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[FREE PROJECT] Looking to form a team

A topic by stuartmoseley27 created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 3
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hi, I am looking for unity experienced devs for a small open-source project if you are interested let me know

I can't afford to pay you, as no funding for this project is available due to it being a free project.

What are you looking for?

I am looking to remake the old EA classic 'Lord of Ultima' game as open source but need help to do so,

I have started a 'c' program as a Windows desktop application, it's nowhere near complete, I was also looking for a php/mysql version for the browser, and maybe unity for a mobile app?

I need help on the overall project as I'm no coder, but I am learning while I do this :)


Warning bud, don't take on a giant project at first. It'll leave you frustrated. If you need any 2d/3d models, music, images, textures, or code I can help, but think of the project before getting in depth. Good luck!