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No worries, I just want to give you my honest opinion. I get it that you want a dark atmosphere. It’s all about finding the right balance, so it doesn’t ruin the experience for the player.

The lighter works fine, if you increase the light radius and the intensity a little bit. 

Keep at it and good luck with your games!

Played your game, but unfortunately I was unable to complete it, because it was way too dark.

If you're interested in more in depth feedback let me know.

Pretty interesting game.

Thanks for playing and thank you for recommending my other games as well. It really means a lot!

You did some nice shooting there! 

I don’t wanna take the credit away from you, but I’m fully aware that the zombies in their current state, are way too easy to be around. Obviously that’s a task for me to solve within the next pipeline by making the zombie behavior more unpredicted. Furthermore, there will be more various zombie types added later on with different abilities.

I’ll also make sure that zombies don’t get stuck in the walls like you experienced.

A complete storyline will also be written later and added to the game in which will be explained with the help of NPC’s, notes and terminals who describe the whole situation.

Crafting will also be added later on, so you can craft explosives, molotovs & health kits etc.


Finished your demo. If you’re interested in detailed feedback, let me know.

Thank you for playing and your awesome video!

I’ve actually seen that weird flying zombie glitch before, and I dunno why it happens. It’s only a single zombie that does it. I guess something it’s messing up the physics in the Unity engine. 

Answering your feedback - The full game will definitely have game menu music. Also a better looking UI.

Obviously in the full version the amount of ammo you find will be significantly reduced, but you’ll be able to craft special ammo and minor health kits. Likewise you’ll be able to craft explosives and molotovs. Objects like cars and such will become lootable.

You’ll also be able to interact with sinks and toilets etc. Destroying stuff too.

Furthermore there will be a larger variety of zombie types. Including bosses. The goal is to make their AI better, so the player won't be able to predict their movement. Likewise the zombies can be blown to pieces.

Finally, Drained is also going to have a storyline and other survivors and added voice acting for the characters. 


Thank you for trying out the newer version of Drained. 

Yeah, I wanted to make sure that ammo wasn’t an issue in this version. Obviously the appearance of both ammo and first aid kits will be significantly reduced in the future. Instead you’ll be able to craft special ammo and minor health kits. Likewise you’ll be able to craft explosives and molotovs. 

Furthermore there will be a larger variety of zombie types. Including bosses. The goal is to make their AI better, so the player won't be able to predict their movement. 

Finally, Drained is also going to have a storyline and other survivors and added voice acting for the characters. 


Thank you for playing and I appreciate your video!

You did some nice nice shooting there! 

The invisible zombies are definitely a glitch and I'm aware of this issue. I also do hear your thoughts about backtracking and repetitiveness. They’re definitely some elements I want to avoid in my games.


Thank you for playing! 

Unfortunately you played the very first version of Drained. I actually made this game long before Athemore. It’s a bit buggy at times. Like for example the invisible zombies aren't supposed to be invisible.

Glad you had fun though. 


Thank you for playing!

You landed some pretty nice shots. You did the fastest completion I’ve seen so far too. So nice job :)

    • For the full game there’ll definitely be game music and more ambience as well
    • Since I enjoy puzzles myself, there’ll definitely be more puzzles added to the game. Not difficult to break the flow of the game though. 
    • There will be a tutorial as well.
    • There will also be plenty more weapons, explosives, enemy types and so on. Furthermore the ability to craft items such as molotovs, healing etc. Cars will be intractable. Some might hold useful items.
    • The current state of the AI is very basic. The zombies will in the future be able to surround you instead of lining up. To make them more unpredictable and dangerous.

    Glad you are back on playing indie games, and my game was the kickstarting game :)


    Hey Zakaraia 

    Thank you for playing and your kind words. I always enjoy experiencing content creators playing my games. They really help me quite a lot to spot bugs and help me to improve the games I’m making. 

    About the bug. Well I didn’t know about it to be honest, but I know exactly what’s going on and it should be very easy to fix. However, I’m surprised you decided to finish the game in crouch mode. The zombies are not that difficult in their current state tbh. 

    You also mentioned something about how you felt through the ground at one point. I’ve actually seen that happen before and that’s concerning.

    Glad you had fun playing!


    Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback!

    First of all I’m glad to hear you’re back in business with let’s play videos. 

    Very early in your video, you implied it was possibly my first game, which is not true at all. It's probably closer to game number 5 I've released. Don’t worry, I'm not getting offended. 

    Almost 3 years ago you played "Unaware" which actually is my first game. I hope you still recall. The thing is that I'm still not done with that game, but I'm hoping it's finished by the end of this year.

    About Drained:

    • It’s so much on purpose the level is flooded with ammo and health. I wanted to make sure people didn’t run out 😀 This will definitely be way more balanced in the final game
    • There will also be plenty more weapons, explosives, enemy types and so on. Furthermore the ability to craft items such as molotovs, healing etc. Cars will be intractable. Some might hold useful items.
    • The current state of the AI is very basic. The zombies will in the future be able to surround you instead of lining up. To make them more unpredictable and dangerous.. 

    Anyways, I’m glad to hear you had fun. 


    Thank you for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 

    I appreciate all the feedback I can get. 

    • Adding more health to the cops is a good idea. That will be done.
    • I actually spend a lot of time making that inventory in photoshop, but do admit that I’m definitely not an artist, but I’m still learning. But I agree with you. The UI / HUD does look bland and it will become better in the future. Same goes for the level design and the graphics.
    • Obviously I have used a lot of free assets as placeholders. As for the zombie models, I’ve used what I could find on Mixamo. They’ll be replaced eventually . 
    • There will also be plenty more weapons, explosives, enemy types and so on. Furthermore the ability to craft items such as molotovs, healing etc.
    • The current state of the AI is very basic. The zombies will in the future be able to surround you instead of lining up. That also makes them more unpredictable. Likewise it won’t be possible to stay safe on the other side of a vent. 
    • There'll also be a story for the game.


    Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

    Thanks for playing and your video.

    You did some nice shooting there using both weapons. Well done! :) 


    Thank you for playing!

    Yeah, I knew exactly what went wrong in the beginning. It’s because I have an intro level that initializes all game components, before the basement level is loading. The Game Menu UI covers this level, so you can’t see what’s going on. The intro level also has a patrolling zombie that I use for testing. Unluckily he managed to find you and kill you. You couldn’t respawn either, because there’s no checkpoint in the intro level. I just need to disable that zombie, that's all. Anyways. I’m glad you restarted and gave it another shot.

    I noticed your video was very laggy. Especially near the end, so I’m curious if it was the game that caused that.

    Either way, I’m glad you had fun :)


    Thanks for playing. Nice shooting :)

    Thanks for playing and your video!

    Had a blast watching. 

    There is a glitch that sometimes occurs in the beginning of the game that prevents interactions. I actually thought I did solve that issue already. It works again when you hit Escape and resume as you did.  

    It was kinda weird you went through the floor just like that. I have to figure out why that happened. I did add a “kill” trigger underneath the world, if a scenario like this would ever happen.

    Obviously, there are some issues with the zombies going through walls as well.

    Thanks for playing!

    Yeah, the shotgun is pretty fun :)

    I actually had to put a timer on the bodies so they disappear after 45 seconds, because it caused some insane fps drops, having them laying around throughout the game.

    Good shooting btw :)


    Thanks for playing!

    Yeah, I wanted to make sure there was enough ammo. 

    I do want to make the zombies more surrounding the player, when they get alerted. Also make them able to duck at locations like the vent. Furthermore make them not glitch into the walls when you run around a corner or a doorway.

    The full game will definitely have explosives. You will be able to craft grenades, molotovs etc as well.

    Nice shooting btw :)


    Thanks for playing and for your video. Glad to hear you had fun considering it's a different game than what you’re usually playing. 

    You actually landed some cool headshots from time to time. Also killed 2 zombies at once a couple of times. 


    Hey again!

    I want to ask you if you could be interested in a voice actress for Selene or other female characters you might have in your game?

    Nice shooting there. You pretty much hit every shot. Well done!

    Thanks, much appreciated. Glad you liked it!

    Thank you so much for playing. Glad you had fun! 

    Yeah the full game will include a lot of cool stuff such as new weapon types such as automatic rifles, grenades, a crafting system where you can craft special ammo, molotov cocktails etc. More enemy types with an advanced and unpredictable AI, More puzzles etc.

    I believe I finished your game and I had a great experience.

    The demo was way longer than I expected. The game offers lots of cool content that you’re giving away for free. Looking forward to the full game :)

    I’ve listed my personal thoughts below. 



    • Good looking graphics.
    • Level design is cool.     
    • A ton of various cool weapons to choose from.
      • I think it’s way too easy to get over flooded with weapons though. 
    • The tutorial is a cool feature and well made in terms of explaining the game mechanics 
    • Loved the Resident Evil style, with safe rooms, storage and the ability to combine items.  
    • Ragdolls & hitboxes
    • The game runs smoothly.
    • No game breaking bugs.


    • The zombies were very easy to aim at. Mainly because they all walked in a straight line. Likewise they have similar behaviors so the are too easy to predict. 
    • The Black zombies were too broken. Mainly because you can’t outrun them.
    • Even though I played the game with speakers, I still think the zombie SFX was very silent. They loved to sneak up on me.
    • Too many coin pouches spread everywhere. It was annoying to collect in the end. I suggest dividing the current amount with 4 and then add more coins to the remaining pouches instead. 
    • The coins filled up an inventory slot. I suggest to separate coins and other items
    • Missing a feature to sell items at the ATM
    • Missing a feature to sort items in the ATM. It would be nice if you had category tabs you can click on. Like Weapons, Ammo, Food, Healing etc.
    • The ATM scrollbar didn’t work. 
    • This is the first game I’ve played, where the shotgun didn’t auto reload the remaining shells. Not a big fan of that mechanic.
    • I tried to reconfigure my controls, because I’m used to using E for interacting in games. It didn’t save my changes.
    • The game didn’t tell me when I was finished. I imagine it’s when I enter the outside level. Maybe add an end screen, so the player knows it’s done. Then you can load up the outside level. 
    • It would be nice if you could display the remaining amount of bullets for the weapon. So like you have 30 / 60 bullets
    • Even though you label the game as open world, I still think the game felt kinda linear. You have a lot of opportunities to force the player back and forth within the bunker exploring and solving stuff. Some puzzle obstructions would be nice too. Secrets rooms etc. (I may have missed them).

    Oh dang, I missed the latest version. Well, since I didn’t play the newest version, I’m not gonna include those common glitches then. 

    The game seemed like a meme of sorts and I don’t know if that’s intentional or not. However, I’m gonna write my feedback based on my personal opinion. 


    • Good looking graphics. I especially liked the character models.
    • Character animations
    • The game offered some working scare events
    • I liked the memory puzzle. More puzzles would be cool
    • The ability to shoot stuff.
    • No game breaking bugs


    • The game was very laggy. Are you using occlusion culling?
    • No story whatsoever, but I can accept that since it’s a prototype.
    • Same goes for the way the scenery is connected. No idea why the game just ended with that guy in the  pentagram.
    • I didn’t understand the fact Selene got shot, but remained just fine. That just seemed weird. And how did Olivia all the sudden become fully healed as well?
    • The “add item to inventory” SFX doesn’t belong in a horror game.
    • Footsteps only had two SFX, which made it sound stale.
    • The ambient audio inside the house didn’t sound like it belonged in there. 
    • I don’t like the idea that the player has to guess the correct path to go while being chased.
    • Even though the gun and shooting was satisfying, there was only one enemy to shoot. 
    • Missing a feature to leave the numpad view (not by the escape key) 

    Overall a fun experience. I like the idea of testing new features with the audience. 

    I noticed your other game, and it looks like it will be a great game too. Keep it up!

    Hey. Yeah I played version 1.0.5, but glad to hear you upped the speed. I'm aware of the poor audio quality. Don't know what went wrong with the recording though. Guess I'll have to do a double check the next time recording.

    Finished your game and I had a great experience. 

    Only downside is the player's very slow movement speed. That aside, I think the game is really well made. Cool story and I like the way it was told. The artwork drawings and the voice acting are spot on too. Keep it up! 

    Sorry about the poor audio quality.

    Finished your game. It was a good experience, but I wish it was longer. 

    Finished your game.

    The story was great and some of the scares actually got me.

    Played your game, but unfortunately I was unable to finish it, because I didn’t know where to go, mainly because the game is too dark.

    If you want more detailed feedback, let me know.

    That's cool. Glad you liked it.

    (3 edits)

    Finished your game. Feedback is listed below

    My feedback is obviously based on my personal opinion. I’m also aware that it’s only a demo that I’ve been playing, but still I hope you can make some good use of it


    • The idea of multiple choices in a conversation is great. Don’t know if it would have made a difference though, but it could be an idea for the full game. 
    • I like the idea with the inventory system.
    • The plot of the story seems cool even though the backstory in the game is a little thin. 
    • The water shader looks really nice. If you don’t mind, can I ask which one you are using?
    • The usage of audio was alright. I didn’t play with headphones, so I couldn’t really tell if you were using 2d or 3d audio.  
    • No bugs


    • The game is very laggy. If you aren’t using occlusion culling already, I highly recommend it.
    • The lighting during the day seems a little bit weird and unnatural. I had to use the flashlight in the shed, which just seems strange.
    • The jumpscares are just poppin up from out of nowhere without making any sense. 
    • The game is too linear. You are forced to do things in a certain order. You have so much open world space on the island. Take advantage of it. You could add something like a quest log system, where you store the specific tasks. A task could be that you would have to find an axe and chop up the wood before putting it into the stove.  
    • It was kinda confusing which way to go at times. You should add some small paths.
    • Invisible colliders at places where it didn't make any sense. You could make a text trigger which says something like. "There's nothing of interest this way".     
    • The stamina was annoying. It didn’t really serve any purpose in my opinion. 
    • I don’t mind headbob, but I know a lot of people hate it. Some even feel uncomfortable. So I would recommend the option to turn it off. 
    • I never understood the idea behind the sticks in the ground with the red stuff on top.

    That’s all I have for now. Good luck with your development of the full game :)

    (1 edit)

    I tried your new update and I played as a Blacksmith, and first of all, I would say that I do have some experience in playing these kinds of games, but I think it's way too difficult. I got slain multiple times, and in the end it was just frustrating to restart over and over.

    Some of the spiders are just too broken. They simply just two shot me.

    I recommend that you at least boost the player health with the double amount of hitpoints or make a difficulty selection in the beginning. Otherwise you could implement a save system if your game is meant to be hard. 

    I really like your game, and I very much wanted to do a thorough playthrough and give you guys some feedback, but unfortunately I never got a chance.

    If you adjust the game balance somehow, I would love to give it another shot.



    First of all I tried to run your game on my laptop but it wouldn’t even launch. So instead, I had a friend of mine testing out your game and he had around 60 FPS, which is fine. I think is his max limit due to his refresrate cap. 

    I tried to make a separate Nvidia Launch setting for the game, where I ticked almost every setting off. It gave about +1 FPS which is basically nothing.

    I also made sure that I wasn’t using the GPU on my CPU. It’s disabled in my BIOS.

    I too, use Unity for all my games, and I have never experienced this issue before. I’ve played several other Unity games as well.

    Could it be something in your build/project settings perhaps?

    No problem. I'm happy to help.

    Just tried every resolution available. I enabled a FPS counter. It stayed on 8-9 fps in every resolution constantly. The game menu + loading sequence has about 15 fps. So I'm almost positive there's a glitch somewhere. 

    I'll try playing the game on my laptop, to see if it's just my desktop PC doing some weird things.

    Hey, thanks for your quick response.

    First thing I did was to change the resolution to 1920x1080 and actually, I did record the first bit I played, but then I stopped the recording and restarted the application. Second attemt, I didn't record this time, but it didn't seemed to help. However, I didn't change the resolution though. So I'm gonna try that and give it another go then.

    I still have the recording if you wanna see for yourself.

    (3 edits)

    I played your game for a couple of hours and since I’m a huge Diablo 1 & 2 fan, I was really enjoying myself. Unfortunately I was unable to finish the game but I think I made it to level 6.

    I see a huge potential in this game, and I definitely want to play it again, when more updates have been implemented. 

    I’ve written my personal feedback below. I hope you can make some good use of it.


    • Stuff such as barrels spawns outside the map.
    • Save system bugged out. Worked fine several times, but then something happened.
    • Save game is not existing after relaunching. 
    • Map glitched after reloading a saved game.
    • Monsters, dead or alive, are being rotated around the player at certain locations.
    • Clicking walls made some weird movement behavior to the player. 
    • Monsters walk through doors.
    • Inventory glitch (1 square highlight).
    • Some items get consumed from inventory on right click.
    • Monsters die before they actually get hit.
    • The Healing Light spell seems kinda broken and pointless. I’m not a big fan that it’s reducing my hitpoints. Instead add more potions or a place to buy them.

    Stuff to expect:

    • Door sounds
    • Door collision and the option to close the door.
    • Various footstep SFX. They sound too monotone.
    • Option for putting on boots & belts.
    • UI text overlay on dropped items.
    • Monster health bars.
    • A starter spell book.
    • Various player characters for selection.
    • Trapped doors and chests.
    • Secret rooms.
    • A place to sell stuff.
    • Gold or other currency.
    • Item drop sounds when they land on the ground.
    • Make it possible to shift/ctrl click potions into the hotbar.
    • Autosave feature between levels


    • What does the kill amount on the monsters mean?
    • Are there even any unique or rare items in the game or was I just unlucky?
    • What was the point of the golden goblin?

    Finished your game. Let me know if you are interested in feedback.