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Why do you need help? You asked "what is this game engine", then posted a link to the game engine...

If you are still using unity, you probably could skip right over getting an artist, and go to look for some low poly assets in the asset store.

I'll be sure to checkout the pixel art (It is more what I'm looking for). Though you never stated how you wish to be paid like up front, equity,  etc. If you wish to look at our instagram Infinity_Xos I believe the second one back is what I wanted help on. I never could draw people well. (The third one back was my original sprite idea but I used so few pixels vs what I used on the world it looked bad.)

Those are very impressive, but The style isn-t quite what I am looking for. :) Try every few days posting some of your art it'll give people a chance to see it.

Try saying what you can do well, posting images you've drawn, linking a portfolio, etc.

Hello I am an artist looking to help anyone's project (as long as the can pay a little bit). I specialize in 2D art (see bellow), but I do some 3D art as well. Feel free to contact me if you would like some custom art.

Well, I've never experienced being shot. Though Judging by animal reactions to it, it hurts. So I think it is the smartest move to try not to get shot.

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I don't think that forcing players to spend in-game points to save is a good idea. The only way for that to work without being frustrating would be making points easy to get, or making saving not cost much at all. Though then it would be pretty much useless to have it in the first place.

Lets use an example if they make dark souls 4(I don't think dark souls 4 exists yet), and have this feature. The game by itself is rather unforgiving and it's easy to lose souls as it is, but to top it off you pay like 2,500souls to save? It would make the game not even worth playing. Plus if you die, and have to go back like three hours because you didn't want to pay all the points you just got. Well that would be no fun at all! Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Meet Eve

This is the outfits from the main character of our upcoming game Project Human. Is there anything that should be improved on this character.


I mostly like them, but I would like to hear some other people opinions of them.

Thank you, I'll write a more detailed edit soon.

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  Hello, along with programming, I am now publishing applications for others. My stores are:, GooglePlay, and Amazon. It will cost you $3.50, a store, + 5% of profits made(free games do not apply).

I am a pixel artist looking for some projects, I specialize with low pixels. Quality over Quantity, leave comments (paid).

Yes, I have.

Unity personal edition is free, interested? Yes, and I only know what tennis is. So you choose & I'll look into your choice. You can look into other contact info here:

I generally do c# on unity. Though I am a JavaScripter @ heart.

What engine? It is important that partners can share data.

mainly instagram & email.

I don't use skype & don't even know what discor is.

not sure, got any ideas?

I see this as a way to get more traffic on your YouTube channel. Sorry, but I shall not check it out. Nor should anyone else.

I can sure help you with whatever pixel art you need, of course I have my own projects to do. I still will be happy to help with what you need.

First off, welcome to Secondly do you have any references or anything like that? I understand you are building your portfolio, but have you any previous experience?

If you love making games, but don't like to make music or images this is the kit for you!


Don't say "young" as if age matters in development. By type I ment jpeg, gif, png, etc. As for the images a couple cents for eavh image as long as its 16×16 or lower if higher the price slightly raises.

I can help, but I have a few questions. 1. Pay? 2. Whayt typre of image? 3. How long do you think the project will be?

I can help, but I have a few questions. 1. Pay? 2. Whayt typre of image? 3. How long do you think the project will be.

sounds good! :)

Warning bud, don't take on a giant project at first. It'll leave you frustrated. If you need any 2d/3d models, music, images, textures, or code I can help, but think of the project before getting in depth. Good luck!

I have a couple android apps (on google play), but care to be bundle buddies for my game "what a game"? It is pc

Good luck with your future games

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I'm not sure how to "delete" a game, but you can "restrict" it so that no one may see it. Go to your "Dashboard", then click "Edit Game", scroll to the bottom and check "Restrict" where it says "Visibility & Access". Hope this helps! Just realized the delete game option is down there too.

What a Game is very simple avoid crashing into objects to survive and get a higher score.

here is the link:

A 2d game where you fight cops? What is not to love? Plus it's Free!!!!!!

Here is the link: