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You can request a payout on this page. It usually takes a few days to process the request.

You have to request a payout, the money is only sent when you ask. Look for the Payout tab in your dashboard, I think it's the last one to the right.

Go to the Payouts tab in your dashboard, there's a button right at the top. If you can't request a payout yet, it will tell you what to do instead.

When did you request a payout? Sometimes there are delays in sending them. And do you have your seller information set up?

To answer your first question, we make a point of taking down games that people upload to without permission, but policing the rest of the Internet is simply not feasible. You must talk to the people in charge of wherever a pirate copy of your game was uploaded.

The other issues you raise being more subjective, I won't say much. Just that Steam DRM was cracked long ago, while Itch never had any, yet plenty of creators sell their games just fine. People pay when they want to support you, not when they're forced to. In fact, force them and they'll quickly decide they don't really need to play your game. Would you rather have your game played by pirates, or nobody at all?

That's nice, but please don't spam, and try post in the right category. I hid your other topics and moved this one, just be more careful in the future, all right?

Hi! Welcome to Itch. You double-posted. I'm going to hide this topic since the other one has pictures and everything.

I already told you that's how the search is designed to work. It's intentional. If you think it should work differently, that's another story.

Well, now support has told you the same thing. Who else should I pass your question to? It's unlikely you'll get a different answer.

I don't really know how it works, sorry. Never used it.

Yes there is, look in the project's Interact tab (that you can see while editing it or looking at the analytics). There should be an option to e-mail all buyers.

Sorry you didn't get a timely answer. All I can tell you is, this feature has been requested many times, but our admins don't consider it a priority. firecat and William make good points about potential issues; I'll see if we can get a more detailed official answer.

Few people ever comment on Itch, because you need an account, and frankly it's mostly creators who make accounts here. Most players seem content to download a game and move on. That said, many people find my games through a devlog, so it's worth having them IMO.

The title pretty much says it all. is a big place now, and stuff happens all the time. Often, staff can't answer questions or help requests very quickly, and it's other community members who pick up the slack. I want you to know that we're grateful for the assistance, even if sometimes we fail to show it. Thank you all, and keep up the good work.

You do realize this site hosts over 170 thousand games of incredible diversity, and that you're still not banned despite behavior that would amply warrant it. I am, however, locking this topic now, since it has degenerated into insults. Have a good day.

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That was a figure of speech. And I can add that a community runs on good understanding between people. Most of us don't go around asking what is and isn't legal to say while shopping in a mall; it's simply not needed. In fact, we've only received that kind of question once before. Strangely enough, that person also mentioned, unprompted, a certain genocidal ideology that's outright banned in most countries.

Edit: ah, that was you? In that case, the answer hasn't changed since last time: if you post such a game and people report it, we're going to take action. That much is certain.

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You're assuming a lot about me. E.g. that I'm somehow employed by or even on the same continent as the rest of the team. And you're talking to me because our admins are busy people who can't always answer right away. Rest assured they've been informed of this exchange. As for Wikipedia not being valid, does that mean it's also wrong about hate speech laws in the US, by any chance?

Edit: Speaking of which: nobody has been making any legal claims. Discussing what is and isn't legal in various countries doesn't count. Discussing what kind of business is doesn't count either. You brought up the law, right from the original post. I'm pretty sure (and this isn't legal advice; I am not a lawyer) that implied threats like you've been making this whole time would weigh more heavily in a court of law, if things ever got that far, than any mistakes I may have made in this conversation.

I don't need to cite any legal proof. For one thing it's not my department, and second, this is a privately owned website that facilitates the sale of goods by other people. Feel free to disagree with me about the meaning of the word "marketplace".

I will, however, cite from our community guidelines:

Do not create posts about sensitive topics that may instigate argument
While we certainly respect free speech, we ask for your consideration of others
in the channel and in our community. Avoid posting material that promotes
polarizing views about religion, race, gender, politics, or any other groups.

As for most countries not having hate speech laws, Wikipedia seems to disagree. I can assure you that most if not all European countries do; it seems I was wrong about the United States. Even so, our community guidelines cover this area nicely. The owners of are within their rights to set such rules and enforce them, just as the owners of a mall could kick you out for intimidating or insulting other shoppers, or for that matter other sellers. We want as many people as possible to feel welcome here, and that excludes certain behaviors.

Belatedly, is neither a publisher nor a platform. It's a marketplace. Think of is as a mall where you can rent space and set up a store where you can sell your wares. Renting out space is a business, and a business is within its rights to throw people out if they're being disruptive or breaking the law on its premises. That doesn't limit anyone's free speech, since there are many other places where one can offer a game for download. And last time I checked, hate speech was illegal in every civilized country, including the US where is based. So yes, admins can delete games at their discretion and still be fully within their rights. Making vague threats over the possibility is only going to make reconciliation less likely.

If you mean our default avatars, it's an unfortunate choice. I assure you hate speech isn't welcome here.

Free-form search results cut off after a while, by design. That means only the top games will be shown. And your game's metadata says it was just published. Did you set the minimum price recently? Either way, e-mail support if the problem persists for more than, say, another couple of days.

It also has a price tag attached, and you just published it, so an admin has to look at your game before it will be shown in search results. That should take a day to a day and a half.

Oops, typo. I meant collections. You can make collections and put any games in them, including your own. The Add to Collection button appears on mouse over on search results, and also in the upper right corner of the page when looking at any game's page. Then once you have a collection, you can make it public, and it will appear below your creator profile.

Right now the only way is to hide your games in the main section of your profile, and show them into categories below instead. Hope this helps!