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Will play your games and stream on twitch

A topic by PatrickR2020 created Jul 25, 2020 Views: 3,025 Replies: 58
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I’m a new twitch streamer, and have no followers, but send me a link/key to your game and I’ll play them on my channel.


hi, do you want to play my demo?

its a rpg maker game and still working on it


If i dont stream it tomorrow I’ll stream it in a couple of days


I uploaded this game for my firt game jam, beat all 15 levels

I’ll try


Hi, thanks a lot for doing this! Here's a link to my demo if you're interested:

Looks fun!

If I get 10k followers in 3 weeks I will make this a daily thing. I love all your games and I will promote them on my channel soon.


hey do you want to play my game?


If you want to play my game I would be grateful:, thank you!!!

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Hey PatrickR2020, could you try this out :)  When will you be streaming?

Here is download key:
(There is more keys on Play my Game section in case this is taken)

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Hey PatrickR, I'm working on an action RPG, still a lot to do but there is a Demo/Test version available!

I'm always in need of Playtesting and feedback to make it better.


Hi! This is Space Invaders style game, simple arcade. GALA -


hey check out the demo of my 2D action platformer game "Citadel Stormer 2".


It includes the first level and will give you at least 30 minutes of play, that is, assuming you don't beat it without losing any lives. If you enjoyed it, I'll tag you when I release my next demo which will be longer and contain more levels. :D


Well, if you like psychological horror, try our new brief interactive fiction: This is the Way :)

Complete with ASMR voice-acting ^_^


Hi, I'm Ofihombre. Can you try the game named "Randy & Manilla"?



Hola , por  favor puedes jugar mi juego -  gracias.


I look forward for it <3 That's cool.


What about Android games? 

I can only do Windows, sorry.


Okay no problem. I might make a web version of my game at some point, but i'll have to let you know.

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Hello! I just released a major update for my game, Direct Ascent. Would you consider playing and reviewing it? Thanks!

P.S. If the current version has a weird window sizing issue, try this and it should work better:


Please Play My Game Running Simulator


Hi PatrickR2020,

In case you are still looking, I recently released a demo of my game “The king is gone”:

The game is still in alpha, and under development, but it’s in a playable state, and shows the core gameplay.


Hi! I released a really big and major update for my game, Direct Ascent about a week ago. Would you consider playing it? Thanks! :)

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hey there

i just saw this post 

i would like you to play a game that you would think is good





you can play whichever game you like the most 

if you play pls tell me



Hey! Just completed my jam entry Bullets Come Back, I've heard it's kind of fun, although difficult so could be great to stream if you want :D ... If you want a more up to date version (made outside of the jam) look in the description of the page


Hello there Patrick,

I was wondering would you stream a game like this


Hi Patrick!

I recently published a pixelated fantasy RPG demo which lasts for around 15 minutes, if you think it's ok, you can play it on your channel!

Here's the link:


Hey do you want to try a puzzle game? 

Feel free to try mine! It's an entry for brackreys game jam ;)


Maybe you'd like a platformer with a lot of retro easter eggs.


Hi Patrick. I want to show you my game (for now only demo). I hope you have a great time playing it and don't doubt on notice me if are going to stream it.


Hello Patrick.

Do you play strategy games?
I'm working on a turn-based strategy called Eternal Warfare. It was inspired by Advance Wars series, including stuff like base building, resource extraction and tech tree.
There is single player campaign mode and local/online multiplayer.


Hey! if you'd like, check out my game Night Night Sunshine


Here is our game below: please let me know if you decide to play / stream it :)

Eat all the people. Avoid the cops.

Can you find all 111 people? 

Stand up fur what you believe in, as you take back your city.


Are the Legends true?

Will you be the one to find out about the truth be hide the history?

Link: The Trapped Princess

Would love you to check this out! if you can


Hello there. 

I will very happy if you will stream one of my games:

This is a link for all of my games, so choose one of the games.


hey , test the fun puzzle game

Hi PatrickR2020, I'm a small indie game developer, and I recently made a game called "Dying Oceans" I would love it if you played the game and hopefully your channel grows.

Dying Oceans is a story-driven adventure game about ocean pullution, where you play as a fish dodging plastic and trying to escape the humans...

Play the game on itch:  (no download) (for all devices)

Download the game on itch: (for windows/mac/lunix)

Download the game on Google Play: (for phones/tablets/chromebooks)

Comming Soon to Nintendo Switch and Wii (all downloads are free)


Play my game -

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Hello there! I've recently added an update for my game Hack FPS. It's a first-person shooter where your objective is to get to the end of the stage by hacking enemies. It currently has 20 levels, and I'm planning to add more. I hope you enjoy it! 


Hi! love to see you try out my game!

Hi, you can play my game, I will be very happy. At the moment there are 11 levels available in the game, so do not be surprised if after level 11 you will be thrown into the menu :)

Link to the game:

Id like to show you some simple and retro game. It is clone of Space Invaders in black and white. It is like from old PC machines. 

Stars Intruder

This is one more clone of Space Invaders. Maximum simple. Black and white.
You play as cosmonaut, and you are from space forces. He can shoot from blaster. Near you, there is a group of sputniks. From one hand, you defend them, from another hand, you can use them as shields against intruders atacks.
And you are under atack by insectoids. Bugs from space. They are atacking by lines, and slowly move towards you.

Also, One more, it is ART, i draw image of cartridge and a box for game (this is only images, there is no cartridge or box in real):


Hi PatrickR2020, I would be happy if you try my game - Trash Invasion - catch trash items before they escape, destroy monsters, collect coins, enjoy unique themes, learn how to recycle.

Google Play:

Guys, if I can get to 50 followers I will do a full stream on twitch and upload highlights to metacafe.

Deleted post

Hi, I am working on my first big game
and here is my first prototype.

Escape the noise and chaos of modern life by retiring to our beautiful archipelago where sunlit green vistas and gentle breezes provide the perfect backdrop to let your mind ruminate over a batch of enigmatic puzzles in our newest game, Farmit

For months aliens have been terrorising the planet. They have killed anybody who tries and stops them. Everyday more and more people are abandoning the big cities and the aliens have began to take over. There are rumors their headquarters are based on the moon.

One brave astronaut has a moonshot plan to take out all of the enemies on the moon and destroy then aliens motherships alone with no help. it is your job to save the planet and bring peace back to earth.  

This game was created in under 1 month for game off 2020

Github link:

Please play my free game Agent #44. It is fast-paced and very fun to play. It has good graphics so it will be good content for your twitch stream.

The Heart's Game

A Puzzle Platformer about the Heart's journey through grief. 

(Only Demo Available)

I'm looking for any and all feedback from the community. I'd love if you tried out and reviewed the demo. It should take around 30 minutes to complete.


This looks pretty cool, I might try it.  :)


Let me know if you give it a try

I would love it if you would play my game on stream!  :)

I worked hard for this! It would be an honor!

Hi do you mind checking out my game?

Gravity Swap is a fun minimalistic platformer where you must swap gravity to reach areas you couldn't before.  Your only goal is to reach the exit. Some levels have multiple ways to get there.

Try and beat the 10 levels currently available in the game.

Explore two zones the white and blue zone. White is easier than blue.