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Even that isn't going to be random, but based on a formula, that depends on what level of what dungeon you're on, and likely other factors.

Uh... there's a bit of confusion there at the end. Indeed, games normally use pseudo-random number generators, and for good reason! Those can be made to yield predictable sequences, which is vital for testing. But it doesn't mean roguelikes are random: try plopping down wall tiles at random on an empty map and see how well it works. No, roguelikes are procedural, which is not the same thing. They use randomness as a tool: just one input into the process.

And text adventures are hard because you need a lot of content to flesh them out. Much more than new authors expect or realize. Doubly so if their writing experience is limited. Then you have the expectations of publishers and/or audiences, that inflate the numbers even more.

Huh. This sounds like a bug. I let an admin know.

Excuse me! First of all, this category is for questions about Itch. For individual games, please ask the creator. But are they even on Itch? I can't find a game by the name of "shapezio".

You're probably uploading a file with the same name, and it overwrites the previous version. That's how it's supposed to work. To keep the old version too, simply rename your archive before uploading. Hope this helps!

Seriously? That's what's bothering you about shoot'em ups? :P In my experience they're the easiest games to create. Sure, you'll have to work with arrays, while in a text adventure you can get by without, but a text adventure needs a lot more work on the content, and the testing, and the polishing. That it's less technical doesn't mean it's easier.

But the most trouble I had making roguelikes. And the hardest part of that has been... balancing content. Because you have to set up a progression without the ability to place each enemy and health pack manually. But it's still more about the content than the programming.

Yes. As pointed out in the Search&Browse FAQ, that you were asked to read twice before being allowed to post in this category, giving your game a minimum price will place it in a review queue where an admin will look at it before making it visible in searches. (Especially if it's your first time.) This usually doesn't take long, except it was the weekend. Please wait for another 24h.

Nice one, but what character sets are supported, and what's the license?

There are three games by that name on Itch, but assuming you mean this one, it has a community where you can get help from the creators and/or other players. This category is for questions about Itch.

Yes, by contacting support.

Yes. As mentioned in the FAQ, there are other limits than the total size of an archive. And one of them is, to quote:

The size any single extracted file should not be greater than 100MB.

You really ought to shrink the game some anyway, because that's way too much to load into a web browser at once for most people.

I've let an admin know.

The support e-mail is literally, if that helps. Or if you can use Twitter, the official account is @itchio.

The support e-mail is the one given in the FAQ, where you can also find listed other ways to contact Itch. You can also explain your problem right here, in case somebody knows the answer. Hope this helps!

What game would that be? This category is for questions about Itch.

It's been too long since I've been a beginner, and things have changed. Maybe the official Python tutorial, or the Invent With Python books? But since you're using Twine already, learn the more advanced features of your preferred story format, like loops, conditionals, variables, arrays... that alone is going to teach you a lot. SugarCube markup in particular is as powerful as any programming language, but I think Harlowe isn't far behind.

No, if you want ads in your games you have to add them yourself. But only if you warn users upfront and don't spy on them. Really, you should just sell downloads instead if you want to earn money with your games here.

They all promise that, and they all break their promise. Starting with Twine. 😉 If you made anything with it that involves more than simple links, you've been coding, even if you don't realize it right now. So just learn to code.

That said, Ren'Py is a way to grow into making more advanced games while working in a way not too different from Twine. Look into it first.

Yes, you can. The library includes collections, and things you've rated. If by library you mean things you own, you'll have to pay something for a game before it shows up there. That's only fair.

You can make new collections from the same place you add games to collections: from the Add To Collection button in the upper right corner of each game page. As for your library, it's available from your account menu, at the right end of the site toolbar. Hope this helps.

In principle yes, with something like Electron. That is, if you like your game to take up an extra 80Mb on disk and 1G of RAM (because it now comes with its own private web browser), and possibly have security issues too. Or you could use the equivalent of a WebView control for each operating system, but if you're asking this question then it's probably not for you.

The devlog category in the forum is for people to use before they have a (public) game page. Of course, if you'd rather continue there ever after publishing your game, that's fine too. Both kinds of devlog attract readers anyway, so your time will be well-used.

This has been discussed many times before, and our dev team would rather focus on making the site work better and better on mobile devices. That said, we'd welcome an unofficial app, and indeed at least two people started making one over the years. However, both efforts fizzled out. So that's where we are now.

Did you read the Search & Browse FAQ? There may be some detail you missed.

If you mean this game, the best place to ask is in the game's own community. The creators appear to be very active.