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It's because the app pulls down web games and stores them locally. The analytics system isn't aware of that, and counts it as an ordinary download. Otherwise it shouldn't be possible, unless you upload a second archive with a different name.

A link would have been useful. Is this the game you mean? Are you downloading through the app or the website? And does the download not complete, or does that error happen afterward?

Yes, you can, but please read the rules carefully first, and make sure you respect the spirit of the jam if not the theme. If in doubt, post in the jam's community and ask the organizers. The Weekly Game Jam 71 doesn't have one, but they have a Discord server and Twitter account, so you have other ways to contact them.

Please don't use another account to circumvent a ban. That's always bad. I've let our admins know so they can help, just wait a few hours.

I'll let an admin know about your situation. In the mean time, try posting in the communities of those jams you still want to join and explain what happened.

Links would have been helpful. Anyway. The Indie Game Maker Contest 2018 is for games made with Melon JS, as stated repeatedly on their front page. It makes sense that your Unity entry would be disqualified. GAMErella appears to be a real-world game jam that happens in a given location, and isn't open to online-only participants. For Game Off 2018, can you still post in the jam's community? Asking the organizers is your best bet for finding out what happened.

Most likely, people became suspicious because you submitted to three or more game jams at once and was disqualified from a couple of them. Keep in mind that game jam organizers can and do talk to each other about their participants, precisely so they can prevent abuse.

Right, that's your only published game on, but it doesn't seem to be part of any jams. What jams did you try joining?

It sounds like your game may have been reported for spam submissions. When entering a jam, please make sure you follow the rules, and that your game is a good fit. If in doubt, ask the organizers first. What jams did you try joining?

Sorry to hear that. We're doing our best to clean up spam quickly, but some may slip through the cracks, especially when posted in old topics. Please report bad things when you see them, to let us know.

In your case, it's because the game has a price tag attached, so it's being held for review. It should be up in a few more hours. Thanks for the patience.

Much better!

Indeed? Then I'm not sure. The search system is complex, and sometimes works differently from what people expect. Try waiting a few more days. And definitely add a file for download.

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Looks nice, but please give more details about your game in your announcement, and add one or two of those screenshots.

I assume you mean Heroine Anthem Zero, since HalfLight was just published. Problem is, games need at least one executable to download before they show up in searches. (Used to be, any file worked, but now each file has a type.) Sorry about that.

There's no way to remove things you own right now. Only games where you clicked on "Add to collection". Place your mouse cursor over a game. Four buttons appear. One says "Remove". But other people have asked the same question.

Congrats! But please put more details about the game on your announcement, and add a screenshot too.

Downvoting expresses the opinion of other members. If your topic had been misplaced or in breach of rules, a mod would have moved it and/or asked you to change it. And downvoting a topic doesn't change much right now. So at worst it's an act of pettiness from someone. Should I ask an admin to look into it anyway?

If you mean your recent release announcement, it hasn't had 10 views as of this writing, and two of them are mine. I find it plausible enough that the handful of votes you could have received have balanced out. But if you suspect foul play, then an admin can certainly look into the database for multiple accounts using the same IP, for instance.

Hi there! I wrote a capsule review of Save the Universe and figured you'd like to know. It's not entirely positive; sorry about that. Guess it's true what they say, that focusing on the negatives is so much easier.

In other news, the game page would look better with a gentler contrast than white on black, and uploading PNGs of the hero+saga sheets as screenshots would help as well.

Thanks for writing this and making it free!

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You can create an asset pack just like any other project, by pressing the button on your creator dashboard. You'll be able to select the type from there.

It's not compatible with my browser. I wasn't able to play it.

Then I'll let an admin know, so they can mark your project page as having game files.

Update: turns out, projects marked as games, (as opposed to books or asset packs) need to have some executables to download before they'll appear in searches. Yours has a video and a text file. Is that intentional?

If you mean this jam, it says on the home page: "We’re announcing this year’s theme on Thursday, November 1". Also, the jam has its own community where you can ask. Hope this helps!