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A member registered Jul 22, 2017

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Yes. How about SFML as graphics and audio library? It's much lighter than Unity. Probably even 1000x times lighter.

I would like to find a project or team to collaborate, chat, have fun.

My skills, tools and hardware set:

  • Linux i686 512mb ram, not very bad, but restricting.
  • Programming C/C++ games using {Codelite/Codeblocks} or {text editor + makefile/CMakeLists.txt} as IDE and SFML as gamedev library. I don't like SDL because I couldn't manage to build it myself (to build, not to install/download compiled versions)
  • Programming HTML5 games using phaserjs, pixijs, pure canvas or anything else. As little tools as possible (don't like npm, webpack, gulp and tons of things, prefer just open manually crafted html file in browser). If you have some, but not many tools, it's still ok.
  • Programming python scripts for blogs, services and etc. Python3, i also can use virtualenv if needed.
  • Programming in ruby (i'm pretty newbie here, but it would be fun to do something with it)

if you have team/project to participate, if you're social or if you can
lead me to the way of successful bountysource'ing, github contribution
or releasing own projects to users, please, chat with me.