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Get help from the community. Have a quick question or issue, other members of the community can assist you in finding an answer. If you need to specifically contact staff you can message our support team. Although staff may monitor this forum, we request that any account related matters be submitted through our support system.

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  • Use a descriptive title so others with similar issues or questions may find an answer. Titles like Help me!Support not respondingPayouts are BROKEN, hello, etc. are not allowed. We may immediately close your topic. When you post here you are asking the community to help you, this is not a direct line of communication to site admins (that is support). Create your topic in a way that will enable others who are have a similar question to find your topic.
  • This board is not for issues with individual games or projects. hosts hundreds of thousands of games, if you need to contact a developer directly consult their game's page.
  • Private information can not be shared on this board. If you need to talk to someone at about private account information then you must contact support. Create a topic here only if you'd like help from the community.
  • Before you create a topic asking why you can't find your game in Search or Browse READ THIS: If you still need to create a topic about it, then please write in your post that you read the docs and you still have a question, otherwise we'll close your topic. Then, tell us why you believe your pages should be indexed.
  • No discussion of account restrictions, bans, etc. If our moderator team has put a limitation on your account then it's a private matter and not up for discussion on our public community. Contact support if you need to discuss the limitation or make an appeal. 
  • Please do not create topics asking how long it will take for support to reply to you. Different questions may take different amount of time to respond, typically we will respond within a 1-3 days but it may take longer depending on the type of issue. If you haven't already, search for existing topics or check to FAQ to ensure that your question has not been answered elsewhere. To ensure that you request is tied to your account and prioritized appropriately, please contact us using the email address you have connected to your account. If you still need to make a topic about a Support Request, you must include your ticket ID with your message.

For technical issues with the site we also have an issues tracker on GitHub, but feel free to make a topic here too. 

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The general question is: as a dev, if multiple users are entering conflict in the comments section of my game, how shoul...
started by komehara May 12, 2022
5 replies
Hello, My game is like this when I upload it to, I am wondering why the game window is like that. I am using Uni...
started by aceofspades0231 1 hour ago
No replies yet
is blocked in russia? i can't access the website without vpn
started by Tyelander 5 hours ago
1 reply
Almost everyone in Russia is reporting that no one cannot access the website without VPN. Error type ether connection ti...
started by Betty the Bat 12 hours ago
3 replies
Is there a way to reorder the list of projects. In other words how can I move a game to the top of the list on my page?
started by Cyrus Rite 15 hours ago
2 replies
So was down yesterday and i want to know more about how it work and i did some research to find out this wasn't...
started by SupremeStudio 16 hours ago
5 replies
Hola , e intentado comprar un juego ya varias veces y no puedo, tampoco me cobra , ya lo e intentado por varios navegado...
started by shiroayuma13 1 day ago
2 replies
Hello, I’ve been making video games for a while, and I have made a few gems. I am not asking about finding my games on...
started by Sam Hadding Games 1 day ago
1 reply
Questionno upload
I can upload anything when I try to do that this message come to me " Server failed to respond, please try again later "...
started by relaxingn 1 day ago
3 replies
I notice my save is totally fresh after I login my itch account on another PC
started by Valkyriestear 2 days ago
2 replies
Greetings, I was trying to upload a file and I can't... error 500... Could you fix it please?
started by Melinda2424 1 day ago
1 reply
Where to start? First, let me apologize in advance for writing such a long-winded topic for such a small thing. But it's...
started by Terralith 1 day ago
No replies yet
QuestionIOSS number
I am going to sell physical items as rewards, and I need to quote's IOSS number on the CN22 customs form when bu...
started by fredcravat 3 days ago
3 replies
i downloaded thats not my neighbor without creating an account a year ago. now that i saw that there was an update for n...
started by axieem 2 days ago
1 reply
Hey everyone, I recently uploaded my game 2 months ago, FailCorp, to However, I've run into a couple of issues...
started by JordanLemahieu 4 days ago
4 replies
hi it has been six days since I made my first game public yet it is not yet indexed ! Should I just wait more ?
started by spherevsgravity 19 days ago
8 replies
I did read the rules for creator uploads and I fully agree, intrusive ads and forced video watches are annoying and shou...
started by Corvusliv 4 days ago
2 replies
Hello! Sorry to bother, my game got unlisted from the website a bit more than a week ago (around when I uploaded my last...
started by TripleXproject 4 days ago
5 replies
If I search for "ww2" my game doesn't show up . My game is called WW2 FPS, so it should sho...
started by DesertFox 4 days ago
4 replies
Now at first this might be a silly question but let's think about it a little, On itch/steam or any other distributing p...
started by SupremeStudio 4 days ago
5 replies
these days it's hard choice to make whether you want your game SinglePlayer/MultiPlayer or even both cause each will hav...
started by SupremeStudio 7 days ago
12 replies