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Looking for a good RPG game to play(and things I don't like about new RPGs)

A topic by PompiPompi created Aug 27, 2017 Views: 140
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I am looking for an RPG game to play a bit, also to inspire me when working on my own game.

(Playing good games makes me motivated to work on my own game).

I am a bit disappointed or having a hard time to find a good RPG from the hundreds available on this website.

There are a few things I would like from an RPG game to even start playing it...

I don't like 4th wall jokes. I don't like when the game breaks the wall with the player or an RPG game gives reference to current events or current pop culture.

It might be funny in the first 5 mintues, but it's really destroying the fun in an RPG game. Not sure why so many developers chose to do that...

I also don't want joke/gimmick games. This rule is not set in stone... but if the game has a joke name or it's entire premise is based on a small joke or even a toilet joke, it also destroys the immersion of the game.

And the final most difficult part to satisfy. I want a game with depth, as in, it feels like a substantial amount of time was invested in making it. Some developers try all sort of "tricks" and corner cutting to make the game as quick as possible. I can't explain it, but I can feel it when the game was made quickly or with all sort of "smafrt short cuts".

You can just ignore this semi rant and just let me know of the few best RPGs on this website. There might be not so many of them out there so all this doesn't matter.