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No Time To Play

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Well, there are many interactive fiction authoring systems. It's a really busy market. I made a few of my own, and didn't even use those all that much. Especially as these days other things are keeping me busy. And people may not want to make an account when Texture or Twine allow them to make a full game in the browser and export it to their own computer without logging in.

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This is welcome, not that I know what to do with the connection yet. But I just tried to connect with GitHub, only to be told that I'll be redirected to localhost.com:8080, which needless to say didn't work.

It's certainly colorful and noisy. If you added a screenshot to your post, that would make people look. And a few words about the game would help, too.

You forgot to add a link to the game proper. :P

I moved this to release announcements where it belongs. So it's an authoring system for interactive fiction?

I'm on it.

So where's the game's itch.io page? This forum is for promoting games published right here. Also, you didn't have to spam a dozen other threads.

Good luck! You might want to also remind people where your game is on itch.io, and what it's about.

Hey, nice cover art. But adding a short blurb to the post would make people all that more likely to click through.

All right! For pixel art GIMP isn't so great. Had much better luck with MtPaint, even though it's kinda quirky, after trying out Piskel and finding it too tiresome to deal with files in the roundabout way imposed by a web browser.

That depends on the kind of art you're considering. 3D? 2D? And what style, pixel or vector? I've done everything from drawing in Inkscape and painting in GIMP to hand-coding SVG files and using pre-rendered POV-Ray scenes. Other developers have been successful with scanned pencil drawings. So think about your goals and preferences.

So, why did you post this both here and in Itch.io Share where it had no business of being?

Moved this to Release Announcements where it belongs. Might want to remind people what your game is about, since not everyone will have seen it the first time around.

I moved this to Release Announcements because it fits better. Good luck!

Uh, no. Plenty of games have local multiplayer. And really, put a screenshot and link to the game in your post.

Good start, I guess, though local multiplayer is hardly unusual. But you should put a screenshot and link to the game in your post.

Looks good! But you might want to also put a screenshot in your post, and a link to the game.

Tumblr is home to many game developers, but interacting with other people is... quirky, as you might have heard. Twitter is good for getting to know people and letting them know what you're up to, but not a blogging platform in any way, shape or form. As for WordPress, I was never fond of their hosted platform, but I have been running their software on my own website for 7+ years now. (Migrating away now for a number of reasons.) Itch.io already has devlogs for individual projects. The feature looks good to me so far -- as a light user -- and we can hope for per-creator blogs at some point.

My advice? If you can afford the costs, go with your own website. I pay $15 a year for the domain name, and $60 a year for hosting; you may be able to do with less. You'd have to be active on various social media platforms anyway; might as well point everyone back to one central place that represents you.

Speaking of which, another great community for game development is Open Game Art. While somewhat biased, as the name indicates, it's a good place to meet like-minded people and discuss any related topics with them. And pretty much every game development platform has its own, so if you're a fan of a specific language, engine or library look them up.

Open Game Art is my go-to place for recruiting artists and/or getting advice. You might even find some pre-made art that suits your needs. And for 3D graphics specifically, I recently discovered Polycount.com: an old, large forum that also seems to be home to many passionate people. Might be a good place to ask.

Did you set the game to public status? Because I'm getting a 404 error when trying to follow the link.

Itch.io only keeps the percentage you set in your preferences. But since they send you the money via PayPal, the latter applies their own fees. Which, as you've noticed, include a fixed portion. That's only like 30 cents, but it's going to be very noticeable when taken out of one dollar (the percentage they take on top of that is reasonable).

The solution is to let more money accumulate before requesting a payout. You'll also lighten the workload of transaction reviewers, which means the money will be transferred faster.

That's cute! You should (also) link to the game's page on itch.io.

Oh, cool! Sound is important in a game, and easy tools doubly so. But you forgot to add a link.

Yeah, RPG Maker games have a bad reputation they don't deserve.

I moved your post to Release Announcements where it belongs. You might want to remind people what your game is about.

Looks intriguing! But you forgot to add a link to the game. :)

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You have a checkbox on each download saying, "this file is a demo and can be downloaded for free".

Edit: but only if your project already has a minimum price set globally.

Least I can do.