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No Time To Play

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Interesting looks! Why not paste the game description here, and the video and/or a couple of those screenshots.

When you click Create New Project, one of the first options you'll see is a dropdown labeled "Classification / What are you uploading?". Game assets is the second option. But you can change that just as well after uploading your files.

I think that's between you and PayPal. Check what they have to say about receiving payments in your country. There could be restrictions.

Ah, that's different. Not to my knowledge.

Yes, the funds are simply sent to your PayPal account if you choose to let itch.io collect payments. There's no need to connect accounts, anyone sending you money just needs to know your PayPal ID. And no, if you let itch.io collect payments they'll also deal with the whole VAT mess for you.

Yes, you can. It's not in the UI except here: https://itch.io/directory

You totally can. See the radio buttons at the very bottom of your game's editing page. I think draft mode is even the default.

It's good to see more games in languages other than English, even if I can't play them. :P Do link to the game page in your post, by the way. :)

You can replace your files with new ones any time. And save file compatibility depends on you, it's not handled through the site API unless you involve it somehow.

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It is, but you can publish an .apk on itch.io just fine, and we'd rather have your game here. (Edit: not to mention you can also have a Google Play button on your game page.) No need to wait until you have the PC edition.

That's nice, but won't you also put the game on itch.io?

I took the liberty of fixing your link to the game page. Hope that's all right. Good luck!

Say, is it made with RPG Maker? Unusual use for the engine.

This is fun! Very complex, and not at all what I expected. Ended up losing my first playthrough, but oh well. The way you track the passing of the seasons is especially pleasant.

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Sorry, bad wording. Tools are welcome. It's the "published on itch.io" bit I was trying to stress. And we'd rather have you here than not. :)

All right, this is a cool toy, if for no other reason that fantasy consoles abound, while fantasy home computers are virtually non-existent. (Well, there's one now.) I considered something similar, but couldn't come up with a strong enough concept.

Sadly there aren't enough hours in the day for me to pick up yet another tool, but congrats from a fellow fan of BASIC. Care to talk about your plans for the future? Maybe a way to package an instance of the console along with a set of saved programs for easy distribution? Of course that could be tricky if it had to include the retro TV frame. :P

Will you release it on itch.io as well? This category is for games released here. :)

Oh yes! I finally got all my companions in the mean time (very late), and I'm trying to beat the mine.

Why not link to the itch.io game page too?

You forgot linking to the game page. :)