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Multilingual game pages?

A topic by whatnot created Nov 30, 2017 Views: 181 Replies: 1
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I'm preparing to release a version of my game Explobers that fully supports Japanese language very soon. I know is working to be more JP-friendly. Might support alternate language game pages at some point? I  can put both Japanese and English on my game's page, but I'd rather not clutter it up with that much text, and I'd rather not create a separate page for the game's Japanese version, since it's an internal game setting, not an alternate executable.



I think this is something we'd definitely like to do but I haven't thought through how it would work yet. Once thing we are going to add is the ability to create arbitrary extra pages, and have a navigation on the top of your project page. One approach might be to just use that and have the localized text on different pages.

Another approach is for us to sniff the browser's language and then show a completely different game page entirely based on the language and whether you've provided text for it. This might work better for having's UI components translated correctly.