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There are three problems with what you said:

  1. I already pointed out you're not in trouble. It was a polite request. You on the other hand are being rude and disrespectful.
  2. "Censorship" doesn't mean what you think it means. Itch is a private venture. If our admins did decide to take measures against you (which, again, they haven't), they'd be entirely within their right to do so.
  3. Yelling "censorship" the moment someone asks you nicely not to say certain things is a tactic most commonly associated with a kind of people you really, really don't want to be associated with.

Please reconsider.

You've said that before. Can you please drop it? People have been complaining. Staff has decided to take no action, but that was the first time.

On a personal note, if you think adults can't be triggered, you must be very, very young and with an untroubled life. No offense.

Yes. You simply filter to free web games as usual, and add .xml to the end of the link:

Now if you want games that are free OR web-based, that's another story. You'll probably have to plug the two feeds into an external service and combine them.

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In Firefox 45 it throws up an error dialog right off the bat (edit: coming from Harlowe), then seems to start normally. In Opera 45 it seems to work, but predictably enough without audio. Hope this helps.

Nope, sorry. You could post it as a devlog, maybe. Or offer it as a download.

Support can be slow to respond as of late. It depends. But many answers can be found by searching the community forum, or failing that, asking anew right here.

Nothing is wrong. Your game has some paid content, so it probably landed in the approval queue. Should show up in a few more hours.

Look farther back, past page 5. Your game is two days old as of this writing, and new releases come along at a fast pace. :)

You know that's also the name of a movie, that's pretty well-known among film buffs, if not so much the general public? :)

You know, your art reminds me so much of the earliest raytraced animation movies.

Try using Butler. I can't help you with it, but among other things it gives you a higher upload limit outright.

I think the solution is to upload an index.html file that does nothing but load your game in an iframe, or a similar method.

So why not include a screenshot or two in your announcement.

It represents people who play it through the app, because the app actually downloads the game archive and keeps it on the player's computer.

I'm afraid lacks DLC support at the moment. It's probably our #1 feature request. So for now you have to make do. Sorry about that.

For now, one solution would be to make the first half of the game a separate download that you mark as a demo, so people can download it for free. If they buy the game, then they can also download the full version. About in-game purchases, I don't think we have a rule against it, but web games sometimes have trouble talking to 3rd-party servers, because iframes. Might want to run some tests first.

I think you can only block people from commenting on your games, and only after they commented once. On the other hand, if you enable a community for your games and/or jams, you have full moderation powers over it, band included.

There is. You can filter them by picking Platform -> Web when browsing for games. It' not a tag because the platform is an important piece of information that has its own dedicated field.

What do you mean? Browser-based games are clearly marked in searches and on creator profiles, with those exact words.

How so? Your game is published. It shows up on your creator profile, and you can share the link anywhere. It just doesn't appear in searches. As of this writing, that should take another 12-24 hours.

(Thanks for the help, GarBenjamin.)