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Get help from the community. Have a quick question or issue, other members of the community can assist you in finding an answer. If you need to specifically contact staff you can message our support team. Although staff may monitor this forum, we request that any account related matters be submitted through our support system.

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  • Use a descriptive title so others with similar issues or questions may find an answer. Titles like Help me!Support not respondingPayouts are BROKEN, hello, etc. are not allowed. We may immediately close your topic. When you post here you are asking the community to help you, this is not a direct line of communication to site admins (that is support). Create your topic in a way that will enable others who are have a similar question to find your topic.
  • This board is not for issues with individual games or projects. hosts hundreds of thousands of games, if you need to contact a developer directly consult their game's page.
  • Private information can not be shared on this board. If you need to talk to someone at about private account information then you must contact support. Create a topic here only if you'd like help from the community.
  • Before you create a topic asking why you can't find your game in Search or Browse READ THIS: If you still need to create a topic about it, then please write in your post that you read the docs and you still have a question, otherwise we'll close your topic. Then, tell us why you believe your pages should be indexed.
  • No discussion of account restrictions, bans, etc. If our moderator team has put a limitation on your account then it's a private matter and not up for discussion on our public community. Contact support if you need to discuss the limitation or make an appeal. 
  • Please do not create topics asking how long it will take for support to reply to you. Different questions may take different amount of time to respond, typically we will respond within a 1-3 days but it may take longer depending on the type of issue. If you haven't already, search for existing topics or check to FAQ to ensure that your question has not been answered elsewhere. To ensure that you request is tied to your account and prioritized appropriately, please contact us using the email address you have connected to your account. If you still need to make a topic about a Support Request, you must include your ticket ID with your message.

For technical issues with the site we also have an issues tracker on GitHub, but feel free to make a topic here too. 

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The general question is: as a dev, if multiple users are entering conflict in the comments section of my game, how shoul...
started by komehara May 12, 2022
5 replies
Hello, I have the exact same problem as here : I received a 20$ payment...
started by Gaweb Studio 13 minutes ago
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I checked the forums, I checked the FAQ, I have looked through the game page MULTIPLE times and cannot find the report b...
started by PokemonLord 4 hours ago
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Hello, very new to and published my first game. It did well for the first hours and showed up in a the New and P...
started by Omar Games 1 hour ago
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Hi everyone, I’m looking to set up a donation system for my game on, similar to the one that says “Help this...
started by DevRoids 19 hours ago
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it's probably Rare for such case to happen but it still happen some developers simple remove their game from the public...
started by SupremeStudio 14 hours ago
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Hello, I am trying to reach out to a game creator as I want to license his game and pay him money to use it, but there i...
started by ThomasK33 18 hours ago
2 replies
Hi, I'm trying to pay by credit card but it gives me this error. Is it a my problem or with the site? How do I solve it?...
started by miv55 1 day ago
2 replies
Hello hello, I published my game two weeks ago but it is still indexed, can you help?
started by 1 day ago
1 reply
This happened last time as well, it seems that many other people have there game jams openly approved in hours sometimes...
started by DropBearStudios 22 hours ago
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Descargue el juego y no se como ejecutarlo, me aparece el mensaje : " no se puede abrir porque Apple no puede revisar si...
started by Aaron_22 23 hours ago
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Ok, I tried to upload my game to see how it runs on the page and... It turns out that some features are 'insecure'. For...
started by DesiredName 2 days ago
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Is it possible to look for games according to the month they were released in, in the same way I can look for games base...
started by Absurdist 1 day ago
1 reply
I have read the docs at and still have a question. My game is both quarnat...
started by not_slurgi 1 day ago
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So, I have uploaded a HTML game into and I am trying to embed the game in my personal website so that users will...
started by HSQ0503 1 day ago
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QuestionPaypal 422
Everytime I try to pay with paypal it keeps giving me the Error 422 (failed to create PayPal payment) Any help or info I...
started by Ploogie 3 days ago
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I have downloaded them and because they were at a 3rd party cloud it wouldn't let me add them to app. Is there a...
started by j0hnnymcd3v1l 3 days ago
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When I created a withdrawal request, the transaction was usually completed between 10-14 days. This is a fair time to re...
started by evelai 3 days ago
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recently i have been asked this question from my friend witch i struggle to answer. quick summary I'm working on a World...
started by SupremeStudio 3 days ago
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Hey, im new here. I dont know how to correct name it in the title, so ive just put this scrap in it. Is there any chance...
started by MichaelP 2 days ago
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Hello, I've released my game at 29 February 2024 but until now my game still doesn't appear on the search results, but m...
started by AnigmaVerse Studio 2 days ago
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