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Where can I download it?

You can always find the latest version on

What platforms does the app run on?

The app is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Keep in mind that many games are limited to specific platforms. HTML5 games can be downloaded and played on all platforms.

How do I keep it updated?

On Windows and macOS it will automatically download and apply updates when a new version is released. You'll get a notification with a list of changes and will have a choice to restart the app now or later.

On Linux you'll have to get updates through your package manager or by redownloading. The app is available:

Reinstalling the app or installer a newer version of the app will keep your Library intact with all games installed and functional.

Will the app replace the website?

No. We want the app to compliment the website, not replace it. There are some things that don’t work well in a browser, like installing and updating software, so that’s why we made the app.

Where are the games installed?

The preferences page shows where games are installed by default. You can add other install locations and make them the new default, to avoid filling up your system disk.

How are games executed?

The app will do the best it can to figure out how to start your game by looking for an executable or script.

If the default heuristics don’t work with your game, you need multiple launch targets, or want API integration, you can distribute an App manifest with your game, that tells the itch app how to run them properly.

How can I ensure my game works in the app?

Read the integration guide, which covers the following topics:

I'm using Windows XP / Windows Vista, & the app doesn’t work

The app requires Windows 7+

A game I want to play doesn’t download / install / run

While the app can now run most games you can find, compatibility issues still happen from time to time, especially on Linux where best practices aren’t followed by all.

You can use the “Send feedback” button to report them to our dedicated compatibility tracker and help us get running!

Where can I report bugs?

Use the ‘Send feedback’ item of the main menu (bottom-left, click on your name), this will prefill an issue with your platform and app version on our issues tracker on github.

How can I help with the app?

  • The issue tracker is at the fore-front of itch’s development. Even if you don’t write code, you can often help out by reporting whether certain solutions do or do not work on your system, or by pointing to games who are affected by a certain issue.

  • If you do write code, announce your intention to tackle an issue by commenting on it first (to avoid duplicate work), and eventually submit a Pull Request.

Make sure to adhere to our Code of Conduct, so that everyone feels welcome!

What is it written in?

The app is powered by Electron and in JavaScript, with some native helpers written in Go, C, C++, and Objective-C.

The app and all its helpers are open-source, you can browse their code on our Github organization.

In particular, check out: