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YouTuber Looking for Games

A topic by Voia created Mar 13, 2016 Views: 12,030 Replies: 148
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Hello! I am a YouTuber who is looking for games to play on my channel. Any game will do, but horror games have a higher chance of being played; all games are considered. I want to help you (the devs) to get noticed and get your games out there, so if you're a striving dev then please do comment on this thread.


I am starting a series in which I review indie games, not play on camera. These reviews will be an in depth look at the games, pros and cons about it and get your game noticed. If you want me to check out your game for review, please say that in your post. If you do not state so, it shall be put into the gameplay recommendations.

Thank you. :)

Click here for the channel!


Hey hey hey person if you are looking for games then look on my account:

But if you are only interested in horror then play this:

I would also recommend you play my other games, here are the best ones:

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Id like an indie review of my game. let me know thank you.


Qick question: what software do you use to make 3d games?


My pilot episode has some spooky stealth sections -

i made a game on gamejolt. a lot of youtube vids have already been made, but be sure to check it out:


Love your channel! You've got a great personality :)

We just released the Alpha 2 demo of Bombasm here. It's a competitive local-multiplayer platformer, so if you have 1-3 other friends, we'd love to see you play! DM us on our twitter, our email us at for the full closed-access version!


I you haven't already you can checkout our horror tag, there's some good stuff there:


I believe when you hear Just a Cleric's theme song you will find a new definition of HORROR and FEAR.


We have an RPG in the works that has horror elements (in other words no jumpscares or graphical horror, just storyline), I was going to pm you but now I realize the functionality does not exist.

Hopefully we'll have a playable demo soon, so obviously I figured I'd mention that here.


Idk if you are interested in platform games but check this out:


Keep 'em coming, I check out every link posted here and consider them all. :D


Perhaps THIS will change your mind!

It's .... Scary stuff! Ahahaha


I actually downloaded JAC's demo and it's amazing! I will make a video on it as well, but I'm enjoying playing it in my spare time. Wonderful game! :)


No way, awesome!

Let me know if you need anything else for your video and thanks a lot

Hey buddy, I'm going to be offline most likely for a few days but what sort of backlog do you have for your game videos

Hi Voia,

Just a Cleric waa Greenlit a few days ago, if you had anything to do with it, thanks

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Well, it's not a horror game but if you're willing to give anything a look then I guess I'll give this a go. 😐

So the game I've got here is called Project Plasma. It's a space-themed vertical scrolling shooter game (almost like Touhou-lite in space.)

It's a paid game but I'm willing to you a special download link if you want to make a vid of it. Hit me up with a DM on Twitter if you're interested. (Link on my creator page) 🙂


Hey Voia! I'll be sure to subscribe to your channel!

The past six months I've been doing Super Radish Witch as a passion project. It's not a horror game, but if you'd be interested in making a video on it, I'd love to see it get more exposure. If not, that's cool too!

Hey Voia

My soon to be released game that is up for pre-order on isn't horror ,but i think you may find it interesting.

Not only is it up for pre-order ,but there is also a 3 level demo available on my page

Get in touch with me so we can discuss working together to get some coverage on the game leading up to its 5.5.16 release date.

Thank You


My ten year old daughter and I just finished up our first Ludum Dare challenge. We designed and coded the entire game in 72 hours and we are crazy proud of it!! :) My daughter drew all of it pixel by pixel and we would be super honored if you played it on your channel. The game is called Swedish Stretchy Fish.

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hey try this :) => Pocong Run

Do you have a pdf reader?

I made a game that can be played by pdf reader since the game itself is a pdf.

The game itself is helping a warrior to get his sandwich back from a dragon with point & click gameplay.

Please play one of my games on my page! I have a prototype space shooter game and a simple skateboarding game. I'd like you to play 'Sk8r Trix Game' because I'm a new indie dev and I'd like to get noticed for my work. Oh, and another thing, MY GAMES ARE FREE!

Play my game! It is called stock game 2 it is a trading game, can be a series

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If you love shows like Twin Peaks, The Killing, Law And Order or True Detective you will love this type of game.

Wow, very very clever game idea!!! Nice work


I think he fell in


I hope you'll be interested in our game despite of non-horror.

It's available for IOS and Android.


I think the chap is MIA, they've sent the search & rescue chopper out for him but it doesn't look good. There's a swell comin'

Thanks for your reply.

Such a shame that I came in late.

I guess I might plug Fun In The Basement. It's probably my only attempt at making a story-driven game that is about serious matters (suicide), and it's both a horror game and a rage game, so it feels like pretty OK LP material.

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Quadle is fairly fustrati... err I mean fun. Might be worth a shot, give me a shout if you want a copy...

You can try my game out.

Hello, I am Nathan Martin from MarsGames and I wish to ask that you would do a quick review on my company's game CaveFights. It is a 2d shooter game that is currently free and in early public alpha. Us at MarsGames are looking for a way to spread the word of CaveFights any support you can give even such as a small shout-out would be amazing for us. Please contact me later if you decide to do a review or shout-out. Thank you.

CaveFights Official Page

Hi. If you like horror games, you can play my group's game.

Keep 'em comin' folks. :)

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We thought you died!

Did you change your mind about JAC? It's okay if you did I wont be sad.*



I've actually been playing the demo a lot in my free time but have yet to buy the Steam version. Once I do, then I'll be sure to record it. :D


The Steam version has tons more stuff to it, you won't be sorry. I needed something to do while it was in Greenlight, and then I made an expansion for it a couple months later. It's free though, all part of the core game as a thank you to the people who have my game a chance

Hi ! She is a Witch ! :D

please try my game its called stock game 2

Hello there sir :D. We're Puciek Ink. and we prezent you with the Perfect fun maker!. You start the game, start mashing space and ocasionally X :D Enjoy

Would be nice if you could play my game : this game.


Would love it you did a 'lets play' of my scary haunted house point & click adventure Ghostscape 3D

I just remastered it with much better graphics for PC. Also subbed you on youTUBE ;-)


Looks great and I plan that it'll be out on Friday! :)

Thanks as well for subbing! ~<3


WOW thanks, appreciate that.


Recorded your video here. Not sure how far I got before beating it, but it's really cool! :)

Cool, thanks so much for recording that - Like I say I am a one-man-dev and need all the help promoting my games that I can get.

Mind if I get in touch when my latest project is done (if it's a paid game I'll shoot you a freebie) ;-)



Here's my game The N Word



Well already that title should get you some free press, Endeva.

Try this:



Im also thinking of starting a youtube channel but i get kinda scared (i get terrified) of horror games.

Any game suggestions?

plz tell me

Just check on here and GameJolt for games that you feel you'd like. Kickstarter also has some nice games.

Steam is also an option if you're willing to pay for games as well.



I am starting a series in which I review indie games, not play on camera. These reviews will be an in depth look at the games, pros and cons about it and get your game noticed. If you want me to check out your game for review, please say that in your post. If you do not state so, it shall be put into the gameplay recommendations.

Thank you. :)

I am willing to me because I am a bit new in the world of programming

The link to one of my games : Bouton-Choice

And I hope not to have to write this message to nothing

Thank you Voia and reminds I'm French so the translation can be bad


Hey Voia, this is totally different than Just a Cleric but hey who knows:

Hi Voia,

Hope you're still on board!

We'd really like you to have a look at our game Ninja Dude vs Zombies that available on the App Store and check it for review.

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Hi Voia,

I recently released my first game, called Endless Getaway which can be found at It would be brilliant if you could do a video review on it.


Endless Getaway is an arcade game with a simple yet appealing art style.

Battle your way through a multitude of obstacles while attempting to lose the cops in their pursuit cars and helicopters; switch lanes at the last second to catch the pursuing cars. Watch out for police helicopters too: they'll follow you like your shadow. Complete levels to unlock new colours and epic emblems to customise your car with.

Compete to beat your high score and be the best getaway driver of them all



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So you currently have to click the shit out of any enemy your battling, but I'll bet it takes you several runs to make it through 30 minuets of game play :) Building 100% from scratch, you can see a few "place holder"images, this is just a demo to get peopel ready for the game format

Looking for a ton of horror games!

With Halloween right around the corner I am looking for tons of horror games, I don't care what they are as long as they're horror, they will MOST LIKELY be recorded! :D

Here's a short horror game you can complete in under an hour. As my game takes a fairly unique spin on the horror genre, I think it would be of some interest to your viewers. Oh, and it's also totally free to play as well.

Here's a short horror game you can complete in under an hour. As my game takes a fairly unique spin on the horror genre, I think it would be of some interest to your viewers. Oh, and it's also totally free to play as well.

How to set the link here? it would'nt come out!

Just copy and paste the link, or when you can click the little chain in the comment settings along the top. :)

Thanks a lot :) here's a horror game i made, not good enough but i hope you try it :) :


Here's a Halloween Horror game :


Made a video of your game here! :D


Thanks a lot!! very much appreciate it :D

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That was funny and I'm so sorry about that :D i watched the video that was awesome, the problem is when you recorded it will be little bit slow, but i'm gonna work hard next time :D

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Check out my Rpg...Tides of Wrath, currently on rpg watch indiegogo...Write me if you would like a copy of it to use for youtube. Thanks

Tides of Wrath on itch


Hi, you can make a video about Hotar if you like to, would be awesome!

Its a group-based RPG with its own engine (i.e. not done with RPG Maker or anyting you know). I hope you will find it interesting although it's not a horror game.

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Can you try this for your video :) it's not a horror game but i think it's better that other game :

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Check my game out and see if it is something you can do a video of

Isinica Clash of Magic


Could you please play my game :) I'll sub to your channel :D


So my game SYNC is a college student indie game. It's won two awards and you play it by making faces into your webcam. Please review it:

Hey Sweetie cx

Play my game c:

Hi Voia,

It's a small simulation/toy/game-thing. Interactive by typing words, and also meant for just chilling out to during the cold months.

Hello Voia,

I would love it if you could play my latest game called Harambe Ruins! Send me the video when you make it too. I would love to see it.

Thank you for your time,

Mason Zettlemoyer

Try my demo! Tell me what you think, looking for feedback and a video would be great to get it out there!


Infection Rate

Hey, hope you will play my Multiplayer Game. Unfortunately there are not so much player actually.

Hi Voia)

I create a small game for two players. Do you want to try my demo?

Play my game WarMage:

WarMage Official Trailer

It is available on

My new game, ProjectDumpster, is very horrifying.

332 days late but ^.


Perhaps you'd like to try Neofeud? :)

If you do a let's play, I'll give you a free soundtrack. People keep asking me for a walkthrough!

Hi can you play my game its called its a funny and scary fnaf fan game you can play and give me feedback of what to add

Bumping this because I'm still looking for games! I have a lot I have downloaded and ready to play, all I need is time. ;)

Hey! This is a year old but I have a game you might enjoy! Its called Lore: A Stealth Action Game!


Forged Adventure is coming out on Steam in 2 weeks. DM me on Twitter for a free key.

(1 edit) It's my first game would be nice if you would take a look at it (it's a rpg)

In my game you run around shooting killer clowns. It is a very hard but addicting platformer game.

Hi I am developing this game and looking for some feed back, it is a local multiplayer only for now but I am working on Bots and a single player component to round it out. Network play is being considered but it's a lot of work and I would like to see if their is an audiance for this first.


You could cover our game Revengestar. It's out for Android and Desktop. iOS is coming soon! Mobile versions are free, desktop version not but I can provide it for you if you want.


Sincerely invite you to play our Game _ Alien Cheater _ has been released in the App Store.

Into The Mist, short horror game.

Its free until august 15th 12:00 PM.

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Hey. soo a YouTuber taking requests from indie developers for games he should play... well ima just drop my game right here... hoping he will play it...

Hello! I recently made a game called WarIR. it might make one good episode but its a interesting concept. you get self learning AI and have them fight each other. They eventually learn each others techniques and learn overtime different techniques. you can temper with the arena and change whatever you like to run your own EVIL experiments in this Artificial Intelligence Gladiatorial Arena >:D... have fun

Also I would like this to be part of the indie review thing as it could use some input


I am currently developing a puzzle/horror/shooter game if are interested: This is my free trial of my game; if you want to get the full version just contact me ;) 

try Nepenthe!

Hi, I made a game a few years ago called Afternoon Hero.

People told me it's not good, but over the time I learned to appreciate my own game and that many of those people were just quick to judge. Because others enjoyed it.

Another sad thing is that I wrote it using C++ and GLES2, before starting to use Unity. So sadly there is a certain "rot" to my games, because suddenly new versions of Android and iOS make my previously working game crash. Well I found it crash in Android, maybe due to bugs I introduce because also supporting OUYA, and then adding and removing in apps.

So I hope the iOS version doesn't crash, I think it doesn't. But even then the Apple store asks me to upload a new version because I didn't update it for a while.

That's something sad, that some of my older games I removed from stores for various reasons, and there was a certain "rot" to my code. For instance using OpenSSL proved to be fatal for some of my games after a big vulenrability discovered in OpenSSL made all builds using it directly via C++ to be removed from stores.

Anyway, I hope you try out Afternoon Hero. It's available on both iOS, Mac and Android(Amazon, and maybe OUYA), although I htink only the Mac/iOS versions work without crashing after a while.

I should probably revisit my old code and fix those things/update a new version.

Hello Voja,

my game is an adventure-RPG, 7 hours of play with an interesting story, meaningful choices and three different ends. Check out my game on and have a look at the gameplay video on Many thanks for this opportunity and for your feedback!


Oh, my gosh! Hello there~ My team and I just released our indie 3D horror game demo for free here on Please try it out ^_^ Uguuuu, we hope you enjoy our little work when you do. Here's the link:

Some videos of it:

Action RPG in Dev Since 2015:

• 4 Classes, with 4 unique stories, all converge in the middle

• Custom Party system + COOP

• Real Time Airship battle system, and airship travel system

• Build and Empire!, manage your own town/castle in real time

• Destroy an Empire! Siege war built right into the story

Hey Voia =) My  name is Eyon and I'm working on a game called "Metal hands with guns". It's a physics based action game  you can play it directly in the browser here :

Greetings Vola! I have been looking for a youtuber just like you. 

I would like my game to be reviewed; an experimental indie game called Papers from Death, it also contains a bit of comedy.

If you don’t mind, check my game here:

Thank you!


Boingkid™ got inspiration from Sonic, Super Mario and Eric Chahi's Heart of Darkness, a new action puzzle platformer about dark side of Realm of Toys. Please check out the campaign, download it from and please spread the word about it on your channel if you see any potential in the game. Now with over 30 downloads and with no negative comment. Hope you like it.

We are at the early stages of development.

Thanks for reading.

Hi there.  I hand crafted 2d scenes I drew from scratch with colorful robots.

Contact me for more information.

Hey, play my pizza delivery game, its my first ever game.

ATV Bike Pizza Delivery Boy

Hi, I've just posted a new game called "A Fine Mess". I've started making a series of art-games recently, this is the latest of them; well it's the second one tbh :).

It's in black and white and somewhere between a walking simulator, an adventure and a horror game. Here's the trailer:

And here's the page:

If you're interested, please contact me on for a download key.

Thank you.

Hi, I would appreciate if you took the time to review my game. It's only a demo so far but I'm working on finishing the game soon. 

I need more feedback so I can fix up any typos or problems with the sprites and artwork. If you're interested the link is here:

Thanks in advance. =)

Would your audience be interested in something as sophisticated as this combat flight simulator for LINUX?

I ask this because I realize that the audience for LINUX is smaller than other platforms, and the audience for a sophisticated flight sim is smaller than an arcade-style game. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that you might review it. Thanks!

It will be nice heard your feedback about that :

Hi! It's not a horror game per se, but our game's atmosphere is a bit eerie... If you wanna take a look, it's here :

Hi, I have recently released a simple but fun and addictive game where the player must prevent the cute little bunnies from being turned to mulch by a never ending onslaught of run away saw blades.

 Please check it out.


I created a Survival-Horror game that has a Story/Setting inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing while the gameplay is very similar to games like Resident Evil 7.

Link to my game -

Hi guys :)

For youtubers who like challenging puzzles, check out our game:

Gameplay trailer:

Colbert A Vision has four games on  I will be honored if you play and make vids of my games.  Please send me the vids if you can.


Hey there! I'm a game dev and really need to get my games noticed! I've been creating short, artsy, experimental, minimalist platformers. My games always flirt with horror, despite not being overtly horror. You'll see what I mean. I'm interested in both having my games played on camera and also reviewed! :)

Here are my first two games.

The Cartographer's Tale

Half Empty



I would be honored if you would play all of my games.  They are all free, so have at it.  Make videos get Colbert A Vision out there please I need help.

Hello! Hope. You are doing fine! 

Give mine a try!
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Check out my game! New Update coming out soon! I'm currently working on implementing some new game modes while perfecting the current space-dog-fights mode. (Unofficial mode name).

can you make the screen GREEN in all 100 levels ?!

My games are all free, and you shall like.

Hi Vioa,

Not a horror game unfortunately but hopefully one you will still enjoy nonetheless! Please check out the demo for my game, Horace!

Horace is a story-driven, pixel platform adventure about a small robot on a big adventure. Think cinematic cutscenes but with little pixel guys,all tied together with traversal challenges that will test your brain as much as your abilities! The demo will showcase approx. 2 hours of game play as it branches out into the more metroidvania style later in the demo!

Would be great to hear your feedback! Thanks for your support.


I have a hardcore platformer/shooter which has one funny feature. So you can try it on that link:

Have fun!

Android version is live on goggle play....

mac,linux and windows in 2-3 days.

The version for computers that are up now is old and have bugs.

If you're still looking for games, I recently released the first chapter of my game, Fail to Win. It takes about an hour to complete, and it has you solving puzzles by getting blown up and abusing the respawn. It's mostly just comedy at this point (dark horror twists are being saved for later chapters). I want to make this into a longer game, but to justify that I need this chapter to get more attention. Enjoy!

Download at


Hi, if you're still active and looking for games, I just released Miko's Adventures a couple of days ago, Hope you like it .

Miko's Adventures ;

Enjoy :)

Henlo, you can czheck out alm of mine gabes. I eell like they would goover well wif the kiddos

Hello there,

would you like to cover my XCOM / FTL hybrid?


 if you are still looking for games, I have made an arcade style game with high difficulty level. 

Check it out:

Hey, our games Intra-System: Trust Issues and Flufftopia both are relatively short (20-60 minutes long) and have weird and horror-ish elements (yes, the cute clicker also :D), maybe you give one of them a shot, they are both fairly experimental.



I made a small game as part of an ARG [alternate reality game]. It's a short horror experience, and leads to the hunt.

Join The Hunt, Solve The Mystery, Open The Door.


Hey, I'd like if you could check my project too. I have some difficulties to promote myself, so any help and reviews will be appreciated.


Can you review my game: Reality Incognita?

The current Beta is paid, but there is a free demo, also I can gift a key for Steam in exchange for review, though I'll need to know where I can send the key.

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Hi! I am working on a war simulator inspired by the battle cat, but with its own characteristic.

It even has a PVP system.It is called Zsimulator.

I think you might be interested. If you got time Please check it out.

Oh! and I also got some promotion codes may help you if you really want to try it, many thanks!


Hi Voia,

Hope you're still on board!

We'd really like you to have a look at our latest game Ninja Dude vs Zombies 2 that available on the App Store, Google Play and check it for review.

Thanks in advance!


Check out our new game Wizards Of Alamar. We have it in a free co-op bundle, that no one can seem to see for some reason but here is the link ,  If you get this after the bundle expires check out the game here, and if you want a key then please reply to this and i'll send you one. Have a great day and game on!!!

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Hi if you are into shooter games please do consider my game. It was made for fun hope you enjoy it :)

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Try this game, you maybe like it :

mod edit: removed the embedded image


Here's mine!

and the link! -

Our game! We have only a demo but I hope it's ok for a short video? :)

Most of the beginners are needing this kind of useful suggestions for accessing any gaming platform in a significant manner. To get a better suggestions can check from Sign In 0x87dd0006 so that it will be effective for them.

Wed love your thoughts.

Can you play my game: Stories of Lostemith?

(1 edit)

Hi thank you for this great support. Do you play mobile games as well??

For android I have my latest game (for apple still in review)  Nes like 8 bit platformer.

will try to create a PC version soon for here.

Other than that check my portfolio and pick the ones you like!


Google Play:    (Niwashi Kid is not stil visible at googleplay cause it is new and not listed yet I suppose) 

Thanks a lot!

Hi, please take a look at my first game made in Unity.

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