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Whatnot Games

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I finished it! It's out! Game has 4 difficulty modes and an unlockable endless mode  (if you beat Gauntlet or Onslaught difficulties). It has story cinematics for some reason!


I was very touched and fascinated by developer Frances's All Alone in a Small Island, a submission for the most recent weekly game jam. In a lot of ways it's quite simple. For a gardening game with a day counter, it surprisingly doesn't limit your actions in any given day. Further, it doesn't seem as though accomplishing your given task is all that challenging. However, what else is in the game is incredibly important, just as it's incredibly important what isn't in the game. I'll be thinking about this game for a long time.

Hi. I adore this game. It really touched me, and I expect I'll be thinking about it for a long while. Thanks for making and sharing this.

Chess Jam community · Created a new topic Knight Moves

Hi y'all. I started a project last week I'm calling "Knight Moves." In it, you control a lone knight fending off an army of pawns. My initial thought was that this would be an RTS, but as I started programming the movement, I found that I liked the way it worked as a turn-based game. 

This is what the game looked like last week:

And this is what it looks like RIGHT NOW:

A fair bit's changed visually, but now the game's more or less mechanically complete. Enemy pawns move, pieces can take each other, and there are win and loss conditions. I'm planning on having both a campaign mode and a free mode, but what form that's going to take exactly is the next part to figure out.  I've been thinking about making video game chess variants for over 20 years, so this is really fun to play with! 

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I'm pleased to announce the release of KOI PUNCHER MMXVIII, a game in which you play as a koi puncher, a person who punches koi.

The game has support for up to four players as well as single-player modes. Eight playable characters, several ponds, and hidden surprises! The game is playable in both English and Japanese.

The game is super slick and stylish! I really love the color palette and the animation, especially on Aine herself. I find myself wishing I could raise a pet Chompy forever.  Good luck with the Kickstarter. Looks like it's off to a great start! Can't wait to see more! 

Thank you very much! 

To reach the bird in the upper right, you have to get to the top of the middle hill, leap to the right, and throw the rock in the middle of your jump. You can’t get over there yourself, but you can launch a rock over there!

I've just upgraded and re-released my 2017 game, UNGRATEFUL BIRDS. A frantic platformer, UNGRATEFUL BIRDS charges you with throwing rocks to break birds free of their imprisoning cages, but once they're free, they pick up those same rocks and try to hurt you with them.

A free game with nine bird-packed stages and three different birds with their own behvaiors.


Select Button!

I think I remember seeing this GIF back when you first posted it on the internet. It looked great then, and--of course--the game's looking better now.  (I still think the rain effect in this looks really rad.)

I loved chasing these ducks around.

I really like this. I'm impressed with what you were able to do with bitsy, and the atmosphere is  wonderfully realized. Thanks for including the map.

Thank you very much!

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Explobers
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I'm very proud to launch my biggest and most polished game to date, Explobers! Take control of the Explobers and have them work together to navigate through tricky situations. With over 80 stages of unique puzzle-platforming inspired by games like Lemmings, The Lost Vikings, and Spelunky, Explobers has many secrets to reveal.

The game starts in the familiar and beloved 16-color EGA palette and the game includes a lovingly crafted retro-style game manual.

Explobers also is fully bilingual--playable in English or Japanese!

Please check it out today! https://jdmgames.itch.io/explobers

I've also put together a little trailer for the game's release.

I'm preparing to release a version of my game Explobers that fully supports Japanese language very soon. I know itch.io is working to be more JP-friendly. Might itch.io support alternate language game pages at some point? I  can put both Japanese and English on my game's itch.io page, but I'd rather not clutter it up with that much text, and I'd rather not create a separate page for the game's Japanese version, since it's an internal game setting, not an alternate executable.


Question: Will itch.io offer the ability to have our game pages display in different languages, provided there are translations? I'm about to release a new version of my game EXPLOBERS with full Japanese language support and I would love to be able to write a page targeted at Japanese-speaking players on itch. 

Very nice! I like the combat. I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of the game goes. The visuals are super-charming. I can't wait to see a greater diversity of enemy behaviors.

I would personally love to see a control option for the game to be played only with the keyboard and no mouse (including the ability to navigate menus without the mouse), but that's a personal preference.

For what it's worth, the first time I played the demo, I died on the final playable screen and the game crashed, spitting out a Game Maker error about there not being such an object as the player, if I remember correctly (I meant to take down a better note on the error message).

Hi! I've been on itch.io for a while and have posted once or twice in the forums, but never introduced myself properly.

I've been making games since 1997, and have released over 80 games since then (about ten of which are on itch). I'm a hobbyist who tends to work solo. I started in ZZT, but have been working with Game Maker and producing a lot since about 2009. I like making small platformers that experimetn with mechanical ideas and comedy games, especially if I can bake the comedy into the mechanics themselves. I've also made a couple of larger games, including Explobers, a puzzle platformer with multiple characters that I worked on for most of this last year.

I love a lot of games here on itch.io and I'm trying to play more and interact more with other devs and players. Nice to meet y'all!

Very cute! In addition to the general adorable quality of the game aesthetically, I really appreciated the design and structure of the levels.  The game implements its very limited mechanics smartly.

Congratulations on the birth of Avril! I'm sure you look forward to sharing this game with her some day.

A small note: the disappearing platforms in stage 3 seem to occasionally let the player slip through them even when they appeared fully opaque (I think especially after they had just faded in). This made this section more frustrating than I think it was intended to be. 

Very cute game! I was delighted to see the (SPOILER ALERT) polar bears in the last level. 

Really neat! That last stage was really satisfying. Took me a minute to figure out exactly how the mechanics worked, but I thought it was a really clever (and appropriately ghostly) twist.

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I conceived of this game at if it were a forgotten early 90s licensed PC game, featuring the character from the beloved Halloween animated special, Dr. Creepinscare. It has an appropriately low-fi aesthetic and a spooky atmosphere.

This is a falling block game, were you must match pumpkins in 2x2 blocks, 3x2 blocks, or 3x3 frames. 

Features a kitty cat, voiced by Boris, a real life cat.

I also thought of this game as an exercise in intentionally confusing puzzle mechanics. The pumpkins all have similar sprites, varying only in the specifics of their carved faces. You'll have to plan carefully! 

Available for free! https://jdmgames.itch.io/pumpkin-patch-match

Clever and brutal! Your CGA-style graphic are gorgeous and I love that you've included both main CGA palettes. 

It was so satisfying to finally get past that first screen. We'll see if I ever make it to the fourth!

This is fun! I'll have to see if I can talk someone else (or two or three) into playing a few rounds of this with me.

Just an observation: I didn't always pick up a melon when I wanted to, since the game prioritizes planting over pickup and the buttons are the same. It adds to the pandemonium, which is fun, but occasionally really frustrating.

This is one of the neatest things I've played in a long time.  I played it a couple days ago, I keep thinking about it, and I have been recommending it to people.

I'm very much looking forward to the full version! I'm excited at the prospect of new items and actions, as well as a proper level editor with structure for share-able levels.