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Jobs There, it's ready now. Hopefully you haven't already streamed the 0.1 version.

I haven't streamed it since my anti-virus took it for check as I was testing. I want to play it monday (tomorrow) and hopefully it'll work. I'll download your latest version and run it before hand to make sure the anti-virus doesn't take it for an other day.

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I ran it through my own antivirus and it found no threats. Game Maker Studio executables are known to trigger false positives with some AVs due to the technique they use to decompile data. I don't visit obscure sites or download files all that often, and I run AdwCleaner fairly often, so it's probably nothing.

EDIT: Either way though, if you still aren't comfortable (or your PC plain old won't let you run the file,) I've also added an NSIS installer version. It's a slightly larger file, but they tend to be a bit less problematic.