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Looking to collaborate? Whether you've got a project in need of a team member, or you're looking for another project to join, you can post here to find others with similar goals. This board uses the following abbreviations: LFP: Looking for a project, LFS: Looking for someone.

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Posts that don't show evidence of quality of effort will be locked and removed. If you were looking to collaborate with someone and you saw your post would your be willing to reply? If not then please take some time to re-evaluate your post.

Please tag your topics in the title with any relevant keywords. Keywords might include tools, payment, type of work, etc.

If you're looking to join a team your title might look like this.

[Unity] [Programmer] Developer with some free time looking for a project

If you're looking for someone to join you

[Art] Seeking someone to make art for project 3 months in

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