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Hey there! Thank for your suggestion! I'll look into it and may play it on stream. Have a nice day!

Hey there! Don't worry about me trying to beat hard Mario games haha. I'm mostly a platformer player, not only Mario. Regardless, I'll look into your game and maybe play it on stream!

Hey there! Thanks for the game suggestions! I'll look into them and may play them on stream!

I haven't streamed it since my anti-virus took it for check as I was testing. I want to play it monday (tomorrow) and hopefully it'll work. I'll download your latest version and run it before hand to make sure the anti-virus doesn't take it for an other day.

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your game. I'll play it on my next stream! Looks like a great game to play :)

Hey there! Thanks for submitting your game! I will definitively play that on stream!

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your game! I will play it on stream for sure ;)

Hey there. Thanks for sharing your game. I will check it out and play it on stream! Looks really good! 

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your game. Of course I'm going to stream your game. It looks amazing and I want to play it.

Hey there! I will check your game out really soon. Thanks for sharing!

Hey there! I will check that out really soon! It'll be nice to have the full game but I can play the demo first. Thanks for sharing me your game!

No problem! I am looking for any kind of games. I'm looking out to try new games and that's pretty much it! Will check that ;)

Hey everyone,

I recently started looking for games to play. So I found this site and I am wondering if anyone has games for me to try out and stream. I mostly like playing platformer games but I'd also like to try other games and see for myself if I like them. If you are interested to share your game or someone else's game, you can post a comment and recommend the game you want me to play. 

I'm going to try to play as many games as I can and talk about them while playing on stream. I stream on Twitch at mostly at 7PM EST on weekdays and 1PM EST on weekends. I stream when I feel like but I stream pretty often.

You can contact me via e-mail as well if you feel like it at 

Hopefully you have a wonderful day and see you soon!

- Blue