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Announcing the first Creator Day!

Hi Community, 

I’m happy to announce that this Friday — May 14th, will be our first Creator Day. This means that from Midnight to 11:59pm PT we won’t be taking our usual cut of sales on the site and developers, musicians, and artists will receive 100% of sales after taxes and payment processor fees. We hope to make this a regular event to give developers an excuse to share and promote their works.

It's not necessary to change anything in your account settings to participate, and your revenue share settings will be restored after the day is over. We encourage you to share your projects to take advantage of the day, or consider hosting a sale to get more people checking out your work.

While it’s always a good time to support creators on this Friday is going to be just a little more special. 

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This is awesome, thanks so much your guys!!

To keep up the good deed I'll put my MonTamer Maker on sale as well :D

This is absolutely fantastic, and very much appreciated. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention my game that is currently a VN, however, it's getting completely re-done as a 3D RPG in Unreal 4 engine.

Good job guys. Supporting indie game dev is what we need in days like these.

thanks for supporting me


This is awesome! Here's my Pixel Art Forest asset pack 

Any support in my indie game dev endeavor is greatly appreciated! 

Love this so much. 


Great! Would really help small developers like me! Btw, Here is a game of mine you might like -

(A fast-paced 3D polished shooter game)

good idea but can you pay in european curency 

That's a great idea... I really liked that.

Anyway, here's my game (Which is a Visual Novel fangame focused solely on Modeus.)

This is a brilliant thing to do - any chance of a banner or something on the front page so people know it's happening?

Great idea, thanks! I made both my fantasy game music packs available today for 30% off, or as a bundle for 50% off:

Love it! To celebrate, Kavel is 20% off today.

Crisis Wing is off -25% for this weekend

Viewing comments 39 to 20 of 39 · Next page · Last page