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Hi, I have a suggestion; make an option in the keyboard settings ini file to have two hands on the keyboard for programmers to show the world how fast they're scripting, although now if they don't edit the hands on the mouse to be invisible, then they'd have 3 hands, lol, great job with this app, this is an amazing tool like all your others! 😀


Amazing Game! The transitions between scenes looks nice, the UI is well-designed, and the art is pretty nice! The way you used the theme is genuis! Hope you win the jam!

*the moment when you were talking to someone on discord and then see a random post by that same person on itch*

Sounds Very Epic (get it, epic like epic games)

Amazingly Made! The pixel art looks great, the mechanics are pretty unique and well-thought! I give this game 11/10, hope you win!


This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.

meaning: you can use these art assets in free projects (projects that you dont make money from) and also commercial projects (projects you make money from), you do not need to give criedit to maaot, but it's really nice to do so, however its not needed, you may not sell/give these assets to others no matter how much you change them (giving people a file of your game that contains these art assets to be used by the code does not count as reselling them, for example, in my game's exe file the images are compiled as 1s and 0s inside the code of the exe because thats how games work, images show on screen and the code needs to know what the image looks like, this does not count as reselling, however, if I open a new page and let them download these assets in a zip, that counts as reselling and is not allowed.)

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yup, it took me a very long time to edit all the frames, but the end result is epic. Thanks again for these assets!

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Thanks! By The Way, I edited the green slime to be less sad cause in my game the green slime is a peaceful npc while the orange slimes are enemies.

I looked everywhere, couldn't find any, I found one called Total GIS Converter, but it didnt actually work, it just gave me a blank png file when I tried to convert. I searched it and found that the only way to do it is to use Adobe After Effects, which I dont have.

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I love these assets, but I have a problem with the green slime, unlike the orange slime, the green one is a AEP file, which my engine cannot run, and I do not have adobe after effects, so I cannot extract it into pngs myself, would it be possible to have the green slime also in the form of multiple png files in a folder like for the orange slime? Thanks!

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its a picture of my screen while I play the game, thats what a "screenshot" is, a picture of your screen

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A "screenshot" is a picture of a player's screen while they are playing the game. It's used to show players what they can expect while playing your game. I played your game and took a screenshot for you as an example:

Thanks, btw these assets are amazing!

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Hello Maaot! I know that we are allowed to use these assets for personal and commercial use, (it litterally says it above) but I am making a game that I am entering in the TSA competition, which has strict rules, which requires the creator of the assets themself to say that I have full permission to use these assets, so could you please reply to this comment stating that again, so that TSA judges dont disqualify my game. Thanks!!!

Hey AgentXMan! It's funny to bump into you on itch, yes it was a typo, but it is still not incorrect grammar

actually, since this is a list it is grammaticly correct, but it was a mistake

but in some rare words a peroid can appear before a comma, heres an example: Example, Example, and Example.,

this only happens when you list things though, like when he lists the things you will be jujded on

yes that is grammaticly correct in Americain English. There is a peroid because it's the end of a sentence and a comma because there is other text after it. It is grammaticly correct in Americian English, however it is incorrect in British English. In British english it should be just peroid. but this Jam is in Americain English, so the sentence is grammaticly correct.

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okay thanks, the music is great.

why not make it a zip file instead of a rar, we need a third party app to unzip rars

Congrats! I'm a game developer myself and am looking to open my own merch store, what tool did you use to create your shop?