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Get help from the community. Have a quick question or issue, other members of the community can assist you in finding an answer. If you need to specifically contact staff you can message our support team.

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  • Use a descriptive title so others with similar issues or questions may find an answer. Titles like Help me!Support not respondingPayouts are BROKEN, hello, etc. are not allowed. We may immediately close your topic. When you post here you are asking the community to help you, this is not a direct line of communication to site admins (that is support). Create your topic in a way that will enable others who are have a similar question to find your topic.
  • This board is not for issues with individual games or projects. hosts hundreds of thousands of games, if you need to contact a developer directly consult their game's page.
  • Private information can not be shared on this board. If you need to talk to someone at about private account information then you must contact support. Create a topic here only if you'd like help from the community.
  • Before you create a topic asking why you can't find your game in Search or Browse READ THIS: If you still need to create a topic about it, then please write in your post that you read the docs and you still have a question, otherwise we'll close your topic.
  • No discussion of account restrictions, bans, etc. If our moderator team has put a limitation on your account then it's a private matter and not up for discussion on our public community. Contact support if you need to discuss the limitation or make an appeal. 
  • Please do not create topics asking how long it will take for support to reply to you. Different questions may take different amount of time to respond, typically we will respond within a 1-3 days but it may take longer depending on the type of issue. If you haven't already, search for existing topics or check to FAQ to ensure that your question has not been answered elsewhere. To ensure that you request is tied to your account and prioritized appropriately, please contact us using the email address you have connected to your account. If you still need to make a topic about a Support Request, you must include your ticket ID with your message.

For technical issues with the site we also have an issues tracker on GitHub, but feel free to make a topic here too. 

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The general question is: as a dev, if multiple users are entering conflict in the comments section of my game, how shoul...
started by komehara May 12, 2022
5 replies
So, since some creators here in itch can't seem to be able to upload their games directly through the app itself, or if...
started by justletmeplay1 7 days ago
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I successfully linked stripe as a payment processor. But no payment is getting processed. It is giving this error in my...
started by 3gnude 1 day ago
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I used to download some games from itch. io and now i downloaded this desktop app How can I move the previous game data...
started by ung0512 4 hours ago
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Hi :), I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I'm facing regarding the image hover effect in my profile page on i...
started by CipherUp 4 hours ago
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I just uploaded a new game two days ago ( and there seems to be problems downloading it...
started by Aezart 77 days ago
5 replies
Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I don't want my game to be available for purchase yet, I did find a work...
started by Adrian Sugden 1 day ago
2 replies
Is there a way to find dev logs that are related to a given game jam (without dedicating a thread in the jam’s forum)?...
started by jaredkrinke 19 hours ago
1 reply
So I have been using itchio during a long time but I have encountered a small problem, in which for some reason when I u...
started by Sakamoto 15 hours ago
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Hello, I'm the only admin on the 4mb jam, but an entry seems to be invisible or removed. Can that happen? It seems like...
started by RealDoigt 1 day ago
3 replies
I've been waiting nearly 19 hours for a response to my request for admin approval for my distribution email, and both ta...
started by Vex Werewolf 3 days ago
10 replies
I see that my game can be found in the search by using the name but no...
started by ANTON_ARCHANGEL 2 days ago
1 reply
hi guys how to fix 0 project , I'm have 2 project but his don't show public my browse is :
started by Anwar2077 3 days ago
2 replies
Hi, my new game has not been indexed yet even after 12 days. It has also taken this long with my other games. I have not...
started by SumAnto 3 days ago
1 reply
Hey there, I've recently activated development on HEXvolver ( ) again (also made a post...
started by zment 4 days ago
16 replies
Hello, I've read all the docs and can't figure out why one of my music packs is failing to appear in search results desp...
started by John Emery 4 days ago
2 replies
Recently I can't pay by PayPal again, it always says that I haven't bound any bank card, and no matter how many times I...
started by haozheng61 4 days ago
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I’m not angry. I’m not in a rush. I simply just want to know that a human is actually looking at my payout and wheth...
started by Aethrall 4 days ago
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I have tried so many things but i just cant get a verification email to send. I've worked for weeks on this project and...
started by knoxicodes 5 days ago
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Is there a limitation with putting games for sale? Hello, I have been developing my games for a long time and uploading...
started by Piquiko 4 days ago
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I was checking the list of most used engines: and notices the lib...
started by komehara 7 days ago
1 reply