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Thanks, those were the vibes I was going for :)

Thanks! It's surprisingly hard to come up with 5-letter words than can be fit into this game. Especially because I wanted them to make sense with the story. I agree there is some potential! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for your comment. Indeed it was my intention to have different options for the answers. Some of them have more options than others. I bet if I had more time I could expand on the story with more possibilities.

Hi, did you touch the actual arrow? That's how you get to the next screen, sorry for the confusion.

I knew someone would ;)

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I've emailed you the key, enjoy :)

Thank you for your support. I hope you have fun with the game and to see you on the leaderboards soon!

Ok, thanks for getting back to me on that.

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You'll get it next session! 

Were you playing with the crank docked? There is some buffer time between using the crank and the A button but it's an issue for people that didn't dock the crank. I will address this issue in the next update.

If that wasn't the issue, could you describe it in more detail for me?

Hovering is indeed easier with the crank, it just takes some practice!

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Hi! If you buy it on Itch and message me, I'll send you a Steam key :) (This goes for anyone reading this in the future as well) I do indeed make a little more money on an Itch sale but it's complicated. Steam has local prices that are sometimes higher than the USD price so if you're from Switzerland maybe I'd make more on Steam. If you buy on Steam and leave a review, that's also valuable. (I wish consumers didn't have to think about this)

EDIT Future purchases will come with a Steam key automatically.

If you encounter any bugs, issues - or have any questions. Or if you have nice things to say, just leave 'em down here and I'll get back to you. Thanks.

Very clever and a lot of fun. Thanks. Loving the subtle Japanese aesthetics as well. Very Lumines.

Key sent. Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words. I'm still working on Totem Teller, it's been a journey which will have an end, don't worry. How can I reach you to send the key?

Love it! To celebrate, Kavel is 20% off today.

Ok, if you change your mind let me know and please let me know when the podcast is out, I'd love to check it out. I'm easiest to reach on Twitter ( or here should also work.

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Hmm, that's not ideal to hear but I don't think there's anything I can do about it :( I see that you've purchased the game here (wow, thanks!) but if you'd rather play on Steam I don't mind giving you a Steam key. Just let me know.

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The game is available on Steam here:

The Steam version has Leaderboards and Achievements integrated with the Steam backend.

On Steam it's also available on OSX/Mac.

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Hello Friends,

My game Kavel has just released here on Itch!

Kavel is an accessible action-puzzle game. Tetrominos from classic block games together with your favorite match-3 obsession make this a fresh new puzzle experience.

Rotate and drag the Tetromino to place it onto the puzzle grid. Release to create the match. Watch the score rack up and the board adapt. An endless possibility space where you can test your mettle.

Attempt for the highest score among your friends or attempt the challenge of the long list of achievements. There's something here for everyone.

Please check out the game's page here! If you have any questions, drop 'em below and I'll be happy to reply.



Thanks for playing :)