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Aleks Samoylov published a GMless tabletop game 1 hour ago
A downloadable GMless tabletop game.
Like it says on the tin, The Other Shoe is a GMless tabletop storytelling game about goal setting and living with an inexorable curse. The curse is a very thinly veiled metaphor for mental illness.( Oops, I gave it away)! This has been one...
Sinoc published an update 1 hour ago
Devil Engine · A downloadable game
The Devil's out! An itch release will come soon here (Potentialy at the same time as GOG), we need to clear up some stuff with Dangen.
googumproduce published a Novel 1 hour ago
A downloadable Novel.
-Chapter One- Nibs, in the Snowy Wood Nibs lived like most any other Lost boy in Nowhereland, without much of anything to his name except a nest in the big trees of the Snowy Wood. So imagine his exasperation when two Pirates surrounded him...
leafo added to a collection 3 hours ago
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Cars. And crashes. Things flying in the sky.
AestheticGamer added to a collection 5 hours ago
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Death is Silent is a survival horror game focus on the cooperation between 2 players.
Ludipe published a throw-amazing-party 5 hours ago
A browser throw-amazing-party made in HTML5.
Short puzzle zine made for precision jam . Print the zine, fold it and use a pen to complete the puzzles . Since not everybody will want to print it, I'v e also made an html5 version (which is an exact copy of the printable one) but include...
RisingPixel updated a game 6 hours ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Updated page content.
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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Added platforms Windows, macOS, Linux.
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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.

Beautiful art with a slow, relaxing, adventuring vibe.

Elston Studios published an update 7 hours ago
Guile & Glory: Firstborn · A downloadable game for Windows
Hi all! We've just released our second patch for the Guile & Glory: Firstborn Early Access build! You can find the change list below: New In This Patch: Credits page updated Fixed the issue with the Tab key causing a crash in the Cyclops level Up Next : New Lorebook entries Additional Lorebook collectables in story missions
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Guile & Glory: Firstborn Early Access v0.102 17 MB
Lantana Games published an update 7 hours ago
Mondrian - Plastic Reality · A downloadable game
We are back! After a couple months of plugging away at new content & bug fixes, we are happy to say that Mondrian – Plastic Reality EX7.1 is now live on and GameJolt. This update includes another overhaul of our particle system, TWELVE new included levels, and changes to powerup styling. Let’s dive in and check out just a few of these news additions. Glass Powerups First and foremost...
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mondrianPlasticReality_EX7-1setup.exe 285 MB
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whatnot added to a collection 8 hours ago
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A game about the many ways to be a tree
Kenney published an update 8 hours ago
Kenney Game Assets 2 · A downloadable asset pack for Windows
A new content update for Kenney Game Assets 2 has been released, you can download the update by clicking the link below or by launching the app . It's not recommended to overwrite previous versions, remove all older files first. New in this update: Just like Kenney Game Assets 3 this bundle has received a major clean-up removing junk files and optimizing sprites. Also new are different fi...
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Kenney Game Assets 2 (version 21) 72 MB
afterburn updated a game 13 hours ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
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leafo added to a collection 13 hours ago
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Stuck in the public bathroom, Kalle needs to escape by picking up toilet paper rolls
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