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Yes, you didn't add any files for people to download. Games won't appear in searches without at least one. As for devlogs, projects must be seen by an admin before they show up in that section, and today being a Sunday, there could be a delay. Sorry, and hope this helps!


A rule system for computer RPGs

It may seem odd to write here about a rule system for computer RPGs, but really, it uses real dice and whatnot. You can play it tabletop just fine if you don't mind the crunch (there are ways to simplify combat). The important thing was making it not require the GM to be there and fudge dice rolls or make monsters weaker on the fly if the players are struggling, because computers can't do any of that, and notoriously struggle to handle rule systems designed for people to play among themselves, live around a (virtual) table. It also ended up having its own specific flavor, with rock-paper-scissors tactics and ways to beat the odds. All it lacks for now is a good magic system and a setting. Hope you find it fun and useful anyway.

I created my own original system (called Battles&Balances) because I needed one for computer RPGs, and those designed for tabletop assume a human GM at the helm, able to improvise, change things on the fly and make value judgements. Things a computer is notoriously bad at. So I made one that allows me to balance things well from the start and be reasonably certain of the chances players have, and also that they can *tell* how they're doing and run away if needed before a lucky roll by an enemy kills them without a chance to react. But I made it to use real dice and everything, because that keeps the design grounded. Plus, it was fun! And as a bonus, if people don't mind the extra crunch they can also play it without a computer, which is good for testing if nothing else.

Good point. I'm afraid it all reverts to being one column on small screens. But another recommended solution is to put your own products into collections that you showcase below the main area. That can fit rather more of them, but there's still a limit and doesn't look as good. Also, most of us use collections to showcase games by other people, so that can be a source of confusion. See how it works for you.

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This was requested repeatedly in the past, but no clear concept of how it would work emerged. Any suggestions?

In the mean time, one trick you could use would be to tick the "Show games in grid" checkbox at the top of your profile's Edit Theme pane, and reorder your projects so that they fit in one of the three columns according to their type. It's not much, but it might just help for now. Cheers!

Hi there! This sort of question is best asked in the game's own comments or community. If the game doesn't have any enabled, and the authors haven't provided any other contact options, at least link to the game so we know what you're asking about. Thanks.

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In fact, not all the options require download. If you look around, you'll notice we have a lot of browser games. If you select HTML under Kind of project, you'll be able to mark a file or archive you upload a being playable in the browser, and you'll get all kinds of options as to how your game will be loaded.

Now, if your game is multiplayer and hosted on your own server, then no, you can't just place a link to it in a text field and call it a day. But you could, for example, create an index.html file that does nothing except embed your game in an iframe, and upload that to Itch. Hope this helps!

Hey there. Our admins are busy people. Delays happen in support e-mails, and forum posts sometimes slip through the cracks. I just signaled them. Someone should be along soon.

There is no specific category for them, but it's nice to keep the forum posts themselves safe for work, blur any screenshots if appropriate and warn people about the links they're about to click. Post with confidence!

That belongs in Questions and Feedback, but whatever. It's because you just published the game, and it has a price tag attached. An admin has to see it first. Should show up in searches 24 hours or so from now.

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That's very nice, but please add some details about the game. Posts with just a link in them are no fun, so please don't so that. We're in Devlogs; tell us something about how you made the game!

Welcome to! It doesn't look like you did something wrong. Many things can happen in two weeks. First of all, newer games can push yours off the first page (and the second or third). Second, searches mainly go by title, short description and tags. And some tags have lots of games in them, while others are hardly used. Striking a balance can be tricky.

What you can try: uploading new versions, and writing devlogs to let people know what's changed; posting release announcements in the community forum if you haven't already (even belatedly); improving your short descriptions and choice of tags; last but not least, also promote your games outside of Itch. Hope this helps!

Hi! Sorry for the delay in answering this. Our admins must have missed your post, it happens sometimes. I brought it to their attention this time. How many files do you have? The limit can be increased manually on request.

I always use TTF or OTF fonts, because it's easy, and you can render them in any size and color from just one font file. Also these are standard formats used by all modern operating systems, so I can use the exact same fonts in promotional art, or on the website. On the other hand they require a game engine with support for them, and then they take more CPU and RAM to render than bitmap fonts.

Hey there. This category is for questions about itself. Your best bet is to ask the creator. There's a troubleshooting section on the game's page that says,

WINDOWS 8 USERSFAITH is known to have game-breaking graphics issues for Windows 8 users with onboard Intel HD graphics cards like the Intel HD Graphics 4000. I highly recommend downloading and playing the demo to see if you get any graphical issues.
To report bugs or compatibility issues, please send an email to: Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. Please don't report bugs or crashes in the comments!

Does any of that apply to you? Did you download and test the demo first?

As a last resort, you can still e-mail support and ask for a refund within a week. Hope this helps!

Nope! We don't have such a requirement. Besides, in most countries copyright is automatic. In plain English, you already own any game you make. Big companies only register copyright so they can sue others for infringement more easily.

That said, you should make sure you have the right to publish any third-party material you use. E.g. art made by someone else. That means respecting the license if it's open source, or getting permission / buying a license otherwise. If you don't do that, people might complain, and our admins would have to take action.

Trademarks are more complicated (and expensive). My personal, amateur advice is to do a search before picking a name for your game, to make sure it's not too similar to others. That can be tricky, and it's not much, but it's something.

It depends on the kind of games you want to make, and the tools you use. All game development forums I'm aware of enable people to form teams. E.g. in your case the RPG Maker forums might be a good place to look (even though you're using a custom engine). As for being better than specialized venues, well, what am I supposed to answer? ;)

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No problem! I get a 403 Forbidden error on a file called Shooter_ammo_health.js, for some reason. Can't imagine why, but you might want to double-check.

Firefox 65 is brand new however. That sounds more like a bug. Thanks for pointing it out!

Uh, what exactly do you mean by "it doesn't work"? What seems to happen when you try to upload? Any error messages in the browser console? Speaking of which, what browser are you using? If it's an old one like Firefox 45 ESR, that could be it.

Either way, a JPG, PNG or GIF should work equally well, and if it's the wrong size it should just become distorted.

You're in the right place, but we can't help you without seeing the game. (I assume it's not Highroller Slots, since that one is downloadable.) Put it on Itch, just hidden, and post a link to the game page here.

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Questions like that should be asked in the comments or community of each game. If a game doesn't have either, at least link to it so people can tell which game you mean. Otherwise, this category is for questions about itself. Thanks,

Edit: there are two games named Peppered. Presumably you mean this one, as the other is browser-based and free. I see the comments are open, and there's a troubleshooting section at the end of the description, too. Your best bet is to look there first.

That explains it. Removing all downloads will cause a game to not show up in searches anymore. Adding it back should fix the issue.

Did you set a minimum price recently? In that case an admin will have to see your app before it shows up in searches again.

If it had a minimum price from the beginning, is there anything else you changed recently?

HTML is the correct choice here. You'll have to upload a ZIP archive, 'cause otherwise how do you plan to get dozens or hundreds of files at once on the server? The archive you select to be played in the browser won't be available for download; you'd have to provide a separate one for that.

If what you're saying is that people must go to the game's website to play, that's another story. You could upload a webpage that embeds your game in an iframe, for instance. But Itch doesn't directly support that kind of thing.