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No Time To Play

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Yes, actually. Go to the edit form for your project and look under More->Admins. Hope this helps!

How does this relate to game development?

That's a known problem with some game engines that put every little tile and sprite in its own image file. Might want to just let people download a Windows build of the game. Any browser would struggle loading that many pics one by one.

Ooh, thank you! That makes sense, but I have little experience with Windows 7, and no way to test myself, so it's very useful to know.

Hi, you seem to have double-posted. I archived the other thread, let me know if there was a difference between the two.

Sorry to hear that. I'd offer a refund, but you have to e-mail support for that.

No, it's a graphical game for the desktop, but if you start it from a command prompt, you'll be able to see if it complains about something in particular, because that's where error messages normally go.

You're welcome! And getting people to review your game is another story. You can advertise a lot so that many people buy it, or you can send download keys and ask for reviews. People with blogs and YouTube channels are often interested. Good luck!

Congrats on publishing your game! You should also put a link to the game page in the announcement.

Paid games are reviewed by an admin before showing up in searches. That usually takes about a day and a half, so yours should be coming to the front of the queue by now, but changing the visibility settings after publishing may have extended the waiting time. If the delay grows much longer, it's okay to e-mail support about it.