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Well, yes, your username also determines your URL. The button in your profile settings even says, "Change my username/URL". Not sure if the system can be made to work otherwise as it is now. Guess it could be a feature to request?

Is this about a specific game? Please ask in that game's own comments or community. If there isn't any, at least link to the game so people know what you're talking about. If that's the case, also use a different category. This one is for questions about Itch.io itself.

Someone who made several games I'm interested in will get a follow from me, since they're likely to make more. Someone whose taste in games I know will also get a follow because they might rate and collect games that are also to my liking. Friends, too, because friends.

Of course, sometimes it turns out to be a wrong move. If someone floods my feed with stuff I don't care about, well, it's just as easy to unfollow them again. But that's just life.

Yes, wait for it to be reviewed first. That's the rule when you publish something with a price tag attached. It can take a day or two, so don't worry.

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People use pseudonyms for all kinds of reasons, and keeping some of your creative work apart from the rest also makes sense often enough. It's not about standing up to what you create, or failing to. It's about feeling comfortable showing it off. So don't feel like using a pen name is an act of cowardice or anything. Especially in that particular industry it's just common sense... and common practice. But you know best.

It's because your game has a price tag, and that means it has to be reviewed first. It should appear by tomorrow.

I'm not in the market right now, but your art is amazing. Do you post it anywhere else?

That's exactly right, paid games have to be reviewed first, because we've had some issues with pirates reselling games that weren't theirs. Sorry about that. Your game should be approved Really Soon Now.

We have 2FA. See under Account Settings->Two Factor Auth.

Not all this what? Is there something wrong with https://itch.io/games/newest?

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Um, yes? You go to Browse->Games->Recently Added: https://itch.io/games/newest -- there's even a newsfeed you can subscribe to.

Edit: in other words, as ItsJustJord said. That's really it.

When a new version of the game is uploaded, it goes under a new URL entirely, so it doesn't have access to the old save data anymore. Maybe if you let the user save and load via ordinary files?

Dunno... offer the Android version as a download from Itch? Sure, people would have to fiddle with their phone settings to install it, but that's pretty common. Or else offer promotional material for download, such as (I give this example a lot) desktop wallpapers.Last but not least, would it be possible to upload a web-playable version?

Downloads, that's what. :) Games with no downloads and no browser-playable files don't show up in searches. Put something there, anything. Desktop wallpapers at least.

You can always announce your own releases in Release Announcements, that's what the category is for. And if you have a Youtube video, there's a field for it on your game's edit form. Links to other places can be included in your game's metadata. Apart from that, come over to the Itch.io Discord server, maybe?

Your game has no downloads yet, that's why it doesn't appear in searches. You'll have to promote it by other means until you can add some files.

I see your game is entered into several jams. To know about the jam rules, you should post in their respective communities, not here. Outside of that, we encourage people to offer their games for download on Itch.io, but it's all right to wait until you're ready to upload. It's just that your game won't appear in any searches while it has no files.

How many times your game was shown to visitors in search results.

While working on my latest project, this board proved very useful, because it allowed me to post a bunch before creating a project page -- something I'd rather not do too early, for various reasons. And it was popular! People read it, and even answered. Once I did have a project page, that allowed me to post a couple of more involved devlogs, and in turn link to them from here. So in my opinion the board complements the project devlogs. But yes, it can be abused, and how to fix that is a good question.