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[Programming] Looking for a partner for a 2D racquet game (tennis / squash / badminton / ...)

A topic by RoyEXP created May 05, 2017 Views: 425 Replies: 12
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Whether in C ++ or other language, I am looking for a collaborator to create a real racquet game in 2D (top view) with a slight preference for badminton.

Someone is interested ?

What engine? It is important that partners can share data.


I have only bases in c ++ and I do not know any engine.

What do you use as engine?

I generally do c# on unity. Though I am a JavaScripter @ heart.

I do not have unity but if you are interested you can start on it.

Are you interested and if yes on what type of game : squash, tennis or badminton ?

Unity personal edition is free, interested? Yes, and I only know what tennis is. So you choose & I'll look into your choice. You can look into other contact info here:

I send you an email on you email website mail !

Do you receive it ?

Yes, I have.

Always in search of a partner in programming to realize this type of game. Anyone is interested?

Anyone is interested?

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Yes. How about SFML as graphics and audio library? It's much lighter than Unity. Probably even 1000x times lighter.

Yes for the sfml. I have already tried and it seems to me not bad at all.
We try to discuss more about my address:
OK ?

Anyone is interested in programming (C, SFML, ...) and why not in drawing (movement of the characters, maps,  ...) ?

We try to discuss more about my address: