a common co...
3 files
0.79.3 update
Im sorry, I messed up the character creation screen with the 0.79.2 update. It should be fixed now =) HAVE FUN!
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v1.5.0 – new room types and balancing
This update took a little longer than expected, mostly because it comes with a lot of minor tweaks to the balancing of difficulty and other settings (for the better!). The main change in this build are the new room types tho. There are now...
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0.79.2 update
A minor update. Changes: Private chests should now be indestructible if they contain items and the owner has been around for the last 24h. Headless server bat file for windows with some config settings. Item balance changes. Some minor twea...
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1.2 Update!!!
Finally, the long-awaited POLAR 1.2 Update is out! It features: -A brand new world -A brand new boss fight -A brand new character -A happy ending( Yay :D)
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Thank You for the Support!
Thank you for all that have checked out this game, downloaded it, and put it in their collection. I truly appreciate the support for this game and thanks for the follows. Thank you, Thaumaturge Games
OK/NORMAL is finally out and ready for purchase. I hope you enjoy the experience! Thanks!
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Sparticles - v0.04
Added 10 new levels (31 in total) Added first boss (level 25) Particles should better fit the shape of the platforms Particles have longer life (10s -> 30s) New background music after level 25
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Pre-Order the Deluxe Edition to get access to the Closed Alpha when its available!
Q&A: Q: What will i get with the Deluxe Edition? A: You will gain access to the Closed Alpha, Which normal players will not be able to access. Please note that in the future the game will become available to free players again. We also plan...
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We're sorry!
The tutorial in the first escenary was added. We forgot to add this to the game. well, at least The "Machine" escenary has a tutorial, explain by the "Unknown entity"
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Update 19
-added new enemy faction and boss fight to the campaign -added 6 additional campaign missions with multiple map and faction combinations -added new skirmish map -both corporate faction boss fights are now in the boss rush mode -new map type...
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Our Voyage Begins!
Our voyage begins... Over the last couple of weeks the six of us have been journeying through a sea of seemingly never-ending tasks as we set about perfecting RoBoats: Legacy, making our first official trailer, and tallying up our food rati...
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2.5.0 - Diplomacy Update
Diplomacy Update It's been entirely too long without a release, but here we are. In hindsight my original diplomacy plans were far too ambitious. They've been streamlined and scaled down for now. I plan to keep iterating on diplomacy, howev...
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More slow progress :3
So yeah, as the title says, progress is slower than I'd like but it's still coming along at least! I've been extra busy so I've not been able to get anywhere near as much done as I had hoped. My poor grandma has been ill on and off so as al...
Detailed Game Info on New Webiste!
Hello guys! We have made a major overhaul to the Bannermen website, providing more info about the game, gameplay, units, buildings and much more. Be sure to check it out! https://bannermen.net/
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