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Anyone who wants me to play their game can suggest here!

A topic by Bluecoaster created May 14, 2019 Views: 1,640 Replies: 53
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Hey everyone,

I recently started looking for games to play. So I found this site and I am wondering if anyone has games for me to try out and stream. I mostly like playing platformer games but I'd also like to try other games and see for myself if I like them. If you are interested to share your game or someone else's game, you can post a comment and recommend the game you want me to play. 

I'm going to try to play as many games as I can and talk about them while playing on stream. I stream on Twitch at mostly at 7PM EST on weekdays and 1PM EST on weekends. I stream when I feel like but I stream pretty often.

You can contact me via e-mail as well if you feel like it at 

Hopefully you have a wonderful day and see you soon!

- Blue

Not sure if it is your thing because you never said what type you are looking for but I did make a really funny game a while back about a evil cat summoned from the underground from two nerds who are both named Dude.

No problem! I am looking for any kind of games. I'm looking out to try new games and that's pretty much it! Will check that ;)

alright! Thanks for playing!

If you like story-rich RPGs with choices that matter and multiple endings, try one of those below. The first hour is free to play (download demo), if you want the whole game I'll send you a download key. Many thanks and have fun!

Hey there! I will check that out really soon! It'll be nice to have the full game but I can play the demo first. Thanks for sharing me your game!

The demo is the first hour of the game, it's not different from the paid game, it simply stops the game after more or less one hour. If you like it, write to criacuervos... at ... bluewin ... dot ...  ch

I'll be glad to give you keys for the full versions, even if you decide not to stream them.  Sorry for the email spelling, I'm trying to avoid bots ...

Reality incognita - a complex adventure game, with great storyline, multiple solutions to part of puzzles, and hardcore in having many places where protagonist can die, and not forgiving errors. As old good Sierra games.

Currently a paid Beta, with a free demo.

Hey there! I will check your game out really soon. Thanks for sharing!

My game has 12 different endings

Hey I have made a rolling puzzle game. It combines forward thinking and skill in your movement.

36 individual and completely different levels.

If you would like to stream it I can give you a download key for free.

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your game. Of course I'm going to stream your game. It looks amazing and I want to play it.

Very cool thank you!

You can write me here and I will send you the download key or you can buy it. As you wish :)

Given your love of vintage platforming, I think you might be interested in a couple of my games (since I mostly make platformers), but I'd especially suggest you try out my game Explobers


Hey there. Thanks for sharing your game. I will check it out and play it on stream! Looks really good! 

Thanks a ton! Hope you enjoy!

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Could you try my platformer ?? It would be great

sorry for no pics im on my phone

i worked hard on it and it needs some love its short and sweet with a lil story enjoy

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your game! I will play it on stream for sure ;)


Do you have a Youtube channel as well?

If you're willing to try out a quirky choose-your-own-adventure then please give Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a shot.

Here's a video of someone else playing it if you want to know what you're getting into!


I made a 2d retro platformer starring a Radish!! Its free for the next 24hrs but I can send you a download key after that:) 

Have a look and let me know what you think! Thank you!!


Hey there! Thanks for submitting your game! I will definitively play that on stream!

thank you so much! I hope you have fun! I would love to watch your stream!

I think this game would be fairly stream worthy. It's an action-platformer with combat that's satisfying but not time-consuming, platforming that starts simple but gets pretty intense and fast-paced at times, and a ton of aesthetic and musical variety. It's currently just a demo/early alpha featuring the first world, but there are already 9 levels, 4 bosses (not even counting mid-stage mini bosses), and a bunch of cutscenes featuring classic SpongeBob humor.

There are also a bunch of completion medals in each stage and a 10th bonus level that unlocks if you collect them all. That'll probably extend a 30-minute stream into a 2-hour stream though, depending on how good you are.

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your game. I'll play it on my next stream! Looks like a great game to play :)

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I don't know whether you've already streamed the game or not, but fi you haven't, please wait. A friend of mine caught a few major bugs that I'd like to patch, and while I'm at it I've decided to make a few additional changes to add polish and better game balance. It shouldn't take much more than a couple of days at most for me to have a 0.1.5 update out. There, it's ready now. Hopefully you haven't already streamed the 0.1 version.

I haven't streamed it since my anti-virus took it for check as I was testing. I want to play it monday (tomorrow) and hopefully it'll work. I'll download your latest version and run it before hand to make sure the anti-virus doesn't take it for an other day.

Deleted 2 years ago
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I ran it through my own antivirus and it found no threats. Game Maker Studio executables are known to trigger false positives with some AVs due to the technique they use to decompile data. I don't visit obscure sites or download files all that often, and I run AdwCleaner fairly often, so it's probably nothing.

EDIT: Either way though, if you still aren't comfortable (or your PC plain old won't let you run the file,) I've also added an NSIS installer version. It's a slightly larger file, but they tend to be a bit less problematic.

Hi,  AlmyriganHero

    I like your game too. If you and your team have perfected the game. please tell me.

Show post...

thank you

While not a platforming game, you said you'd be willing to try out other games, and recently I released a demo of a game I've been working on for the last 9 months!
In short, you explore a procedural generated labyrinth, find new items, and new weapons to face off against the physical manifestation of fear!
You can view more info here no the itch page! Enjoy!

Hey there! Thank for your suggestion! I'll look into it and may play it on stream. Have a nice day!

Hi Bluecoaster . You have a lot of patents playing Mario, thay always make me mad, too much jumping and having to re-start lol. Anyway Good luck with your channel I hope it all goes well for you.

My Game is a Tower defence/Red Alert game. The challenge is to beat the other player or AI. IT might not be something you normally play, Its a different challenge then Mario. I hope you give it a try, and hope you do like it and make a video would be nice.

Heres the link:

cheers and enjoy :)


Hey there! Don't worry about me trying to beat hard Mario games haha. I'm mostly a platformer player, not only Mario. Regardless, I'll look into your game and maybe play it on stream!

White pillar is game develop by me alone and Projeto Oron with a group of friends from school. Both are very short, no more than  10/20 min. Thanks and have a good day.

Hey there! Thanks for the game suggestions! I'll look into them and may play them on stream!

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here's mine! have fun


Hi Bluecoaster! This is a Demo of "Gourmet Legacy"  which is a  is a Roguelite/ Hack-n-Slash RPG with cookery simulation-styled mini games and restaurant management in 3D bird-eye view. Basically we describe it as "Diablo meets Cooking Mama". 

Hope you will have fun with it and feel free to give us any type of feedback  on our Discord server

Click here

Do you like retro games? I'm working in one and we have a demo here on itchio :)

Please play our demo! :)

Hi Bluecoaster :) I made many games, just pick one you would find interesting !


Hey man! I'm going to be playing one of your games on stream right now! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you :) Where can I find your video ? :)

Hi, this is my first game in Unity. Other games will follow.

Please play it!

You could check out my first creation:

Can you play my first game?


I would be really happy if you played my demo.

This is my first demo released.

"Do you like retro games? I'm working in one and we have a demo here on itchio :)"

I took a look at the screenshots and they gave me such a feeling of nostalgia I want to play the game right away!

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My game is called Tank Battle and you can download it with this link:

I hope you'll play our new RPG!

If you like platformer, Moonicorn's Cookie Quest is the game for you!

The Ender Zone! Our horror fps atmospheric game. Try it Bluecoaster! And tell us

An RPG Game

Check out my game here!

Me and my friend just released it and it's over 2,000 lines of code :P

Sure it doesn't have the best pixel art but I'm not an artist so until I am or someone does my art it will remain simple graphics. Really fun to play though

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