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Infinity xos

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Thank you, I'll write a more detailed edit soon.

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  Hello, along with programming, I am now publishing applications for others. My stores are: Itch.io, GooglePlay, and Amazon. It will cost you $3.50, a store, + 5% of profits made(free games do not apply).

I am a pixel artist looking for some projects, I specialize with low pixels. Quality over Quantity, leave comments (paid).

Yes, I have.

Unity personal edition is free, interested? Yes, and I only know what tennis is. So you choose & I'll look into your choice. You can look into other contact info here: http://aiplexprogramming.weebly.com

I generally do c# on unity. Though I am a JavaScripter @ heart.

What engine? It is important that partners can share data.

mainly instagram & email.

I don't use skype & don't even know what discor is.

not sure, got any ideas?

I see this as a way to get more traffic on your YouTube channel. Sorry, but I shall not check it out. Nor should anyone else.

I can sure help you with whatever pixel art you need, of course I have my own projects to do. I still will be happy to help with what you need.

First off, welcome to itch.io. Secondly do you have any references or anything like that? I understand you are building your portfolio, but have you any previous experience?

If you love making games, but don't like to make music or images this is the kit for you!



Don't say "young" as if age matters in development. By type I ment jpeg, gif, png, etc. As for the images a couple cents for eavh image as long as its 16×16 or lower if higher the price slightly raises.

I can help, but I have a few questions. 1. Pay? 2. Whayt typre of image? 3. How long do you think the project will be?

I can help, but I have a few questions. 1. Pay? 2. Whayt typre of image? 3. How long do you think the project will be.

sounds good! :)

Warning bud, don't take on a giant project at first. It'll leave you frustrated. If you need any 2d/3d models, music, images, textures, or code I can help, but think of the project before getting in depth. Good luck!

I have a couple android apps (on google play), but care to be bundle buddies for my game "what a game"? It is pc

Good luck with your future games

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I'm not sure how to "delete" a game, but you can "restrict" it so that no one may see it. Go to your "Dashboard", then click "Edit Game", scroll to the bottom and check "Restrict" where it says "Visibility & Access". Hope this helps! Just realized the delete game option is down there too.

What a Game is very simple avoid crashing into objects to survive and get a higher score.

here is the link:


A 2d game where you fight cops? What is not to love? Plus it's Free!!!!!!

Here is the link:


Hey, I've decided I will be willing to help you with your bad guy layer email me at aiplexxos@gmail.com what you want. (CAN I NAME MR.EVIL BAD GUY)

yep you're right!

The evil bad guy is adorable <3

My game is simply about getting rich. You can buy gun(s), buy life, buy ammo, rob stores, rob banks, and rob people. As you explore this 2D world you can find secrets, hidden stores, possibly even team mates. You have up to 6, character choices, there are 4, different civilians, 4 different cops, and 4 zombies(only in a certain area so the people who hate zombies don't have to deal with them).

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Like Comic-con why does itch.io not have an Itch.Io-Con ( I at least don't think there is). These convention attract distributors and customers alike. Yes I do understand the cost might be large, but would the revenue not be worth it?

Well I am not sure on itch.io, but if you haven't already try battle field one.

Here you go: http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/issues/2009/jul/20091639.html Hope this helps!

When I get the time I'll set this at the to of my "to-play" list.

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I think this would go in devlogs. Also the game sounds cool. Let me know when it's done please.

I just seen that :p anyways I don't use python.

I'm sorry I personally don't have time. I will see if I can get one of my friends who beta test, for me to do it.

well if you mean an app you made that is a tool. You can just post it as a digital good.