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Thanks for the feedback! The locked cursor issue was mentioned by various users, which helped me find it wasn’t platform-related and understand the true cause. I will patch it soon!

The original aesthetics was much more vintage and brownish, I’m glad you like the blueish futuristic look!

Thank you!

There was no “assessment of the day” in the first version, I’m glad I added it!

So I’m still in the middle of the game, but I can give some feedback so far. I’ll rate when I have finished it. Note that there is a lot of feedback on the Star/Moon tasks, since they make most of the beginning. Without playing the whole game it’s hard to tell how important the small issues are, since it depends on how much you have to repeat the tasks.

  • First, the game is much bigger than I expected, but not so surprising considering it was made for the 3-week Lunar New Year Jam. It could even be NaNoRenO entry, I guess having 3 weeks instead of 4 preventing you from polishing some stuff like the star catch/water puzzle, but that’s it. Now to be honest, I feel like it’s a bit weird to double post your game to two jams. Technically it’s not promotion for an old game (what FFS discouraged) since the game was made in January, but it’s not a project that was particularly late on schedule either. A posteriori I’m still glad I could discover it, and since you explain that properly in the entry description I guess that’s OK.

  • Nice insertion of narration and special events between missions. Unless it’s the opposite, puzzles are inserted between narrative events? It’s fun to play without knowing the main game genre, as I don’t know how things will evolve.

  • Nice tutorial integrated in lore

  • It would be easier if we saw columns and rows total change live when incrementing/decrementing numbers. See indie game Energy Balance.

  • Star catch and water puzzle visual is a bit raw, compared to the beauty of the rest. Even if you want to emphasize on the abstraction of numbers, there are ways to mix art and figures. Well, some consider puzzle solving an art and that a grid of figures alone is beautiful; I kinda agree, but that I think that works on a white sheet. Since you already have a background and all, maybe it would be worth stylizing the grid?

  • Interesting idea to skip the intermediary missions after the tutorial to give to the player a taste of time passing by doing the same stuff… Howeve, I think it would work better if you let the player repeat the core tasks at least twice. For 2 reasons: to make it easier to imagine oneself doing the same thing 100 times. Because the difficulty curve is very steep otherwise. The grid size bumps from, say 5 to 9 or something. It coud go through 7 for instance (forgot to screenshot, so not sure about exact size). And the character (Selene) is supposed to be used to that, so there is no reason to make the character feel lost at that point. However, the idea of skipping repetitive tasks to advance narration, and also to make the experience shorter for people testing many jam games, is very good.
  • Stars disappear too quick. I know there is a bonus to increase time from 0.5 to 0.7s, but that’s still a bit harsh for a game whose core is not dexterity. Fortunately I can rollback in Renpy with mouse wheel up to retry!

  • In water sum balance puzzle, there is often plenty of imbalance and you must spend your points to raise just one column… There is a power to enable decrementing, but it would be ven more powerful to have a power that changes the sign of a number (when I read “change sign +/-) I thought it would be something like that. Of course it doesn’t matter too much if that game since there is a lot of leeway.

  • It would be nice to see constellation cost in brackets besides their names, so we don’t have to click on them to know the cost.

  • Misc typos: “you cna imagine”, “asing these questions”, “quieter becuase”, “IDENTITY YOURSELF”. Totally understandle for a jam game, just in case you want to fix them after the Rating phase is over.

Hm, it feels weird rating a game like this, since it’s more a traditional jam game than a project you “finally managed to finish on January”.

But still, congrats for your first upload. And for putting an actual theme on Flappy Bird!

Thanks. That’s right, it’d need some extra feedback, especially on interactions.

Hey, I get the “no manifest” error when Opening this in the app. Obviously it’s not an executable and I just need to show the files in the File Manager, but could you just add a manifest saying the default action should be to do that exactly?

For instance works this way.

OK, I didn’t know about Wariness. And yes, you can have a first enemy appearing on top of a platform above the character so it’s easy to walk under it and stay safe.

For the arrow, if I understood correctly, they just indicate neighboring areas/spawn points. For a new player, I think they look like hints for the next destination (like the GO!! arrow in beat’em up games), but you may make it clear by adding a small text “checkpoint” or “area exit” or a corresponding icon if a text is too long.

I don’t remember which vegetable I used on the enemy. Actually I just hold the X button in front of the enemy, so maybe it did nothing but as it disappeared just on the enemy’s sprite it gave me the impression I gave it? I should try avoid by Emitting when there is nothing around. In any case, it’s weird I’m losing the ingredient if it does nothing. I should probably keep it in my inventory if I didn’t consume it.

A time gauge may help yes. I would rather have faster animations, but apparently you’re saying slow animations are part of design because Agility would affect animation speed (including action animations, and not only motion).

I don’t think it is necessary for Emitting or other actions used in a “safe” context: since there are no enemies around, it doesn’t change the gameplay whether the action takes time or not, since nothing bad can happen during the animation.

By the way, I played your other game PITMAP. Just the tutorial, but I was quite impressed. I didn’t expect that kind of game, I think you like mixing genres not commonly together! (I played directly on your website using my Twitter account; the version doesn’t seem to react to my input (I use Firefox on Linux))

Hi! I also took part in the FFS 2020, so I checked your entry.

I like the principle, and gaining important gameplay stats after cooking feels good, it reminds me on a GBC Smurfs (スマーフ) game where you increased jump height in each level by picking sarsaparilla. The downside is that you start very slow and cannot jump high at all, which makes sense in terms of gameplay (you cannot avoid the enemies by jumping yet), but feels weird if you consider the game a platformer.

I noticed a few issues in the game:

Animation: animations have a long delay/lag after input (not the start of the animation, but the action confirmation). In particular, when giving vegetable to animal (Emit Skill) and throwing vegetable (Purify enemy). So the player receives feedback a bit late and may sometimes stop holding the button, unsure if the action is working or not. I’m also unsure about the input order, sometimes I hold the direction and press X hoping I’ll throw the vegetable but end up running into the enemy.

Design: slightly related to this, the first enemies are on a descending slope. The character throws the vegetable forward so it’s hard to hit them right. Apparently it works thanks to their wide hitboxes but I didn’t feel confident when throwing the vegetables at them.

Design: enemies suddenly appear out of nowhere and hurt you. There should appear some time ahead so the player has the time to react and attack/dodge them.

Bug: can open inventory (down+Enter) during intro cinematics (the color palette is lighter, so the inventory looks brigher too)

Bug: after cooking with the 2nd animal (2nd screen), the hint arrow was pointing left instead of right. If I went back to the first screen, the arrow would be pointing right again.

Bug?: You can give a vegetable to an enemy, and the animation performs correctly but nothing happens, it doesn’t purify the enemy, you’d better thow the vegetable at it. I don’t know if it’s intended.


Hi to another French dev!

The jar is working on Linux, as I would expect. Although I don’t have a working password so I can’t really test the game’s features, but the app is running correctly at least.

Just use java -jar flop_util.jar

Your description n mentions “Flop_util.js” instead of “.jar”, by the way.

I tend to like meta-games, but I admit on this one I’m a bit lost. There seem to be a catch on #01, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything (as in investigation games where you know you didn’t use that specific clue yet). And because locks are sequential, I cannot start working on #02 or #04 in parallel while I’m thinking more about #01. I’ll try to spend more time on it.

It works, but I still wonder how to get this from the UI. Did you also find the filter pages from a search engine or did you use some button/field?

For Master Dungeon, indeed if you look at the details you can see all the languages… and also “Textless”. So it makes sense and fills the criterion “you can play it if you know language X”, but it doesn’t mean you did anything special for this language either. Reminds me of my other post on accessibility (

Maybe there should be a filter “French OR Textless” so devs don’t have to do add all languages when there is no or little text, just to appear in all filter searches.

Creator side

When you submit a game, you can set Accessibility features in the Metadata. Among those, I always stumble on Color-blind friendly and High-contrast. Most of my games tend to have clear colors, but just because I use proto art. And most can be played without relying on colors at all.

In other words, I didn’t do anything special to meet those criteria, but it works, although not as clearly as games specifically handling them. There is no option to swap the color palette, for instance, so colors don’t shine either under certain color blindness.

Should I still check those Accessibility features for my games?

Player side

Related to the question above, as a player, when searching for games having Color-blind friendly and High-contrast games, should I expect games who specifically catered for those (by either adding an Accessibility option, or by having the default graphics/UI verifying them), or any game that are OK to play when color-blind / not distinguishing low contrast?

I’d be tempted to say option 2, as the player won’t care as long as he/she can play the game, but I don’t want to mechanically check the boxes for all my games and spam the accessibility feature filter with games that just happen not to be terrible at it. Maybe there should be 3 levels (not good, OK, excellent), but I guess that would add more complexity to metadata for no visible benefit?

An example of filter, which seems to tend of the side of option 2:

Bonus question:

I got the filter URL above from a search engine, but how do you add an accessibility feature filter from the UI? There don’t seem to be part of the tags (same for languages, btw).

Nice, how did you find how to filter by language? I don’t see any button/tag, but I see the URL ends with “lang-fr” so I will copy-paste it with the target language I want next time… I’d still like it better if showed filter tags of all sorts directly on the UI (including languages, accessibility features and supported platforms).

Aha, I picked a random one in the list and you’re featured in the demo video (

By the way, the link is technically a filter for physical games, so in theory there could be various kinds of board games, but on, it seems almost all of them are a TTRPG of some sort.

Hey! How was I supposed to know Waves shouldn’t be on an island, and Houses shouldn’t be in the see? This is written nowhere in the rules!

More seriously, common sense helps in this game, but it may be a false friend: for instance, I was placing beaches inside the island at the beginning.

By the way, if the rule was to place beaches inside the island and to score +1pt per side touching the sea, players would be encouraged to add “convex sections” (peninsulas sticking out) on their islands rather than “concave sections” (cavities). I think it shows in the most successful maps.

OK, couldn't do a lot due to bug on Linux where you get stuck at the end of Camp loading (the progress bar is filled, but nothing happens and CPU continues running at 100%). I could see the beginning of the tutorial and enter the Squad setup screen correctly, though.

Found a typo: first tutorial screen with the world map: puruers -> pursuers

On Linux, when you get back from the Squad screen the screen glitches (flickers between some loading screen and the map tutorial).

Also, when I Close the world map tutorial, the menu Squad-Camp-Menu appears below normally, but the world map stays in the background. Is that indended?

I saw from comments below that you will be testing Linux soon, so I understand if there are platform-specific issues. I'll check it again on Windows and tell you.

Arg, Start leads to black screen on Linux with Intel graphics / Mesa driver only. Will try again with Nvidia drivers installed and tell you how it goes. Otherwise, any way I can help you make it work on Linux / Mesa?

I had a look at the GitHub repo and I see 2 possible explanations:

- the version of TMPro used is not compatible with my platform (it's possible, since 2 years ago TMPro was not integrated in Unity, and could have totally supported only Windows and OSX)

- the LeanTween used at the beginning to show the Morning timer does not work on my platform

No worries though, I understand it's annoying to have to come back to an old jam game code, upgrade it to the last version of Unity because you've uninstalled the old one, make it compile again and then change something. So if it can't be done I'll just try again on Windows next.

Thanks for the demo! I'm eager to see the full release!

Not sure what you've already fixed since, so some feedback and bug reports:

- Linux: only the Linux/nw version worked. Linux/Game and Linux/nwjc crashed with different errors. Not exactly sure why there are 3 versions if what we really need on PC is wrapper around the web version, but here are the logs (when starting from console):



Fatal error in , line 0
# Failed to create ICU number format, are ICU data files missing?


Usage: ./nwjc [flag] ... jsfile outfile
SSE3=1 SSE4_1=1 SAHF=1 AVX=1 FMA3=1
Usage: ...

(it's used for compiling, so I don't think the user should run it?)

- Typo: numberic instead of numeric in one of En's lines

- UX: doors that transition to other areas are harder to distinguish when oriented to South, West and East. Their shapes are closed so they just look like curved parts of the wall. Consider keeping the shape open, maybe add some light gradient if you want to indicate the door is open (you'll find plenty of references in top-down RPGs and adventure games, and plenty of them are pixel art)

- UX: There is one save panel near the end of the demo where you must go through a few lines "let's go to the elevator" before opening the save popup.  If possible, make the save immediately accessible, at least the second time you watch the panel.

- UX: I'd say if you get caught by the guard you are respawned a bit far, but in makes sense story-wise as you get back to your room. Seriously it wasn't a big issue for me, I simply got more and more careful each time.

- UX: I tried various words in the terminal search, but could not find information on my first searches "elevator" and "exit", which makes me think we get more access to a generic DB (with specialized knowledge, for sure) than a Q&A for people working in the station. Maybe this could be made clearer? The first dialogue about the terminal is about searching information on this place and showing a map... I didn't try to search "map" though, maybe that was it?

- UX: I tried various words in the terminal search, found a key narrative element yes, but that shouldn't have impacted the station. When I came back, the door was open, I guess this was it, but it's not very clear what happened. From a narrative perspective you probably want to force the player to find that narrative hint, but from a logical perspective I'm not sure what opened the door. You could cheat though, by making the terminal room darker (except for the terminal), then just after the key narrative search lighten up the room, and En would say "oh, power has come back!" so you force the player to do the search but you also let the player know he/she can come back after that.

- Graphics: small "glitch" when the characters are climbing up the spiral staircase, as they must switch layer to go from "behind" the stairs to "in front of" the stairs, when reaching the left side. You're probably aware and didn't find a good solution for it... I don't have an idea either, but since this game focuses on writing and aesthetics that may be a thing to tackle in the Polish phase.

Nice job for the hidden search terms ;)

Same issue, but from the point of view of a user. Reporting works, problem is posts remaining completely visible and in chronological order.

I found a game where spams have been downvoted multiple times (negative score) *and* user has been deleted (probably thanks to reports; the report button doesn't appear anymore after user deletion). But the posts are still displayed in chronological order, so the bad posts remain on top and they are not grayed out.

I think a reddit/StackExchange-like system that allows you to sort posts by vote count by default, and also gray out posts with negative score automatically (with an option to hide them entirely) would help a lot. Otherwise, we'll have to resort to browser plugins that enhance the experience by parsing post data and changing the CSS? But sounds convoluted.

Good to hear!

No problem.

- Pacifist could indeed have some barrier powers, or more reliable ways to put to Sleep / Pacify. Maybe it's just the fact that healing everybody tends to slow down battle so I would rather not do anything with the Pacifist sometimes.

- Reboot takes 2 turns so I think it would be OK to recover some MP. Combined with the Destroyer I admit it may become dangerous though.

- Interesting that RMMV puts Flee on the left. Maybe you could put Guard there too. But to be honest there was Move/Defend in FF7 in the sub-menu on the right and I rarely used them, almost forgetting them after the tutorial. In modern UI it would probably be mapped to a dedicated keyboard/gamepad button with a visible hint, or it would have an special menu entry but the menu would be more compact on the screen (RMMV seems good to make classics but it's harder to be up-to-date... consider the work you'd need to make a battle HUD like Golden Sun (2001). Oh, wait. Someone tried:

- It's nice if there are other items to expand the swapping mechanic.

- It's not that dialogs are missing due to a bug. Just that in terms of writing, if you connect the scene before and after the battle, it seems like the characters forget to react on the battle itself, why they did it and what they wanted. For instance, the Pacifist doesn't want to kill the bees, but does it still to progress so after the battle he could say "Repose in peace" or something like that. If you pick an event battle in some RPG you'll probably see what I mean. You did it for the battle with fairies already, since the aftermath was so important.

You may not be able to continue working on this game, but I'm eager to see your next works!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.

LAKE was meant to be hard, although I found an exploit just before submitting to solve it in a few clicks (check the video I've just added at the bottom).

I'm not currently developing this game, so it's pretty much a frozen jam entry at this point. However, I have yet to submit it to the Lexaloffle PICO-8 forum, which is a very good to get visibility, feedback, and make it easy to download from PICO-8.

I consider submitting to the forum at some point in the future, in which case I'll probably add a few levels, a main menu (with logo title) and keyboard control. I'll be sure to contact you for playtesting then!

So I guess we should follow the local law and only share with close family? I think in my country it means people sharing in the same household. But then they could just come and play on my computer; so sending a copy of a game is actually more useful for relatives not living in the same place, which would then be illegal?

But there is the law and there is what developers would actually rather not you do, which I guess is sharing with complete strangers (or a family/friend circle a bit too big).

If the files are sent directly to other people or uploaded to some other server, there is no direct way to track them. But if an account is shared with numerous people, may be able to detect too many simultaneous connections, from too many countries (you could tunnel to mitigate that, but probably still get different regions/IPs). No idea if they do, though.

Nice! The zombies are very annoying but also predictable, making it a hybrid puzzle-action game. Actually some problems can be solved just by blocking the zombies in the right places, some just with dexterity, some with a bit of both.

I also noticed that friction is such that two zombies side to side are unable to walk toward the player character if it is in front of both, just in the middle. But it's not too much exploitable (only allows you to finish mowing quietly over a straight cardinal line in that direction).

Hey, that's right. In Japanese with katakana, crab will really sound like club. But the Japanese title is different, Kani no Kenka (Crab Fight). I guess the English one in katakana would be too ambiguous until you see the picture.

Funny twist at the end :)

I wonder if this concept can be reused as a training game to make understandable UI. Not focusing on timing as with the coins and life, but just on design; basically a UI editor with some feedback. Of course it would be limited as all the player feedback would be scripted/computed and not actual human feedback, but may be enough for a beginner.

I was reluctant to start the first mission ;)

Pretty neat for a "training" game. I know you cannot update the game, but here is my feedback on different parts if you can make something out of it in the future:



- Pacifist Healer archetype is interesting. However, Pacified state appears very rarely and the Pacificist ends with not a lot to do but Pacify every turn until things get very bad (this changes when the archetype Switch appears, though). Reboot is a bit slow and doesn't heal a lot. In particular it doesn't heal MP (think Rest in Octopath Traveler; it's an important technique for the Merchant's self-sustainability). A Guard would be nice to have (only Reena has one, until it's replaced with Switch; if the UI system didn't allow having more than 4 top commands, then it should be a 0MP Special).

Semi-aggressive moves may complement the moveset, like Counter (only deals damage if attacks this turn; or, if you really want the character to deal 0 damage, reduce damage taken and give a chance to apply a status ailment like Paralysis to the attacker; can quickly become OP though, be careful)

Finally, other supporting moves are welcome, like Share MP (give fixed amount or percentage of HP to ally, see Octopath Traveler again), which would be a good combination with a Reboot that restores MP... It's hard to find MP healing items so the characters cannot use Special after some time.

- I noticed the Android can be poisoned, although he stated the opposite in dialogues. At least this gives him an opportunity to demonstrate the status ailment cure on himself.

- There is no Flee command in battle, and I didn't feel a reduction of random encounters when levelling up / beating many monsters in the same area. The only contribution of level in minimizing random encounters is that since you're stronger, you beat enemies faster. But you don't level up often so that's not too visible, and you end up with the feeling there are too many encounters (I had 2 encounters separated by ~12 tiles at some point).

I know RPG Maker doesn't really help on that side, though. Ideally you would have a heat map where you reduce the encounter rate in areas where you already fought a lot, to solve issues like meeting an extra when going back and forth in an alley to check what reveals to be an already opened chest. But that's too much work for such a production. However, keeping track of the numbers of battles won or simply comparing the average party level to the area level may be enough.


- Didn't go far enough to learn new skills, but I saw some 0 TP at the end of the battle. Not sure if you use them or if it's a default from RPG Maker.

- Didn't go far enough to find new equipments... Maybe the game was short enough this was not needed, though.

- Item distribution a bit scarce, or more exactly you'll need a lot of MP healing items at some point but it's easier to find HP healing items; whereas since you have a healer, MP healing items would be more versatile. It wasn't clear that Magic water was replenishing MP.


- Stopped after both characters obtained their archetype Switch, but seemed promising. Refined dialogues overall. You took advantage of the "evil inside" plot element and gave it a meaning in gameplay.

- A few missing "crisis" aftermath dialogues, like after killing the bees, and when Nit-1n wakes up after the Fairy battle.

Nice work!

Behind the narrative scene I saw a small RTS/tactical aspect in the management of deers and the "fights". I managed to spare more deers by quickly running away from the spear and target the monkeys near the edge of the screen (the GIF shows this a little already).

Thanks! I'll check your entry too.

Aha, interesting. Is it meant to be played 1v1 with both players tapping, trying to guide the duck to the opponent's basket?

If so, it would be nice to have an alternative control like a key (space is moves the page in a browser, but maybe another key). It may work nice on mobile with taps too.

Cool exploit after a dash... I'll let other players discover it. It makes the game much faster, but somewhat breaks the design. Was it intended?

Great contemplative game!

Just on controls: I wished the left and right leg motions added more impulse to the duck, with a low friction so it can move more forward each step and you can take more time enjoying the landscape and the music as you type less on the keyboard.

Anyway, good job for the jam!

(I know, this was a perfect sandwich-feedback)

Nice little game, I like the BGM!

I spotted forbidden directions on some tiles in Level 3 where you should be able to move:

- go to the tile at the left-left-down of the start as on the picture above. You cannot go up so you're stuck

- go to the tile up of the start, you cannot go down

- go to the tile left of the start, you cannot go up (or something like this)

Are the allowed directions tuned manually? This seems like an organic puzzle with objects with very consistent behaviors yet.

Anyway, it seems Taku wants to freeze the release for the judgeing so you can always fix that later.

Also, I couldn't send my entry to the jam, so I'm glad someone else had the idea of putting the rubber duck in a bathroom. Actually the title of your game could also fit mine!

Interesting position balance...

Higher -> Less time to react to changes of direction, but more leeway to avoid big enemy by moving down

Lower -> More time to react, but if too low must avoid big enemy by moving up which goes against the rain

Stiff controls are tough, though. It seems to act as a barrier between my actual dexterity and the character motion, so I'm not sure if I lost because I lack reactivity or just because of the fixed speed. I know it's the standard for many bullet hells, I just question it every time it puts me to disadvantage (or at least I think so... Maybe if I had the option to toggle it, I could compare).

But for a 1-day implementation, good job anyway.

OK, good to know.

Will there be some kind of retroactive warning/quarantine for users who already downloaded apps now flagged as containing malware? Maybe it's hard to track the .exe I would have downloaded directly from the website, but at least for the games I installed from the itch app?

Nice UI interpolation effects!

I like the "Duck it" in the main menu (which is working nice in WebGL, so it's definitely not a standard Exit). Took some time to understand the color on the back of the hand was the color of your targets.

I will remember about the BitPotion font!

I setup the game following the instructions on WIndows, but I'm still not sure how to play... I installed LoopMIDI and added a port "OZONE", increased my Mic volume, but still unsure whether I should play with my voice or by pressing the button indicated in Odysseus/Ozone. Only the keyboard keys seem to affect the boat's trajectory, by showing colored effects. I managed to go past 3-4 bubbles by playing with colors, then got lost and respawned.

After reading the instructions I had the impression I would hear particular sounds related to colors and would have to reproduce them with either the keyboard or my voice with the correct pitch, but I always hear the same BGM... Only space will trigger an echo, but the sound doesn't change based on the color sphere I am in.

This game seems to have a hidden potential in terms of controls, but I can't unleash it... Do you have extra instructions somewhere?

(1 edit)

I just got this, and I had mistyped the game's hyphen-formatted title in username/game (a-family-business instead of my-family-business).

If you get:


bad argument #2 to '?' (number expected, got string)"

Update your Love! I had v0.9, it worked with v11.

Too bad Love doesn't have a version compatibility check.

(1 edit)

Interesting design choices for battles, I also like the dungeon exploration phases where all decisions make sense and you can measure risk v. reward precisely (no "do you open that chest? it may explode... or not"). It would be even better if we could check the character statuses during the choice prompt, as sometimes it's crucial to know if your character has many HP left or not before risking evading a trap (as in Darkest Dungeon, you could show the party status at any time on the HUD; or allow the player to enter the menu to check it, only disabling Save as we are in the middle of a prompt; or you could remap Escape to Cancel the tile exploration, so the player can open the menu, then come back to make his/her decision).

I had one big issue with UI: pressing Escape many times in a row will completely quit the game, without prompting for save or anything. I think I've just lost a good chunk of progression because of this... (Wow, this was actually due to Preme for Windows. I had to deactivate "Double Escape to close window".)

It's also a bit hard to know when exactly you can press ASD to chain moves, but I think you've already received feedback on this.

Interesting... the topic changes quickly over the story like a Simpsons' episode, but locally it remains consistent. Sentences are more complex that what I saw in other story generators, some would even say they are stylized. Where can I find the grammar.txt you're mentioning in the description?

I wonder if there is a gender check btw. I had a female clown ("she woke up in her prison") who turned into a male dragon ("him").

Thanks for the reply! I have not checked the game status for a while so I'll be glad to try the new version.

I see how glitches are part of your art direction now. As you said, there should be other ways to convey the feeling of an instant and disrupted communication, such as after image and visual noise, as well as playing with the audio.

Good luck for the release!