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Devlog #16 - More frequent updates on Discord
Hey, Lately, I've been doing a poor job at publishing any updates and devlogs on If you're curious on the state of the project, I would suggest joining...
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Update v0.0.2 (Performance, some colliders)
Game Design
Well, i inproved performance a little bit by doing som changes in scripts and terrain. I fixed one important collider that was crucial for completing game. Im w...
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dev time 2
GB + FR ---Importante annonce a propos d'Ons (changement gestion de developpement) Important announcement about ONS (matter developmen...
An Invitation to Invention
Game Design
This week's blog post is going to be all about the crafting system and it's nuances, although this may all be subject to change depending on how it feels throug...
Major and minor fixes!
Hello! A new version (1.01) of Project Compass Demo is now out. If you already downloaded the game before this update went out, I very strongly recommend redown...
Update to Versio 1.1 (I Don't Know How Version Numbers Work)
I've now updated the game to make several life improvements, most of them inspired by youtuber Madhog Thy Master's playthrough of it. The most important ones in...
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Beta v0.6 release!
Major Update
The beta version is out (v0.6)! After this it is just play-testing and bugfixing Changes: Three different terrain tilesets for the day level Variate the “step...
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Protótipo / Prototype 3.1
Protótipo 3.1 - Atualização do Menu 1. Adicionado um novo menu Refeito todos os botões Todos os botões "Voltar" estão na mesma posição Ajuste no design...
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Myth of Manticore Adventure Update
This update introduces the Juggernaut character. He may be friend or foe depending on how you treat him. Be prepared for a good fight if you get on his wrong s...
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Final Game Iteration Release
Major Update
This was the last iteration, from last year, I just didn't have the time to upload it until now, it is how the final version of the iteration of this game is go...
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V0.1 Update
-Added 2 new characters. Be sure to read how they works. -1 new reward -Fixed the bug that arts and crafters only spilt the ink when the player is looking at it...
Reinventing the Wheel, A different approach to Dark Souls' death mechanic - Devlog #08
Game Design
Hello everyone, Steve here! It's been a while since any kind of post happened here, the reason behind this is that we're mostly modelling nowadays - check out o...
Recent Updates
Recent updates include: 2019-10-14: - Cleared up some more paths and areas in the forest. - Minor fixes 2019-02-05: - New custom settings screen with abili...
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EGX 2019 Demo Footage
Ex-Zodiac was accepted into EGX's Leftfield Collection! If you're at EGX in October (17th - 20th) please keep a look out for it! For those of you who can't make...
14.10 scripts
Tänään koodauspuolella lisäiltiin koodin pätkiä kakkumieheen ja tuleviin vihollisiin. Kakkumiehen liikkuminen toimii, mutta vielä täytyy kirjoitella koo...
Shadows, and a new stage
After the testing we had in class week we gathered the feedback and went ahead with some improvements and additions to the current game, this includes a brand n...
Known Bugs & Issues
Hi all! Thanks for downloading Splatz! This game was completed in less than 48 hours for the Mix and Game Jam event, and naturally features some bugs. These wil...
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Hello, World!
I'm finally giving this project the daylight it deserves. It's been in the works for a few-ish years(?) and now it's here for all to see. Please read the main p...
UPDATE save, load & reset
[UPDATE 2019-14-10] Adding options-screen (option to reset the game) Adding default level data Save & Load level data local Adding collected stars to the level...
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Quick Update!
Hey guys! Quick update: Unfortunately, the game will be delayed a little bit. It should release somewhere around the end of October (I'll have an exact date soo...
Silines from Locomojam 2019 has been uploaded
Major Update
Silines has now been uploaded for people to play from the Locomojam 2019 game jam. Written in 2 days without power or very much internet availability, it is av...
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A new week, a new development
This week I am continuing with the development of the game, and hope to have an updated build before the end of the week. UI improvements, new fonts and sounds...
NALE Subreddit launch! (&Giveaway!)
Major Update
We launched a NALE Subreddit today! This is primarily to have a way to make announcements on Reddit after someone asked if it wou...
Central hall backgound redrawn and minor update
As I announced in my previous update, I've redrawn the central hall backgrounds from scratch. Old day version New day version Old sunset version New sunset vers...
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0.2.4 is now released!
settings is finally added, no need to restart the whole game an order to change settings new features are added to the spawnmenu inside sandbox
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5.1.0- The Returning Update
I'm back! After a bit of a hiatus, I fixed all of the bugs in the previous patch. Other than that, there's been some minor updates and rebalancing. Expect more...
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"The strange life of Bill the postman" available on Google Play
Major Update
My Ludum Dare 44 game “The Strange life of Bill the postman” is available on Google Play ! The game : Bill the postman live in a world where life is time an...
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update 2
we added: 2 more blocks: Y - Yellow T - Turquoise New Room - Mars we change the gravity on the moon and mars
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Version 00100
Major Update
### Core / Various - Fixed Filepaths in Notifications - Added Notification Log - You can now open .log Files with Notepad when using Explorer -...
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Spunky: Dev Diary #2
This is a week one update. Development started on 9/28/2019. The next update will be on 10/13/2019. The Updates Last week, we released the very first alpha ver...
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Fixed bug
Fixed bug where player was unable to move upon dying.
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A wizard searching for his hat in a dungeon.
MasterCrafter Post-Jam Version Released!
Hey all! So this past Ludum Dare was super fun! For the jam I created the bite-sized action-rpg rogue-lite video-game thing, "MasterCrafter". All in all, it wa...
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ToER update 2019.1.16
ToER 2019.1.16 update includes: 1. When units are selected, if player rotates camera with right mouse button, it should no longer accidentally send selected uni...
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1.0.1 Released
Changes that have been made in this update -changed font. -changed background for sign text. -made the distance to ground margin for jumping larger. -minor twea...
Demo Fixed!
Major Update
Fixed the demo .zip Wouldnt load because I forgot the monoBleedingEdge folder :p Should work fine now Please lead feedback on the builder :)
Week seven reading response
ch. 3: goes over the various rules and formats one should make or consider when making a game(like economics, player role, player, other player, and game relati...
Postmortem: Fidelity and Application
umbral / rhizome started as one thing, and then quickly became something else. Indeed, the crypt arrested me before I ever entertained the thought of a particul...
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Reading Journal Project 3
Game Design
Week Oct.14.2019 In this week’s Reading the book went further into exampling how playtesting works and why they are an important process for the process of a...
Week13 -Coding and testing
Game Design
This week we added functions for UI, sound effects, menu navigation, and how to give instructions for player. We made the game mechanism successful that when pl...
Week12 - Coding
This week, we continually worked on coding. We finished codes for spawn monsters and boss. When the main character hit the monster, both of them will decrease H...
Descenders live on
The latest Descenders update is out featuring mod support proudly powered by . Already creators have made an epic 4x4km map, a 2D trials inspired map and...
Bugs smashed[19.10.13]
The most recent update fixes a few bugs I found working around in the code. Unfortunately the story has taken a bit of a back burner while I try and make sure w...
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v0.04a is now live. Notable updates include: Local multiplayer is now supported in a basic format. Simply press a button on the controller you desire to use and...
Lots of work since the last update, but we've hit a major milestone! The RC1 final is in place. Now it's time to test and test before the October 31s go-live! W...
Screenshots 3
Kasper V - Goblin Airship - 26 - Airship Improvements Kasper V - Goblin Airship - 27 - Bird Improvements Kasper V - Goblin Airship - 28 - Passengers and Cargo K...
2 not even my final form
Things are changing...might be because I don't have real obstacles yet I decided to add a boss. I need better controls for my player though. Even more if I want...
Closing with a small update
Major Update
Made some changes to the ending and moved the ring so it better reflects the fact it's an optional item. I assume most players won't ever see what it does anywa...
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I added more LLOL
1 file
this is a game about beans
I found a chest in the Rokkun Mountain
I found a chest in the Rokkun Mountain
An action Free 2D MMORPG, where await to you a fantastic adventure, magic and good friendships.
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