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Hi, I made a game a few years ago called Afternoon Hero.

People told me it's not good, but over the time I learned to appreciate my own game and that many of those people were just quick to judge. Because others enjoyed it.

Another sad thing is that I wrote it using C++ and GLES2, before starting to use Unity. So sadly there is a certain "rot" to my games, because suddenly new versions of Android and iOS make my previously working game crash. Well I found it crash in Android, maybe due to bugs I introduce because also supporting OUYA, and then adding and removing in apps.

So I hope the iOS version doesn't crash, I think it doesn't. But even then the Apple store asks me to upload a new version because I didn't update it for a while.

That's something sad, that some of my older games I removed from stores for various reasons, and there was a certain "rot" to my code. For instance using OpenSSL proved to be fatal for some of my games after a big vulenrability discovered in OpenSSL made all builds using it directly via C++ to be removed from stores.

Anyway, I hope you try out Afternoon Hero. It's available on both iOS, Mac and Android(Amazon, and maybe OUYA), although I htink only the Mac/iOS versions work without crashing after a while.

I should probably revisit my old code and fix those things/update a new version.