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No Time To Play

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Hi there! If this is about a specific game, please ask in that game's comments. This category is for discussing itch.io itself.

Hi there! Please put some effort into your post. At least add a description, or a screenshot. Preferably both. Not just a link. Thanks.

You forgot linking to your game. :)

No, but paid products have to be reviewed by an admin first. It shouldn't take longer than 36h or so.

Yes, because it's a paid game. That should take between 24h and 36h.

You forgot linking to the game page.

In that case, at least link to the game, then click through so that the creator can see this topic in their referrals. :)

I have no way to try it out, sorry.

Hi! This category is for recommending games by other people. Please post in Release Announcements instead. Remember to read the rules first. Thank you.

Hi! Your link and screenshot weren't showing properly. I fixed the formatting for you, hope it's all right.

Hi! You should also link to the project page proper.

Devlogs normally appear in the Devlog section that you can find in the top menubar. This category is mostly so you can have a place for your devlogs before you create a game page. But cross-posting is fine. And your post is very interesting!

Hi! Excuse me, is this for a specific game? In that case, please post on the game's own page. This category is for discussing itch.io itself. Thanks.

Hi! This category is for announcing games, or other releases. Please link to your new game.

Your game probably has a file with an accented letter in the name. Just rename it to something else.

Hi! Please don't spam other threads with off-topic posts, thanks.

It's been two weeks. Must have been there already.