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True, but would you agree that there are very few good games that aren't unique?

It's never the smartest move to judge before experiencing.

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This is for anyone who wants to either share a game, or ideas for a game, that they found both unique and fun. You may use this to promote your own game as well as long as you have incorporated some type of unique game play, story line, music, or art. Links images and videos are encouraged, but not required.

I wanted to also use this to share my own game. I have incorporated some unique ideas that I would like to let the community know about. I have been attempting to mix the fast-paced unforgiving action of a top-down shooter, with the delicate planning of a puzzle game. I also incorporated elements that I haven't seen yet, like requiring players to spend their in-game points if they wish to save.

If you are interested you can check it out here:

Please share your own ideas or what you have seen/wish-to-see as well.

Just wanted to let the community know about my game, NONNATIVE. It plays on some unique ideas, such as penalizing a player for saving, and mixing the fast-paced unforgiving shooter genre with the thoughtful appeal of a puzzle dungeon crawler. I release updates regularly, so make sure you keep up to date, the game changes quickly.

It is currently 100% off right now, I am simply trying to get some funding for further development. So, if you like what you see so far, please consider donating, or even leaving a comment about what you would like to see.

I am currently a high-school senior, and have been working on this project for nearly a year by myself. I work on a 4 year old laptop with an Intel Pentium processor (which isn't the greatest). I really just need some intensive to continue the game, if your interested, please give it a try:

I'm currently a high-school senior, and have been in development of my indie game, NONNATIVE, for nearly a year now. I have been coding since I was ten, and now I design the graphics, music, game play, story line, puzzles, everything about my game. I'm just waiting for it gather some steam, but it is still in development.

I've really just been hoping for some funding for better technology, as of now, everything has been created on a 4 year old laptop running Intel Pentium (which sucks). 

Anyway, if your interested:

I've been working on some unique ideas in my game, like mixing a fast-paced shooter with a puzzle game, as well as various things such as penalizing a player for saving.

I am currently developing a puzzle/horror/shooter game if are interested:

Brand New Features Include:

-Skills Tree

-Story Elements

-3-dimensional surround sound system

NONNATIVE community · Created a new topic All The Rooms

How long did it take you to get through all the rooms?