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Well I think my game Colyx is fun to play and the page site looks good enough in my perspective. Still I have almost no views and sales.

On the macOS App Store, my game was number one on the app charts (Switzerland) and on the front page.  I don't know how many people have seen the game, but at least 5 people were willingly to spend 5 dollars on it. And I am very proud of those 25 dollars I got from my own game.

But here on I think it is way harder to get attention. Is there something that I am missing on my game page or am I just an impatient indie developer with too high goals?

Very cool thank you!

You can write me here and I will send you the download key or you can buy it. As you wish :)


Hey I have made a rolling puzzle game. It combines forward thinking and skill in your movement.

36 individual and completely different levels.

If you would like to stream it I can give you a download key for free.

I have just released a new Game that I have been developing solo with the Unreal Engine 4.

Colyx on

This game will make you feel satisfied in a unique way. Plan your way through the blocks carefully. 

For the best experience you should play the game with a gamepad. Keyboard controls are also supported.

What do I do in the game?

-Roll a coloured ball to collect all blocks of the same colour.

-Use specific colour changing items to switch the colour of the ball at the right time.

-Play 36 individual levels in different difficulty packs.

-Collect blocks to unlock additional themes.

-Select your personal favourite theme and play again to collect even more blocks.

-Individualize your screen background.