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I just put my second game on called Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh against the Gods.

I am not familiar enough with the "scene" so I have a few questions.

First, isn't an executable downloadable really a deal breaker for a lot of people? Is providing a web build download would be better in this case?

Second, I decided on a flat Paid option.

Should I do the donation stuff? I guess if people actually like my game they will donate? If they don't like my game, why am I even selling it?

I just selected paid because I like the old ways games were bought. I really dislike "dynamic payments".

Is there any other advice you can give me and what to expect in sales of my game?


I made this:

I tried this game, I guess it's for more than 1 player?

Even then, it was hard to understand what to do.

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I have made updates to the game.

Not on the gameplay, but more GUI and design and fixing bugs.

(And added awesome music)

Here are some bew screenshots:

And here is the page of the game:

I played it, apart from looking terrible it's also not very fun. I dunno, the physics, the level design.

But a lot of effort was put into it. So that's good.

There is no link to the demo in your page?

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I have a newground version(free)

Blood for Blood is a 1 vs 1 fighting game similar to Karateka. You encounter an enemy after enemy, in a modern street fighting style.

I have an idea for the story, a tragedy for the character, but right now I am trying to flesh out gameplay.

It's available on Google Play and Amazon as an alpha, and if you want to help me out you can buy it(for one dollar right now).

But here is also a link to an apk I uploaded on my dropbox. Though the ones on the stores are likely to be more up to date.

So I would love to get feedback on the gameplay and art.

Amazon store

Google Play store

Let's split it into "good games" and "business side".

To be honest, today making games for a living is a bad decision. Where are at the stage that making games is not a very good business if you want to make money.

A stupid little game like Flappy bird made in two weeks can make more money than your 5 years development serious and deep game.

It's like being in a jungle in the Vietnam war with a 3rd side of Demons from doom.

So... I won't talk about the business side, because IMO you should not rely on gamedeving as your main income.

Now... about "good games". You can't tell a person what is fun for him. Because what you enjoy is subjective to every person, it's also subjective to your mood, time of the day and many factors for the same person.

However, you can, to some degree, try to think of several quality measurements of a game.

You can tell when a painting was made by an artist that knows what he is doing, instead by an artist that by chance might made something you like.

Like, you might like this weird painting of a person, but the weird anatomy of the character, the wrong perspective and shadows were not because the artist has chosen to do so. It was because he didn't know exactly how to create the painting he had in mind, so he created something by chance and lack of skill.

Anyway, my point is, I think many indie games are not "good"(IMO) because the world they exist inside is nonsensical or lacks internal logic.

Things like, injecting politics, pop culture, an incoherent world and basically things that are made by chance and has no internal logic.

Another great example is stupid names, or joke games. If you name your RPG game in a fantasy world "Pixel game with swords and too much HP" then it's not going to engage the players. Because the stupid name ruins the experience.

So basically, I think many indie games are an incoherent mess of elements from different worlds that don't make sense on their own merit.

Your game should have some sort of internal logic.

For instance Roger Rabbit had cartoons living in the real world, but it had internal logic. Because there was a cartoon world, they didn't break the fourth wall.

So many "Artsy" games just don't have a world to exist inside, they rely on things from the real world, but they don't have their own believable world to exist inside.

No, there are plenty of good games that aren't unique.
Monkey island was unique?
Golden axe, final fight, streets of rage? They were unique?
Uniqueness doesn't guarantee either way.

By uniqueness I assume you mean gameplay mechanics or something innovative. Because there are very few games that are not unique if you say any little difference is counted into uniqueness.

UNIQUE... uniqueness is not that important.

Plenty of bad unique games.

Hi, I made a game a few years ago called Afternoon Hero.

People told me it's not good, but over the time I learned to appreciate my own game and that many of those people were just quick to judge. Because others enjoyed it.

Another sad thing is that I wrote it using C++ and GLES2, before starting to use Unity. So sadly there is a certain "rot" to my games, because suddenly new versions of Android and iOS make my previously working game crash. Well I found it crash in Android, maybe due to bugs I introduce because also supporting OUYA, and then adding and removing in apps.

So I hope the iOS version doesn't crash, I think it doesn't. But even then the Apple store asks me to upload a new version because I didn't update it for a while.

That's something sad, that some of my older games I removed from stores for various reasons, and there was a certain "rot" to my code. For instance using OpenSSL proved to be fatal for some of my games after a big vulenrability discovered in OpenSSL made all builds using it directly via C++ to be removed from stores.

Anyway, I hope you try out Afternoon Hero. It's available on both iOS, Mac and Android(Amazon, and maybe OUYA), although I htink only the Mac/iOS versions work without crashing after a while.

I should probably revisit my old code and fix those things/update a new version.

I am looking for an RPG game to play a bit, also to inspire me when working on my own game.

(Playing good games makes me motivated to work on my own game).

I am a bit disappointed or having a hard time to find a good RPG from the hundreds available on this website.

There are a few things I would like from an RPG game to even start playing it...

I don't like 4th wall jokes. I don't like when the game breaks the wall with the player or an RPG game gives reference to current events or current pop culture.

It might be funny in the first 5 mintues, but it's really destroying the fun in an RPG game. Not sure why so many developers chose to do that...

I also don't want joke/gimmick games. This rule is not set in stone... but if the game has a joke name or it's entire premise is based on a small joke or even a toilet joke, it also destroys the immersion of the game.

And the final most difficult part to satisfy. I want a game with depth, as in, it feels like a substantial amount of time was invested in making it. Some developers try all sort of "tricks" and corner cutting to make the game as quick as possible. I can't explain it, but I can feel it when the game was made quickly or with all sort of "smafrt short cuts".

You can just ignore this semi rant and just let me know of the few best RPGs on this website. There might be not so many of them out there so all this doesn't matter.

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Hello there,

I figured out this would be a good place to introduce myself since I don't see any other place.

I am Ofer, a developer from Israel.

I am working on an action RPG game in Unity. After spending years using C++ to make games I am finally able to focus on the game itself and not the technical code side with C++.

(At least I got pretty good technical coding skills with this C++ head banging.)

Edit: Is there no way to search the community forums instead the games themselves?