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No Time To Play

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Ooh, looks ominous! You should update your post with a link to the game, so people can get to it more easily.

Being an admin is a huge responsibility, even if it's just a little online corner for you and your friends. Rewarding, too (except when things go south). You'll have to walk on eggs, both from a social and technical standpoint, and you'll break things anyway. But the gratitude of people when you manage to genuinely help them is worth the trouble.

Try it! Even just founding a DeviantArt group or some such will give you a taste. Just don't do it only to have total dominion over a playground, because then it gets boring fast, and you won't have anyone else to blame.

Hi! If you're trying to announce a release, this post should be in (wait for it) Release Announcements instead. I can move it for you if you'd like; but then you'd have to add a link to your game, and show off a screenshot or two in the post.

Nice cover art! You should add it to your announcement, along with a link to the game. And a couple of screenshots wouldn't hurt either.

It happens. No problem. Glad to be of service.

Looking good, but the Itch.io Share forum is for showcasing games you like from other creators. I'll be moving this to Release Announcements. Hope you don't mind.

Oh, people always want to write fan fiction of their favorite artistic creations. Turns out code is no exception. :P

You should link to the game in your post, and maybe embed that video as well. :)

Ooh, more Speccy games are welcome. But you should add the links to your post. :)

City generation is tricky. For RogueBot I first generated a street grid, then broke it up by adding "islands" in certain intersections, that contained parks or simply more buildings. The result is hardly realistic, mainly for lack of diversity, but looks reasonably organic at least. Might serve as a starting point.

Just a clarification: to the best of my knowledge (not speaking in an official capacity) itch.io doesn't police copyrights. If anyone complains, it's on your head. Otherwise, what sman! said. To stay out of trouble, you really do need permission from the creators of all resources you use in your game, whether explicitly granted to you, or implicit in a blanket license, e.g. the open source kind.

You know, those videos people post of themselves just playing a game from end to end, sometimes not even saying anything so it could qualify as commentary.

And yeah, asking for permission could be a problem if a game doesn't have comments enabled, and/or if you want to feature a lot of games.

Nice graphics!

Interesting concept!

IANAL, but to me that sounds equivalent to a Let's Play video, which triggers performance rights. You might want to ask permission first just to be on the safe side. A bother, but these days one has to be paranoid.

Of course, if the game happens to be open source, you already have explicit permission, as set out in most (if not all) popular licenses, so check that first.

Looks interesting, but you forgot to put a link in the post. Also, your other post appears to be a duplicate, so I'll delete it if you don't mind. There's an edit link, you know. ;)

Nice, but you forgot to add a link to your game. :)

Oops, what was it? I checked carefully to make sure the text was identical, but may have missed some detail.

Don't worry too much, plenty of Americans also mix them up. Using "was" for singular and plural alike is a quirk of certain local dialects, whose speakers proudly defend their traditional way of speaking against the mainstream that deems them uncultured. Language is messy.

Hi! You double-posted, if you don't mind I'll delete the other thread.

Hey, I grew up with 30K games you could play for months on end. Elite, Lords of Midnight, The Sentinel...

You forgot to add a link to the game. And your name starting with an underscore makes your creator page and games impossible to access. You should talk to support if that underscore is important. :)

Your link to the game is broken. Looks... old-school otherwise. :P

This time I used the (32-bit) Windows version of Fuse, running under Wine. It worked just fine for pretty much everything else.

Which game do you mean?

The Linux version of what? :)

Is this related to a specific engine or framework?

Nice, but what is your game about, exactly? I can make a guess based on the screenshots, but I could be wrong. :)

No need to post both here and in Release Announcements. This forum is for showcasing games by other people, anyway. :)

Cool, but you might want to write a few words about your game in the announcement, and/or include a screenshot. :)

Um, yes, I speak from experience here. The tricks is targeting the ads well. Just as I click on other recommended games and e-books after downloading one, or on related webcomics after discovering one I like. And that's one reason why I prefer Project Wonderful: they allow for excellent ad targeting.

It should be unchecked. And being in a jam should have no effect. Presumably you did check the Public radio button?

That too. I prefer Project Wonderful, but yeah, if you can spare five bucks it will make a difference. Also a social media presence, which is gratis but costs time and privacy. Either way, go out in public and brag about your work. It should go without saying, but clearly doesn't. :)

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That's right, payments are sent via PayPal. If you go to you dashboard, there's a Payouts tab. Enter your PayPal ID at the bottom. You might have to tick the "Developing and uploading games" checkbox under "Account type — How will you use your account" in your profile settings for it to appear.

For what it's worth, I wrote about this issue myself, and collected some links to articles on the same topic, over on my blog.

You're asking in the wrong place. Where is your game not showing? I just searched for it by title and it appears in results.

Which one? Add a link and a screenshot. And write a few words about it. Come on. :P

There are others, too. Unfortunately, many of them appear to be just Pico-8 clones with more generous limits. But I'm thinking... couldn't these fantasy consoles with their tight limits and built-in IDEs help beginning game developers get their feet wet the same way 8-bit computers used to?