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Unique Game Ideas

A topic by Green Panda Studios created Oct 19, 2017 Views: 534 Replies: 6
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This is for anyone who wants to either share a game, or ideas for a game, that they found both unique and fun. You may use this to promote your own game as well as long as you have incorporated some type of unique game play, story line, music, or art. Links images and videos are encouraged, but not required.

I wanted to also use this to share my own game. I have incorporated some unique ideas that I would like to let the community know about. I have been attempting to mix the fast-paced unforgiving action of a top-down shooter, with the delicate planning of a puzzle game. I also incorporated elements that I haven't seen yet, like requiring players to spend their in-game points if they wish to save.

If you are interested you can check it out here:

Please share your own ideas or what you have seen/wish-to-see as well.

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I don't think that forcing players to spend in-game points to save is a good idea. The only way for that to work without being frustrating would be making points easy to get, or making saving not cost much at all. Though then it would be pretty much useless to have it in the first place.

Lets use an example if they make dark souls 4(I don't think dark souls 4 exists yet), and have this feature. The game by itself is rather unforgiving and it's easy to lose souls as it is, but to top it off you pay like 2,500souls to save? It would make the game not even worth playing. Plus if you die, and have to go back like three hours because you didn't want to pay all the points you just got. Well that would be no fun at all!

It's never the smartest move to judge before experiencing.


Well, I've never experienced being shot. Though Judging by animal reactions to it, it hurts. So I think it is the smartest move to try not to get shot.


UNIQUE... uniqueness is not that important.

Plenty of bad unique games.

True, but would you agree that there are very few good games that aren't unique?

No, there are plenty of good games that aren't unique.
Monkey island was unique?
Golden axe, final fight, streets of rage? They were unique?
Uniqueness doesn't guarantee either way.

By uniqueness I assume you mean gameplay mechanics or something innovative. Because there are very few games that are not unique if you say any little difference is counted into uniqueness.