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Thank you so much!

Thank you! I worked hard at making it look as real as possible.

Strange! It loads just fine on my end. You could try a different browser, or a different device (going to on any laptop, tablet, or phone should load the game).

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Hi! I found that allows you to tag games with 2 different variants of Spanish:

  • Spanish; Latin America
  • Spanish; Castilian (I assume this is meant to be European Spanish, though I don't think Castilian is a super clear name for that)

I'd like to share some links that filter for Spanish as a language, but I don't care which variant they use, so:

  • For games in Spanish; Castilian: works great!
  • For games in Spanish; Latin America:
  • For games in BOTH Spanish; Castilian AND Spanish; Latin America:
  • For games in EITHER Spanish; Castilian OR Spanish; Latin America: ????

Is there any way that you could implement some form of lang-es||lang-es-419 key word to put in a URL so it'll show me games in any of those two? It could also work for other tags/categories, like||platform-ios for people who can play only on those OSs, but they don't really care which one.

Both approaches sound good, only in the 2nd case I would still love it if there was always an option for switching languages. For example, I like to have my browser and phone OS in Spanish (I'm from Argentina), but if the game was originally written in English I'd rather see the original version, even if the devs were kind enough to localize it.

¡Muchas gracias!

Literally the response I was looking for when I developed it.

Good. It is all as I planned.

Aw thank you!

Thank you so much <3

Right on! Thank you so much.

Nice! Thank you very much. Entirely fair criticism. There'll be definitely more systems and interesting choices if we ever attempt something like this again.

Dude, thank you so much!

Aw, thank you so much! And I agree about Alli, she should get more voice acting work.

Thank you!

Yes, we consider it complete, though we also knew from the start that our scope was very very small. We'd definitely add more agency, interactivity, and closure to the experience if we were to do something on this genre again.

Not sure what you mean with “restarting”. If you right-swipe multiple characters but don't date them right away, finishing a date should always take you back to the other characters you liked ready for the dating. Only when that pool of characters runs out you'll go back to the swiping screen. If that's what you mean, maybe the game could do a better job at communicating it.

Hey thanks! Yeah, the other game has tons of extra story. It's just more “fate of the galaxy” related.

Hi! This is absolutely us “finishing up something on the backburner.” We’ve been working on and off on this for the last few months, but we recorded all the voices a week before the start of this jam and I used my jam time to implement the voices, add all sound effects, fix some bugs, and put together a small trailer.

Most of the stories are based on characters from a different game we also worked on, and we have full permission by the rest of that team to use them here. I hope you like it!

This reminds me I need to spend an afternoon uploading all my games’ source codes.

¡Me encanta!

Desde el punto de vista de la escritura, lo único que me hace un poco de ruido es la última oración de uno de los comentarios posibles de la señora (“Es la sociedad moderna que arruina todo”), porque medio que la deschava ideológicamente de un modo demasiado arquetípico, siendo que la oración anterior (“En mi época los hombres te decían piropos, cosas lindas, no como ahora”) representa exactamente lo mismo y de un modo más verosímil.

En lo técnico, fijate que si metés index.html en un archivo comprimido ZIP y le decís a que el archivo es para jugar online, lo va a mostrar directamente la página sin necesidad de descargar nada.

The combat system was a real problem alright! I made it a bit easier just after reading your comment, but it might need more tweaking. I’ll see what others think., I’d hate for it to be rage-quit inducing.

Of course! The jam is based in Argentina but open to everyone. The themes are:

  • Sex and/or reproductive rights
  • Access to contraception
  • HIV and/or STD prevention
  • Sexual diversity
So as long as the game is about one of them, you’re good to go!