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Monster Girls Sketch Vol 2 Side A (Released)
Major Update
Halloween monster girls sketchbook from siluman is released, With Six Monster Girls in the sketch together each with it's own unique sex scene. 18 total wide p...
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New Halloween Co-op Bundle!
This month, I've teamed up with Ace Wheelie of White Rocket Books on a very small book co-bundle Halloween Bundle here on For $5 you'll get 3 digital...
The Polanski Case
Thank you for taking time to consider The Polanski Case. This is a prequel to the Deacon Bishop series currently available in paperback form. You can find the...
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Print Books Now Available!
Major Update
Hey Deviants! I teased it in my update this week, but that's right: Paperback Books of 'The Princess is a Total Deviant' are now available for purchase! You can...
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better screenshots
a better explanation and screenshot, hope for your inputs
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Monstergirl, siluman, sketch
The Princess is a Total Deviant: Completed!
Major Update
The final chapter of The Princess is a Total Deviant is out! Read it at one of the links below! Read it on Tapastic! Read it on Webtoons!
Monster Girls Sketch Vol 1
Just want to share again if anyone interested in our monstergirls initial design.
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New product: Yuri!!! Off Ice, a YOI zine
Major Update
We've got a new Yuri!!! On Ice fanwork, a 12 page zine about a chubby off-season Yuuri. We hope you enjoy~
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VOL1 uploaded!
Chapters 1 through 7 have been uploaded in their entirety! Each chapter contains intermissions and there is also a character profile .pdf available for download...
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Roommate zine now available!
Hello! My newest zine Roommate is now available for digital purchase :)
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Salamander Issue 4 Available
Digital copy of Salamander Issue 4 is now available in the issues bundle!
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Now available in CBZ and ePub
I have added CBZ and ePub formats, in addition to the PDF that's already available, for those who prefer them. Enjoy!
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The Princess is a Total Deviant: Season 4!
Volume 4 has started! You can read the latest pages on Webtoons or Tapastic! Read it on Tapastic! Read it on Webtoons!
New Comic, Terminal
My first comic, Terminal , has been released! You can download it for free here on Itch. Enjoy!
3/13/2018: PDF Version
I was able to create a PDF of Un Cien Una Semana for easier viewing.
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Added Portuguese version, fixed errors in Ido version.
Thanks to João Xavier Santos, there is now a Portuguese version of the reader, and he pointed out some errors in my Ido translation. Check it out!
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The Princess is a Total Deviant - Season 3 is Here!
Volume 3 has started! You can read the latest pages on Webtoons or Tapastic! Read it on Tapastic! Read it on Webtoons!
Vive support added!
We re-jigged the controls to suit the HTC Vive controllers and just uploaded a new build. Let us know if there are any issues, since this was a quick update and...
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Now Selling Comics
I have now listed my comic adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Hanging Stranger. For just $2 you get a hi-res PDF suitable for viewing on almost any device. This...
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The Princess is a Total Deviant - Season 2!
Did you know, Season 2 is already up?! To avoid multiple downloads, the best place to read would be on Tapastic or Webtoons! Read it on Tapastic! Read it on Web...
10/25/17 Wallpaper update!!🎃
Hello, everyone! It's been a year since I uploaded Lumina , and it's time for some updates 🎃🎃🎃 FIRST AND FOREMOST thank you so much to everyone who has...
New comic! "Hello, My Name Is. . ."
I made a new comic about identity and names on the internet! Check it out!
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Chapter 2
Hi everyone! We are currently working on chapter two and expect to finish it in January 2018. If you want to stay up to date with the story you can read a new p...
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Exit button
Added an exit button so people don't get stuck in full screen!
Fixed an issue where text cut off on one of the pages.
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Visual novel.
The Princess is a Total Deviant - Season Finale!
How time flies! The final chapter of Volume 1 is out now! Read it on Tapastic! Read it on Webtoons!
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The Princess is a Total Deviant - New Chapters!
New chapters are now available to download! But really. The best way to read this comic is on Tapastic or Webtoons, so what are you waiting for? Read it on Tapa...
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The Princess is a Total Deviant - More Updates
It's been a while, but a new update is up.Download it here! Read it on Tapastic!
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The Princess is a Total Deviant - Updates!
Cool, itch finally has something I can post updates on. If you've been following the Princess is a Total Deviant here (for whatever reason), I upload new chapte...
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New comic - Only Family by OnlyWax RW
Greetings I was planning to put my comic story in this platform since it has comic feature. So I decided to put it in. I made using ComiPo! to create my...
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