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{Art}{2d} offering services for games

A topic by berruno created Nov 16, 2017 Views: 309 Replies: 10
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if you need my help, give me a shout, i want to participate/make part of a project :)


Try saying what you can do well, posting images you've drawn, linking a portfolio, etc.

oh terribly sorry, i do pixel art, vector art and also draw, here's an example


Those are very impressive, but The style isn-t quite what I am looking for. :) Try every few days posting some of your art it'll give people a chance to see it.

thank you, and will do, also have some pixel art on my profile, if you want to have a look

Deleted 3 years ago

I'll be sure to checkout the pixel art (It is more what I'm looking for). Though you never stated how you wish to be paid like up front, equity,  etc. If you wish to look at our instagram Infinity_Xos I believe the second one back is what I wanted help on. I never could draw people well. (The third one back was my original sprite idea but I used so few pixels vs what I used on the world it looked bad.)

checking it


Im interested! Do you have discord or smth like that? :)

berruno#7862 discord :D


@berruno I sent you a fr on discord name is ReAction_TV we're looking for an artist to do some vector art on a small project our team is working on.

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