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Akupara Games published an update 23 minutes ago
Desert Child · A downloadable sandwich for Windows
Added platform Windows.
Rev your hoverbikes! The highly anticipated hoverbike racing shooter, Desert Child , by Australian indie developer Oscar Brittain and publisher Akupara Games is now available! In Desert Child you are broke, but talented, hoverbike racer who needs to find a way off Earth to get to Mars to compete in the Grand Prix, the greatest race in the universe. Explore a vibrant pixel-art solar system in this...
Fumiko! · A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Just a quick patch for two requested fixes. I'll still be looking into bringing the performance improvements from the console version to the PC version, but I piled up my table with other enhancements that made things more complicated. I'll let you know if something is on the way! Patch Notes from 11/19/2018 General Fixed a typo in one of the memory pieces Split "Camera Speed" into "Camera Speed X...
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Version 15 288 MB
Version 15
GuerraGames published an update 1 hour ago
Tomato Worm · A browser game made in HTML5
Tomato Worm 1.0 is finally out. While the first, LOWREZJAM version contained 20 levels, this new version has 65 levels with a few more new gameplay elements. Give it a go! It's very simple to play and 100% free!
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ianmart1n rated a poem 1 hour ago
A browser poem made in HTML5.

really well done!

A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
Added platforms Windows, macOS.
2 new uploads: 40 MB 46 MB
miki151 updated a game 2 hours ago
A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Added platforms Windows, macOS, Linux. Added a demo.
Sean added to a collection 3 hours ago
Sean published a advent gift 3 hours ago
A browser advent gift made in HTML5.
a battle between efficiency & exhaustion Hey there folks, it's mid-December, and you know what that means: time to shovel the driveway! The snow's packed pretty heavy though - if it piles up too much, you'll have a hard time pushing it and...
dreamfeel published an update 3 hours ago
Dreamfeel Updates · A downloadable project
Hey Dreamfeels, We just want to say hey and thanks. We hope your 2018 was lovely and good and that 2019….. burns 2018 to the ground and we can all start anew. Yay. This year we started work fulltime on If Found: Please Return again and that’s gone amazingly. We’ve recently been finishing up the full script and some of the final mechanics and it’s been so rad seeing it all click into place...
Hayo added to a collection 4 hours ago
A collection with 2 items.
Added 1 item.
Retro real-time strategy in an apocalyptic world.
RETREAM published an update 5 hours ago
SkillGrid · A downloadable Amiga game
Great news: development is complete ! Now work on the packaging for the RGCD release has started. CHANGELOG Added skull baddie. Added milestones. Fine-tuned gameplay parameters. Improved boss and mothership AI. Added blinking halt sign. Added danger warning for when the shield is really low. Redrawn a couple of UFOs. Improved asteroids graphics. Made various optimizations/improvements/fixes.
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HeskHwis added to a collection 6 hours ago
A collection with 40 items.
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A downloadable mod.
origamihero published a game with a kitty 14 hours ago
A downloadable game with a kitty for Windows and Linux.
A stranger has arrived on Kitty Island. A heart-shaped stranger. Not only is he riding a whale, he also brings very personal news for Kittey. As he sets out on a quest to find his parents, Kittey has to face what remains of a world nearing...
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