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You can't avoid it. That's the end of the game.

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You have to find the right combination to get out of the cycle. Clues can be found in some graffitis.

Just a clicker game

Here's the link of the new version of Spongebob horror

I'm working on a remake of this game. This time, I'll make sure it's playable xd

It's free, just click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

No, there's only one ending.

No sorry. I have to admit that is too hard lol.

And thank you for playing

idk sorry. Maybe you can deactivate your antivirus for a little bit.

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New things added for chapter 2. I've managed to add a dialog box. I have also added another alien and fog. For now,  everything is coming up for milhouse, lol. Here's the pic.

More devlogs coming soon. 

- Fred the fred

Hi everyone. The chapter 2 is coming soon. For now i only draw the enemies (wich will be aliens) and finish the map (but it's empty, so i have to add decoration). Here's the pic.

The game is a survival-horror, first person. It will have only one level so the game will be short. The game is made with Game Maker Studio 1, the draws are made with Mspaint and and the 3d model are made with Model Creator for game maker. More devlogs coming soon.

Can you play my first game?

Can you play my game

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Ankle Breaker's Den

Hey guy. This is my first game i hope you enjoy. It's a 3d '' scary maze '' where you have to resucue all the citizens captured by the serial killer, Ankle Breaker. I need to say that this game have jumpscares and flashing ligths. Hope you like it ;). There will be more chapters in the future so be patience.


Can you play my game: Stories of Lostemith?

No problem.

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Hey Vo0do0leW. This is my first game: Stories of Lostemith

It's an indie horror maze. Hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks, tower defense games are my favorites.

This is my first game. So i hope you can play it

This is my first 3d game. Hope you enjoy.

i liked it 👍

dis game is 2 scary