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I'm glad that you liked it and thanks for your rating!

Thanks for your suggestion, and yeah, I actually thought about that feature, but I'm not quite sure if I want to add that. But who knows.

Hey, thanks for playing and for the video so fast!

First of all, just to clarify. Of course you guys are within the credits :)

That king jumpscare getting stuck in front of you, wasn’t supposed to do that lol. Good thing it got rid of itself. I was kinda worried it wouldn’t disappear. 

It happened because you were grabbed right at that same moment, where you took the crown. So that’s something for me to fix. I appreciate, you showcased that glitch though.

The ghost in the prison who was blocking the entrance and grabbed you through the wall. He has been temporarily fixed, so he now gets disabled every time he kills the player and then spawn again over a period of time. I’m currently working on a way more advanced AI. One that can’t grab the player through walls, that’s for sure.

When you were about to make a decision, I also noticed some skewed UI too. It has something to do with the resolutions. I’m going to work on that.

The reason you died within the throne room was because you were standing in the fire for too long. I’m going to add some damage-taken indicators at some point. 

It was good you managed to end the game after all, because your options were limited, since you needed access to the prison area to unlock the other ending options.

Finally, good job on finding my little secret chamber. :D


No problem. Glad I could be of assistance :)

Hey, I just finished your game and I enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity. Below I have listed my thoughts about your game. I hope you can find it to good use.

The good stuff:

  • Voice acting is always a big plus in a game. I especially liked the “demonic” voice.
  • The ambience audio was of a good quality and same goes for the sound effects. Likewise it made the game even more scary and believable.
  • Great story and narrating
  • Graphics looked amazing!
  • I really liked that rifle. I would have enjoyed having a secondary weapon too and some more enemies to kill.
  • The game intro was well made. Thumbs up!

Missing features / Glitches:

  • Missing a run feature (Same goes for jump, but less important)
  • About the UI
    • There was a little grammar mistake in the “Game Paused” 
    • The game menu buttons clicking audio seemed too loud.
    • The options feature after the game was launched, wasn’t available.
  • After coming to a new area / checkpoint the player had to press any key. If I clicked the mouse at that moment, it accidentally fired a shot from the rifle behind the UI. So I quickly learned not to do that.
  • The zombies were broken. You couldn’t outrun them when they first spotted you.
  • Too many invisible colliders. I ran into them everywhere and it was really annoying. I know you want to keep the player on the right track, but there are several other ways you can do that. You can instead add large rocks / cliffs / hills / rivers /dense trees etc.   
  • Missing a way to disable the “Headbob” feature. Personally, I don’t mind headbob, but I know some people hate it, and they can get uncomfortable playing with it over time. I just recently learned that myself and therefore I added the feature into my own game. 
  • The rifle is clipping through walls. There’s a way to fix this. You need to add an extra camera only to render the weapon and set it to “Depth only”
  • I’m not a big fan of the sound of a beating heart for a longer period of time. This is just my personal opinion.
  • I easily got lost from time to time. You should add a compass. It’s pretty easy to make.

Thanks for playing. Better late than never!

I’m glad you had a good time playing. It sounded like you guys were having a lot of fun and I was having a good time watching as well.

Athemore is coming to Steam soon, therefore we are currently working on finishing up a large update, which is also going to be the “final” version. This update will include more content like the missing NPC, voice acting for the NPC + the player character, more scare events, more enemies, new choices to make and much more.


Thank you so much for playing! 

I'm glad you liked it. You did some pretty crazy headshots at times. Good stuff!

Thanks for your reply!

I'm glad you found my feedback helpful and also that you keep working hard on the game. 

Thank you for playing. Glad you enjoyed!

Hi there fellow dev!

I just played your game and I loved it. I’m definitely going to play some more, when I have some more time!

I cannot believe, I haven’t noticed this game before today. Looks like it's been out for a quite a while.

I have listed some feedback. Hope you can make good use of it.


  • Great level design. Also, all the 3d models look amazing and unique.  
  • The artwork is really well made. Both all the UI and the loading screen.
  • All audio is spot on.
  • The combat system seemed to work pretty good, and quite simple to use. This includes the tumble and speed ability too.
  • Animations are top notch
  • The way of resting the player, seems like a unique and good mechanic for this type of game.
  • The quality of life feature, when looting an item it gets showcased if it’s an upgrade or not. That’s a big plus!


  • Missing something to display the player’s health. I had no idea how much health I had.
  • Way too many weapons lying around. You should remove some of those.
  • Missing some additional inventory space to collect more weapons, armor etc. You could then make an option to trade or disassemble them for crafting materials. Otherwise most of the equipment lying around seems uninteresting to me.
  • Unable to change mouse sensitivity. Default sensitivity is a bit high.
  • Another QoL could be to automatically pick up coins when looting. Just a suggestion.

All in all, I think it’s a very good game. I’m excited to see how this game develops and I would love to play the full game, when it’s ready. Keep it up!

I also have a few questions, because I’m a little curious. 

  • How many devs are on your team or are you working solo?
  • Are you using Unity’s URP/HDRP?
  • Do you have any plans for multiplayer play also?

Hello and happy new year!

I finished your game and got the “Alone ending”

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pixelated graphics, but I do understand why many game devs prefer that style. 

However, I like the concept of mixing horror and Christmas themes together.


  • The best thing about this game is definitely the usage of audio. I like the idea of being able to change the music. 
  • Multiple endings are nice to have in a game.
  • No bugs

A couple of cons:

  • There’s no need for the drawers and closets to be interactable, when there’s nothing to collect. Just a waste of time opening them.
  • Climbing the tower didn’t do anything. I was hoping for some reward or something.

Other than that. I had a fun experience with the game.

I also followed/wishlisted your Steam project. That game looks promising.

Keep it up!



Yes there's going to be those kind of weapons too. I'm also working on a mechanic to craft molotovs etc.

I also noticed by the looks of your page, that you make games too. You have released quite a few, I can see. Which of your games can you recommend for me to review?


Thank you for playing and your feedback!

I’m glad you enjoyed playing. However, I’m a little sad you didn’t like the blood particles. I was actually quite pleased with those. Before, there was no blood or body disablement in the game. That being said, I can definitely improve those particles at some point. Obviously.

  • I’m aware of the annoying mouse cursor issue. It’s going to be fixed in the next update.
  • I do also know about invisible zombies. I don't exactly know why they are invisible. It's still a big mystery to me.
  • About the lighting - I’m going to take a closer look. You are right, that the hands render with another camera. That’s for preventing the gun/arms clipping through the walls. However it shouldn't be hard for me to adjust the lighting to match.
  • The zombie AI does also have some flaws. I will improve those as well.
  • I’m working on a new level to be released early next year. This includes new and improved weapons and animations as well (both levels).


Thank you again for playing!

Good job finishing the game without using any hints. A lot of players have struggled in the past.


Thank you so much for spending that much time within my game. It definitely tells me that you enjoyed it somehow. Good job achieving 5 various endings :) 

I have watched every minute of your video and read your feedback as well.

There’s definitely some flaws in your version, where the crown disappears for instance. I believe I have fixed those issues in the latest version. 

The same goes for the mouse cursor appearing on the screen when pressing escape.

The objectives with the ritual and so, are just some quick brainstorming I did. It’s not fully thought through. It’s very likely I'm going to make some changes on the matter in the future.

I agree that some jumpscares seem cheap. Even though jumpscares aren't my strongest suit, I still have to give them some more love and attention at some point, because I want them to be scary. 

From the replayability point of view. My thoughts are to make events more randomized and unpredictable. Same goes for the loot spawn locations and the dungeon level design. Unfortunately, this will take some time to implement, because I also have other unfinished projects.

If you are interested in how to achieve all the endings, I have a document which describes what to do. At the moment, there’s also two unachievable endings, because I haven’t finished the stuff, which can trigger those. So theoretically, you completed 5/10 endings.


Hello Stonewolf. Thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot.

I have watched your playthrough and I want to congratulate you on achieving the next best ending. Good job :)

I’m glad that you enjoyed playing.


Hello Ninja, thanks again for playing and your video. 

I have now watched your video and I’m glad you enjoyed playing. 

You have some fast reading abilities ;)

Good job finishing the game.


Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback! 

No worries, better late than never :)

I have watched your playthrough. 

First of all, I’m truly sorry about the missing checkpoint. That was my mistake. It has already been addressed a few patches ago.  The reason why the planks are falling into the hole, is because I don’t want players to backtrack all the way back to start (armory) after collecting the crown. Some players have actually done that in the past. They were confused and unable to finish the game. I’m glad you kept trying. I also have to admit it was a great jump you did. I didn't even think it was possible. So thumbs up.

Just to clarify, if you would have died to the lost souls, you would have respawned at the entrance to the cathedral. 

The game ended because you were finished with the game. There isn't any more content to explore. You got that ending because you used the cursed blood. I could, as a developer, leave the stone door open (coffin room), but I don’t think that would do anything special, only to confuse the player about what to do next.

The torch was also bugged. It has been fixed.

I have tried tweaking the default brightness of the game also. I’ve had some complaints about it being too dark from others too. However I have some issues with Unity on the matter. 

I do appreciate your feedback, however I’m a little sad to see, you didn't play one of the latest versions at the time. I have been working hard since the first release, fixing a lot of glitches like those you were experiencing above. But if your recording is older than that, please just forget what I just wrote.

A little pointer for you. I had trouble hearing the game audio in your video. You might want to increase the volume a little bit. Obviously, I know there’s random audio whispers in the game, and that’s why you suddenly get interrupted from time to time, but I don’t think your viewers do. Just keep that in mind :)

Other than that, great content. I had fun watching. I guess I owe you a new pair of pants :D

Keep it up.


Thanks for playing, your video and your feedback!

I agree that many indie horror games are all about walking around in houses/apartments. I can’t really tell if the majority of players prefer that style or not. Either way, I always try to create my own games as I would like to play them myself. 

I’m glad you liked the atmosphere. I bought this cool dungeon asset package a while back, so I thought it needed to be showcased by making a game out of it.

That particular jumpscare in the prison seems to scare a lot of players :) 

About the audio - The torch being on/off doesn’t have an impact on the random voices. However I might consider making it do that in the upcoming release. It’s actually a good idea :)

About going for another run - I suggest you wait a while, because I have more content coming up at some point. This includes the missing person, voice acting, more threats and scare events etc.

I subbed to your channel as well 


(1 edit)

Thanks for your input. I actually saw this particular scenario from a guy who played. The exact same room with the chest as you are referring to. Luckily he didn't clip through the wall. I did some testing and it happened to me. That's why I made the invisble platform. How to solve the issue, I don't excactly know for the time being. 

I didn't know about the barrel. Thanks for pointing that out.

About the endings - I have a document which describes each end scenario in detail. At the moment, there are two endings (5 & 7) which can't be achived yet, because I'm missing implementing the last AI. I'm truly sorry if you have spent time in vain looking for those.

I can send you the document to your mail/discord, or give some hints instead if you prefer.

Thanks for playing and your video!

I have now watched your playthrough, and it was very entertaining. The scares seemed to get to you. Too bad you were unable to finish the game.

You needed to press the numbers (1-4) to make a choice. Not by dragging items from the inventory. That’s why it didn’t work. There’s a few other players, who were stuck at these choice selections, so I’ll probably add some hint description of some sort, when the choice display appears on the screen.

The crown disappearing from your inventory on the other hand is a bug. Good job spotting that. I’ll look into that issue.

I’m glad you liked it anyway.


(1 edit)

Oh, you must have been playing an old version. Because the achivement "average collector" has been removed. There's a new endgame now.

Wow, that was a quick return. I wasn’t expecting that so soon. Thanks for giving the game a second try :)

Good job not breaking the game this time ;) However, I still noticed a few glitches, here and there.

You completed the game, so well done. I hope you enjoyed the last part of the game too.


Thank you for playing and your video!

I just watched your video and yes, you managed to break the game. Sorry about that.

You are actually the first one to fall into the void. The funny part is, that in the very recent version, I did actually address the possibility that this scenario could occur. Therefore I added an invisible floor in the void to kill the player from fall damage.

After watching your video, I did some testing, and the same issue occurred to me as well. It’s because you are crouching close to the walls. It happens when you release the crouch button, then the player collider gets pressed through the wall somehow. I’m considering disabling the crouch function for now, because it doesn't do anything special to the game anyway.

There’s definitely more content within the game for you to explore. You were far from done with the game.

Too bad this issue stopped you from going again, but I understand.

I really hope to see more from you.


Thanks for playing and your video. 

I’m glad you enjoyed it. 


Thanks for your suggestions. I'll keep em in mind.

Nothing at the moment, but they will become usefull, when I have implemented the missing person (Audrey). Just need to finish up the AI first.

(1 edit)

Ah yes, I totally forgot, that I changed the disc’s (which is used for opening the wall) location to the prison, when not having the crown. It was not open by default as I described it earlier. My bad.

Having the crown, removes the seals in the throne room. Loot can define which ending you are going to get.

Good job achieving those endings. I’m impressed :)

Hello. Thanks for playing!

It isn’t a bug, but intentional that those side rooms are sealed off, because they aren't needed anyway if the player doesn't have the crown. The catacombs aren’t important either. I’m aware some players still might look for the catacombs key, even though it’s not to be found. So I have to do something about that. 

You should however, be able to escape the dungeon via the stairs without collecting the crown, because the entrance by default always is open. 

Just out of curiosity. How many endings have you achieved?

Hello Zakaria

Of course I do remember you. 

I bet you play lots of various games every month, so big thanks for including Athemore in your top 3.


Hello there fellow devs!

I finished your game and had a good time playing. If you are interested in my detailed feedback, please let me know.


Thank you for playing and your video!

I’m glad you had a good time playing.

I do appreciate you went for two different endings. You are actually the first who managed to get out with the crown even though you carried the curse with you. Thumbs up for that one.

The dagger needed to be blessed for the good ending. There’s a holy fire burning in a secret room inside the catacombs.

  • I have seen the compass act like this from others too. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s resolution related.
  • I didn’t know about the collider bug. Good job spotting that.
  • Crouch doesn't mean a thing in this game. Don't worry.


Thank you for playing and your video!

I’m truly sorry about that weird reverse bug. I had no idea at all and definitely not intentional. I totally understand it ruined your game experience. I would have complained about it too. 

I’ll see if I somehow can provoke that issue and hopefully be able to fix that.

The torch was bugged but has been fixed.

Something went wrong, when you died inside the small breach after the cathedral. The soul didn’t respawn. Instead it stayed, and was able to grab you again. That event happened a few times in a row and added up your total death amount. That’s why you died more than you should. 

I’ll have a look at that issue.

You were on to something about 5 endings - There’s 12 endings and the total loot amount does have an impact on which ending you are going to get.

I do agree that loot collecting is not the funniest in the world, especially if it can’t be traded or something.

If you don’t know the Thief games, I would recommend you check them out. They are a little old, but I believe they are still very good. Unfortunately, the recent Thief game (2014) is nothing compared to the old ones. 

I can’t really say if they fit your kind of game genre. All I can say is that I love those games.


Thank you for playing and your video!

I’m truly glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your kind words

  • Good job finding 4 secrets. 
  • It was also nice to see the map being used quite often. 
  • The dagger was for another ending, but unfortunately you lost that opportunity by exchanging the crown.


Thank you for playing and your video.

Yes, there are definitely some Elder Scroll vibes to be had.

I might implement a saving system later. I do have the functionality within another project already. So it shouldn't be too hard. 

You were on to something about collecting all loot. It does have an effect on the ending.

I also hear your complaint about too much darkness. However I’m a little surprised you had a hard time noticing the lost souls in the cathedral. I could see them fairly in your video. Maybe it was darker in your game view. I wouldn't know.

Either way, I will tweak the default brightness a little bit, because a few other players also mentioned that the game is too dark. Likewise I might add some brightness options.

The switch you pressed behind the shelf between the bridges opened a secret. You needed to backtrack a few steps to find the chamber. I was actually surprised you missed that, because of your thorough search during the beginning of the game.

The prison has two levers for opening the pit. You had them both in your vision a few times.

The blood you poured into the bowl was cursed, that’s why you got that ending. The letter on the table mentioning fresh blood samples for the ritual. Like in offering you own blood for example.

Finally, those flying things aren’t birds. Those are bats :)

I’m glad you had a cool experience


(2 edits)

Thanks for playing, your video and your feedback.

You were stuck because you needed to make a choice. You should have pressed the numbers 1 or 4. Recently, I have added, so it’s also possible to use the escape key to leave.

Too bad you didn't finish. You would actually have been the first to complete it deathless.

I should add a save game mechanic, but it wasn't my intention when I first started developing, the game should be very long. However, I already have a functional save system from another project I can implement at some point.

About game duration - Yes, I did say 15-30 min, but I have adjusted it a little bit. It now says 15-45 min in the recent version. It all depends on how thorough the player is exploring.

Some inspiration comes from Amnesia, but mainly it comes from the Thief series and Elder Scrolls series. 

I do agree, some rooms feel empty. It’s all about how much time I want to spend level designing vs other game projects.

I’m not quite following your critique about the map. Hope you can specify, because I’m actually quite proud of it. It’s totally intended to be inaccurate, because it’s hand drawn based on inaccurate information.

The game can definitely use more mechanics, but for now it’s just jumping, collecting and avoiding.

Somehow I disagree about the darkness critique too. But I might tweak it a little bit.

Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you had fun. I hope you will consider going for another try at some point. You don’t need to record it again. It’s up to you.


A new version is up. I have added quality settings into the "Display" options. The resolution settings should work as well. Likewise I have removed all the settings that didn't work for now. There are definitely more methods, I can use to make the game run even smoother, but it will have to wait, because I'm working on other projects as well. I'll have a huge update coming up early next year.

Thank you for playing, your video and your feedback!

I’m really glad that you liked the game.

You did a good job finding a lot of secrets and good thing you didn’t jump into the pit. You would have died.

I have worked hard the past week to solve a lot of issues, so I’m glad you didn’t encounter any game breaking bugs, but I did notice you had multiple potions in your inventory. That’s an issue I'll have to look into, because that’s not intended.

The random audio effects switches position every 10 sec, even if it’s playing or not. That’s why they break sometimes. I’m aware of this problem. I need to prevent the audio object from moving while playing audio. That shouldn’t be too hard.

I do agree that the cinematic view at the end could use some audio too. I might have something suitable.

I’ll also have a look at the water dripping effect. Thanks for telling!

I’ll also make it possible to use the escape key, when the player is stuck and needs to make a choice.


(1 edit)

Thank you for playing and for your video

I’m glad you had a good time playing. 

Yes, there’s definitely some Skyrim vibes to be had. I’ve also pointed that out in my game description. 

I haven't made a combat system, because it will take me quite some time to develop on my own. That’s also the reason why you couldn't collect any weapons. 

Good job stealing the crown without getting caught. 

I also enjoy seeing the map getting frequently used. 

As you already mentioned, the torch was bugged. It has already been fixed.

In the prison - The missing switch was on the wall just behind the spiked chair. You actually had it in your sight a lot of times. I was hoping for you to spot it. The pit was behind the portcullis.

Audio SFX is randomized (scripted) in lots of rooms.

Yes the lid from the coffin had some physics issues. I have addressed that too.

The bad ending was because you poured the cursed blood from the bottle into the bowl. As Causo mentioned in the letter, he needed fresh blood for the ritual.


Thank you so much for playing and your video.

I’m glad you liked it.

I was almost certain that you were the first one to complete the game deathless, but unluckily the torch bugged on you. However, I do wonder how you could enter the pit area without opening the last door. That’s certainly a glitch.

I’m glad you tried some of the various endings. There’s 12 endings in total.

  • As you know, the torch has been fixed. From the looks of it, you didn’t play the “fixed” version. I can tell, because I did also address the heavy highlight glow on loot, at the same time. But luckily, you managed to complete the game a couple of times anyway.
  • It’s also on purpose that the player is unable to collect weapons. Otherwise I would have to implement a combat system too, which is too much work for a solo dev.
  • The physics issue on the coffin lid in the “coffin room” at the end, has also been fixed. Luckily it didn't cause any major issues.
  • Exchanging the crown and leaving the dungeon via the stairs, now comes with a warning message.

I do hope that you would consider aiming for some of the other endings at some point. 


Thanks for your input. I'm sorry about that. I'll have it fixed as soon as possible. I'll let you know when it's ready.