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Thank you so much! I’m glad you stuck with it, moths and all. Or butterflies, as you call them.

¡Hecho! Ya estás en los créditos y el juego funciona en italiano. Todavía nos debemos un gran post agradeciendo a todo el mundo que sumó sus traducciones al juego, pero de nuevo muchísimas gracias.

¡Impresionante! Muchísimas gracias. Ahí te mandé un mail para que me alcances el archivo traducido así lo puedo incluir en el juego.

It took me exactly 1 hour, but I finally have 50/50! These are always such a pleasure to play. I was unlucky enough that my last 5 hearts were pretty evenly distributed between the areas, so only in the last stretch I started clearing any of them, but I guess that's also an indication of how balanced this is.

Ah I just about suspected it was the same in all trinket rooms, I just didn't get stuck in any of the others so I didn't want to assume. Well now I know my lost time was for a good cause—saving you the hassle of implementing object-specific persistence. A sacrifice I'm more than happy to make for a fine game like this.

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Super charming! Loved it. Took me about 20 minutes.

Is it possible that the 2nd room with a collectible/trinket doesn't restart properly? I think I got stuck there on my 1st attempt at getting the trinket, since I got the battery in a position where I couldn't grab it back, and thus I couldn't get to the next room. Well, I started the game from scratch and got there quickly the 2nd time around, so no harm done. Got the darn trinkets eventually!

Cool! The glitching effects are of course beautiful, but even without them I just really dig the concept of "Flappy Bird but you only need to get 1 pixel of your character through the gap but it gets harder if you do".

It is a Cruel World out there.

I have the ones from Mer’s DLC! Since the 1st one mentions a password, I was under the (wrong) impression that I would need to extract some information from them to access some other place, and I didn’t want to MINE them greedily, so I took pictures. There are some slight typos in some of the Spanish messages (because the game doesn’t currently support a few characters), but otherwise here they are! Will Itch upload this at a readable scale? Let’s find out.

I replayed it later that same day and finally beat it! I can now confirm I was getting the final screen way too early, whenever I got killed by the last 3 enemies (not the first 3, those I always managed to kill). Had a blast.

Great game! I don't think I've ever seen a movement scheme like this.

I found (what I think is) a bug—whenever the enemies kill me in the last level, instead of restarting the level, the game shows me the "thank you for playing" screen. Back in the map, the last level appears still not filled in. At some point the "thank you" screen froze and now I can't get back to the map, so I'll have to replay the whole thing.

It's not a problem, since it's so short, but I wanted to let you know. Is it possible that the final victory is so sudden that I didn't even realize I beat the enemies? Anyway, again, great game overall.

Just like in adamgryu’s A Short Hike, if you talk to the NPCs they'll give you fetch quests that reward you with upgrades, all of which grant you more vertical mobility. Reaching the peak took me about 20m, it really is what it says in the title.

Loved it! I timed myself and it took me slightly less than the original one, 38m instead of the original 45m. From this, I gather the new levels might be shortcuts? Or at least they let you skip some old sections so the game length isn't extended considerably.

Actually, my memory isn't good enough for me to be sure the things I found weren't in the previous version, so I'll just tell you what I found that I didn't remember (in rot13) and you can tell me if any of it is new:

  • Gur erq znyy
  • Gur oebja qevyyvat fvgr (naq tvnag qevyy)
  • Gur ovanel hzoeryyn

Just like with the previous version, I thought the last challenge needed an extra checkpoint. I had to replay that initial no-obstacles section too many times and it lost some of its initial impact. Nothing too serious though.

The game did break a few times, as in the character disappeared from view right as the screen changed, and K didn't respawn at all. This was also no trouble at all, since those moments were always completely saved by the… save feature.

2D top down platformers are rare, and one this well made is even rarer! A great 10m experience.

That's true! I tried, but it took me to a settings windows with a bunch of options, and even when I disabled the ones I thought were relevant, the OS kept being weird about it. I'm sure it's not as hard as it seemed when I was in the middle of trying to get that dog to backtrack the entire level.

I think most people play it over at so it doesn’t enough love on Itch, but I completely agree. Finally played it after sleeping on the entire BPH Cinematic Universe for years and I’m blown away by how good they tend to be, especially this one.

This looks and sounds beautiful, and I had a great time figuring out how to beat it. I have to say, for a game that took me more than 2 hours to complete, it's strange that it doesn't have any save feature, and even stranger that ESC quits the game without warning. Regardless, after getting used to that I pushed through and after a 1h 30m session I think I found everything.

Getting into SPOILER territory, I do wonder what that 2nd blue orb was for, since I spent a long while trying to get it to the container and when I succeeded I don't think it did anything. Finally "meeting the Bird" was a blast, and though their English wasn't perfect and their subtitles were hard to read while picking up diamonds, they were adorable and I'm very glad to have stuck with the game until I got there. After spending so much of my first session not knowing how to get anywhere, that last upgrade was loads of fun.

True! I can't complain about that since discovering the spacebar resetting came fairly naturally to me.

Great game! Super relaxing music, and the difficulty was just right, at least for me. It would definitely benefit from having some indication that there are… 30 levels, was it? It would give it a stronger sense of direction and purpose to the minute by minute playing. But definitely worth a play, I had a great time.

That's great! Thanks in advance. Again, you've made a wonderful, incredibly fun game.

Haunting! Loved it!

So, a 10m game with original mechanics, nonverbal storytelling, light metroidvania feel, and lesbian The Shape of Water vibes. This is most things I want from a game. Well done.

Truly an outstanding game that I'm so glad to have experienced, but please for the love of every Windows user who doesn't have a working gamepad, if you have the time, give us an alternative to Shift for barking. If one already exists, make it more visible to players. Windows will take away focus from a game if you spam the shift key, and I could only partially disable that in the OS settings. That last section was gruesome, especially after an entire game trusting that the level design wouln't ask me to spam it. I already played the game, and got to the fantastic ending, but I hope future players get to enjoy it more fully.

OK, that's it for me being negative, because again, this is a remarkable game that I had a blast with. Keep it up!

How is this so good? Worked flawlessly, took me 45m and I had the time of my life.

Got a 1 my first time through and a -6 on replay. No idea what any of it means, but I tried my best. Great game.

I'm not big on puzzle games. And I don't know why, but this managed to strike the perfect balance between action and logic (+ some really chill music) to keep me super engaged and relaxed for the entire 30 minutes it took me to beat it.

Why did you have to go and break my heart like that?

This is great! Not only do I enjoy some mirror-based puzzles, but you added some interesting and mysterious narrative on top of it. Great work.

This is really neat! Literally!

Oh very sneaky! Thanks for the clarification, and again congrats for this excellent game.

That is very informative, thank you very much! And congrats again on a great game.

This is great! I had a few good laughs, which is always appreciated.

Amazing concept and execution. I did break the last level, when I accidentally took one painting so far right that neither the cursor nor the camera would allow me to send some ants to get it back. So I only got 2/3 paintings, and I wasn't going to spend another 45 minutes replaying everything, but the forward slash allowed me to see the victory screen at least. This is very funny and endearing.

Great stuff! I always love a good mysterious puzzler. It took me about 40 minutes, and I swear most of that was trying to get the light on on the 7 windows. I drew a lot of diagrams that didn't help and ended up stumbling upon the answer at random. Never figured out what angle to even tackle that one from, but every other puzzle was a blast to deal with and I had a fun time.

What a wild ride! You did say it takes like 3 hours to complete, so I can't blame you for going in expecting it to be done by the 20 minute mark. The humor is great. I got pretty stuck on the mansion password (I would swear I had already tried the combination that ended up working) but I guess the comments and your patch notes helped. Still not sure what the ghost clue was, would have assumed they're looking Left fo the password was an L (Roman 50).

That 15th one was a doozy! Very fun overall, and deceivingly long. I wasn't expecting to spend an hour on this.

¡Muchas gracias!

¡Muchas gracias! Sí, definitivamente lo voy a mirar para solucionarlo.

¡No! Te pregunto: ¿probaste refrescar la página y cliquear Continuar partida guardada en el menú principal? Me gustaría saber si es un error que te pasa cada vez que llegás ahí, o si pasó una vez sola y ahora cuando intentás de nuevo ya no pasa.

¡Uy, gracias por la data!