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No Time To Play

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That might be an idea. If the ratio you mention is typical, that would explain why I never got a single rating on any of my games. Though I try to rate at least some of those I play myself -- the existing button isn't exactly hard to find, either.

Looking through my old resource collection, I also found these links:

Hope this helps!

So, how to make pixel art and/or art specifically for use in games? You should be able to get good advice, or at least useful pointers, on Open Game Art. Though many of the same people are here as well, so, maybe ask in the art forums right here first?

Nice art! You have that angle covered. Now about your question, do you mean game design specifically, or game development in general? For the former, try looking more carefully at the games you like. Try to figure out what makes them tick. Try to design your own, see what works and what doesn't. Read what other game designers wrote about their experiences with it. But most importantly, practice.

If on the other hand you mean, game development, that's a bigger question. It all depends on how much you're willing to learn -- how much programming, in particular. You can make games in many, many different ways, so you'll have to narrow it down some. What genres do you like?

Not bad! I kinda like the post-apoc feel, and the minimal aesthetic, including the color palettes. Is there a story behind these pieces?

Oh, wow. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to look into it.

Hi there! I recently found your game, and loved it. Doubly so as I made a dreamlike rogue-lite of my own. Would it be too much to ask how you implemented the landscape that changes when you're not looking? Could swear I found the technique mentioned online a while ago, but no idea where to even start looking. Thank you.

Please don't have loud music auto-starting on the title screen. It just makes me close the tab instantly.

Why would you delete the topic? The question makes perfect sense. It just so happens that the reason why you can't find the private messaging system is that we don't have one yet. In fact, people ask for it with regularity. And if I understand correctly, it is on the roadmap, for exactly that reason. Should actually happen sooner or later.

If the creator of the music shows up, you could be in legal hot water even if you don't sell the game. Many creators are reasonable; many are not. Is the music so integral to your game? Perhaps you can replace it with material from a safe source, such as Open Game Art or Jamendo, just to be on the safe side.

Hey there! Good work. I like the animations. It runs fine in Linux, too, except it doesn't show on the taskbar for some reason.

Do you have a game that will be played in the browser? Those use a layout with no sidebar, so the screenshots don't show. Upload a couple anyway, they'll be shown in listing tooltips, game jams and whatnot. Size doesn't really matter, far as I can tell.

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Hello! Sorry to insist, as this has been pointed out before, but the manual verification of payouts used to take three days. Now it's been eight days since I requested one, and nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to itch.io for giving me a chance to earn that money at all, but I'm also kinda counting on them. Thank you.

Edit: it's all right if it takes three weeks instead of three days; I just need to know how long so I can plan ahead.

You can get the address of a screenshot you uploaded with right click -> Copy image location. Then just paste it here on a line by itself and press enter; the image will be embedded in your post.

(Dear itch.io devs: seeing how often people ask this exact same question again and again, maybe, just maybe, adding a dedicated button to the editor toolbar would be a justified effort?)

Your icons are actually quite nice.

Itch.io directly supports open source entries by letting you specify a license, under Metadata -> Release info, and indeed some famous tools such as Tiled (not sure about games) are quite popular here. You're welcome to share!

If you mean private messages, we don't have any yet. Sorry, maybe later.

"Only?" You're doing fine if you didn't do any active promotion. What did you expect after two days, record sales?! Let people know that you just released a new game. Don't you hang out in other forums? Social networks? Potentially interested people are everywhere. Talk to them!

It's a problem all right. Game jams on itch.io can see fairly high participation, but the conversation around most entries is usually non-existent. Most people don't rate, don't comment, don't bookmark, don't nothing, as a general rule. And if someone has a solution, I'd love to hear it, because what more can developers do than, you know, participate? That's what a public game jam is for: increasing the visibility of entrants. If that doesn't work, might as well hold a private event at a LAN party.

Having recently worked on software to procedurally generate 3D models, I figured it would be a good idea to try it out by creating a collection of Brutalist buildings. They're a good fit for a number of reasons:

  • I happen to be very familiar with the style.
  • Brutalism is pretty much defined by simple repetitive elements.
  • Shape talks without the need for texture, making STL files sufficient.

The plan is to make about a dozen of those (more if I can, of course). Question is, do you think they could be useful as game assets or something?

Any other feedback is of course welcome. Thank you.

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You really need to put more effort into the presentation. Judging from the screenshots, it's a run-and-gun platformer with a sci-fi story involving alien visitation conspiracies? (That's good visual storytelling, by the way, but you also need to write down a few things.) And please, PLEASE use some other archive format. RAR is proprietary, and can only be handled with the manufacturer's own software, which isn't guaranteed to remain available in the future.

How long is a piece of string? There's no way to answer the question without knowing more about the game itself. That said:

  • Faking 2D with 3D is a trap, because you get all the difficulties of working with 3D with none of the benefits.
  • Android supports 3D by definition -- its very specification requires hardware with OpenGL support. On other platforms it's not as guaranteed as people think.

Hopefully this will help make a decision. Cheers.

Nice work! I definitely plan to put some time into playing this game.

I doubt it's anything so specific. More likely, they're only allowing embeds from just a few whitelisted sources -- or else they simply have some Javascript doing bad things in there. Worth a question to WP support, either way.

Nope, I was able to embed a widget just fine on my own WP site. Might be a problem with your theme -- many have all kinds of Javascript doing weird things. Is your blog self-hosted?

Not Java, Javascript. It's not a plugin.

That's odd, "Edit theme" should be right between "Widget" and "Published". Are you blocking Javascript, by any chance?

In what sense? If you mean as an itch.io project, well, you can embed the video from YT or wherever, write a description and, I dunno, offer the accompanying source code as a download? Otherwise, I don't quite see the point. Might as well just post it in General Development. But weren't you just starting to learn how to program?

No. It's huge, doesn't look like my kind of thing at all, and my only Android device is a poor-quality tablet that's several years old. Sorry. But I wish you luck.

Looks nice! So you figured things out after all?

I first tried to treat my account as personal, for various reasons, but then realized that even corporate Twitter accounts are, after all, created and maintained by an actual person, and my label is nothing that formal anyway -- just an umbrella name for a group of friends -- so I changed the name and description accordingly. But things will be different for everyone.

Much better! This could look great in a Pico-8 game or some such.

But they don't give a good idea of the whole thing, or how it would look in context. Out of curiosity, what's the color palette?

Some screenshots would be useful. :)

You can do 3D in pyglet, it's built on OpenGL in the first place, and has bindings for it. Failing that, there's always PyOpenGL proper.

Oh, okay. For that, I recommend the official Python tutorial. For learning to make games with the language, the PyGame library is very easy to use, and does a good job. I gave up, though, because it's hard to distribute games made with it. For that, the pyglet library would be better suited -- though I wrote a couple that simply run in text mode. Hope this helps!

You realize an .apk is a ZIP archive with a different extension, right? Or a JAR if you want to be specific.

I made a few games in Python, though I don't have them published here. What seems to be the problem?

You still didn't say how. If it's about using the software, you need someone who's actually used it. Have you tried Clickteam's community section?