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The general question is: as a dev, if multiple users are entering conflict in the comments section of my game, how shoul...
started by komehara 14 days ago
5 replies
the game restart when i open a level. (only when i packaged the game) In the open level blueprint the map is still the s...
started by Rocky Games 21 hours ago
1 reply
I have a draft game in HTML5 version. Uncompressed is about 100 MB. I already published another game ("Tubes and Fountai...
started by FopenP 1 day ago
1 reply
We are organizing a Game Jam marathon in Turkey and in the first phase of the marathon, there will be an online Game Jam...
started by TheGameCircle 2 days ago
2 replies
5 of my games that used to be good in terms of loading and downloading but now have problems. Thus, when the game is loa...
started by Nemesis stars.... 3 days ago
6 replies
Hi - I need to invert the mouse Y axis, as it stands in the default config I can't play it. Anyone know?
started by Horrgakx 3 days ago
4 replies
Other than setting the correct resolution for my monitor (5120x1440) I feel like I should be able to 'zoom out' a little...
started by Horrgakx 3 days ago
4 replies
I have made several games using a zip embed, but I tried to switch from a HTML to a zip and it wont work. I've even trie...
started by Ragnarok Games 29 days ago
11 replies
so I found a game that I want to buy, but you can only pay with PayPal or credit card. My Dutch card doesn’t work with...
started by Kamui Studio 4 days ago
1 reply
Hi, I was trying to write down some Dev log few hours ago, and I experience the weird thing with my dev log and etc. Whe...
started by Mossloth 6 days ago
3 replies
So I thought I would get some nice games for my seven year old son... I have been trying to install the itch app for thr...
started by craigr 10 days ago
1 reply
Hi everyone, a HUGE WARNING. Lately, I've seen some games stolen from others and uploaded on with a virus, it al...
started by Milo857 7 days ago
3 replies
What do I need to do to make my game appear in recent again? I have seen games in the recent tab again when they release...
started by RecentlyLuckyMan 7 days ago
3 replies
My card was charged the amount it was said for the game but no confirmation email was sent, it said my zip code was wron...
started by dylalmob 10 days ago
4 replies
I purchased the bundle for reproductive rights expecting it to function the same as all the other bundles I have purchas...
started by Boutros The Orc 9 days ago
1 reply
I want to float a narrow image div on a game jam page, so text shows up next to it. I set up a div (with a “custom-som...
started by shylies 10 days ago
1 reply
I bought Hundred Days and downloaded it but I can't figure out how to install it and open it. PLEASE HELP!!!!
started by David Dolcetto 9 days ago
3 replies
I was trying post the super-spectral primaries 2560x1440 screenshots from my game but I cannot even seem to post one wit...
started by auoroa 10 days ago
2 replies
even though when I build it from unity it works fine, when I try to upload my game to and have it embed all I ge...
started by Milark 8 days ago
2 replies
I dont know why but i saw videos of other people editing their itchio profiles? mine doesnt really have stuff?
started by GH0UL3H 8 days ago
1 reply
has there been a layout change on creator pages? the 7th featured game on isn't centered a...
started by verysoftwares 21 days ago
9 replies