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No Time To Play

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If you mean Steel Titans, that's because you have no downloads. Try adding some placeholder files, like a desktop wallpaper or other promotional material.

You should ask in the game's own comment section. This category is for discussing Itch itself.

Did you tick the "Download key can be claimed" checkbox when creating it? Should be the default in fact.

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We have reason to suspect you're connected to the game's creator. The rules of this board prohibit self-promotion. Please use the proper channels instead, like devlogs, or new release announcements for major updates.

What game do you mean? You should ask in that game's own comments or community. If it doesn't have either, at least say which game it is so we can look. This category is for discussing itself.

Prototypes are welcome here as long as you mark them as such. There's a project status field you can use for that. We hope you'll also host the finished projects with us, once they're ready.

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Well, do you have something to download yet? Download keys by definition take you straight to the download page. (There should be a link back to the game page though). For an HTML5 game, it may be better to set a password instead, or set the project page to draft and share the secret URL.

It's probably you want. What button would that be?

You should ask in the project's own comments or community, as the case may be. If they don't have either, at least link to the project page so we know what you're talking about. This forum is for discussing itself.

You should add a screenshot to your announcement. And cover art to your game. Also, you made two project pages for the same game: one can be played online but isn't submitted to the jam, the other is submitted but has no files at all. What gives?

You mean like all creator profiles and games come with Twitter cards? Arguably it would be nice if there was OpenGraph metadata instead or in addition to that. Many services however, like Discord (or indeed Twitter itself), seem to read both. Do WhatsApp and Telegram need some other format?

Thanks for the nice words. Try the prequel, it has a Windows version.

Please post a link to your project, as per the community rules. And saying what kind of feedback you're looking for would be helpful.

If you mean Morvana Online, your game has a price label attached, which always requires manual review. It shouldn't be much longer now.

How long is a piece of string? We have games here ranging from the most personal, through literal homework, and up to some very popular indie titles with sizable fandoms.